Of course Arsenal should bring Wenger back to the club he loves

Will we see Arsene Wenger: Round two! by Shenel

 As nice as the talk of Arsene Wenger coming back is, I have to ask the question, why has it taken this long for talk about it to be confirmed and for the club to even consider it?

 Is it because they are seeing the power he now has with FIFA? Is it because they are seeing how successful he is away from the club? Or is it just down to them genuinely wanting him back because of all he did for the club, and they want to repay him in any way they can and they believe he would do well behind the scenes?

Well we won’t ever know the answer to that, but I do hope it’s because they have realised his worth since his gone.

 Of course we know that Sir Alex Ferguson has a role at Manchester United and is key in some of their decisions, most recently bringing Cristiano Ronaldo back if rumours are to be believed.

And I’m not saying Wenger will be making decisions like that, but for a man who is Arsenal, who loves Arsenal and who put Arsenal before everything in his life, I believe he deserves a chance to come back in some way, shape or form to live and breathe Arsenal in some percentage once again, no matter how big or small his input may be. 

 I’ve always said it, Arsene for me is Arsenal and if it does happen I will be happy for him to be behind the scenes, because it makes sense after all the hard years he put in at the club! 

 And let’s put it this way he can’t be any worse than what we have now upstairs can he!

 Plus you never know he may be a better judge behind the scenes and make some key decisions that will positively impact the club and help the process.

 If it does happen it is a shame it’s taken three years, but again it if it does happen I definitely won’t be against the idea and can finally see the club moving in the way it is supposed to. 

 After all the key to a club’s success is the foundations, players and staff behind the scenes. Let’s not forget the fans of course, but fans will forever be loyal so I think it’s about time we got the loyal staff members back to show what Arsenal really is about!

 Shenel Osman



  1. Arsene often said he had no life outside of football and he had no retirement plan and believed he would be manager for life. Arsene stayed too long and when the club wanted to move on he refused to go and had to be forced out. He has been invited back a million times but is still in grievance mode and still holds a monumental grudge against the club for sacking him. This selfish attitude has hurt his otherwise fine legacy and the sooner he can move on the better for all concerned.

    1. Seems you can look through a window inside Arsene’s head as well as the club’s invite envelopes as you speak so knowledgeably about such things?

  2. I certainly have respect for some of Wenger’s achievements – most notably the earlier years. He did eat and sleep football and Arsenal but times have changed and there is a new regime in situ.
    I’m not entirely sure that Ferguson should be so influential as he has had his day but ManU is not my problem.
    Move on but welcome AW back as a guest but that’s it for me.

  3. If i remember correctly it was wenger who was in favour of a clean break in order to not loom over the next coach.

  4. Using Fergusson as an example, certainly proves, its not beneficial having a previous manager having a say over the running of the club. It has not been any benefit to utd at all, so why should it be different for us. NO THANKS.

    1. Reggie don’t you agree that benefits can be in less tangible ways than only in mere results?

      I see the world standing of both Sir Alex and Arsene as being hugely beneficial to both clubs world wide esteem, that so many fans both old and newer ones share.

      Things are not always black or white so to speak and do not always depend on weekly league results and league standings, but also on far deeper, wider factors.

      In any case Sir Alex does not seem to have any direct influemnce over United now and I do not think AW would either , even if he returns in a non official role such as an ambassador.

      Both AW and MA far too wise and clued up to offer AW – or for him to accept , even if offered, which will not happen – esp given all that has gone before under AW’s last few years.
      You will surely know from my many posts that I was in no way a fan of AW’s last several years, but even I CAN SEE BENEFITS TO OUR STANDING IF HE RETURNS, BUT IN A NON OFFICIAL ROLE .


      1. I meant to finish my sentence by saying ” Both AW and MA are far too wise to offer or to accept ANY official role.”

        An ambassador would be the best choice but with no direct influence on team matters. That is what I expect to ultimately happen.

      2. Hi Jon.
        I have read your comments with interest and I wasn’t going to make a further comment but these words of yours puzzle me. I quote:


        How does the club make a ‘non official role”? In other words a non official appointment. I can’t visulise this.

      3. I believe jon Sir Alex, was behind David Moyses appointment and it was he that also got Ronaldo back to utd. They are only two things off the top of my head SAF had a big hand in. So i think he has a massive influence at utd still.

  5. Although it is a good prospect to bring back Wenger in a higher position, I don’t believe currently is a good idea. The thinking is now the decision-making personnel are settling in their roles and we kind of are seeing better results. Also, Le prof himself is behind a big project regarding the rescheduling of the World Cup. So a disturbance currently might not benefit both parties. Also, looking at SAF’s supposed influence at ManU, would you say it has been all positive? I don’t think so…
    So I guess sometimes the influence of the name is more powerful than the influence of the person behind that name, and for me, Le Prof is someone just like that. He certainly influenced Arsenal, but his name influenced millions and is continuing to influence the current Arsenal youth set-up and training and culture. Now, if he somehow became our owner, as Jon has said earlier, that would indeed be a blessing!!

  6. No it’s time for everyone to move on from Arsene Wenger! He will always be a legendary figure at Arsenal but the club is changing and trying to move forward under different leadership’s… as Reggie pointed out above man united with Ferguson having a say over the running of the club has not been beneficial at all! Wenger didn’t exactly adapt to modern football and I’d imagine we’d be going through frustrating transfer windows once again.

  7. While, in general, I think it usually unwise to try and go back in life, I do applaud the Arteta wish for AW to return.

    I believe he has done it for two prime reasons, firstly to get AW back to the football love of his life for altruistic reasons of affection towards AW which ALMOST all of us share.




    1. I am in full agreement with you Jon.
      However his return to Arsenal on a regular basis is a tricky one.

      I think it would be wrong for him to hold a position in the club, such a member of the board.

      To be at games is a tricky one. Why shouldn’t he? Former players often attend games.

      However for AW there would always be a degree of focus on him as former manager. Not a good idea. The mindless media would hound him hoping to get a ‘crumb’ they could turn into a ‘degrading sensation – scandel with which to feed the thoughtless ones.

      The atmosphere at his first visit to a game I think would turn the game into a ‘none event’.

      Yet if he is dosen’t return to the club there are those who would spit that AW has turned his back on the club or some such nonsense.

      1. Charles , In my long life experience, I have found that all sorts of worries which all sorts of people have about new ventures are usually way overblown and settle down quite quickly.

        I think virtually all folk would soon acccept that AW had returned out of club affection for him and vice versa and PROVIDED that NO OFFICIAL ROLE WERE OFFERED NOR ACCEPTED – which would surely be the case – ALL other worries would prove groundless.

        In life, most fears come to nothing anyway, as humans are bound to worry but worrying without good cause is not a positive thing. Just my older persons opinion!

  8. Might as well bring back Herbert Chapman while it it. Bring back Vieira, Henry, Bergkamp too.
    Bring back George graham as well.
    Why don’t we move back to Highbury?

    I think if we can sort all these out then the good old glory days will arise once and for all.


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