Of course Arsenal can win the Cup Final – We always do!

Arsenal play Man City tomorrow in the Carabao Cup Final at Wembley and the Gunners are the big longshot outsiders to actually win the trophy for the very first time in Arsene Wenger’s long career. In fact the bookies reckon it is more likely to snow during the game than for Arsenal to win it!

But the bookies have been wrong before. We were long outsiders to beat Chelsea in last years FA Cup Final, and we were even longer outsiders to beat Man City in the semifinal as well, but we still won both those games in the end. We are used to upping our game when weare written off, and Wenger sees no reason why we can’t do it again this season. “Because Manchester City are dominating the league, that is in the head of everybody and so maybe we are more underdogs than in the FA Cup semi-final last year,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com.

“So I agree that we are maybe underdogs, but we have to believe in our quality. The history, the fact we have done it before [against Man City last year], shows you ‘why not do it again?’

The good news is that Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey are very likely to be fully recovered for the big game, and as Ramsey has such a great scoring record in Cup finals his return will be a massive boost. He is also feeling confident that we can upset the odds against a team that are 27 points ahead of us in the League. Chelsea had already finished 18 points ahead of us last season and we all know who won the FA cup don’t we? “We’ve got another final now on Sunday, so that’s something that I’m going to really look forward to,” Ramsey said.

“We’re going back to Wembley again and you want something to show for every season. This is an opportunity to definitely do that.

“We know we’re going to be up against a great team but they have their weaknesses and we’re more than capable of beating them if we get our gameplan right and perform on the day.

“There’s a lot more to come from me and hopefully this will be the first of more.”

So don’t listen to the naysayers that give Arsenal no chance, we should be used to that by now. There will hardly be any of the players that got beaten by Ostersunds in midweek so they won’t be tainted with unconfidence. We can win, and we will win!

Come on You Gunners!!!!

Sam P

Updated: February 24, 2018 — 10:02 am


  1. We are much better in one off games rather than a league, so you never know….. although we’re the underdogs… COYG

  2. It’s gonna be a tough job for Ozil in breaking City’s defense and for Ramsey in scoring from the midfield, because City has Fernandinho that will protect them in the middle. Moreover, City will always threaten Arsenal from the wings by using the teamwork of their attacking midfielders, wingers and fullbacks

    I hope Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan would play together again, because their connection could be Arsenal’s best asset in the game

    1. Mkhi cant play tomorrow.

      1. Would you notice if he did?

  3. Even the real Micky Mouse cup like this, need super effort from us.

  4. City are huge favourites, but anything can happen in a one off cup game, as we saw with Wigan last week. We have to give it everything tomorrow, because it’s probably our only shot at silverware. We’re so poor in Europe under Wenger, and still a long way to go in EL, so the Carabao Cup is our best shot at a trophy.

  5. I hope we win, more desperate to see the team play well for 90 minutes. We can beat man city but need to play as a unit.

    A trophy is a trophy, not the ones we want still some silverware.


  6. Wenger (SOMEHOW) Coached a one off performance in last seasons FA Cup final with a completely make shift defence.
    Ospina. Cup Competition GK

    Bellerin. Right Wing Back

    Holding. Still a novice in first top flight season

    Mertesaker. Played full game despite only playing 37 minutes the week before during whole.

    Monreal Still a makeshift CB

    Ox A makeshift LWB

    We deservedly beat the League Champions on the day.We had a team with Focus,Determination and a togetherness we had very rarely seen throughout that season.Right from the off there seemed a mental toughness about us that we will need tomorrow if we are to win.
    We can do this.City are not unbeatable as Wigan proved.If our preparation has been correct and the players have been drilled on what this team needs to win this game we can do this.
    Or we can just turn up and play like Thursday night and all go home at half-time.

    1. Still can’t get over that Mertersacker masterclass. Holding targeting Costa. And Ramsey doing the running of two men. It was a great final and we done a job on city, we had some luck but we deserved our place in the final. Will be ecstatic if we can somehow remove this city from our path. Wigan sort of cocked things up for us, city have one less trophy to aim for and Pep gave his city must win trophies speech. They will be more difficult, a weakness in their team can be over confidence, but we can rule that out now.

  7. I don’t know..
    I am not particularly bothered about tomorrow.
    Trouble is, if we win then we are back to square one with AW remaining at the club and the likelihood that the same mistakes are played out once again.
    Arsenal desperately need a fresh start.
    No European football means he won’t be in charge and we can start to rebuild.
    This is far more important that the mickey mouse cup or europa league.
    Arsenal have simply got to get him out even if it means a disastrous season…

    1. The European cup along with beating city along the way to winning a cup we haven’t won in a long time. You would prefer us to bow out and lose Wenger, than to win these tournaments, even though the losing Wenger part is just an idea that may or may not happen. It’s trophy success we chase, that is the reason for sacking managers and bringing in another. It sort of defeats it’s own purpose your argument. Yeah it’s CL and League titles we crave, but who are we to be picky whilst other top managers have won nothing this season ..nor the last. Those two trophies would be success after staring down the barrel of a gun. The unhappiness and pressure from fans has a purpose, we want success, and if we get that with or without Wenger then we should be happy for now. There are no guarantees with trophies, no matter who we bring in. So lets support the team and see if we can salvage something because Arsene is nearing the end either way. He still has the respect of football people, and of the owners, as long as money is made he will not be sacked. After all this time you think they will sack him right at the death, why on earth would you think they’d do that after yet another two season contract.

      1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

        Break-on-through, a well reasoned argument. Arsenal need to take advantage of every opportunity to play in finals to win trophies. Some supporters of other clubs never see success.
        Hopefully if Arsenal win, Wenger will this time take the chance to leave on a high. Maybe wishful thinking on my part!

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