Official Arsenal line up to face Crystal Palace and live stream update

Official team news – Kieran Tierney finally makes his Premier League debut.

The wait is finally over, new signing Kieran Tierney has finally been handed a Premier League start by Unai Emery. This is what the fans have been calling for and the manager has duly delivered.

The pressure is on Emery to get the win today and getting the team line-up, formation and strategy right is imperative. The Spaniard simply cannot afford to lose to Palace at the Emirates for the second time in a row.

Arsenal needs to bounce back after the lacklustre display against Sheffield United last Monday night. The performance was one of the most subdued we have seen from the lads in a very long time.

Emery has to be attack-minded with a creative midfield and solid defence. I will leave it up to you if you feel the following team line up meets that requirement.


The game kicks off at 16.30 UK time. Match Preview here and for comparison, our predicted lineup.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.


    1. Lucky to get a draw. My prediction was that we`ll lose the game. Arsenal has been reduced to a league 1 team. Unai needs to go by December.

  1. Good balance in midfield. Great to see Tierney starting. Holding didn’t look sharp so probably a good idea to keep easing him back in. PAL starting together again is exciting too! COYG

    1. what balance? still remain Torriera for Xhaka in the midfield then Bellerin in 2 while Chamber replaces Sockratis period

  2. Good trial. Though I would have preferred Holding for Papastathopoulos and Torreira for Xhaka. All the best to the team

  3. Not terrible, nice to see he is slowly making those changes.
    Want to see some beautiful defence splitting long balls from Luiz and Xhaka, Guendouzi and Ceballos driving forward hard, Laca will no doubt keep dropping deep to create space/link up for Auba and Pepe, KT and Chambers pushing up and supplying the crosses into the box (I’m predicting another assist for KT today) – absolutely no reason why this lineup can’t perform and win today. COYG 👊 🔴⚪

  4. Decent line up..I don’t expect the manager to field fans favourite eleven but good to see Tierney and ceballos starting. Welcome back Lacazette. Some fans will still complain for not starting their favourite players. Torreira for Xhaka, Holding for Papa but overall decent line up..

  5. Not as bad a line up as I expected. Too much to hope Holding could have played instead of the Wrestler. And once again Xhaka! But who expected any thing else with his hero worshipper as our manager! Hopefully though not for much longer! Either of them!

    1. Yo Sue, I’m tuned in to the Liverpool game😛.
      I’ll watch our match later on the replay.
      Don’t worry, Pepe will turn up and Arsenal should win because it’s a strong line up

  6. Guendouzi xhaka doesn’t work as a combo but hoping that we can at least muster up a bit more effort and enthusiasm than with this fixture last season

    1. Lol, Emery has literally hitched his
      managerial future @ the Emirates to
      one of the most underperforming
      players in the history of the club.

      I glanced @ the fixture list earlier
      this morning and Arsenal
      realistically could drop points in
      or outright lose the next five games

      @ Pool
      @ Vitoria
      @ LC

      Think Raul, Edu and Josk K will be
      spewing the same nonsense about
      supporting Emery if that nightmare
      scenario comes to fruition?

      In Emery we….

      1. Arsenal are tempting me😂😂😂😂
        Our two error prone defenders just scored… 2 goals up in ten minutes

          1. I doubt it’ll get to 9 though😄.. They need to keep scoring cuz we need the goals.
            Ain’t you watching the game Sue? I’m switching between Liverpool and our game

  7. When will u all realise that it not about the line up? It all about the tactics by emery, and we all know it wack.

  8. Heheheheheheheheeheheeeee. This is what competition can do. Our CBs clearly feel threatened and are leaving it all on the field to not be dropped after seeing what has happened to AMN and Kolasnic

    1. True. And they have a goal in that case.
      Same old issues despite the goals. Can’t remember when we last dominated any team in EPL

  9. VAR hypocrisy yet again. This was the EXACT situation with Saka last week, when he DID NOT dive, yet he was still given a yellow when there was clearly contact. There is no consistency to when VAR is used.

  10. At this point Mourinho will be far better. At least off the ball…. Emery out lose, win or draw. It’s too boring to watch.

  11. It’s the same story week in week out. We give the opposition so much space and time on the ball its ridiculous.

  12. Game is very open. Not so good control of the ball in the midfield and my god Xhaka is like an Oak tree in the middle of the field. He should be cast in the role of a treant in the upcoming LOTR TV series. He makes everything around him look like flash.

      1. Year not fixed yet, but it already has an IMDB entry. But it’s going to be set in the age of Numenor for all I know.

        1. Great!! We’ll get to explore Numenor more..
          And probably get to see more of the elves also.

          Pity Orlando Bloom ain’t forever young to play Legolas again

    1. Sack Emery and get rid of that useless piece of crap xhaka. We are playing at home and are god awful for the second game on the trot.

  13. Xhaka is a good captain but for opposing teams. Every player of the opposing team around Xhaka gets so much moral, speed, and skill boost instantly it’s unreal. He is the captain of every team Arsenal plays against.

    1. 😂😂😂😛😛
      What do you expect when we play like a team without direction.
      Liverpool can really press and play good football

      1. Watching Pool v Spuds and its
        amazing the gulf in class between
        Klopps crew and Emerys cast of
        underachievers. Lol

        It pains me to admit it but Pool
        are a pleasure to watch and AFC
        have no business being mentioned
        in the same futboling sentence as
        the European Champions.

        Until Emery is canned AFC will
        continue to be on life support.

        1. Ace it’s the game I chose to watch, and going by reactions on here, I guess I made the right choice selecting the Liverpool game then

      1. Yea it’s Amazon, I just checked a while ago.
        Meanwhile before the LOTR. I can’t wait for The Witcher premiere

          1. I hope Netflix don’t release the whole episodes at once as they did Lucifer.
            I think The Witcher will be a weekly series though

  14. Xhaka is booed yet not one of us can name a player besides Guendouzi that has improved under Unai Emery. Xhaka was not even a bad player under AW. The fact a front three like Laca/Auba/Pepe can look so ordinary together is a testament to the fact the players are not the issue.

      1. no he wasn’t. He was good at long balls, part of some great counters w/ us, overall he was an okay player. Now I would categorize him as bad, because he has no use in the midfield and does absolutely nothing anymore. Simply, he’s not as bad of a player as he has been these past couple of seasons.

          1. He was better under Wenger. This is a fact. You can take that that to mean I think he is amazing when it’s literally not what I said. Doesn’t really bother me.

    1. Now rewind back to 8 months ago when we started calling for Emery to leave us.
      What would’ve been if he left?
      I really can’t see everyone defending frequently last month

  15. 61: SUB! Nasty scenes at the Emirates as Xhaka’s number goes up. He’s going to be replaced by Saka. There a huge ironic cheers from the home fans to greet the decision.

    Xhaka then strolls off the pitch. He’s in no hurry to get off and the Arsenal fans rise as one to urge him off. It’s loud, very loud as they make their displeasure known towards the Arsenal captain, who cups his hands to his ears.

    He’s still in no hurry as the jeers get louder and louder. He cups his hand to his ear one more time before taking his short off and heading straight down the tunnel.

    That was posted on sky …and this is our Captain ffs ….the speed he walked off was disgraceful

  16. Hate to say it but I’ve seen enough…..emery out!! Hes got to go so weve time to get back on track.
    Ps I saw the video rvp spoke of where Emery said calm calm in training I was like what did you say? Next manager should have an already excellent command of the English language.

  17. Xhaka has to be stripped of the captaincy. Guendouzi or holding for me even bellerin.
    Emery has got to go!
    They stopped playing for him.
    Got to wonder how wed do of we had ozil to bring on….

  18. You can see xhaka telling the fans to f#$I off so he should never play again. Oh and he was always useless even under wenger so dont be deluded people because even the Swiss dont want him in the nationality team.

    1. so half the stadium can boo him, yet you’re offended he dare say something back? Don’t dish it if you can’t take it.

      1. They booed him because of the speed he was walking off .hes our captain ffs ,disgraceful player who should never be playing for us in the first place ..

        1. that is not the reason why. He gets booed every chance possible and abused on social media frequently too. You can’t be surprised he finally cracked.

          1. What are you on about he was booed for slowly walking off ,that’s what we are talking about .
            Crowd cheered when his number went up ,he walked off slowly hence the booing .

          2. @eddie One player is just not good but tries. The other is talented and does not. I’ll always side with the player who puts in the effort.

          3. I totally support you on this .Fans hate him and he would have been jeered even if he would have ran off
            People should criticise him for his play rather then mocking him on social media and calling him names . Dont be a cry baby uf you want him to take ur shit u should be able to take it back too.

  19. Is Emery determined to make all our players look bad? Why is he starting Xhaka every game when the lad is not in form and is made out to be a pantomime villain in our home ground? Xhaka isn’t that bad a player that he is now, and Emery’s numptyness has shown him up to be so bad and I feel for the lad. He may be captain material behind closed doors, but not on the pitch.
    We as a club have regressed so bad under this regime and all our values have gone up in smoke. Booing our own player is so sad.

  20. so many cried for VAR, now the same people will cry for it to go. For chalking off important goals and all that. unfair but that’s life 😉

    1. Technology can not be bad or good it’s the ppl using it…if I have idiots like that sitting n using VAR than better not to have it…lol!. I think they need to really revamp de whole referring process in England…starting with getting rid of this lot of referees even de one in background.

  21. Var is shit it should only be used in obvious mistakes but I think maybe the ref has an hidden agenda because no one could make as many mistakes as that clown did

  22. Luiz is joke ..why we still play him n de greek idiot is beyond me….we took off Xahaka n brought de kid…this shows manager has no clue how to play de team. We should have brought on a CM to keep de balance it was not 80th minute. UE needs to go if board can’t see it them they are all blind. No football n no results either someone should remind de board why we signed him.

    1. He just needs to go. How he managed to make our entire front 3 disappear is extraordinary. He doesn’t know what he is doing.

  23. We are so poor it’s sad…..wonder what a nuno espiroto or another could do with this sqaud?
    Ozil situation is catching up with Emery I’m sure.
    Still dont believe its 100% his doing though…. booing chaka reminded of the time we booed ox and bellerin and wouldn’t give bellerin the ball back that was a dark dark day.

  24. Xhaka gets paid big money and the fans pay the ridiculous ticket prices to watch professional football players put in a shift. If Xhaka wants to shut them up he should start performing and if he was a professional he would have run off and ignored the crowd.

    1. In all honesty we should accept now that we are mid table team. Since we sold our soul to de American this was all expected. If club like arsenal is buying players on installments n gives de job to manager who flopped at big club than u know why they are there just to make money. We are one of the biggest London club interm of stadium so our stadium will never be empty as long as London attracts tourists.

  25. We are in trouble,I just hope we sack emery and xhaka this night.we have fail to make top4 since the latter join in 2016.Most fan will surely have nightmare tonight.

  26. I am yet to see a more boring team this season. THIS is not Arsonal!

    BY the way, can somebody explain to me what is match fixing?

  27. We can’t even win against Palace at home after jumping to a 2-0 lead. We don’t scare anyone now, that’s what we have become. Emery out! I would gladly take Wenger back till the end of the season.

  28. A 4 point gap between us and 4th place Chelsea. We need to go on a winning run not just unbeaten run. 1 point v Sheffield and Palace, wow.

    It was actually a good game for us despite the result. We looked like something could happen everytime going forward. But Aubameyang was poor. No service to him nor creativity from him. No link up play with Lacazette.

    The manager needs to stick with one system so playeres can develop chemistry. Just bring Torreira in for Xhaka. Theres a good team there somwhere.

    1. We miss Ozil or similar player …Laca is a different striker u can’t play him as bergkamp but who am I to tell that to UE. Our top three are missing a provider from midfield. We should go in for Eikerson. We can clearly see who is better Pepe or Zaha. We got de bad deal just because board isomey grabbing cun*ts n wanted players on cheap.

    2. Problem here is we don’t need 3 strikers in front. Auba is a striker, not a creative player. We need players who can control the midfield and keep the ball near the strikers.

      Arsenal now is unable to hold the possession in the opposition third consistently, so strikers don’t get many chances to score. Our midfield lacks pace and tenacity dearly to match the other EPL sides. They just fall to the ground more often than not and are so slow.

      I just hope Xhaka never starts again. Torreira should play alongside guendouzi. Ceballos is good but lacks that final third penetration. We so require Ozil to play behind this front three.

  29. I can’t believe Raul came from Barcelona how can he tolerate such football I always heard Catalans can’t stand booting football. Who interviewed UE should be sacked first. I wonder how he understood what UE said n how he bought this bullsh*t philosophy. I always said to ppl here sometimes he wish can come n bite u in ur as*. Now where r de wenger out supporters ….enjoy de mediocrity. everyone took FA cup n finishing in top 4 for granted we are not far away from time when if we win FA cup after 10years it will be celebrated like they do at all de bottom table teams.

  30. The pub her had two channels available for football…they had Liverpool Vs Spurs and ManU Vs Norwich. That’s how low our stock has fallen, in the Emirates HQ which is Dubai. I had no option but to read BBC online, and I didn’t like what I read there.
    Those who support Emery and diss Özil should know that the effect internationally is negative towards us. If there is no Özil in the team, people walk out, so there…

  31. Sokratis and Luiz scored. But we can’t rely on them to defend, because they lose their concentration easily

    Ceballos was ineffective as an LW and he should have played as no 10 or a deep-lying playmaker instead. But Emery chose to counter Palace’s tactic by using 4-4-2 and Pepe didn’t play well on the right wing again

    And the officials’ quality in this game is horrible. How could they cancel Arsenal’s third goal?

    Nonetheless, I believe Emery’s contract could be terminated if we get another loss at an EPL match. He is simply too pragmatic for his own good

  32. He should just let Torreira and Guendouzi sit in the middle allow forward four and full backs to bomb forward one at a time. If you are looking for balance then this is the best option right now.

    Its so easy to counter attack Arsenal at the moment.

  33. Players are not the issue, we have a coach who can’t put right team on pitch. No one to feed 3 strikers all game long, no transition at all with a midfield all coping with lousy CBs. That’s it. we thankful!y score on set pieces, they dominated most game, playing forward, not us, we can’t with such a lousy coach…

  34. I already said our midfield is the poorest in the league.

    Coquelin alone was more talented than those fools combined.

    I even wonder what pple see in Guendouzi. The guy is as slow as a snail. Never mind xhaka, torreira they’re all as bad and don’t have the vision, technique, urgency, dribbling, long passing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!

    I won’t start on the manager b’se the sight of him alone makes me feel angry.

    I can confidently say that we’re to finish below Mancity, Liverpool, Leicester, Chelsea, Spurs and Utd.

    Anyone that feels otherwise can come and bet with me.

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