Odegaard has “many who want him” says the Norway manager

It looked to many Arsenal fans that it is practically a done deal for Martin Odegaard to return to the Emirates this season, after Mikel Arteta made it very clear that he wanted him back.

To be honest, I just thought it all depended on whether Carlo Ancelotti wanted him in the squad or not, and if not, the Norwegian would be wearing the Red & White next season.

But now it doesn’t seem so clearcut, and with two weeks of the window remaining, Arsenal have gone to Spain to negotiate with Madrid. The rumours in Spain are saying that Madrid are looking for 40 million euros for the lad, while Arsenal have apparently offered 30 million, but there is no mention of any other bidders for the 22 year-old.

But the Norway manager Ståle Solbakken believes that Odegaard has more than one offer on the table. He is trying to work out a timetable of where he can watch his players in action before the next international break, and although he is sure Odegaard won’t be in Madrid, he doesn’t know the destination as yet. “When he is not in the squad, you do not need to have to be a fortune teller to know that there may be something going on.” quoted by Aftenposten

“I’m sure it is. He has many opportunities, many who want him. So, he, his representatives and his family will find out. He has been very good at picking out the right clubs in the past.”

So, as usual we are left in the dark, and no nearer to knowing if Arteta is going to get the player he has been chasing ever since the end of last season…

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  1. If and when Ode comes to Arsenal, I hope he plays better than last season and wish him all the best. Apparently, with thee inclusion of Odegaard in the team last season, our overall record in the PL for the time he played for us improved, so I believe MA sees something in him. Finally it is MAs call and he will surely own up to it. And if after Odegaard it is Ramsdale, I wish him well also. Finally we gooners have to get behind our team for the sake of our team and forget all personal hatreds towards the manager and certain players. Lets give the players and the manager time till October and see what happens. Lets back them till than and hope the best for the sake of our dear old Club. Something tells me that we could surprise Chelsea, the Chavs with their spending could be in for a shock this weekend and anyway we always have played well against them and Saka will surely start the match. So lets back our Arsenal and lets wait and see a little longer, maybe there is some light at the end of a dark tunnel.

    1. Personal hatred? The fans dont hate MA, they just think Arsenal deserve a top manager to put things right.
      No hatred bro, we love him, we just deserve better.

      1. Only speak for yourself.. I don’t hate and I definitely don’t love Arteta! However I do hate the fact that he’s still our manager with nothing on the pitch backing him up!

  2. Arsenal should offer the right amount and get him in ASAP.
    Pedro Neto

    Those are the 4 players we need.

  3. Odegard is good player, he plays with calmness. Last season he made players around him playing without panic.

  4. Odegaard is definitely a good signing that would improve us .
    We need a quality right back now , and a replace for lacazette, a proper number 9.
    If the manager keeps flopping by November , replace him with a better manager but knowing Arsenal we won’t do anything.

  5. Odegaard is a good buy. As for Ramsdale, no please. He’s a good backup, but not for the amount being quoted

  6. Odegaard is a very good signing, and I just do not understand some of the hate against him.

    He wasn’t fully fit when he arrived, and we all know players from foreign leagues need at least 6 months to adapt to the EPL, not to mention a new team. Despite that, he performed well, and I we should see even better performances given he now has experience of Arsenal and the league.

  7. ESR finds it difficult to play on the wings, so it could be either Pepe or Martinelli or Auba in your line up. If indeed Odegaard comes it will be between him and ESR for the no.10 role, a form of rotation between the 2.

  8. Going forward, I just wish we could finally switch to a back 3 and go with an attackminded team with this ode signing..

    Pepe……ESR…. Odegaard…Saka….

    Or we can put Pepe up top and draft in tavares …guy looks like a quality winger..

    Let’s see how arteta manages all…I hope he doesn’t shift ESR wide again

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