Odegaard loan to Arsenal confirmed by Spanish sources

There is obviously no smoke without fire as the never-ending Arsenal rumours linking Martin Odegaard with a loan move to the Emirates have reportedly come to pass.

The Norwegian had a great season on loan at Real Sociedad in the last campaign, helping the La Liga minnows to a Europa League position in the table, and also getting them to the Copa Del Rey Final, knocking out Real Madrid on the way!

Odegaard returned to Madrid this year and played in their opening game (ironically against Real Sociedad) but hasn’t played a game for Los Blancos since November, so after failing to break into Real Madrid’s first team it was thought that he would return to Sociedad again.

But it appears that, according to DiarioVasco, that Arsenal have won the race for his signature and he will now join Dani Ceballos at the Emirates for the last six months of the season.

They also announced the move on Twitter…

Hopefully he will settle in quickly and help take some of the pressure off Emile Smith-Rowe…

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  1. I feel this is a interesting choice.

    For me ESR is one of the best players we have atm and should be playing week in week out.

    We have willock, cebellos who both can play CAM i just wonder what happens to willock now.

    Unless this new guy is a upgrade I don’t see the point

    1. Odegaard is a world class player, you will enjoy him at Arsenal.He is a perfect replacement for Ozil.


      Apart from which, we need more than ONE AM, wouldn’t you agree!

        1. That’s something I dont get from a RM perspective. Why loan another young attacking midfielder to Arsenal. If Odegaard pans out, and Arteta can figure out a way to play him and ESR, one of the losers will be Ceballos.

          The whole point of loaning players out is to give them game time. It would be like us loaning Nketiah and Balugon to the same team.

      1. Agreed, but don’t you think his frame might be a problem in our league? In the past, you have made an observation that Lucas won’t be able to survive in the PL as a top player due to his short stature, and I agree with that point. Ode is a frightening talent or was, but his body stature and playstyle might have to change drastically for him to play successfully here and not be another Suarez, dont you agree?

    3. Playing Smith Rowe ‘week in week out’ is what it looks like Arteta is attempting to avoid in order to prevent any burn out or injuries due to him being overplayed. Those days when the strongest eleven were put out every match regardless are long gone.

      1. When ESR got subbed last game he looked absolutly exhausted. Odegaard will be a great addition, dude has real talent!

    4. Ceballos cannot play CAM, dont know how ppl put him as a ESR backup. He’s not even a starter for us anymore and we aren’t going to sign him permanetly. Odegaard is only a loan too. THere’s no reason to really be disappointed with the signing. It’s harmless at best, helpful at most.

    1. Name clubs that are making big signings in Jan this window….. You do realize theres still a worldwide pandemic happening and clubs are leaking money every time a game is played with no fans.

  2. Actually his trickery reminds me of Cazorla, opens space in the middle with quick movement and dribbles. Nice addition.

    1. Hey Sue, hope you are fine and in good health. If we sign him then he is a great addition. I am not surprised Madrid let him go on loan only, with Modric n Kross showing no signs of slowing down n Freddi in the mix as well, Martin was struggling for game time. This young lad is wonderful to watch, a pure football class. Way better then Cebollos and has actually proved him self in a small team. You don’t get called back into Madrid team if you are not good. I think for me he is a mixture of ozil and Modric, not at that level yet but he is surely getting there. A very good signing n with pace upfront along with skilled other youngsters in Saka, Martenelli n ESR he will fit right in if Arteta can find a way to play both him n ESR in same team.

      1. He is a real weapon
        Thanks to the #Arsenal spotting team and whoever got involved in this transfer.

      2. Hi Mohsan.. thanks for that – good to know 👍 Exciting times ahead!
        Hope everything is good with you!

    2. He was a joy to watch in the Sociedad team. If he signs, he would be good at CAM or RW, kind of a mini Ozil when he joined us. He also has great vision and can pick a pass. My only concern is that most teams in La Liga don’t press as much as here. And also his physical frame seems a little too lightweight for the physicality of the PL. I do hope he succeeds here though.

  3. Looking forward to Arteta’s new setup with a left-footed CAM like Odegaard. I just hope this wouldn’t force Saka to be Tierney’s backup

    Guillem Balague said Zidane losing his cool because Odegaard didn’t pressure in one incident and didn’t track back in a game they won, so the suggestion is Odegaard’s not at the level defensively that Zidane wants. I also hope this isn’t true, because it sounds like Ozil 2.0

    1. My thoughts exactly. It’s that’s true, it’s shocking we went for him. Don’t see Arteta being any different to Zizu on this and it kind of suggests they’re not really thinking about how well the player will fit but let’s see – hopefully they prove me wrong!

        1. Suarez- miss.
          Ceballos – meh
          Odegaard – third time lucky?

          Not a fan of loans for toing players but sounds like we’ve picked up Matt Ryan on loan for rest of season. Very happy with that one.

          1. Runarsson is taller than Ryan according to Wikipedia and Transfermarkt, so I think we should’ve signed a taller GK in the mold of Seaman and Martinez. We surely don’t want an Ospina 2.0

        2. A few names for you GI, all out of contract
          in the summer

          Ryan Bertrand (SH)
          Patrick van Aanholt (CP)
          Jetro Wilhelms (Frankfurt BL)
          Danny Rose (Spuds)
          Omar Richards (Reading)
          Jamilu Collins (Paderborn BL)

          1. Thanks for the recommendations, but:

            – Bertrand: 31 years old
            – Van Aanholt: 30 years old
            – Wilhelms: 1.7 m
            – Rose: 30 years old
            – Richards: Looks good, but Bayern Muenchen-bound
            – Collins: Look okay, but he’s playing in a second-tier league

    2. Thats not true, problem is in Madrid you have Modric who like ronaldo does not seem to slow down, Kross found his form again, Freddi Valverdi amazing young player (can not be left out of the squad) and casemero ever present one. So Martin is struggling for game time. Playing on wings is also not an option because Madrid have over load of wingers. With even iscio struggling for sub appearances no surprise that Zizu has sectioned Martin to go on loan as he does not want his progress to stop and wants him to keep developing. He is regarded highly by club that’s why they pulled him in first team this season unlike Cebollos who will never make it at Madrid I am afraid.

      1. I thought Modric and Kroos play in deeper midfield area, whereas Odegaard plays exactly behind Benzema as no 10? If Zidane uses 4-3-3 instead of 4-2-3-1, there’s no place for a no 10 like Odegaard

        1. I think that’s supposed to be his ideal position but everybody has to adjust to a system – Ozil used to play wide for Germany at least, and even Zidane was a nominal left midfielder for RM sometimes. Don’t think ESR would have any trouble playing on the wing if asked – would be more or less effective, but still effective!
          Only question I have about odegaard is his motivation – if he’s coming with a point to prove I don’t doubt he’ll do well, he is talented

  4. Good news guys. Arsenal have just signed Matty Ryan as second goalkeeper. I’m in Australia watching Sky News as it came on as a News Flash

  5. Left back and back up GK should be the priority now, ESR is doing fine why trying to bring down is confidence

      1. Yes we have indeed. I live in Australia. I’m watching Sky Sports News. And its come on as a News Flash. I’m getting pissed off. It’s big news here in Australia, because Matty has been so good playing for Australia. He may not stand 6 foot tall, but he makes up for that. He’s kept Brighton in the Premier League for the last 3 seasons. And Matty is also world class with a football at his feet. I could never understand why he would settle for Brighton. He was to be announced as Australia’s new captain. I hope that still stands. He’s better than other Aussie goalkeepers that have played in the Premier League. And I know all of the former Australian goalkeepers. The news is, it’s a loan deal. I’m still waiting for the actual details. Matty must be great news. Something has happened at Brighton. He certainly did not lose form.

  6. Not convinced with matt Ryan singing his stats are awful and looks no better then what we have really poor buisness thought if you sign someone it’s to improve the squad which this is clearly not a upgrade when will Arsenal ever learn!!

    1. Hope we sign a good creative midfielder to compit with ESR and left back to cover up for KT anytime he is not fit

    2. Well I would venture to guess that Mr. Ryan
      being the #1 for a lower tier EPL club
      consistently fighting the relegation battle
      may have something to do with his less
      than impressive CD at Brighton.

      An Arsenal fan, veteran EPL keeper and
      Australian international WILLING to be
      2nd choice going forward.

      Honestly who were you expecting Arsenal
      to land in January during a Pandemic?

    1. I think in 2013 we should also have only signed ozil in loan. No way after his first season would we have ever spent £42 million on him.

      But on Martinez I agree. We should have promised him the No1 spot. From the few games he had when he came in last season I was absolutely convinced that he was better than Leno in every aspect. But it was such a difficult situation for Arteta (Leno vs Martinez)..

  7. If Ødegaard gets the idea that he is being signed as cover for Smith Rowe he might think that he’s no better off than he is at Madrid. Having said that he would be ideal in that role (if he’s as good as reports suggest).

    1. Oh he is better then ESR, miles ahead. Of course ESR is no doubt great talent but not in the same level as Martin. He has also proven him self in struggling teams and has come out with fine stats. We have enough game to rotate both by giving ESR some rest but if we go a bit more adventurous in home games we can field both together to provide even more attacking options.

      1. If he’s that good then welcome Martin and hope you’re happy here for the loan period, and it saves us from the possible disaster of ex Spur Eriksen.

  8. You just can’t please some people on here. If Odegaard comes he will be a useful addition to the squad and Ryan is just a back up to Leno and is a very experienced international keeper as unfortunately Runarsson has turned out not very good. So Ryan might be a gnats cock shorter but he’s a decent keeper.

    1. Totally agree Declan, ESR will need a rest at some point and Mikel would be right to gain cover for him by the way of Odegaard who is a very useful addition and Ryan is another sensible signing, he has bags of Prem experience is a good keeper and is a gunners fan,welcom Matt.

  9. Ornstein reliable Arsenal source of info saying odegaard to Arsenal 90% done still a few things to be sorted so looking good at mo!!

  10. So we sign someone who is quoted to have expressed an interest in going somewhere else, & as a result will waste 6 months here. Another Denis Suarez for sure.

    Mat Ryan on the other hand…

  11. Martin Odegaard is a chancy choice, but could work out if he hit’s the ground running. He has a fantastic skill set but has he got the fight? Have watched Emi Buendia and he looks the perfect fit. Maybe he will sign in the summer. We need to forget Houssem Aouar, he is a Diva without the qualities of a Diva.

    1. Interesting rumour that RM is potential destination for Aouar. If that happens the maybe Odegaard would be a possible Arsenal signing in summer. At least then we’d have had half a season to kick the tires.

  12. Seemed to haven happend.

    Woodman wrong call –

    ” Mat Ryan joins Arsenal on a loan deal until the end of the season; Brighton and Australia goalkeeper fell out of favour at the Seagulls and lost place to Robert Sanchez in December; Ryan: “I will give everything I’ve got to contribute to the first club I ever loved”

  13. Someone else will have to leave because Mat Ryan brings our foreign quota up to the max again. Plus we are also looking for a left back, so he looks like being home grown if we are to get one.

    1. Arsenal will be pushing hard for Runnarson
      to go out on loan and I could honestly see
      Mustafi head to Lazio if the Italian side
      intensify there interest.

  14. For those complaining about ESR having competition.
    Look how crap we were in the FA Cup against Newcastle without ESR. We can’t play smith in every game.

    What is wrong with some people? And when has competition for places ever been a terrible thing in football? Let ESR know that he himself has competition. Isn’t this what makes most players fight harder due to the competition in the squad?

    Isn’t this why we had become stagnant under wenger?. Players had absolutely no competition, they all were massaged and cuddled knowing that whatever the result they were guaranteed a place in the side.

    Lets see how the Martin kid does, it’s only a loan and not too much to lose here. If he underperforms we send him back home. If he does better than surely it will be for our benefit too. Then it should force the board to find a better replacement for him in the summer.

    1. I agree with your point. Great talent Ode is, but just have doubts about him coping with the physicality of the PL. But MA has really assessed the team well and gone for the positions that we need, so that’s a great start.

    2. Yeah sort of baffled by some of the comments. Look at City with Bernardo, KDB, Sterling, Gundogan, Rodri, Fernandinho, Foden…. All of them get suitable gametime and most of them can play in multiple positions. And that team had David Silva last season too! But god forbid, we get someone who can play in the same position as our 20 year old CAM…

  15. Loans without purchasing clause make no sense for this club unless Arteta has an even shorter leash than I first suspected…what are we actually fighting for this season which would require another loan for another CM from Madrid…this should be treated like a true transitional year, where we get rid of the deadwood and bad contracts, while likewise learning about our younger talent…we’re still a collective mess and Arteta clearly doesn’t have a plan…as for Matt Ryan acquisition, another questionable decision…one thing we’ve learned over the last 15 years is that we’ve had little success with undersized goalkeepers and what we really needed was a commanding presence, like Martinez, to bring something that we don’t presently have in the locker room…so few things that happen at this club make sense…Arteta’s choices: Runar, Saliba debacle, Willian, Ceballos again, Eddie over Balogun and now maybe another loan from Real and an undersized keeper…only good one = Partey, yet he’s hardly played…as for the only revelation this season so far, ESR, only started as a result of injury/lack of options…Saka, Marts and Tierney were not on Arteta’s watch, although I would say that Tierney has played his best football for Mikel…this regime has yet to impress and these moves won’t help change that perspective

  16. I have followed Martin since he was a highly lauded prodigy being touted by the likes of Bayern but eventually chose Madrid (back in 2015). He’s only two years older than ESR but in my opinion, he’s a big upgrade to ESR. He’s a pure No.10 and can also play RW. Only thing that ESR has over him is probably work rate. He was the star of Real Sociedad last season as they managed a Europa league finish. If anything, I’d bank on Odegaard to start over ESR however that messes up continuity since it’s only a half season loan

  17. Unsure why people are worried about Saka and ESR gametime. Quite simply, they cannot play every game. Saka can play on RW or LW, Odegaard can play CAM, RW…. Odegaard gives us much more flexibility and takes the pressure off of 19&20 year olds to carry our entire attack.

    1. And Pepe/Willian are not suitable backup options. Not if we want to finish well this season. Odegaard is a great move, and it’s just a loan too so little risk.

  18. I’m not highly optimistic with this sign, partly because of what happened with Ozil and now how Ceballos is playing. But let’s wait and see if this guy will be different!

  19. ESR has a ridiculous workrate and always looks dead tired when subbed off. We really needed another cam to rotate with him or risk another wilshere situation where we burn him out young and the injuries start.

  20. The question is:
    Who will be moved out because with Ryan we completed the foreign quota of 17.Hoppefully they move Runarson and give the chance to a young English goalkeeper.

  21. Last night I dreamt Odegaard debuted for us against Wolves. He scored a hat-trick but we ended up losing 3 – 8 😬

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