Official – Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Nicolas Pepe

It has been officially confirmed by Arsenal that former Lille winger Nicolas Pepe is now a Gunner.

This is a major coup for Arsenal, they have seen off the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd and not only that, have broken the clubs transfer record.

Here is the confirmation that we have all been waiting for via the Arsenal Twitter account.

The 24-year-old completed his medical earlier in the week at London Colney and has penned a five-year contract.

The transfer fee is believed to be in the region of £72 Million spread over five years with an initial down payment of £20 Million.

The club hierarchy promised a big name exciting signing and they have been proven to be true to their word.

There is a good chance that we will see Pepe in action prior to the Premier League opener away at Newcastle United, possibly against Barcelona next Sunday.

Arsenal fans will be over the moon with this signing, Pepe is one of the hottest prospects in European football following a very successful season with Lille that saw him score 22 Ligue 1 goals in 38 games.

Arsenal now has one of the most frightening forward lines in the Premier League, all we need now is to sort the defence and then who knows what we can achieve next season.


    1. Sue, just got in to the fantastic news…also read about the three players he is most looking forward to playing with and guess who they are???

      Lacs – Abau – Ozil…not only have we signed a w/c player, we signed someone with brains as well!!!

      I hope you have still got an Ozil T shirt to send him!!!

      1. Hi Ken.. exciting times for us gooners, hey?!!
        I just knew they’d be the 3.. who wouldn’t want to play with them!! ?
        Plenty of reasons to be excited for the season… and there are still 6ish days of the window left!
        Oh I’m sure I could find one out, just for him!! Good old Mesut!!

  1. 73 goals last season now with one of most dangerous attack we can get to 85. Now fix the defense, tierney, holding and bellerin fit for most of the season will help reduce the goal conceded. Mustafi being less involved is a easy bonus.

  2. I hope I am not dreaming. I can’t wait to see The Arsenal tearing those defences. COYG!

    1. Looks like half the first team has already liked the Instagram post, lol. This is the type of signing that makes the whole squad believe they can accomplish big things.

  3. Stewart Robson has an excellent analysis on how Emery might want to use Pepe, similar to how Klopp used two inverted wingers and two attacking fullbacks as the real wingers:

    Based on Pepe’s performances in big games in France, his right leg is almost dead. His high take-on stats was created mostly from cutting inside, like what Sanchez did at Arsenal, not from dribbling forward

    Therefore we might see two goalscorers playing wider and one center forward as a decoy that would drop deeper. I hope the plan would be successful, because Liverpool played very well in two consecutive seasons with that tactic

      1. He is an inverted winger.Dont you KNOW ANYTHING?G.otanidea has been telling everyone for god knows how long what an INVERTED WINGER can bring to the team.
        PS Dan-when you finally know what an Inverted Winger is can you let me know.Thanks.
        And GOT-Liam Brady only had a right leg for standing on.If Pepe is half the player Chippy was then trust me that is more than good enough

        1. Stop everyone don’t you dare prank Phil’s girlfriend. It seems the joke flew right over his head.

    1. My god enough with this dead leg bollocks…. honestly dont know where your getting this from, second most successful dribbles in the French league that simply does not happen if you only have one good leg.

      1. Hahaha. Next you’ll hear that Mustaphi has 2 dead legs, No wonder why he’s so error prone.
        Oops, looks like I said it.

        1. Who gives a flying f… if his left leg is so good and he has pace and elusiveness running on both legs?

    2. First time I’ve seen Stewart be positive about Arsenal. Good analysis as well. If Emery is trying to imitate Liverpool style, then he will need a midfield that works hard. I know you’ve been a big proponent of dropping the CAM position, and I think Emery will finally do the same. I think he’s going to try and make Torreira/Ceballos/Guendouzi his starting three. And as much as it may disappoint ppl, he still likes Xhaka and will play him a lot too since he is capable of controlling a game at times unlike Guendouzi & Torreira. Very convinced that Ozil will keep getting less gametime. Emery wants a team that works hard and he did nothing last season to show he is willing to do that.

    3. @gotanidea, may i know what you really want, u werw same person that talk about how really needed a left footed winger than a right footed one, which i completly agree with, you talk of Chukwueze severally, so is Pepe not an upgrade on Chuks?

      1. Referring to a previous post from Adajim……
        Adajim, you really have to tone down your attitude or you will be banned.
        If you want to personally abuse other Arsenal fans you are n the wrong site.
        Let this be a warning…..

        1. ok, i would like to know your definition of abuse, my post, i only ask Sean a question! ‘are you a fan or a troll’. You can check the post. Is that your definition of ‘abuse’?

          1. oh, i just saw, i called him a looser. I apologize for that word. Probably written out of frustration

    4. You could see Arsenal using fullbacks for width last season, esp when Bellerin played. They were our most wide players stretching the pitch, we do this already so it’s not really a leap to suggest as much because of Pepe signing. The forwards and Ozil Mkhit or Ceballos will keep defenders occupied and our fullbacks will try to be the open ball out wide before anyone picks them up. It should make it more interesting having Laca, Aub and Pepe darting into the box when one of the fullbacks get played in behind.

  4. @got no idea you tired me with all your comments on right or left legs and if you know a bit about Pepe he score a goal with his right foot last season and if it can help with his head also he did score ha..

  5. Is it only me who think Tierney might not come. Reading about UE so far, a player that can improve us, we need every best players we could get for ‘Newcastle’, if Tierney is injured, doesnt that rule him out of the picture.
    At last #Pepeshere, time to be happy gunner.
    This season arsenal didnt only talk but work, this is the definition of Wenger and now UE populare coates ‘ a player that will improve us’

    1. Those UE’s words didn’t imply we are no longer interested in Tierney. That is just you reading too much meaning to every word.

      He said something similar when asked about Pepe some hours ago.

  6. I’m not moaning again for sometime. I don’t think we’ve had a window like this for a very long time. Raul seems to know his stuff. All our signings so far have been exciting. I honestly didn’t see this one coming.
    Welcome home Pepe.

  7. Fantastic news. I would not want to be a defender facing Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette. With Ceballos, Torreira and a motivated Ozil, not a bad midfield. So a CB and Tierney….not a bad team at all. Exciting times.

      1. Sean, I also have been critical of Ozil; however this preseason he has appeared more “motivated” and is apparently now injury free. There is no doubt one of the reasons he was rightly out of favour with Emery was his unreliability due to injury.

  8. With new cazorla and pepe on board no body can stop the train pseee bring our trophy right naw haaaa

  9. Lol…..”Raul seem to know his stuff” two weeks ago it was an opposite description…funny how people complain blindly…

    1. sorry @dion we were never complaing but rather airing our views on what needed to be done.whether all these contributed to kroenke sanctionig the funds is anybodys guess

      1. If I’m being honest I don’t think that had anything to do with it, we had a plan and put the feelers out, Josh said he was hurt because he believed fans should be excited but he had to keep it hush hush at same time. I think they planned on signing Pepe, and if Pepe had chosen another then the plan was Zaha. Also this is how Raul works, he’s always used his connections and dealed and wheeled. I think Raul was a big reason for Pepe choosing us, esp with the agent that was involved.

    2. @Dion, he does seem to know his stuff. All fans were concerned with the lack of signings & we were right to air our frustrations to the Kroenkes. It’s also fair to recognize & appreciate the signings that have been made thus far, and as I’ve heard, Raul has been the main man.

    3. It was not blindly. The fact most of our fanbase was so negative proves the higherups have been doing a poor job lately to the point we do not trust them. If Newcastle signed Zaha tomorrow, you think that would make Newcastle’s complaints during the years unjustified? Ashley is still a horrible owner and so is Kroenke.

  10. I think Pape play similar like arjen robben so I don’t see any problem regard his foots ,arsenal is coming back and even from am having high expectations this season gooner till

      1. Aub’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all his followers need to get on that ASAP, start a petition man.

  11. Welcome home nico, I can’t wait for the season to start. Expecting a Barcelona trash form the new guns ?
    Tierney next

  12. Great! Now let’s finalize Tierney asap and focus on quality on quality CB before we panick buy again.

    Feels so good to be an Arsenal fan right now.


  13. Welcome Pepe, you made the right decision. You may need some time for readjustment but fear not we have a very patient fan base and will give you all the time you need. We know you are pure quality and we don’t mind waiting until you find your feet. Over 10 league goals would be the target if I were in your place, that would be a big help to our season so long as Aub and Lac keep doing what they do best. And make sure to help the fullbacks out, Niles esp because he had no help last season and he had Mustafi to his left, he done good considering but I think he’ll do better with you in there to help him. Great signing, onwards and upwards forever.

    1. Patient fans? We used to, but not anymore. Rewind 2weeks back and you will remember how negative most of us were,am not blaming any fan, i believe those were result of long time frustration over failed promises and high hope.
      But now, it seems the believe will get back gradually with the action of the board

  14. I’m so pleased it got over the line. It’s also great to read all the positive messages on all the sites. Our attack should test any side we face now. Am I being greedy hoping for another two faces in KT and a CB for the season. I started writing for a piece on here about season expectation but I might wait a day or two as it could be out of date by then

  15. Pepe is a high quality player, but we have to give him some time to adapt. I am pretty sure, he will be very successful.

  16. Buckle in Gooners, 2019/2020 Epl is going to be a wild ride. We may ship some goals, but damn we will score some. Nail biting and exciting times ahead.

  17. Happy to have Pepe (would have rather Zaha) but beggars can not be chosers, we have a strike force now to be admired and feared. It is left now to Emery how he uses the players at his disposal. My concern is always midfield more so than defence, our midfield is too easily cut through, however, i saw positive signs with the pairing of Xhaka and Willock in the Bayern and Madrid matches, Xhaka on his good day acts as the anchor for the midfield and Willock has the energy to get get from point A to B and back, this pairing must be given a chance to develop.

    In all honesty, I would not mind Xhaka been removed from the DM role because he lacks sufficient mobility to cover the ground quickly, however, he is the most experienced personnel in that area of the field and with all his mistakes, he does a Job. Torreira is perhaps the best fit for DM but is a couple weeks behind in being match fit and to me a DM should be of a taller built even though i appreciate the little LION

    Our Defense is of high priority to most of the fans, but my solution just do not play a high line and play counterattacking football, its my belief that most of our goals against were because of a high defensive line, with moderately paced CBs.

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