Of course Wenger is going to ignore the Arsenal fans’ protests

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger may be approaching his final Premier League game with Arsenal this weekend, with the Frenchman still coy on his future at the club. The Gunners will line up against Everton in the final Premier League fixture of the campaign, with Arsenal’s chances of top four and Champions League qualification slimmer than ever.

The Gunners have had brushes with missing out on the Champions League before and this season was record breaking for Wenger who saw Spurs finish above Arsenal for the first time in his management at the club. Arsenal have managed to pull it out the bag before, but this time there seems to be little hope for the club, with both Liverpool and City likely to easily win their respective fixtures.

The players have shown a different side to themselves in these last few games and although your tempted to say ‘too little too late’ you cannot fault the efforts to make a late push for European qualification. Unfortunately for the Gunners it does seem too late and therefore although the players certainly haven’t given up, many of the fans already have.

It was well noted by the media how many empty seats there were at the Emirates on Tuesday night, when relegated Sunderland came up against the Gunners. An official attendance of 59,510 was given, but a figure much lower, some reports suggesting around 20,000 seats were left empty for the fixture. It’s worrying to see that Arsenal has become a club where it cannot sell out or even if the tickets are sold, then many fans cannot be bothered to turn up as a result of our lacklustre performances this season. During this campaign most fans have had enough of the disastrous turmoil the club finds itself in, with much desire for change and as a result of this it is only natural we would see a fall in attendance.

With ticket prices being sky high and little left to play for in the league this season, I’m not surprised to see many fans not wanting to travel to the Emirates to pay the extortionate prices for 90 minutes. This is especially so on a cold Tuesday night. In past times fans would’ve turned up no matter the weather, but for many of us, it simply isn’t worth the time or money to make the trip and that’s why we see so many empty seats these days. It doesn’t make the fans any less of a supporter mind, because realistically it can be understood.

The understanding nature is an approach Arsene Wenger has taken, after he said that he wasn’t bothered to see so many empty seats at the Emirates. In a SkySports report, Wenger is quoted as saying: “No, it’s Tuesday night against Sunderland. Everybody expects us to win and I didn’t count the number of people who were in the seats. We have to focus on our job and not look at how many people are in the stands. When you’re a football player, you ideally want to be playing in a packed stadium, but we are quite spoiled with that at Arsenal. Overall, it’s a Tuesday night and people may think Sunderland is an easy game and that’s why there were less people.”

Wenger isn’t obviously going to come out and say that he’s disappointed with the turnout, at the end of the day he doesn’t want to rile the fans up anymore than he already has done this season. I don’t think the amount empty seats is too concerning, I just think it goes to show that the fans are disappointed with the club’s activities this season and don’t think that going to games are worthwhile at the moment. I agree with Wenger that watching Sunderland wouldn’t be the most exciting of games, but if anything it should be a game with plenty of goals and that should be even more of an incentive for the fans to make an appearance, shouldn’t it?



  1. Robert Newton says:

    Wenger is a sorry excuse of a manager. He says winning trophies is not everything. Name one manager of a top team who is happy with 4th place finish? He thinks finishing 4th is like winning trophy. Kroenke and other board members still supporting him is even more pathetic. He gives too much opportunities to avearge players despite their injury record, average players and picks his favourite players. He stood all these years for average players like Theo, Mertesaker, Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby who all had injury and terrible form. He always blames others for his failures like refree, fans and even pundits. He has zero ambition of winning thats why he refuses to buy more than 1 good player per season. He signed Ozil, Sanchez and Cech in 3 different seasons when we needed more than 2-3 players every season and funny thing is we still don’t have the spine a top team requires a striker, cm and cb.
    Tired of same excuses and same sh** every season. #WengerOut #KroenkeOut #UsmanovIn

    1. MikeSA says:

      I think it’s worse than him playing average players.

      I think he takes players with potential and through lack of ability to train or coach them, he makes them average.

      1. Kefz says:

        Wenger should feel pity for himself and leave the fans in peace

  2. Rick says:

    He should ignore them. Go protest something important like Trump or Theresa May or war or climate change. These “fans” have been creating a toxic atmosphere around the club for years. Compared to the snotty, entitled bunch who heap abuse on him, Arsene Wenger is Albert Einstein and the fans are Forrest Gump. There are roughly 155 football clubs at the league and non-league levels in English football who would sell their souls to be where Arsenal is today. Some of you should be careful what you wish for.

    1. bran99 says:

      Non league teams yes, they would consider 4th as a trophy, and that’s where Wenger should be, not at Arsenal, the 5th or 6th richest club in the world and still have a mentality of non league teams??

      As fans we are careful of what we wish for, when something have no value in your life anymore, why do you keep hanging on to it? That’s called wasting time when you could have a valuable and reasonable other thing that has high value in your life..

      this old man is past his expiry date, he can’t take us no further. How long did it take him to try a new formation since ages ago? He kept doing same things expecting different results. Having him for more 2 more years is equal to 2 trophyless seasons (Trophies here are EPL and UCL), having him for 5 means we going some more 5 trophyless seasons, the choice is ours

  3. Peter says:

    You are writing rubbish, every time Asene Wenger, what about other team managers that flop at every season but the suporters turn out to applaud thier clubs even been relegated .europa league is not a bad competition so please leave Asene Wenger and the management Alone to pla for d future of my big club

  4. KaTs says:

    I think Wenger is a good trainer or at least one of the best trainers in the premier league. But no matter how good a trainer, a player or anyone else is, if you have it for a very long time you will at the end it is not constructive anymore.
    A home needs a change at a right time and the right time for change of a trainer and some players would be healthy. But not as many as 7-10 players and Wenger because that would be completely to change the Gunners spirit

  5. Yossarian says:

    Sure, many football clubs would love 4th place in the Premier League, to win FA Cups, and play in the Champion’s League.

    But those are not clubs with a 60,000 stadium capacity, worldwide fan base, and the highest ticket prices. They are also not rated 5th richest football club in the world by Forbes.

    Therefore I simply cannot accept the argument that some people keep trying to make, suggesting that Arsenal fans should be “Happy” with things at the moment.

    In terms of global profile, fan-support, and wealth Arsenal are one of the biggest football clubs in the world, and should be aiming for better than 4th place in the domestic league.

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