Official Arsenal line up to face Aston Villa and live stream update

Arsenal faces Aston Villa at the Emirates this afternoon fresh from a convincing 3-0 win over Eintracht Frankfurt in the Europa League Thursday evening.

Villa is on a two-game winless streak in the Premier League having drawn 0-0 with West Ham last time out and losing away to Crystal Palace previous to that.

Arsenal is on a three-game winless streak in the league having lost to Liverpool 3-1 and drawing with Tottenham and Watford 2-2 respectively.

So, it is clear both teams need a positive result today, a draw will suit the visitors but Arsenal need to win, anything less will heap the pressure on Unai Emery despite the midweek win over Frankfurt.

Here s the official line-up

So, the only change from the Watford game is Saka in for Nelson, a very attacking line-up, let’s hope they defend better today.

The game kicks off at 16.30 UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text.


  1. Abel says:

    Anybody but Wenger right? Lol.
    Even Wenger’s defence was never this bad despite the toxic environment created by fans who wanted him out for selfish reasons.
    Emery is a fraud who has been found out. Needs to be forced out ASAP.

  2. HA559 says:

    Its shocking, some of these players can’t even do the basics of football, crossing from corners or from open play. I hope Tierny does much better when he is in these posistions kolasinac finds himself in so many times per game.

  3. Seng says:

    Emery’s ego is killing this team anybody who thinks otherwise is an idiot

  4. Abel says:

    Emery out banners should be at all our subsequent matches. The season is already lost with him in charge despite being only September.
    Why delay the inevitable?

  5. ramterta says:

    emery out should have appointed arteta

  6. GunneRay says:

    2-2 I guess now we concede again?

  7. RSH says:

    Chambers should run up to Emery and give him the finger. Yet another call every fan was ahead of him on.

  8. Viju Jacob says:

    Bring back Wenger till the end of the season, till Freddie is eased into the role. That’s the only way we will get our club back.

    1. gerry burke says:

      no thanks VIJU JACOB. do you not think we have suffered enough under the hands of the french fraud . heep him gone .

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        To call him a fraud is thankless.

  9. Always liked chambers now give AmN a break before you ruin him forever and play chambers where hes played before.

  10. RSH says:


  11. And we turn around still need a review of how shit we were this game win it lose

  12. Innit says:

    Yes Aubameyang!!!!
    3-2 ?

  13. HA559 says:

    Don’t get excited 3-2. It will paper over the crack if can get the win here. Only positive is next week we could have half the defence back from injury.

  14. I wish people on here would stop bashing guendouzi hes arsenal through and through and is good more often than bad yes last week he had a howler but at 20 he easily could be captain just by example

    1. HA559 says:

      For commitment he is 100% best player at the club. Torriera as well. Which makes it baffleing why Xhaka starts every game.

      Lucky to win today

      MOTM Guendouzi

  15. avenger says:

    Even if Arsenal wins the game there are many points that Arsenal have to look after and Emery has to think harder for future games

    1. AY75 says:

      What future games?!, You think we still have a future with Emery…. the guy should GTFO already

  16. The Bush says:

    I’m sorry but the best thing about this win is that Niles won’t be playing next couple of games….phew

  17. Right for me fitness permitting torreira has to start each game and then either xhaka or guendouzi.
    Will he realise until bellerin is fully fit chambers is a better option than amn?
    If he gets it wrong at least learn and stick with it stop messing around with the team.

  18. Thabani Gumbo says:

    Emery out

  19. El kaissi says:

    Who noticed the pace of the game when xhaka was substituted

  20. Sean Williams says:

    Happy we won….but if it wasn’t for Guendouzi pushing on we would have lost. Without Aubamayang we would be nothing. Emery you have no idea.

  21. Gily says:

    8 yellow cards to destroy Arsenal, yet he did not succeed.
    Breathless win.

  22. Emery is good on paper but I think dripping the English translator is a mistake and I think our players have now got bored of his mammoth video sessions he runs.
    They’re not playing for him, why?
    They dont respect him.

  23. Olaitan Kayode says:

    Xhaka out of arsenal team and we are good to go.

  24. mohsan says:

    Most of the fans here wanted wenger out and bashed him for finishing in top 4 everytime. Now enjoy the crappy football and clueless Arsenal. Even a blind man can see only way for us to get results this season is to out score the opponent, we should do what Roger’s liverpool did, forget about defending n concentrate on scoring goal…..our defence is absent in all the games any ways.

  25. Viju Jacob says:

    At best this is a pyrhhic victory as he winners today was Villa. Now Emery apologists will say “a win is a win” kind of lame statements.
    Villa dominated us at The Emirates, so what other downfall do we need?
    1. Didn’t Chambers deserve a start over AMN today?
    2. Where was the creative player on the pitch? Ceballos isn’t there yet and our hope is him partnering Ozil. On his own he is ineffective.
    3. Xhaka needs to be played into form, but not in EPL.
    4. Guendozi is error prone, so he needs guidance. A lot of it.
    5. Martinez needs a run in EPL.
    6. Which badger will substitute your best player, but Emery?
    7. Auba needs service, he can’t do it on his own.
    8. What’s with two newcomers aruguing with Auba over a free kick?
    9. Pepe needs time to get used to the pace and physicality..his receiving of pass on the turn was very shoddy.
    10. Our midfield us shite and that’s down to Emery.

    Wenger needs to be brought in to steady the ship till the end of the season & Freddie takes over the coming season.

    Rant over.

    1. Jake the gunner says:

      Wenger should come do what? the same things he was sacked for? If you were patient enough with Wenger after the so many humiliations (8-2, 6-0, 6-1 etc) then giving UE 2 years to try out things would not be bad for me. I see you lot looking for instant results all at once. How long did it take Klopp to get things right at Liverpool? Conte and co who were instant hits, where are they now? Some people need not to get close to football and they are all Arsenal fans!

      1. RicSAAlao says:

        Who is talking about ”for me” ?
        and there is and was not a gunner called Jake!!!!

      2. Ayo says:

        Wenger got so much patience because he played attractive football and achieved from the start. All these cannot be said of UE. All UE does is give us migraine every week.

      3. Viju Jacob says:

        Jake, I have kids your age which means I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan, and go easy on that score. Wenger’s last year was bad and that was due to so many factors, other than himself, yet we got attractive games atleast at home.
        Since when did you start following the game? 1974?

  26. Chuxzzy1 says:

    Auba a born scorer Lord knows were we might be without Auba goals..He’s actually saving UE ass right now..guendozi at this age is far far better than xhaka

  27. Chuxzzy1 says:

    But it is really really surprising for arsenal to have won with show that the team just needs a good selection..UE is the problem..xhaka needs to be bench

  28. JJ Pawn says:

    Why did the Arsenal captain leave for France? This is why: playing from the back at all costs is stupid. What has Emery done, but destroy an already weak central defense with stupid tactics. Change the tactics and give the back line a chance!

    Any decent manager would win with this squad. No one would be stupid enough to play from the back no matter what. There are several managers out there: Howe, Benitez, Pellegrini, Dyche… each with a certain focus that would make Arsenal strong. The coach needs an identity, and Emery has none, except to allow the opposition shots on goal!

    Playing from the back = Shots on your own goal. Unless you have the best back four in the world, and that costs money that it not available, when you have a top five front four with Ozil as #10.

    Emery is clueless. Does not know how to use great players in situ… just run, run and ruin.

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