Odegaard’s potential to be Arsenal captain questioned by pundit

Darren Bent has questioned Martin Odegaard’s credentials when discussing the Arsenal captaincy, claiming that others should be ahead of him in the pecking order.

The armband has been a talking point this week, with Granit Xhaka refusing to fill for the role in after Alexandre Lacazette was subbed off on Saturday. Kieran Tierney was instead tasked with leading the side for the remainder of the match, and Mikel Arteta later claimed that it was the Scot’s to take.

The boss was also quizzed on Martin’s potential as captain of the club, where he hinted (as claimed by the Mail) that would take over the role in the future, but Bent believes he has a number of players in the pecking order ahead of him.

“That’s the problem with Arsenal,” Bent said live on TalkSport(as quoted by HITC). “If Lacazette signs a new contract and stays, then he has to have the armband.

“Even if he doesn’t play as much. I think as club captain, he looks like a proper leader. The players look like they enjoy playing with Lacazette as well.

“Odegaard, I like him. But is he the most vocal? I am not quite sure.

“Then you start looking around the Arsenal dressing room. Thomas Partey, if he can stay fit, potentially. Ben White would be the one or Tierney. There would be a couple before Odegaard.”

I have to add that I also see Gabriel Magalhaes and Aaron Ramsdale as leaders within the squad, who also deserve a mention when considering a long-term captain going forwards, and while Odegaard is the Norway captain, I can’t help but feel he could do without the distraction. I also am not convinced that he would be willing to stay at Arsenal in the long-term if other European clubs came calling.

Where does Odegaard rank in your picks to be captain?


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  1. The no.1 candidate should be Tierney and after him Gabriel and than Odegard. However, irrespective of who is the Captain, I hope the unity and spirit within the team stays and the team plays as one, fights as one and prospers as one.

  2. Arsenal should pick the candidate that consistently perform well in games and has no drama in club.

    Personally i would prefer tierney, whom have been nearly 3 years at club compared to ode only about one year.

  3. Patrick you are spreading falsehoods again. Xhaka did not refuse the armband, it was passed to him in error as was supposed to have been given to Tierney !

  4. A captain is chosen by the team. Yep the team in default. Yea, am I a top coach? No. But a reasonable person. You watch in a training game, who the players listen to when you are not watch. You look for leaders via,vocallity,
    Not ability, not pecking order, as very good player can become ver mediocre once the add pressure of captaincy is granted. Mag, will be one of the better once.

    1. Before Auba got the armband,our players were asked to pick a captain for all the reasons you pointed out,as you know they chose Xhaka.

    2. There are different criterias for choosing a Captain.
      Experience — Buffon, Modric
      Duration in club — J. Henderson, S.Ramos, Benzema, Pique
      Age — Azpilicueta, Thiago Silva, Fernandinho
      Performance — C.ronaldo, Messi, Aubameyang, K.D.B, H. Kane, Insigne
      Vocality — Odegaard (Norway), Xhaka (Switzerland), Ibrahimovic, V. Kompany

      No one is wrong, no one is right. It all depends on your team (characters available) and what you want to achieve.

      1. btw the main reason why Bent didn’t feel that Ode was in line for the armband was that he didn’t feel he was “vocal” enough…yet somehow, in your infinite wisdom, you placed him squarely within a “vocality” category with the likes of Ibra and Company, two of the most vocal players in the modern era…so I guess there is such a thing as being wrong

  5. I can see Ode or Ben as our Captain next season

    I have a vision of them lifting a Trophy, which one will it be though!

  6. Darren bent says, “he was not sure.”
    Of course, he is just new to the Arsenal team, don’t expect him to be vocal.
    Here are your proofs, https://www.givemesport.com/1664276-arsenal-news-martin-odegaards-leadership-qualities-shown-in-footage-vs-west-ham


    But he is not new to the Norwegian team,


    Or, how may captains do you see holding meetings with their team for poor performance.
    Is that vocal enough for you?

  7. I have been watching Ødegaard specifically during matches. Keeping an extra eye on him. He is very vocal, you can see him point, gesture and yell at other players all the time during the game. So I personally see him as the future captain. Don’t forget, he is also the captain for Norway’s national team.

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