Official Arsenal line up to face Liverpool – Ozil starts

Official team news โ€“ Ozil back in the Arsenal line up to face Liverpool.

Massive game for Unai Emery this evening against Liverpool. Lose badly and the pressure on him to go will be immense. Go down fighting and there may be hope yet for the Spaniard. Win and it could kick-start the season for Arsenal and in turn, Emery.

Both managers have made significant changes from their weekend teams and that may well work to Arsenalโ€™s advantage.

Ozil finally gets a recall to the senior team and hopefully, the German will put in a fine performance.

Anyway, here is the team that Unai Emery has gone with tonight. Let us know in the comments if you are happy with the side the boss has chosen.

The game kicks off at 19.30 UK time. Match Preview here and for comparison, our predicted lineup.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.


  1. Are you sure Lexynal? Now have we managed to protect our lead? Guendozi and Ceballos weakened us.

  2. Do Arsenal actually work on defending? It’s a f****g shambles!! 1 min to go and we blow it typical Arsenal style against Liverpool’s Z-team..

    Saks was poor and so was Holding!

    1. Very very poor. I wanted him to be taken off but the coach thought otherwise. We are so poor defensively.

  3. Emery needs to take a break for ffs!!! The Jekyll and Hyde performances from the team is unacceptable. It is best in the interest of the club to make Ljunberg the caretaker for the team while we scout for a world class mananger. The ill-luck that accompanies Emery is surreal, the same way he lost a 4 goal lead in Camp Nou.

      1. I’m almost mad but don’t have the energy to be Sue.. I just don’t know how we can lose that to Liverpool’s Z team?

        1. Unbelievable, it really is! Gutted now, for one minute I honestly thought we were going to actually win… how stupid of me, GunneRay… couldn’t even defend with a minute left. Absolutely gutted… I bloody detest them… the wait for a win against them goes on… I’m seriously beginning to think we’ll never see another in my lifetime ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Saka poor performance, he isn’t defending at all, 5th goal conceded by his lazy and poor marking

    1. I certainly do not know what to say about our performance. We always find a way to screw up. The coach messed up on his substitutions. Saka was awful, terrible today. He was bumping into opponents and his defending was atrocious. Lazy. Complacency. Tired. So devastated. Unai will not take us to the promised land.

  5. Annoying… this coach has to go… lacks tactical sense, he doesn’t know how to make the right substitutions… now we lost the game

  6. Our defense is so bad its embarrassing. Mustafi and holding beaten by kids. Emery will still probably go for a midfielder or striker in January. (If he has a job, that is)

    1. Hello,this is my first time on talking on this platform after reading other people’s comments for years.
      What I will like to day is that the game was a good game thought we lost at the end but the boys shows heart and it’s not the time to start saying that we lost because of the substitution or because of emery,though i’m not his fan but I criticize logically.
      The boys did well,its just hard luck

      1. Hard luck?
        Blowing a 2 goal lead twice..
        At 1-3 and at 2-4
        Shameful performance..
        Couldn’t even defend for their lives with 20secs to go.
        I wonder what usually is Emery’s instructions on the touchline

  7. Totally agree with your comment. Bloody 2 mins to go and he is going all casual. His attitude helping to close the game down was shocking. Another iwobi in the making. He needs to start taking responsibility for the defending side of his game.

    1. @Gooner74 Dont know what you mean IWobi was the best player playing for Everton yesterday. So scape goat someone else.Mustafi maybe . The kid is 18 what more do you expect.

  8. I am just tired of this. This team is just too poor when it comes to ball retention. Poor game management I’m not going to point fingers at Emery, I just want us to look at this players and see that they have no gut, pride or even fighting spirit

  9. Sometimes i wish the team could sack the fans. Most of you are pathetic. We only rally with/for the team if things are good #fairweathermuch. Its when things are hard and tough that we need to stick with the boys and show them our support as supporters should. This current crop of Arsenal fans is super fickle and quick to hide behind monitors and type harsh hurtful words. Booing Xhaka was inexcusable, and something expected of the opposition fans not our own fans. And to all those saying that they are tired of supporting Arsenal….please stop and take your negativity with you. Hope the transfer window opens up soon and we can buy others fans, who entirely know what it means yo SUPPORT the team.

    1. @ Mykel. How the fu#$ can you blame the fans for being upset about not seeing any improvement in the team? And yes you praise when is due and you criticize them when they don’t put a shift. Clear example saka tonight. Good game he was having tonight until the last 20 mins when he decided he was to good to help closing the game down. Last liverpool goal is on him. 2 mins to go, the ball was wide and he just jogs and didn’t put any pressure on the liverpool player to stop the crossing. The guy needs to pinch himself and learn from this or he is gonna end up like iwobi.

      1. @Gooner74 im sorry to say this but you have a problem . The boy game wasnt good today but he provided an assist and they were defenders on a pitch and we conceded 5 goals and you single out an 18 year old for bashing comparing him to an ex player who was better than average in my eyes as we can see from performances he gives . Should we also slate martenelli for missing a clear opportunity or giving away a needless penalty .Dont try and ruin Sakas football like you ruined Iwobi’s.

  10. Admin, why did you not publish my comment? I ask again, WHERE IS THE TEAM? Why can we not just have the names, PLEASE? What are all those links in the greyed-out area. I do not have a twitter account, nor do I ever intend to. Is it too much trouble to just type the names in this post?

    Just asking. I know the names become available on The Score and other sites, so if this matter is not resolved here, I will in future fo there. As easy as that.

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