“Nowhere near the level of trying to compete for the title” Henry’s verdict on Arsenal

Thierry Henry says Arsenal is nowhere near winning a title as they continue to rebuild their squad.

The Gunners have underachieved for some years now and they haven’t won the Premier League since 2004.

They have won a couple of FA Cups since that time and have reached the final of the Europa League and Champions League.

But they haven’t been competitive in the league and haven’t even made the top four since 2017.

The last campaign ended in another poor finish and they will play no European football next season.

Henry insists that he doesn’t like to compare eras, but admits that Arsenal has been struggling.

The former striker says he knows times could be hard for a team, just as Liverpool waited for 30 years to win another league title.

However, he says while they wait to win another title, they should at least be competitive.

“I don’t like to compare eras, people do and I understand that, it’s a different generation, a different time, different technology, they have different views of the game, different preparations and different ways,” he explained on beIN Sports.

“The team hasn’t been successful recently, obviously winning cups along the way, but nowhere near the level of trying to compete for the title.

“But you can say the same for a lot of teams. You see Liverpool wait 30 years to win the title, it takes time, even for great teams.

“So hopefully Arsenal can come back and compete, because at the end of the day there’s only going to be one winner, but at least try and compete.”

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  1. Difference is liverpool has one the champions league several times during that 30 years mate.

    We are also on a different culture now where fans and people are fickle. I know Liverpool fans who have been fans for years and there fathers fans. Now I see kids decided to support city or utd and not following family tradition.

    We have and will continue to loose fans if we continue the mediocrity

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