N’Zonzi confirms Sevilla departure – Should Arsenal pay the £30million ?

There was the rumour yesterday that Steven N’Zonzi was on his way to London to “discuss his future” with Arsenal. This was of course denied by the player himself when asked, and saying he was here just to see his son, but of course he is not going to reveal any transfer discussions publicly is he?

But the French midfielder did reveal that he would be leaving Sevilla as his career there was definitely over since his bust up with the coach Eduardo Berizzo. N’Zonzi said:  ‘The coach pointed the finger at me [at half-time of the Liverpool game]. I will not repeat it… but his words affected me,’

‘Publicly, he said in future he would only select players who fit his vision for football. What does that mean?

‘Whether in a 4-3-3, 3-5-2 or any other formation, a player must adapt to what his coach demands and I have always done it.

‘The fact I was always professional despite the circumstances, that I always did my job, I found it unfair.

‘My future is clearly away from Seville. The only thing that disappoints me is the way it has ended.’

So he is definitely leaving, and just the fact that his son is in London would give you a hint of where he would like to play next. His connection with Sam Allardyce makes the papers say that the hardman is likely to be favourites to join him at Everton, but the fact is that Arsenal need a tough defensive midfielder as much as Everton do right now, and surely we could afford to pay him better.

The reports are saying that Sevilla have a £35.2million buyout clause in his contract, but will surely let him go for less considering the circumstances. Should Arsenal just cough up £30million and get him in quickly?



  1. gotanidea says:

    Thirty million plus for a new troublemaker? We have the emotional Xhaka already.

    For a thirty million release clause, there is Sergi Roberto. Even though he is not a defensive midfielder, he is younger than N’Zonzi, has high work rate, is used to play with Barcelona football level, can play as a right wingback as well, more skillful, more creative and has learned a lot from Messi.

    I’m sure there would be other defensive midfielders with Kante/ Makalele/ Busquets/ Mascherano playing style available in January. Arsenal need a hardworking and skillful player with cool head.

    1. jermaine bryan says:

      Sergi roberto would be a good Santi replacement wearas nzonzi can replace Coqulan plus he is home grown

  2. Sue says:

    I can’t imagine Arsene splashing out that much for him!

  3. Nothing changed says:

    I am by no means convinced N’zonzi is our man but neither is Xhaka IMO. So perhaps we don’t have a lot to lose to seek a swap deal?

    I just don’t think Wenger is ready to admit his blunder on Khaka so as much as we need a solid and complete DM who is athletic, can tackle, has closing speed, positional awareness and is calm, I don’t see one coming under Wenger.

    1. muffdiver says:

      khaka lol
      wordplay 😉

      still cant understand how we got it so wrong with granit-for the swiss an monchen he looked like young xabi alonso

      1. shark says:

        Probably for Wenger, too. He also thought that Eisfeld is better than Goetze, Bielik will be the new Krykovyak, Diaby was the new Vieira, Sanogo the new Kanu and so on.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          Diaby was better than Viera…

          Even Viera himself mention this…

          Diaby is better in finishing than Viera

          However hes too injury prone and his development got stagnant

          1. muffdiver says:

            diaby was better than viera-

            u wally hahaha
            got me laughing at work

          2. jon fox says:

            I hate to disillusion you with facts and practicalities BUT to be proved better than a generally agreed great in Viera, any player has to be fit to play for the same eight years that Viera drove our team on. To put forward the proven unfit , almost always, Diaby, as being better than one of our own all time great midfielders , as you have, shows a person completely out of touch with realities and a refusal to face facts. PERHAPS YOU ARE REALLY WENGER!

          3. Dark Pope says:

            in your dreams

          4. Break-on-through says:

            Viera was talking about his tricks, ball control when dribbling and his passing, all round Vieira had no equal and there is still none that I see. Also he (PV) might have been the very first modest Frenchman …ever!!!.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Wenger and some fans don’t want to admit their blunders. Like Luis Enrique in Barcelona, he got flops Andre Gomes, Denis Suarez and Paco Alcacer, but he kept using them even though the flops could not keep up with Barcelona football level.

      Ruthless managers like Guardiola, Pochettino and Mourinho will do decisive actions if they make wrong purchases or if they see unsuitable players/ underperformers. Guardiola banished Nolito, Bravo and Hart. Pochettino benched Sissoko and Soldado. Mourinho sold Salah and Cuadrado at Chelsea.

      Arsenal should be more careful before recruiting a new player. A player could have high physical attributes, but it does not mean he is suitable for Arsenal’s current system. No more panic buys.

    3. @Nothing changed
      Xhaka will play untill the day he comes good even if it takes 10 years. Just look at Ramsey, Wenger forced him on us and he was played whether rubbish or not, whether the team suffered or not Ramsey played and played and played. If you are Wenger’s personal project you are immune from the bench or any consequences.

      1. jon fox says:

        As final proof of your theory I put forwaed, with huge distaste for the person himself, the name of Walcott. We are still waiting after twelve painful , tedious, cowardly years of this “player” for him to become the player Wenger thought he had bought. A proper manager without Wengers huge arrogance would long ago have admitted he made a stonking mistake and got rid of him. But he is currently still pocketing £110000 per week for successfully hiding. You have to admire him as a con man for his sheer nerve.

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          He had the cheek to take Thierry’s number and compare himself to the great man, hilarious

      2. Break-on-through says:

        Quantic Dream.

        Ramsey was demoted to the bench last season, he started some but wasn’t considered first choice when all were fit, even now he wouldn’t be 1st if Cazorla was fit. If you had said Walcott then, yeah, not this season but the beginning of last and every in other season Walcott was pushed onto that team. With Ramsey he seemed mostly always a second choice player, or first sub. Ramsey this season is one of the few who deserves his place, he earned it, can we get better if we wanted to, yeah, we could, but that’s true for most all players other than the guy’s who’re considered no1 at what they do. For me, Mourinho Conte Simeone would be managers that could and would use a Ramsey, he’s an all purpose player, those coaches would definitely find time for Ramsey.

  4. shark says:

    Anyone who is not playing for their national squad is good for us. In this way, Wenger won’t have to find excuses that the players were tired after the international break.

  5. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger’s more likely to give Xhaka at least another five years to prove himself, so no replacement anytime soon!

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    I can’t see him passing up the opportunity to work for a world class manager like Arsene

  7. John Ibrahim says:

    After Watching the game against Utd….

    One cant say that we are not a strong team with quality players

    We totally dominate a mega spending team Man Utd with over 70% possession

    33 shots 15 on targets and 2 penalty not given

    Not many teams can do that against Utd….

    If not for De Gea, the ref and the 2 errors….

    We would have hammer them 6 to 7 goals

  8. John Ibrahim says:

    What we need is to build on this team…

    with Giroud, Ozil and Sanchez leaving…

    We should get Fahir and Lemar to replace them….plus Grotzeka too

    BFG is retiring and we need the new chief scout to source for a quality defender

    1. Me says:

      Being realistic.
      Fahir, Lemar and Goretzka ?
      Arsenal are a struggling team with little money.
      Far from guaranteed champions league football.
      Arsenal will struggle to sign one of those players…

      1. jermaine bryan says:

        Would rather fekir and insigne

      2. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Little money? we’ve got loads of money, we just don’t want to spend it

  9. Me says:

    Keep the money.
    We need the manager to leave not have him squander what we do have on players like this…

  10. GunnerMann says:

    We should sell Sanchez preferable to someone like PSG, and sell Walcot to Everton since rumor has it they want him, and use that money to buy Draxler and Lemar or either of the two and Reus. do whatever it takes to keep Ozil and then complete the dream by swapping Ramsey for someone like Arda Turan…. Then we might be able to do the treble… you know, win the FA Cup, Win the Europa cup and finish 4th in the premier league…

    1. john hodges says:

      did you see draxler last night. he was rubbish.

      1. GunnerMann says:

        he knows he is on his way out, thus did not give his best. but if he is really rubbish, Ill settle for Reus and Lemar… but to answer your question, no I did not watch them play Bayern last night. hurts to much to watch champions league since we are not in it….

        1. Dark Pope says:

          reus no thanks. dude is injured longer than wilshere and rosicky. only better than diaby in that department

  11. reddb10 says:

    Xhaka is one of quite a few players that would flourish under a proper manager.

    1. Lunga says:

      I think so too, Xhaka just needs guidance we have seen players become better under inspiring managers.

    2. AndersS says:

      Yes, what Xhaka needs is to be played in a more forward position. He is not a DM. Wenger is using him wrong, because we lack a really good DM.

    3. jon fox says:

      No he is clearly not. Though there are others who would benefit from a proper manager who actually coaches them, Xhaka is clearly a dud, slow, one paced, immobile, rash and poor in positional sense and does not see danger. He was an atrocious buy and a proper manager would have the humility to realise his mistake and try to get rid and replace him. But Wenger has no humility, can’t ever admit he is wrong, which he is very often ,so we are stuck with Xhaka until we eventually get a proper manager in

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