Odds on Arsenal´s side for UCL draw – Barca or Bayern then?

Well Arsenal fans, it is the Champions League group stage draw today and after the Gunners got one of the worst possible draws in the Capital One Cup earlier this week, we could do with better luck this evening.

When you look at our possible opponents, there is a good chance that, even though the new rules mean that Arsenal are in pot 2 despite our excellent UEFA coefficient, we could well end up being the favourites to win the group. If you didn´t know, the rules now mean that the name of `Champions´ League makes more sense as the winners of the title in the top eight leagues go into pot 1.

So as a club cannot be drawn with another from the same league (Chelsea), the possible teams for us to be drawn with are; Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, PSG, Benfica, Zenit St. Petersburg and PSV Eindhoven. So while the Gunners would rather not be drawn in the same group as the Italian or French champions, it would not be a disaster.

Realistically then, the only real ones to avoid are Barcelona and Bayern and with any other draw you would think that we have a good chance of finally finishing on top of our group. So what are the chances Gooners? You can feel it coming can´t you?


    1. Definitely chinaka. We have no choice than to qualify for the round of 16 because the ucl round of 16 stage is Wengers champions league target.

      1. president Uhuru Kenyatta has declared to announce a two week public holiday in Kenya to celebrate the day Wenger retires…kudos to Arsenal fc family(Wenger excluded) kudos yo Kenyan athletics team

    2. Knowing our previous fates, I say we will meet one of barca or bayern, when was the last time we missed a chance to meet them in 8years may just once, as we met monaco. With all that I won’t mind meeting them either, it will give us an early wake up call. + to be the best, you needs to beat the best. #IloveMyArsenal

    3. ahhhh.who cares who we meet..qualifying whether at the top of our group or second is all the same coz we always not ho beyond round of 16.don’t worry folks.Wenger is a genious.he always knows how to qualify for round of 16. admin..please and me a permanent foot note that reads (Wenger out ) to appear every time is post something.

    4. i am also sure that we will qualify from our group but the problem is while our other epl opponents play teams like basel and malmo in the mid week we have to put more effort when we play top teams in cl… thus our team is more tired for the weekend fixtures

    5. Pray we get drawn in the Toughest of groups!…. So we’d see if we could even make it past 1st round or past round of 16…. To be the Best you have to Beat the Best… No hoping for cheap teams to flex muscles with…. Bring on BARCA or BAYERN

  1. Sometimes I just wonder within me; why am I hating on other clubs for buying players that will improve their team? Is it their fault that Arsenal’s management love & encourage mediocrity? If Man-city & Chelsea have sugar daddies who spends any amount they can to see their teams progress, does that stop Wenger from improving our squad? Why should Keep on comparing arsenal to the spuds, a club which has far less resources than we do? If bottom placed & mid-table teams can afford to spend from their meager income to improve their teams, why won’t arsenal do the same? When a team shows the desire, hunger & passion to succeed, then there’s no point hating on them. If we also want to succeed, lets show some hunger & desire for it. Whenever we get beaten by any team who have showed greater desire for sucess than we have, we should display maturity & congratulate them. As for me, I don’t expect a top 4 finish from our team this season, its just unrealistic. I’ll be fine with 5th or 6th.

        1. Wenger; On the last day we will bee the only one in the market and we will face no competition”.

          No ambitious manager would say such, WENGER OUT!!!

      1. @tatgooner, how do you intend to improve with a clueless manager and bunch of mediocres in the squad?

    1. How many years do we have to be top 4 before people stop with this incessant self-doubt…

      Some of you fans make me laugh.

    2. Well said jossy, there z no need for qualifying for a competition we will never win because of our clueless manager, its time to think about some thursday night football, am fed up of cl round of 16.

      1. I’m with you on that. Its better to win a” Reward for failure trophy” than to get nothing at all from a “sucessful” ucl round of 16 qualification.

    1. Lol, twill be nice seeing messi score 4 again, and wenger will remind us how he almost signed messi.

  2. hope we get one tough groups that we ever had.

    that will wake Mr dickless dick n Mr old out moded Wenger up.

    Wenger said he and his team are working 24 hrs to sign a player.

    hope they sign Maradona n Pelle.

    what nonsense,,,,,who will want to sell their prized asset when the league has started.

    Madrid played one drawless game n they calling for Benzema.

    Now what has that got to tell u ,,,,Wenger?

    1. Spot on mate. You don’t start preparing for war when the war has already broken out. You prepare for a war in time of peace. Same thing applies to football. If wenger was serious, he should have finished his transfer business by now. That is if he actually has the intention to do so. But i trust him, he has no such intentions. He’ll always be “active but not close” & “active to the end”…

      1. Of course wenger has been active in the transfer market
        He called Benzema’s agent…… Once! ?
        why?… Even the agent has no idea because he didn’t hear from wenger again!

      1. u r kiddin me…2013 14 borussia naples marseille…rest we should have walked through and rarely did

        1. wow, you are actually partially right. Most of our groups haven’t been too difficult but you are wrong about getting through, we have gotten through easily the last 4 years. Every single one we were through with one match to spare.

  3. Welcome Benzema
    Welcome Benzem
    Welcome Benze
    Welcome Benz
    Welcome Ben
    Welcome Be
    Welcome B
    Welbeck is back!

  4. Chelsea have always had an easy group stage when being drawn from pot2.
    Let’s hope we get an easy ride this time round,
    PSV Eindhoven from pot 1 please ?

        1. Still waiting for an article by The Representatives of House of Rahman..

          Tags: SPEND, FORMIDABLE,60millionBARGAIN, WengerOut, 3worldclassplayerstoeveryposition

        2. It must be interesting, have a good point to make about Arsenal, and have reasonable English grammar….

            1. There is a picture at top of page with the “justarsenal” Logo. Above that there is a red line with different buttons on it. This is called a menu of other pages on the site. One of them in the middle says CONTACT. Click on it……

  5. going by our luck i am pretty sure we will get bayern/barca, sevilla/shakhtar and wolfsberg…..

  6. İ will be gutted if we won’t draw Barca. İ want our squad tested against the best…i want Wenger to beat Barca home and away…that’s would be a strong message to his doubters…

  7. I m always hoping for an easy group so we can take advantage.
    Then i remember we didn’t take advantage of monaco…
    We didn’t take advantage of finishing 3rd and avoiding playoffs
    We seem to nevertake advantage of some situations. …

  8. Personally I think our Capital One Cup draw was about the best it could have possibly been :o)

  9. Lady Luck is the one that will decide who are going to be Arsenal Ucl 3 opponents in tonight’s draw. Ufortunately we can’t influence her decisions as she’s invisible. Otherwise, we might have tried to make her give us 3 teams of our choice. Nonetheless, we’ll beat the teams paired us and qualify for the knockout stages. So the Boss has even tried to sign Grzegorz Krychowiak and Karim Benzema for close to £70m? Had the Boss suceeded to sign the duo, that would have amounted to given in to undue pressure to waste money that should be saved towards the expansion of the Emirates Stadium seating capacity, to wardoff the Chelsea & Spurs challenge to equal the Emirates Stadium capacity. The 2 players the Boss is looking for to reinforce the Gunners’ right wing & cdm positions are available in his neighbourhood. Chelsea signed Pedro and look to sign Stones and Pogba. As they will look to recoup some of the money they spent, the Boss should raid them again for the 2 quality players he’s looking for, on the steal.

  10. I hope we draw Barcelona or Real Madrid. We never seemed to top our group even when we were pot 1 anyways, and we’ll probably still go through in second place, so why not hope to get a big game? Much rather play Madrid than Galatasaray.

      1. If you are a Gentleman who gets easy offended by meaningless words, then know that the internet is no place for you.

      1. At least you’ve stopped calling me names, so that’s progress.

        I was just messing with you dude. I’ll leave you and your hormones to it I think.

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