‘Of course.’ In-form Arsenal man sends a message to the club

Mohamed Elneny insists he wants to remain at Arsenal as he nears the end of his contract at the club.

The Egyptian has spent most of his time at the Emirates as a backup to the club’s key midfield players, and he has been a good alternative.

After being frozen out for so long, he has returned to the team in the last two matches and has done well to help Arsenal win the fixtures.

The midfielder would be out of contract in the summer, and it doesn’t seem the club will offer him an extension.

As a player who rarely plays, Elneny should also not want to remain at the club. However, the opposite seems to be the case. When asked if he would stay even with limited playing chances, he said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: ‘Of course.

‘I always love a challenge and give 100 per cent all the time. I don’t decide who plays but I keep going in training to show how good I am and to make him play me.

‘If I don’t play I keep going until I get my chance.

‘If Arsenal say ‘we want you’ I don’t think about leaving. It’s my family for six years. I love this club.’

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Elneny has shown great loyalty to the club, and it might be a great idea to keep him in the group.

However, the club is moving in the right direction, and we trust Mikel Arteta to make the right choices.

If he wants to keep the midfielder, we would back him, and if the opposite is the case, we would also support the manager.

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  1. I really think we should keep him. You won’t find many players like him who are okay being backups while being happy and giving 100% in every minute they get. He is also on low wages and has proven to be very reliable in big games. Talk of safe hands

  2. If only the last two paragraphs would be used with regards to Xhaka!
    After all, he has now been (re) signed by Mikel and, along with Elneny, is proving how important they are to the club.

  3. A fair minded article and hard not to like personally a humble player who is content with his role as fill in when needed.

    But as a supporter who always has and always will put the welfare of our CLUB above my liking for ANY individual, I still hope and believe that Elneny will leave this summer.

    The bottom line is that he is at best a very average player and well below what we need in order to progress.

    Humility is great but sheer ability is ALWAYS far more important. Reality!

  4. One player who feeds off the energy of the rest of the team. An unlike the rest of our midfielders, with the exception of AMN, knows how to break up attacking plays and recycle the ball well…Wouldn’t hurt and only help to keep him. IJS

    1. Yea definitely his biggest asset is the recycling of the ball ,remember when he had a run in the team and was collecting the ball off Leno and always seemed to bypass a few players which started off the attacks ,does the simple things better than anyone in the team but for me still below what we need going forward .

        1. He’s a Free transfer ,so I believe and hope he will pick up a nice little signing on fee for whoever signs him ,which I think answers your question to me sue 👍

  5. Like it or not? He will get the contract if we make top four.i don’t know where dan kit and jon fox can get us a world class player willing to play second fiddle.mediocres can get better playing,learning and competing with class players,i suggest we keep him and sign tielemans then send lokonga on loan.

    1. Fk, it seems not to have occurred to you that a “world class player” would have no need to play second fiddle!

      Elneny plays second fiddle BECAUSE he is way, way, way below even the level we need, let alone world class.

      So think and think PROPERLY Fk, before writing such easy to combat TOSH, another time!

    2. Fck @
      Surely he would get a new contact offer if we didn’t make top 4?
      You’re comment makes absolutely no sense seeing that he is out of contract and if we did make top 4 then we would maybe going for better players .
      Strange how you brought my name up anyway seeing I said he was my MOTM for 2 games in a row .

  6. if he’s fine playing random number of games in a season, but again, i’d rather just call upon one of our youth players. arsenal should still be fostering youth and Elneny is not good enough to sacrifice a possible young talent getting minutes. i expect us to spend some money on a midfielder this summer which will push elneny even further down the pecking order.

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