Official Arsenal highlights of our 3-0 defeat to Brighton and Arteta trying to explain what happened

Well there is just too much I could say to describe Arsenal’s complete collapse against Brighton yesterday, so it is best if I leave that for calmer heads than me to analyze evey single problem we had.

Suffuce it is to say that the Gunners gave their wrorst Emirates performance of the season, and we out-muscled and out-played by the Seagulls.

Here are the highlights anyway if you can bear to watch them….

And here is the Spanish version of the highlights from DAZN….

And here is Mikel Arteta apologising to the fans and trying to explain where we went wrong….

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  1. So gutted by this title loss!😌😪
    How Arteta Bungled this was Painful, as he did with our Top 4 hopes.

    Favouritism for certain players such as Xhaka, Zinchenko and Saka caused it.
    In Games where they should have Subbed early or benched, He kept them on, while Distrusting some others.😕
    Key was that Southampton game where he played Fabio Viera instead of Jorgihno!
    Arteta is still a ROOKIE manager and a coward, too.
    If he fails to Develop BALLS in his Career, he will NEVER grow.😒

    1. @Vinnie2000
      Harsh words, but RealTalk…I must add, he is no longer a rookie. Jus sayin…

    2. For getting guaranteed 2nd place in the league this season with a couple of games still to go? Bit harsh maybe?

  2. The players ran out of steam. Arteta did not trust all his players enough and did not rotate the team the way he should have. Like others have said playing Saka xhaka zincheko Constantly and not even allowing the bench players to really get some game fitness. Its obvious you need two teams to play this many games at this level, the key is picking the right players at the right time..

  3. The league was there to be won and we failed. Second is great but we completely lost all composure and our tactics were limited and naive.

    1. @Reggie
      I feel that it was lack of squad rotation, that has also let us down, once again. Jus sayin…

      1. NY, that also but Arteta has yet to prove he can be pro active and flexible to suit with his tactics. If Plan A (which is pretty much all he has) doesn’t work, we seem pretty stuffed.

  4. Now that
    the epl race is 98%over,allow me to comment on MC.
    With a 2 goal lead,it looks like they could be onthe wave of the treble.
    Nothing would please me and I believe Arsenal fans as well,great satisfaction if the y
    were punished for financial irregularities.How.
    No need to strip them of the epl titles.Just ban them from cl for five years will be good enough
    This would send a signal to moneybags teams that money cannot buy you trophies all the time

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