Odegaard still giving Arsenal hopes of remaining in London

Martin Odegaard has maintained that he doesn’t know where his future lies as Arsenal remains keen on retaining his services.

The Norwegian joined the Gunners on loan from Real Madrid in the last transfer window.

He has been a bright spark in Mikel Arteta’s team in this second half of the season and the Gunners want to keep hold of him.

They consider him among the players whom they can partly build their future around, but his fine form for them has also made him become attractive to other teams.

Real Madrid believes strongly that he would fulfil his rich potential and Los Blancos might keep him on when he returns to the club in the summer.

But he appears unsure about where he would spend next season and this keeps giving Arsenal hope.

In a recent interview just before Arsenal’s game against Chelsea, the Norway captain said to Sky Sports via the Metro:

‘You never know what’s going to happen. 

‘Every time you step onto the pitch you want to do as well as you can and you want to try to win. 

‘Today we play against a top side who are in the Champions League final. That’s a great motivation for all of us to show our qualities and to show that we have something to do against these sides.’

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      1. I don’t know Sue I would like the forward line revamped, but obviously I’ll support Laca for next season… This summer was probably the only window we would have got decent money for him. Whats your thoughts ?

        1. Exactly that, Kev, strike while the iron’s hot! Bucks are needed and MA said about the need for ruthlessness, so we’ll see – should see a fair few outgoings and hopefully not for nowt!!!

          So, no win for Yahnited!!

          1. To be honest Sue and this might be controversial but I would sell both Auba and laca, I think both are past their peak, that’s why I would like to see the forward line revamped 😳 we need a massive Summer 🤞 Haha yeah very poor from Yahnited lol, Roy Keane was spot on Sue, Yahnited only playing European final because of failure in the champions league, I don’t agree with it, champions league losers should go straight out of Europe.

          2. After the other Thursday, bar ESR and Saka, I’d have sold the whole bleedin’ lot of them 😄
            Yeah I was surprised they were that poor. I bet he nearly burst a blood vessel!!

          3. They can’t brag even if they do win europa, as most of their fans calling it Emmerdale cup and they weren’t in it from the start. I remember when we had a run in the UEFA cup and got to the final in 2000 but I never felt we should have been in it as we were eliminated from Champions league. Haha yeah Sue the only players I would definitely keep is Saka, ESR, Partey, Tierney, Gabriel, Martinelli and Leno.. I know Arsenal fans don’t like Leno but I do think he’s a very good keeper. Did you see the new away kit Sue ? Your thoughts 😀

          4. I like Leno!! Ooh that kit is lush – saw Gabriel in it – jeez those teeth should come with a warning, almost as dangerous as looking at an eclipse 🤣

  1. I wouldn’t waste 25M on Odegaard. He’s not a bad player, but lacks physical presence and intensity – the traits we need most at this time.
    O/T Laca must be sold (and replaced with a younger player) in order to re-build value in the squad. I would love to move Auba too, but his wages of 300 plus pw would be a stumbling block…bearing in mind Kane and certainly Aguero could be available for less money.

  2. ESR is a genius compared with Odegaard.Send him back to Madrid,too slow for Premier League.And send Arteta too,maybe Zidane needs a boy to arrange cones in training.

  3. Ode isn’t the answer to our current problems…what he brings to the table, from a cutting edge standpoint, simply doesn’t make up for his unwillingness to put his foot in and/or to impact a game on a consistent basis…in many ways, he’s little more than a poor man’s Ozil, the latter years, or a tentative post-injury Wiltshire…with this in mind, he’s simply not worth the financial outlay whether for the short or long-term…please no more loans unless we’ve been decimated by injuries come January and there are no other viable options

  4. No, for me, apart from Westham and few cameos he has not been good.
    Willock can definetly do better and I would even give Nelson a nod in the squad over him, homegrown, less expensive, more verstaile.
    And the worse that Arteta keeps playing him, even when he has no place in the starting eleven, displacing other players for him, first it was ESR and last match it was Saka.
    His presence takes the teamwork down to be honest.

  5. No thank you, Ode, the bad memories of having to watch the other PAL from RM donning our kit for some n number of years and vanish from games is still fresh in my mind. Thank you for those one or two moments, you start fresh, we start fresh all over again. Our golden boy ESR does twice what you do for half the costs. Have a bright future lad and thanks for comming over. (And do us favor, take back Cabellos with you and please tell Isco not to come here)

  6. No one can fault his workrate and ball skills but he does not have the pace to break away from defenders.Like Kev, I too would be in favour of selling both Lacca and Auba.Easier said than done, of course.Basically our team needs a blood transfusion to re-energise the body throughout but “assets” need to be realized before that can take place unfortunately.

  7. Odergaard, unlike Ceballos, is attack minded but like DC is short of pace. We should never have signed Ceballos for a second term and I have the same feelings about Odergaard.

    I agree that both Auba and Laca should be moved on but that is easier said than done especially with Auba’s huge contract with over two years to run.

  8. I would say no but I am having a problem figuring out who is really worth keeping and who is not playing well because of the general malaise be it tactics or teammate performance.

    There are some obvious exceptions like Saka and Smith Rowe for me but after that, performance can vary so much that it is hard to tell what is a blip and what is consistent.

    Laca and Auba – If we could get a reasonable return I would move one but I waffle on which one depending on time of season and such.

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