Odegaard speaks up on Arsenal’s All or Nothing cameras being everywhere

Martin Odegaard has admitted that having the Amazon All or Nothing Cameras all over Arsenal is going to take some getting used to for him.

The midfielder joined Arsenal on a permanent transfer this summer after he impressed on a loan stint in the second half of last season.

Arsenal has agreed to allow Amazon’s camera to film their season in a deal for their All or Nothing series following its success at Manchester City and Tottenham.

The Gunners haven’t made the best of starts to this campaign and understandably, they may not look too good in front of the cameras.

Odegaard has never been in a situation where his whole club life is being covered and he spoke about it in a recent press conference.

The Norwegian admits he is not a fan of cameras following him and says that their presence makes him a little more careful before he makes any statements.

Asked about the documentary, the Norwegian revealed at a press conference on Tuesday as quoted by Metro Sport: ‘I must admit that it’s not my favourite thing to have cameras everywhere.

‘You automatically think a bit more about what you are saying when there are cameras there, but the crew is discreet.’

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  1. OT: I hope Dan fixes my points total for the next round.

    OT: Arteta out

    How much is club making from this amazon deal?

  2. God I hope someone writes an in-depth article that provides a scathing critique of this tragically poor transfer window, considering it’s the most we have EVER spent during a singular window…in fact it’s more than we’ve ever spent in a single calendar year EVER…we’re the masters of setting records during the last decade, unfortunately NONE OF THEM are for positive achievements…what a clueless, tone deaf, underwhelmingly poor off-season…for those who are new to the fanbase, get used to this feeling of utter frustration, as this is what this club is all about since arriving at this hex of a stadium

  3. This is the worst season one can think of with everything happening with the Club and a pandemic to have this intrusion. What were the Board thinking, or were they so hungry for the money?

  4. Maybe Arteta purposely lost the first 3 games to create a better story on how Arsenal rise to success hmmm..

  5. This Amazon camera thing can only be a bad idea given the current circumstances. A really awful thing to do by the club’s owners in terms of piling more pressure on an already difficult situation just for some extra money. It could make some brilliant TV, but Arsenal’s “Good TV” should be happening on the football pitch, not in an effort to entice people to watch Amazon TV.

  6. In terms of sheer drama Amazon couldn’t have timed it any better than this season
    So much drama to be milked. Will Arteta keep his job? Will Arsenal be involved in a relegation dog fight? Will this be Arsenal’s first relegation in a hundred years? Will it be another season of stagnation and treading water? Will the Gooners come storming back into the top four with another twenty odd game undefeated run? I don’t have a crystal ball, but these are all possibilities. The joy, captured in minute detail or it could all go horribly wrong and end in tears.

  7. Is Odegaard talking about the same cameras that allegedly caught him and Laca doing the boom boom? 😈

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