Odegaard gives his opinion on the disallowed Martinelli goal

Martin Odegaard believes the VAR decision to overturn Gabriel Martinelli’s goal at Old Trafford yesterday was bad because it was a soft free kick.

The Norwegian fouled Christian Eriksen in the buildup, but the referee waved play on and Martinelli scored a fine goal for the Gunners.

However, upon review by VAR, it was chalked off and Arsenal would eventually lose the match 3-1.

Odegaard does not agree with that decision and he said, as quoted by The Daily Mail:

 ‘In my opinion, it is never a foul. A soft challenge and for VAR to come in it has to be clear and obvious. Very, very soft. You can make it look worse on camera. Never a foul, the referee said play on.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

The decision to disallow that goal was harsh, but as soon as it went to VAR for review, it was clear that it could get disallowed.

That technology has come to stay and we must learn to make it benefit us at all times.

There is no point in complaining about a scenario in a game that has passed.

What we need now is to prepare for our next match and respond to it with another win.

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  1. Was it soft? Yes
    Did he get the ball? No
    Was it shouder to shoulder? No
    Was it foul? Definitely

    Let’s not be victims. We played well at times but lost fair and square.

    1. That’s the problem yes it was a foul but the ref saw it and carried on so it shouldn’t have gone to VAR ,so when they replay yes it was definitely a fouls twice over as he pushed him and hit his leg ,but the grey area is this clear and obvious mistake which can lead to all kinds of interpretations.

      1. The problem is when u use video referee for everything u will see fowl in everything. By the time u start repeating d video in slow motion u will definitely see something wring

        1. Yes we will kill the physicality of the game such reviews. For me it was a horrible decision. What you expect now… that we first write an application to opponent please give me the ball

    Nonsense MARTIN! Nothing would ever be changed in any area of life if we meekly, like you are doing, accept that “nothing can be done”!

    I say your view is cowardly and wrong. We MUST complain and keep doing so until we get long overdue needed change.
    In particular the abandonment of VAR altogether, UNTIL AND UNLESS we can get instant non subjective decisions, transmitted instantly, direct to the onfield ref, without a middle man at Stockley Park, as it does with goal line technology, which works seemlessly and instantly.

    No complaining equals no change. That sort of cowardly argument would have kept slavery and racism. THINK AGAIN MR SILLY MAN MARTIN!

    1. Jon you recently make a similar comment about me,when I said that there was nothing we the fans could do about players wages.you told that I should be ashamed.so I’m taking the opportunity to answer you.frim an early age,I was taught to carefully choose my battles,than there was no point in wasting your time,your energy even your mental health.i believe that you should heed that advise.day in day out,I see you fighting the same battle,having to make the same comments again and again,while nothing changes.as an example I’ll use your fight against what you call not news worthy articles,or JA/Martin opinions pièces,asking him not to end his articles with a question….. I’m asking you, despite constantly complaining,going on about it,does it have change anything?no.my advise to you if you would accept it,would be to use that time,energy on others and worthy fights,no Jon?

  3. Watched the sky sports ref watch and Dermot G said correct decision ,personally I thought the the ref saw it and didn’t give it so for me then play should have carried on ,the problem is with VAR is that clear and obvious can mean absolutely anything so for me it should be left to offsides and red cards ,too many cooks and all that .
    We all know that the refs standards in the uk is awful and the best thing is Howard Webb being the new head of it 😂

    1. Agree.
      How can it be “clear and obvious”, when one (the ref) sees the incident and don’t think it is a foul, and another (VAR) sees it as a foul. A contradiction in itself.

    2. Dermot was right, ours was a clear and obvious mistake by the ref, it was a foul, Odergaard never got anywhere near the ball, had two hand on his back and clipped his feet. Now if that was a fair tackle, then i dont know what is. Stop all this WO IS ME rubbish. We did not lose the game because of the correctly disallowed goal, we lost through our ineptitude. Lets see where the real fault lies and we might improve. Looking for scalegoats to cover our faults is non productive. Learn and live, dont and die.

    1. I am curious to know if it was Man U that benefitted, would that have been changed as I think the referee thought it was fair challenge-man’s game do to speak but I still say Arsenal were naive in going all out on the attack and not pivoting its defence because you can never know when the break down can happen, so safety 1st & psychologically we were having the better of Man U by then.
      They were playing at home so let the worry and pressure be on them.

  4. There’s no consistency with VAR, ref says play on and VAR jumps on the bandwagon. Refs will give a foul play which is not and the VAR will not intervene.

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