N’Zonzi wants move – Go get him Arsenal

The ex-Stoke midfielder Steven N’Zonzi was very heavily linked with a move to Arsenal in January after a very public falling out with his coach at Sevilla, and many Arsenal fans thought that he would be the perfect addition that the Gunners needed to give some protection to our out-of-form defenders.

Our desperate need for a true DM is well documented and it was even suggested that we had made a bid that was refused by Sevilla, but it looks like we could go back to try again this summer. It would appear to be even more likely when you consider that it was Emery that took N’Zonzi to Sevilla in the first place, where they won a Europa League trophy together. Now the French international has admitted publicly that he would like to move to a ‘bigger club’ than Sevilla. He told reporters at the World Cup: “I am feeling very good at Seville but they are not the biggest club in Europe,”

“Playing with high profile players in a big team could be a good progression for me. We all know that the transfer window is open but we don’t talk about it that much.

“There is a big tournament coming up and changing teams is not the main worry in the group.”

Also, in an in-depth interview about his tactical preferences, Emery admitted that his favourite formation was 4-1-4-1 and for that to work he would need the tough-tackling midfield general as the link between defence and midfield, and who can do that better than N’Zonzi, who has done the job for Emery before?

Right now we are currently recruiting highly experienced winners to get us back into the Top Four so N’Zonzi’s age shouldn’t be a problem. No one can deny that we desperately need someone like him so why shouldn’t we go for the man with extensive Premier League experience?



  1. jon fox says:

    Since Gilbereto left, a decade ago , we have had a gaoing hole, a cavern in fact, at CDM, with a succession of average to poor players trying and failing to provide cover. Emery is known for liking a tough and mobile CDM. Whoever he brings in , it CANNOT be the abysmal Xhaka, whom I fervently want sold and I am sure we will have a proper man filling this hole before August. At present Torreira looks to be almost sure to be the chosen one. I have never thoght N’zonzi even remotely special.

  2. Hayzed says:

    He is 29 and we have many old players in the team, also he has a 35mill pounds release clause so I would want us to invest on a younger player. However if it means we will sell Xhaka if we buy him, I will happily take that

    1. gotanidea says:

      Xhaka will stay for at least one season, because he just extended his contract

      There is no place for N’zonzi, since many Arsenal midfielders are fighting for the central midfield positions

      I’m curious of what Arsenal’s new line-up would be, because there are more CMs than the available spots in the first team

  3. Ozziegunner says:

    Marcos Llorente, a Spanish U21 international, is apparently not getting enough game time at Real Madrid, so may be looking for a move. He is a 23 yo, 1.82m (6’0″) DM with a value of about £11 million.
    Hopefully the Arsenal Trinity is looking at him and William Cavahlo, as younger, lower cost option to Nzonzi.

    1. gotanidea says:

      There would be no more new CM, because Torreira is coming

  4. Andrew E says:

    We’ve just bought two veterans (Sokratis to be confirmed) why on earth do we need another near 30 year old for £35m? Torreira, aged 22, if signed, should be sufficient to plug the ‘gaping cavern’ in central midfield as Jon describes it. We’ve sorted out Maitland-Niles’ contract but now need to keep Ramsey. This trio could develop into a great midfield partnership but where will that leave Xhaka? His long passing ability is superb but his lack of pace and awful defending is a big worry but, having given him a long contract extension Emery will probably use him instead of AMN.

    All will be revealed soon.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    If we were to get Nzonzi and intended to start him, then I would see Ramsey and Torriera playing ahead pressing the opposition in that 4141 formation. Xhaka would be bench and what of Ozil?, unless Nzonzi and Torriera scrapped for DM domination I can’t really see it. Torriera would’ve been assured game time, and we’re not gonna pay over 30m for a squad player.

  6. Reyesorarsenal says:

    I see us signing ki from Swansea

  7. Sergio says:

    We have fingers in many pies, plus some of these rumours are blatant media hype.

    If we do sign someone for this position (and I’m hoping we do), it will be just the one player. Nzonzi and Torreira won’t come together.

  8. Midkemma says:

    When I think about the ROLES more than formation then I see Emery liking a 3 man CM, 3 different roles which do different things at different times. It allows for the 1 DM and 2 CM ahead to create a 4141 without the ball but once we get it then the formation could be called a 2143, the fullbacks pressing forward for the overlap and the ‘wingers’ being inside forwards with the ball.

    This does excite me.

    I have said all along that it wasn’t a mistake signing Xhaka when Kante was on the market, I was saying it was criminal not to fund the signings of both players, that would have been our CM sorted.

    Someone who is nippy and aggressive, someone who can tackle and also creative in attack (no constant pass back to CBs), someone who will act as the net for Xhaka while Xhaka acts like a foil for them. Kante would have been perfect for this IMO.

    This Torreira seems like he could be our Kante, someone who has the agility to protect the back 4 while also being able to attack, think I read he started out as a striker and guess that’s why he also looks forward a lot in his passing, past experience being utilised.

    Add in someone like Rambo who is equally poor DM as Xhaka lol, Oooh I think they both could be trained into good DMs if they wanted it but they don’t have the personality so it would be a waste of time, that being said… They both can tackle! Neither one as good as a DM but together ahead of a DM will mean our CM is a tough CM to get through.

    This is assuming that Emery gets our players drilled in tactics needed and to put in def shifts…

    Sorry for not talking about Nzonzi but I just don’t rate him highly enough to be signed at the fee it would require.

  9. Thomo says:

    I would try and get fellani o a free he would give us more physical power he knows the prem.when he was at Everton we all said we should get him..at man u they played him up front,he’s a good dmhis age is no concern only 30 you lot make out 30 is ancient and its silly to think you can’t have 2 dm’s in the same squad what if one gets injured its a long season plenty of games

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