Of course Giroud’s happy! He swapped Arsenal’s Europa side for a game against Barcelona!

Olivier Giroud scored over 100 goals for Arsenal in his five years at the club, but he was gradually eased out of the starting XI to make room for Alexis Sanchez a couple of seasons ago. Then in the summer Alexandre Lacazette was brought in and Oli was pushed into our Europa League and Caraboa Cup sides and saw his chances of going to the World Cup with France receding into the distance.

But in January, Wenger went even one step further and brought in another centre-forward in Aubameyang and Giroud was suddenly cast as Arsenal’s third-choice striker. No matter how bad we think he is, he is surely too good to just get an occasional League Cup game. He had started nearly all of our Europa League games, but he would even probably have only been on the bench at lowly Ostersund if Lacazette had been fit to play….

But Olivier finally actually got a bit of luck with Arsenal going all out to buy Aubameyang from Dortmund, as the Frenchman was given the opportunity to move to Chelsea, and I bet he can’t believe his luck. He was quoted as saying: ‘I went to see the coach to ask him where he was with Aubameyang. I put him under a bit of pressure, like my agent, who I spoke to several times a day. It is normal. I did not want to be deprived of going to Chelsea which was the best solution for me,’

‘The coach immediately said to me: “Don’t worry, I will do my best so that you are happy”. On one side, it was normal. I had never asked to leave.’

But how happy must he be that he finally got out of Arsenal? Instead of being on the bench in Ostersund, he is instead stepping out this evening against the mighty Barcelona at Stamford Bridge and is back playing in the elite competition after scoring his first goal for the Blues against Hull on Friday. If he continues to play well and regularly he will be going to the World Cup in the summer too.

Maybe he got the best deal in the January transfer window?

Darren N


  1. Giroud was a nice guy and he deserved the Chelsea move. I will admit he was not my favourite player but he grew on me over the years. His physicality and ability to hold the ball and selflessly set up Sanchez and the rest was amazing. He was a proper bully who could handle premier league defenders. All the best in his career!

  2. jon fox says:

    Why is an Arsenal site discussing a Chelsea player? Well , since that is a rhetorical question, most of us realise the answer to that question is because there is no actual news on Arsenal. Personally, once players leave Arsenal , I have little or zero interest in them. Its called being a fan; of OUR CLUB!!!

  3. Jim A says:

    He should of been first choice for the last two years. That total of 100 would have been in the 140 range. Where would that have ranked him.

    1. Jim A says:

      In five years although he missed 1/2 a season due to injury he was a great player who took the back seat quite often regarding how many starts he had. It was never about the goals either it was the way he set up others. Ramsey FA cup winners both set up by OG.

  4. AndersS says:

    Yes, of course it was a good move for OG. But I am not so sure, it was the right move for Arsenal. Now we have 2 strikers, who are similar in type, and who are mainly suited for the same style of play. And in reality, we could have a situation where we will have one of our 2 most expensive players sitting on the bench, as there is no room for both of them.
    By selling Giroud, we lost the opportunity to change the style of play when needed.

    1. RichSAAlao says:

      I wonder why it is now fans are realising this Olly Salvation is special.
      But the transfer actually started about close to two seasons ago, when the players close door meeting led to gang up and lack of service for assist for him. the result was his famous goals drought which only ended with a hat-trick or so about the last game of that season.
      The solution was just out now, that is, sales of the actors Sanches, Theo, except Ozil.
      Incidentally, he is said to want to stay now, Ozil, of course, because Giroud just left.
      No manager would be willing to let all those leave but that is the only solution going forward.

  5. Innit says:

    I don’t blame him for leaving. He would have been 3rd behind Aubameyang and Lacazette. He wants to play in the World Cup.

    I would prefer Giroud over Morata personally. I think Giroud is a more prolific goal scorer than Morata.
    Giroud scored 105 goals for us during his time here and helped us win 3 FA Cups

  6. miker says:

    I still don’t understand why le geriatric bought auba. I always wanted auba since his Etienne days, but le geriatric wanted OG, then years later got laca, who I predicted would flop big time, then finally got auba. Damn, we could be better scouts, by just watching football in the tele. Wanted griezmann before his move to athletic .

    Big auba and griezmann fan.

    1. Ken 1945 says:

      sorry, but have you forgotten who is now responsible for transfers?
      Or are you calling our new deadly duo les geriatrics?
      Easy mistake too make, but let’s get it right!!
      By the way, Giroud was a Arsenal man and I wish all the best.
      Will miss singing your song old friend.

  7. st sass says:

    well said @ innit, just that I don’t miss him. wishing the best @OG12

  8. phil says:

    Was he really as prolific as he is being made out to be?Ok so 105 goals in 5 1/2 seasons is not the worst goal tally but did he really live up to the billing he seems to have enjoyed since he has gone?
    Did he ever deliver in the big games when we needed a goal from someone?For a player of his size and build he was embarrassing at times the way he rolled around on the floor in “agony” at the slightest touch.I never felt he held up the ball particularly well (Alan Smith anyone?) and found himself very easy to mark out of games often by far inferior teams.
    I don’t miss him.He did a job but that’s about all for me.
    @innit -You would seriously prefer Giroud over Moratta?Not too sure about that

    1. Jim A says:

      More like 3 1/2 due to injuries and non starts

  9. Sue says:

    Still surprised Chelsea went for Giroud! Yes he scored over 100 goals for us, but look at the amount he missed!!
    Oh well best of luck to him, he wasn’t one of my favourites if I’m honest but he did work hard, I’ll give him that

  10. Gunnerforlife says:

    Move on please

  11. robkrieger says:

    Maybe he got the best deal in the January transfer window? Hmm, he spent the match on bench…just as exiting for him as this rubbish article.

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