Of COURSE Arsenal can still win Premier League…IF

The man who has scored more goals for Arsenal than any other has been bigging up the current crop of Gunners this week, despite the team having to rely on goals from the most unlikely source of our defensive midfielder Mathieu Flamini to beat north London rivals Tottenham to progress to the next round of the Capital One cup.

Thierry Henry was delighted with the derby win and he believes it could well be the catalyst for Arsenal to go on a good run. So when he was asked about the Premier League title race, which all of us Arsenal fans were expecting us to make a much better go at this season, the former France striker declared that he still thinks we will be up there, as reported by The Express.

He said, “I would have been more worried if Man City had won against West Ham, but they didn’t.

“It gives a little hope after the loss against Chelsea.

“Things can happen in this league, as we all know.

“Nobody would have thought West Ham would go to Anfield, the Emirates and the Etihad and win.

“I still think they’re going to be challenging. Are they going to be winning it? I don’t know.

“I think I still see City being up there at the end of the season.”

Man City may well look the strongest side right now and Chelsea had a handy reprieve last weekend due to the inept or biased refereeing of Mike Dean, while Man United are starting to get their swagger back to go with their grinding out of results, but we all know that Arsenal can be much better than we have been so far.

The Gunners sqaud is more than capable of going on a great run and winning big games while rolling over the smaller clubs. We just need the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey and all to start finishing more of the many chances that are being created and to get the confidence back. Will we see it happen in Leicester though, because it needs to start happening very soon?

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  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Arsenal CAN……… When will that be?

    1. Ezat says:

      First, we build up the hope that season is our turn, Gazidis with the vicious plan by Kroenke come on and says we are going to spend big, and we have 200 Mil!!!!!.
      Right.? No wrong Wenger buys Chec and that’s it, and sells players, release some and loan the rest. All of it for profit and ambition to win trophies. So, now the rumor mill after a dismal win in Carling cup is working again to say that we still can win this, yah right in your dreams. The plan by triangle of evil was all along to be 4th, and may be a cup here and there. So, stop this non sense articles and promote an idea that we are able to win EPL. As long as Wenger and company are in charge we never ever win EPL or ECL.
      Wenger Out.

    2. sonix says:

      Of course we will win the league.
      But that is after you lots Special One (Arsene) finally call it a day.

  2. Cathyman says:

    Not this year…….or until the end of this kind of player buying strategies…..hahaha

  3. Robertthegooner says:

    We have looked pretty average so far. Maybe a bit above average, but not like a top 4 team

    I do believe that we will finish 4th, Maybe 3rd, but not higher.

    City getting De Bruyne and Sterling sealed it in my opinion and Chelsea will get back to winning ways

    It’s possible for us to still challenge only if
    1. We stay no more than 5 points adrift by January
    2. Wenger signs a top striker in January
    3. No more major injuries

    But realistically, if Wenger could not get a Top striker in summer, How will he get one in January when it’s more difficult


  5. olabans says:

    arsenal can win epl if they get rid of the board and arsene

  6. 007 says:

    Deja vu!!! Similar articles have been posted its now getting old. Too many ifs lets just take it game by game and see where we end up in May. We have 19 opponents to battle twice with.

  7. Raoh says:

    Hopefully this will be a catalyst for our next run of games which includes Bayern & Man U…It will be interesting because our defense (back 5 of Cech-Bellerin-Gabriel-Kos-Monreal) has been way better than our offense (Sanchez-Walcott/Giroud-Ozil)!!It was more fluid & quick against spurs with more intricate plays than what I can remember since the start of the season…that being said we need to be more consistent & above all score+have a better conversion rate simple as that!!To win you either have to score one or outscore the opponent!!We’ll see, to be continued…

  8. Gigi2 says:

    This year is a bit different from other years in terms of the comments saying that we have Heard all this before.

    West Ham has beaten the top sides. Chelsea has a question mark beginning. Man City has te results…but a closer look shows they dont look completely fine. Van Gaal is Van Gaal so.

    Of course it all comes down to what WE can do. So let’s take advantage of the momentum.

  9. jperiod says:

    I think that Arsenal just need to worry about (get ready for) the next game against Leicester. Just everybody do their job next game and the results will be there. Then do the same for the next game. One game at a time just focus on playing well and the result will take care of itself.

    All of this talk about winning the premier league is, in my opinion, getting ahead of ourselves. Need to win the next game, that’s all.

  10. Koss the Boss says:

    Not this season!

  11. Okafor says:

    let me add point no.4 to support what Robbert has said.
    4. If Arsenal can inculcate additional tactics of play.
    This means that scoring goals and defending a lead should become everybody’s tasks. Our midfield should become semi permeable, allowing free flow of ball from our side to the opponent’s yard box and not the reverse. Taking of unexpected shots should be encouraged with that we can edge wins with goals from unlikely sources like Flamini, Arteta, Carzola and Ozil. With these, Gunners! we can win the title and not challenging for it. Good luck tomorrow!

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