‘Offer him a new contract’ – Club legend eager to see star’s contract extended

David Seaman has urged Arsenal to offer Alexandre Lacazette a new playing deal, with his current terms set to expire next summer.

The Frenchman will be allowed to talk to foreign clubs over a potential free transfers from the new year, ahead of an exit next summer when his contract comes to an end, but his recent performances has to have caught the attention of his current club.

Laca caught Covid-19 ahead of our opening Premier League match with Brentford, and has featured very little since, but impressed in his first PL start of the term against Aston Villa on Friday.

The striker clearly showed his worth to the team when coming off the bench against Crystal Palace also, and you would have to say that he has shown that he deserves to be playing regularly in the side.

Seaman insists that he should be given a new deal to keep him tied to the club beyond next summer, claiming that we would struggle to bring in a replacement of the same level.

Seaman responded on Sky Sports when asked if Laca was deserving of a new deal: ‘I would say so, yeah. You don’t want to see people of that quality leaving the club.

‘At the moment we’re finding it hard to attract those sorts of players so the last thing you want is them leaving. So for me, offer him a new contract.

‘Hopefully, he’s happy doing what he’s doing, coming off the bench and making a real impact like he did against Palace. So, yeah, I certainly don’t want to see him go.’

On form, Lacazette definitely deserves to be considered for a new deal, but I think I speak for the fans when I say that they want to see the attack freshened up, and I don’t think any of us are expecting the club to invest in a new striker while both Laca and Auba remain in the squad.

Our team most definitely has lacked his energy and experience in some fixtures this term, but I have no doubt that his departure would mean an exciting addition would be brought in in his place, so on that track I’m all for his contract being allowed to run down.

Is it short-sighted to believe Laca should be given a new deal, or can be bring what we need from the striker role as we look to challenge higher up the table?


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  1. Another 2 year extension with the option for a 3rd. Who are we going to replace him with unless we get champions league football of his calibre?

    His hold up, one touch passing and bringing players into the game is immense. Small injuries hasnt helped but In that no10 role with Saka & Smithrowe either side of him behind Auba could be the way to go from here.

    Øde can come on every game aswell as when start when one the the lads needs a break.

    Sambi has done really well alongside Partey as has Ben white who has impressed me alongside Gabriel. I was very critical of White/Sambi while we let Saliba & Matteo go but can see what Mikel saw in them. Matteo is never coming back but Saliba is coming back to make our defence even stronger.

    A back 3 of Saliba White Gabriel can also be used when he returns. Tomi & Taveres may have the wing back slots as they both have been super signings. Tierney still there but he is injury prone and went off the boil defensively.

    I am well hoping this is starting to click for Arsenal & Mikel. The signs are there that it is bubbling and I never thought I would say that about Arteta & Co. Slowly being proved wrong. A fee more wins and we are right there for the European places.

    1. SEAN I applaud your humility in allowing that you were wrong about MA. I too have harboured many doubts and would have been quite happy to see a more experienced world class name come in, in his stead.

      But I also knew that was never going to happen under Kroenke and so I never called for MA ‘s head, as so many have done and far too hastily too, IMO.

      I hoped all along and still hope and, like you, am starting to truly believe, that we are turning the long dark corner into a better and lighter road ahead.
      We fans need to properly support our clubs chosen manager and give him a real and proper chance , which so far , IMO, he still has not had.

  2. In my humble opinion I’d give Laca a two year deal with option of a third year but probably then look to let go of him after the two year…
    Auba will be turning 33 soon he still got a sprint in him but he has lost a yard and he won’t get any faster so I’d make this his last year then in the summer sign a new younger striker and the bonus is having the experience of Laca.
    I appreciate Laca’s play he brings drive and aggression and as we know hold up play and brings others into the game.
    But this is Arsenal and I wouldn’t be surprised if he walks for free 😐

  3. Of course we should offer Lacs a new one year rolling contract.
    His performances when MA has selected him, have been top notch and I rate him as our most important and impressive forward we have at the moment.

    1. Agreed KEN. You know how much I appreciate those who work their socks off .

      And HE does so, unlike Auba.

      I am firmly of the opinion that all really successful sides are so because, apart from the obvious talent, they also have players who bust a gut for the team and we have had far too many in recent years who refused to do that.

      LACA always does and so he is OK with me.

  4. the mishandling of Laca is a perfect example of how this organization has not heeded the lessons of the past…when it was first decided that we were going to roll the proverbial dice, administratively-speaking, Laca should have been one of the first players that was sold on, minus the obvious “deadwoods”…not because he had nothing to offer, but because we had invested a considerable sum into this player, with an average at best return, and as such we simply couldn’t afford to once again have nothing to show for our investment

    of course, this scenario was largely created by Areta’s selfishly-motivated missteps, following our FA Cup run, which saw him deviate from the “rebuild” plan…this led to a whole host of poorly conceived decisions, from an asset management standpoint, such as the buying out of several players, the misguided Willian acquisition, the selling off of Emi and the continued malpractice of allowing several players to enter the final year of their respective contracts…after all, if one is attempting to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, you simply can’t keep repeating the mistakes of the past time and time again

    now some will be quick to suggest that we should stop rehashing these questionable organizational decisions and simply move on, whereas I would argue that it’s that sort of “blinders” mentality that has enabled this club’s administrative staff to continually trip over their own collective dicks…as such, these issues should be continually raised until our club shows that they have learned from the error of their ways

  5. Definitely Laca deserves an extended contract. His hold up play, energy and leader ship all count to the Arsenal cause. He can either be used as CF or just behind the CF with Saka and ESR on either side. He is too good to be let go.

  6. Yes. 2 year contract.
    Should be a permanent fixture unless he gets injured or needs a rest.
    Also, Auba plays better with him.

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