Offer accepted, medical done – 2nd Arsenal transfer imminent

It feels like a very long time since we Arsenal fans were getting excited and optimistic about the summer transfer window to come, with Arsene Wenger setting down an early marker with the big money signing of the Switzerland international midfield star Granit Xhaka from Borussia Monchengladbach.

This was before the window was even open and before the start of the Copa America and Euro 2016 tournaments and so there was plenty of time for the Gunners to add some more top quality players to give us the tools for a proper and sustained challenge for the Premier League title.

And with the release clause of Jamie Vardy also activated by the boss before the Euros it looked like he really meant business. However, both summer tournaments have come and gone and despite a plethora of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with strikers, play makers, wingers, defenders and midfielders of all shapes and sizes, the Arsenal fans are still waiting for the second signing of the summer.

Not for long though, according to the Daily Mail which is reporting that Arsenal are all set to complete the transfer of the young Bolton centre back Rob Holding. Apparently we have had a bid of £2 million accepted by the Trotters and the 20-year old has already completed his medical.

So as soon as the personal terms are agreed the contracts will be signed and Holding will become the newest member of the Arsenal family.


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  1. Hippie we have finally signed a top class defender to partner Kos and finally land that EPL title according to the Daily. Oh wait, its just Holding.

    Off to the one for the future locker you go along with Chambers, Asano, Nwaku, Sanogo, Akpom, Gnabry, Bielik, Jeff, etc you go.

    I don’t see Wenger dropping the long leg captain or the Brazilian nervous warrior for this guy any time soon.

  2. Oh not again!! Another one for the future? we need a world class center back and striker and not a prospect.. i pray Wenger doesn’t give me an hypertension and send me to an early grave…lol

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if this kid plays more games than Mertesacker this season.
      Who knows, what’s going on behind the closed doors at the Emirates and again nothing surprises me, Wenger could have went back with an improved offer for Holding because of the uncertainty of Koscielny? ? You never know!

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha………….. Loving the way they make a £2.1mil signing Look worldclass

  4. I presume you mean our third signing.

    Trust wenger he knows best.

    Sanogo akpom asano giroud holding jenkinson.
    Clubs must be terrified

  5. 3rd, if this guy can be counted then so does Asano…so we are pretty much done with transfer business for the season lol
    Wenger should leave for England job

    1. It’s 4… The magical number! ?
      Don’t forget Kelechi , he hasn’t quite signed officially yet, but his as good as a done deal.

    2. Asano was reported to be seen shedding a tear after a game yesterday…..

      Fact is, he was playing for Sanfreece Hiroshima……which makes him not a “signed” Arsenal player yet!

  6. Problem of youth now Prejudging.
    Those who are rooting fr mahrez he was bought fr much less
    pls post funny comments nyc 1 ramrerta

  7. Arsene said he will be bringing in 3players. Asano, Xhaka and Holding. That’s Striker, Cdm and a striker. I hope this ain’t the three players he told us about…

    Anyway I won’t blast any of the players because they haven’t played a game for us. If we ain’t happy then we should blame the manager and scout. We got excited about Xhaka cos He has proven himself in his national team and former club. I don’t know Asano and Holding so wouldnt say anything about them..

    Anyway, we are watching..

  8. my team to face liverpool
    jenkinson chambers holding gibbs
    walcott ox iwobi
    sanogo asano

    We win 5 1 Sanogo hattrick and asano brace

    If teams are not scared then they better start being because this team gave me goosebumps.They look as if they are on a mission To take the league by storm abd destroy anything that comes their way.

    1. Best comment I’ve seen.
      If he’s an Arsenal player already, there’s nothing we can do than to fully support him and wish him a fulfilling Arsenal career.

    1. There once was a boy named Gibigol, who dreamt of playing for the Arsenal.

      His girlfriend was so pretty, with nice curves and big t***y, everyone called her sweet barbie doll.

  9. We are still waiting for Bielik, Chambers, Jenkinson
    Now we will be waiting a few years for Holding
    Hopefully, he will turn into another Coquelin or Bellerin quality player

    But we still need a Reliable, experienced CB
    ie. Koulibaly, Hummels, Godin, Howedes, Murillo, Mustafi

    Chambers cost £16 million which is a lot of money so I am hoping he will become another Koscielny who we bought for £8 million

    1. Anyway, spending £2 million is a lot better than spending £16 million for a player of the future LOL

  10. Maybe Mr Wenger’s great plan is to forget about the Premiership and join the Schoolboy League.

  11. It`s really becoming a joke now, our top 3 rivals all buying up big named proven players, even the Skum Bags have got some good buys. We will be lucky to be heading for the Europa at the end of next season….

    1. oi!
      we came second last year and we will win it this season.
      The others are buying because they need to catch up with us……

      1. @Admin you are right but the others recognized what their problems were last season and made the appropriate changes already whether there are managerial or players related.

        One could argue right now that Manchester United, Tottenham and Chelsea at very least right now look more intimidating to any team in the EPL than we do. Like what have we done so far to address our issues from last season? NOTHING.

  12. Javier Hernandez should be snapped by Arsene Wenger Cheap Buy!!! We need a right winger asap We need a defender ASAP. Why is it so hard to be an Arsenal FAN!

    Or we Need Wenger to go?????

  13. Wenger shopping in the bargain bin again, whilst Arsenal make more money on match day than any other club in the world, and the fans being charged more than any others! The board play their part, but it’s Wenger that has become a complete joke, and it’s he that is the REAL problem.

    I’ll only let him off, if he’s signing Holding because he’s a home grown player, meaning he might FINALLY get rid of another home grown deadwood! Couldn’t be a better time to cash in on Ramsey.

  14. So far we have exceeded last summer (slightly)
    Last summer = Top player plus 1 young player (Cech and Adelaide)
    This summer = Top player plus 2 young players (Xhaka, Asano and Holding)

  15. I will say it again i have no doubt we will get a forward and as long as he can improve our goal total i do not care about is price, whether he is 50 to i million as long as he score goals i am happy.

    Yes i have my preference of strikers, Lukaku, lacazette, Draxler, Milik or Draxler but i think Milik, Haller, Afobe or long can do a decent job too may not be 20 + but in the teens and they do not have to be house hold names.

    Now of note i hear everyone speaking abut CB position, yes it would be nice for us to get a experience CB, but is not really needed Mert, Gab, Kos and Chambers are enough, my reason being any CB bought for the first season tends to struggle getting use to the pace of the league, the best advice to that problem would be to buy a CB already in the league and the good ones are fairly difficult to get. our defense ine have made several errors, but i am sure we are in the top five or close to the top five in defense, there fore its not arsenal major issue.

    The issue is our goals total for the season thats the issue and nothing else.

    If Holding is an arsenal palyer i would like to welcome him and watch him become a super star with arsenal

  16. Five years ago a very young sixteen year old joined us. Three years ago he signed a professional contract with us. Now we are fighting off moneybags teams like manc and the mighty barcelona who want to sign him. There is nothing wrong with signing young players for the future.

    This article is about Rob Holding joining us. I have looked through the comments and cannot find one which is about what he is like as a player., his arritude, how he did in the toulon competition.

    What we have is doon and gloom and comments like, oh not again, arsenal have become a joke, hahahaha, another world class player etc. There is the odd comment wishing him well.

    There are plenty of other articles for all this negativity, I just hope Rob is not a fan of justarsenal, otherwise he may just change his mind sbout coming.

    This is actually a bit of good news, OK it does not address our pressing needs for a striker etc but we have just signed an english player who has won an international competition and that is very rare.

  17. People are very underwhelmed, very understandable. Though I will mention how at-least they haven’t been 17 year old kids that we signed, which we may never see. Asano is already 21, holding is almost 21, so it’s not a case of sitting round for three season then saying oh yeah, remember him. If they play no part at all this season well I think next season we should see something of them. Koscielny was bought in similar circumstance, I’m sure others are thinking yeah so what so was Sanogo, your prerogative. Another thing which is a bonus in my mind, is, you know the whole English core thing, I really prefer it when it’s English defenders we are talking about. England have a good record at breeding capable strong brave defenders, one’s who don’t shy away from a tackle or a block. I still believe Chambers has time to mature well, I believe the Holding transfer might bring out the best of the both of them. This all said, I still want and expect Wenger to make another defensive signing, someone with a bit more experience.

  18. Wenger have proved some of us right again. He has completely lost touch with the present demands on ground and present reality. With him as manager we cannot win the EPL or UCL. He is just like Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.

    1. Problem is that nero lived in the first century and the fiddle was not invented until at least the eleventh century and probably later.

  19. Us Arsenal fans whinnying again. The lad looks promising at least. Looks comfortable on the ball. He could be our very own stones. AND ITS FOR 2 million!!! Welcome to Arsenal holding

  20. The cheapest the better… We know the deal…!!
    I know Kante only cost £5millions, but when was the last time Wenger found a “jewel”…??

    Like I said before, it is hopefully his last season (I think he will sign a 2 years extension, like it or not) and the next manager will have a “serious” job on his in order to clean up the “rubbishes” accumulated at this club.

  21. There’s no coincidence here that holding is an England u21 with chambers. If all goes to plan this could be a good pairing for years and years. Though does seem Wenger is forward planning to take the England job 🙂

  22. Even though Holding might be star in 3-5 years time, it doesnt prove Wenger right. One of the things with being a top club teams is to satisfy the fans. Sometimes signing Falcao without good game time is enough to show that the club still cares about the fans

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