Of course Arsenal can beat Spurs to Top Four

Former Gunner confident that Arsenal will make the top four

After an embarrassing defeat to Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday evening, Arsenal have put themselves in a precarious position in their bid to finish in the Champions League spot.

However, former Gunner Theo Walcott, who made a whopping 398 appearances for Arsenal scoring 108 times, was confident that his former teammate and current Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has what it takes to finish in the top four.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the former England international said, β€œ100%, I remember a situation we had when we were really struggling to make top four, he pulled all the players it was like he was the manager, we all looked up to him.”

He went onto say that the club are heading in the right direction under his helm.

Even though Mikel Arteta will be pleased with his comments, he won’t be much bothered with it.

The Arsenal boss has a huge task on his hands at the moment: to take his club back to the Champions League.

A defeat to North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur did not help their cause, especially when a win would have guaranteed their qualification to the illustrious stage.

This might just be the toughest challenge this young Arsenal side might have faced under Arteta.

But if they come out on top, you can only wonder the ceiling of this squad.

Yash Bisht

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  1. True on both accounts. We have a great opportunity to make top 4. We also have a good foundation for the coming years, even if we finish 5’th.

  2. The pressure will show everyone something about these players and the manager. Can they deliver under pressure, or will they bottle it?

    We’ll see what growth has occurred this year, from both players and manager. Stay tuned my friends

  3. I have noticed that Arsenal they perform best under tremendous pressure. They have an ability to do so. Come Monday.

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