Offer Made! Arsenal close on TWO midfield transfers

It is a bit like buses at the minute for Arsenal fans who have been twiddling out thumbs and waiting for Arsene Wenger to make his first move in the January transfer window. And now we find there may be two new Gunners to celebrate.

Yesterday the Arsenal transfer rumour mill was buzzing with the news that the Gunners had finally had a transfer bid accepted by the Polish club Legia Warsaw for their teenage midfield star Krystian Bielik. And hot on the hells of that news, the Daily Mail are reporting that a deal is very close for another midfielder to strengthen the centre of the Arsenal team.

The player in question this time is the 22-year old Croatian international Marcelo Brozovic. His current club Dinamo Zagreb have apparently told the media that talks on this transfer have been ongoing since October and that our most recent offer of around £6 million could signal the beginning of the end of this saga.

Brozovic is a highly rated all-round central midfielder who, unlike the teenage Bielik, would be expected to be able to feature for Arsenal and help us through the rest of the season, but he is not exactly the big name that many of us were hoping for. At least Brozovic would not come to us with an injury like Kim Kallstrom last year, but is it really the transfer news the Arsenal fans want?

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    1. Hardly what we need, like seriously, Brozovic in particular. Beilik we can manage, but Brozovic just isn’t the right med at all.


      1. Wenger obviously doesn’t think like that, and we shouldn’t expect him to after the last 5 years. In all honesty I think Coquelin, Bielik and Brozovic are (in his eyes at least) the successors of Flamini, Arteta and Cazorla, although I am making a bold assumption by saying that. We’re sound on the front 4 positions, just 2 or 3 signings away from being a European top contender again.

        1. I don’t think we are sound up front.
          Sanchez is incredible but…
          Giroud is back to his row Z antics and wild balls.
          Theo is looking very rusty, was he not given any 1on1 shooting training? If no why not?
          Welbeck is being forced to play like Giroud and doesn’t try to score when he is 1on1 with keepers or last man nearly enough.
          Ox makes great runs but again can’t score, what are these guys doing in training?
          Akpom we will see.
          End of the day why does Arsenal not have a WC striker???
          Midfield is too light and defense is dangerously thin.
          We need a striker, big strong box to box, DM and 2 CB’s.
          Can’t believe we aren’t going for Sissoko, what a loss.
          Size, strength and speed!

        2. Broozovic could be the replacement for Rosicky/Diaby who are midfielders with contracts coming to an end.

      1. Yeah, bro. I was think we would get in some tough guy(s) to boost before the game against City. Too bad.

  1. not heard of Brozovic but if hes got a bit of bite about him then lets get it done
    the coq seems to be improving so if these 2 can help make us abit more solid also a new cb and a consistent run for our players coming back then we can go all out for top top defensive mid in summer when its more likely to happen

  2. This is what we have now grown used to; Arsene Wenger does his own thing! I hope these are the right players for the team, first to see us through this season challenging for the top 4 and second, challenging for and perhaps winning the TITLE without fail next season.. I’m sick of us being labelled each year as also rans. We are after all THE ARSENAL guys!!!

  3. Brozovic is a crafter NOT a destroyer, which is what we desperately lack. Can’t see the sense of that one. The other lad is 17 so I’m not going to even bother suggesting he’s about to make any first team impression for the foreseeable.

    We are so painfully slow at pulling the trigger on transfers it’s ridiculous.

    1. Brozovic is not really a crafter (I wish it was true). He’s more like Matic at Benfica (not at Chelsea) where he was like a B2B type of player. One good thing about him is that he is pretty strong. But again, as long as these are rumors there’s no need to even thinking about them. Just wait patiently the end of the month and see if we really sign someone (doubt we will not sign).

  4. I have never seen any of them play, so I don’t want to judge, but I really think we should be past buying in cheap players with ‘potential’. We are desperate for a tough DM and another CB, so we should be buying proven quality, even if it may cost us a lot more. Just look at the difference our two top ever buys have made to our squad. Mezut Ozil – Highest assists in our squad and highest chances created in his first season. Alexis Sanchez – 18 goals across all tournaments so far and 7 assists. Their is a reason why certain players cost a lot more – simply because they are better than the rest and Arsenal need to start having this mentality and continue to use our financial strength to bring in the best. We are one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world and there is no vailid reason anymore why we should be settling for cheap unproven players.

    1. Yes there is.


      1. THE BOARD. 2. Arsene Wenger

    2. So you practically write him off before even seeing him play.
      Do some research on the net and you will see some people who do watch him play, describing him as extremely hard worker, all around central midfielder. He is playing further forward at Dinamo, but he has the football intelligence and attributes or a modern defensive midfielder as well. Who is Scheiderlin 1,2 years back? Brozovic (1,80m) is not the so called “beast” as many fans like but is Scheiderlin only 1,81m? Average football fan obsess with player who is good at one-on-one duel hence like the so called beast player, top DM nullify attack by game reading ability, eg. while need to win duel if you can intercept the pass – Makelele is one of the best in the role and how big he is?
      Croatian international at the tender age of 21, maybe the best we can get during the winter transfer windows. We need squad depth and he can fill in for Rosicky and Arteta who are not young any more. We can still sign another big player coming next summer.

      1. @ethangooner
        If Brozovic is such a payer and that’s a big if, why then I he only on our radar? why is this virtually the first time anyone has really heard of him?
        He may well be an “Adequate squad player but is that good enough to achieve anything this season? I seriously doubt it, ad as far as waiting till the summer, don’t we always wait till he summer that nevr seems to come? how many summers have we waited? one big marquee signing per season is NOT enough and with every one payer in we seem to see three go out so, so much for adding depth to the squad and while we sign “adequate” players our competition are adding excellent players and forging ahead ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH REGARDLESS OF HAT YO OR ANYONE ELE SAYS

        1. Who ever heard of koscielny, or who was battling for his signature when we were going for him?

          My point is, we’re all not the “Football” experts we think we are.

          Brozovic could turn out one hell of an amazing player or a complete flop, let’s judge the guy when he’s played at least 5 games for The Arsenal

  5. We were told that the Emirates stadium was supposed to help us compete with the big boys in the transfer market, but so far it seems we are even struggling to outbid the likes of Hamburg and Napoli.

    ln short,we are a big club with a status equivalent to that of Barcelona, but with the mentality of Crystal palace

    #WENGER OUT!!!

  6. I take all arsenal transfer news with a pinch of salt. I dont know what is wrong with arsenal and our miser mentality,it took hamburg publicly declaring they are also intrested in the 17 years old before dick law was sent to poland to see if he can still remedy the situation all because of £500,000. For brozovic,we have been foot draging since october to pay £6,000,000 when it took man city a week to seal bony £28,000,000 deal. Though they have aguero,dzeko and jovetic they know the importance of having a complete squad and for me the only centreback of world reput we have now is konscielny and though half of the january transfer window is gone,no concrate link to a good centerback yet.

    1. Spot on mate we are defiantly a very amateur club when it comes to incoming transfers as unlike our rivals who get deals done quickly ours drag on and on,it seems we are yet again shopping in pound land rather than waitrose.
      Wenger has failed again and shown to the fans it’s all about money and profit rather than titles and trophies.
      Stan out,Wenger out ! And Ivan can f#ck off to his beloved man city !

    2. £500,000 is a lot of money. It equates to an increase in seat prices of about 50p per seat per premier league home game. Ok this is based on paying it over one season but there is salary to pay on top of this.

      Arsenal work in the real financial world, unlike sugar daddy clubs like Man City and Chelsea or the fairy tale world of other clubs racking up huge debts. My understanding is that when abramovic bought Chelsea they were about to go bankrupt.

      1. Like your comment but look at the number of thumb down, quite a number of our fans do not live in the real financial world.
        It requires a lot of hard work for an average person is Europe to earn 50k per year (how many actually earn this much in this forum). 500K generated from hard work is way different from 28M of oil digging from the ground. Arsenal with their policy will never match the spending of plastic clubs, Wenger or whoever is the manager, it just never happen. As a fan either we accept that fact or just get more frustrating every single transfer window.

      2. This 50p per seat increase your talking of is peanuts when you consider that every year the seat price goes up on average of about £2.50 added to the players we sell and all the other revenue that comes in, given that players are an investment in winning trophies and therefor increasing revenue and pushing the brand globally wich again is a huge source of revenue, £500’000 is peanuts and the real financial world is not the real football world the two operate in in somewhat different ways regarding this issue and this is why we will never compete with the big boys and win anything of note again. Yes Im all for running the club with prudence but this is ridiculous and its shows without any doubt that the club is NOT being run as a competitive and sporting concern but as a private business to fund the board members bank accounts and that’s NOT acceptable to me and should NOT be acceptable to any fan worth their salt

        1. Chips Keswick Boasting of a £100’000 000 million War chest last year doesn’t really help either does it ? “We can but almost any player we want” was the quote if I remember rightly well either your lying about this OR your not really wanting to buy nyone of note wich indicates your not adopting a winning mentality. either of these is not acceptable to a fan who works bloody hard for his 40 grand a year and then gives £1500 of it to the club each season to see the team he loves compete for trophies at an acceptable level.

        2. Ozzy, I agree that 50p is peanuts but it is cumulative. Us fans talk about a player costing only £8m and weekly wages of only £50,000 without relating back to what that means to us in terms of ticket prices.

          Chelsea paid £30m for shevchenko and £ 50m for Torres. Add in the wages and the much lower selling price and that is a huge cost for very little return for Abramovic, but he can afford it and there was no damage to the team. On the other hand if we make such losses on players then Arsenal as a team will suffer, and us fans as well.

          1. Lets see what a default in Russia (Very Likely) will mean to Abramovic. He may have other interests.

            Also if Oil & Gas prices stay this low for a while. Can Oil country based wealth funds squander their money of football.

            In a few years time we could see the old hegemony appear again with ManU & Arsenal competing for the titles.

          2. yea that’s a fair point but currently I believe that we are paying some of the heist season ticket prices in Europe and that’s not value for money, I agree that itsabsurd to pay the money that some of these clubs are asking for their players and morally paying 80 million for someone goes so much against my grain I just ant tell you. However if we are looking to compete as a club in a world dominated by big big money then we need to get more in line and stop baulking at some of the prices when certain players bought in would almost certainly guarantee the success we are seeking and as previously mentioned the trouble is with Wenger is that he insults many players and their clubs by offering way below what the club is asking and this imeadiaty puts their backs up and as I have stated many imes if the players cost hat hey cost then pay the money, have a big spend on three key players and the shut upthe kitty for three seasons as we would have the players we need and would not need any more, its far more wasteful to buy seven players at 6 million who are mediocre over three seasons than it is to buy three at 100 million netand then spend nothing for three seasons and in something

            1. (Revised) …. to buy seven players at 6 million who are mediocre over three seasons than it is to buy three at 100 million netand then spend nothing for three seasons and have the world beaters we need

  7. The Telegraph (belelaugh more like it) is quoting the DailyStar today in their ‘belief’ that Arsenal are to sign Mats Hummel whilst signing Gungodan from BVB! £63 million all in!

    Do they not know Arsenal and our manager? Never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh..

  8. 18 days left until the transfer window ends,anyone want to bet Wenger is in Rome meeting the pope again that day rather than earning his 8m a year salary ?

  9. My recollection of Kim Kallstrom coming to us injured is that he was not injured when we agreed the loan deal but the Arsenal injury disease hit him before he arrived. The deal was then changed so we did not pay his wages until he was fit. It was a case of taking the player and hope he could be useful later in the season or having no additional player. I think Wenger gets some unfair criticism over this, he also gets a lot of very fair criticism for not paying sufficient attention to squad depth/quality, particularly in defence.

  10. Any idea why we’re keeping hold of Diaby? Be nice to get him off the wage bill since I’m more likely to get a game and I’m 50.

      1. What, maybe he works in ‘insurance’ instead to pay the bills?

        Where’s there’s blame there’s a claim..

  11. Two issues jump out at me when I read this article:
    1. ‘offer made’, I want to read ‘Arsenal have signed …….’
    2. ‘Daily Mail’. It’s hardly Sky Sports, BBC or!

    Just sign a DM and CB Wenger, get it over the line.

  12. Brozovic and Bielik!
    Can we attract someone or something better??
    We are just not the “sh*t” anymore, clearly…!

    Wenger needs to bring what we need (CB,DM… And a striker since we have loaned Sanogo and Podolski).
    Wenger is doing businesses like we have a huge squad to choose from…!!!!

  13. The funny thing about some of the fans criticism of these potential transfer saying “they aren’t the big name we need”, well please tell me if big name guarantees succes, iI beg you to look at Manu and while things can change I would say that Falcoa hasn’t set the world a light thus far. Then let’s look at DiMaria, started off blazing but look at him lately. Some of these guys saying that this and that guy isn’t good enough because they aren’t Matic or have his quality have fforgotten or ddon’t know that he couldn’t make the gRade at Chelsea hence they sold him.

    Look I’m not saying that these guys will be to draw as I haven’t seen them play, but neither have most of you, so why not refrme from passing judgement until we have seen them play.

    1. Usually if a player has a higher market value and rstablished name it’s because he is of quality and has experience and most prober lay the winning mentality.

      On the other hand if you are 17 and have not played in the top echelons in the most competitive leagues and competitions then you are probably not at the aforementioned level. Similarly if you are experienced but still have played in lower leagues or less competitive environments the same stands.

      Not always but most of the time..

      I know what I would prefer AFC were shopping around for!

  14. Most of us are only interested in the here and now. Unlike us, Wenger has to think not only about next week but also the next season and the season after that – Bielik is for the future so we should applaud that. Not sure about this Brozovic, never heard of him nor seen him play.

    1. If I was wenger I wouldn’t plan to far in advance. The now is what counts most as he may not make it to the future..if you know what I mean.

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