Official Arsenal line up to face Man Utd and live stream update

This is a huge game for Arsenal and getting the line-up right is imperative for Unai Emery if he wants to leave Old Trafford with all three points.

Arsenal is facing United at a good time, the Red Devils are in a bit of chaos right now while Arsenal is in better shape than what they were just a couple of weeks ago and confidence is high that the team is ready to hand Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer a beating on his own patch.

It would be foolish to underestimate United but that does not mean that we have to deny the fact that this is not a strong United team.

Anyway, this is the Arsenal line-up to face United this evening.

The game kicks off at 20.00 UK time and shown live on Sky Sports.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text.


  1. No matter how we perform, am disgusted by the way Emery is treating Ozil. It’s clearly personal and it’s very very very much unprofessional. That’s not the values that Arsenal upholds as a football club! If you want respect and support from fans then you have to show the same to our players. Emery has lost the little respect I had in him

      1. So it’s not personal that ozil is being benched while the someone like Xhaka, Sokratis,D Luiz is starting week in week out?

        1. Hate the back four but tbh it’s win win. If we win the game then great. If we lose it will probably be because one of Luiz, Socrates, Kolasinac or Xhaka stuffed up and maybe that helps Emery pick a proper back four and DM.

      2. Running around cluelessly, losing ball and possession easily and then run around again like idiots, being caught out of position again and again and then run back to catch up, might be good as a HIIT routine, but would NOT equate to putting effort or a good work rate in my understanding of football. That’s what Ozil doesn’t do. He makes things easier, because he’s good. It doesn’t mean he isn’t putting effort. One player might fall to ground 10 times to lando a good pass doesn’t mean he’said putting good effort. That’said mediocrity, learn to differentiate between the two.

    1. Emery wouldn’t dare to alienate Ozil if he doesn’t get the support of the club, because Ozil is the highest paid player there

      A lot of money is wasted weekly to pay his salary alone. The management would surely not stay idle if they don’t like Emery’s actions

      Besides, Ozil rarely turns up in a tough away match like this. I still remember his facial expression when playing on a cold rainy day at Wembley

    2. Absolutely correct, if Emery likes or not, Ozil will outlive him at Arsenal. If you need someone to improve, will the person come to his best at the bench when he has consistently refused to play him. Ozil isn’t as bad as Shaka but the idiot has consistently played him in all matches. Tired of the vampire dental imbalance goat!

    3. No respect of the club and its legacy, none for all or us, cowboys owners and their dumb coach are killing Arsenal, making their own Story. You are right and to treat Wenger the Say they did for years and to end him is not football and what makes History.
      Same for Captain Kos, he was here for a decade, brave, they offered one year contractuelle extension at 50% salary, that us shameful and why he left.

      Come on now gooners, if Mr Wenger with all he bas built and brought for decade, can not have a proper ending with honors he brought and deserves, it is simply outrageous and the destruction of a legacy…Emery is a bitch pimped by US cowboy bastards!

      Im glad he insist to shut us down, xhakaptain and sokra to show us he is the boss. Man U will be 2 goals ahead by halftime! If you understand football, you know all this huggly will have us beaten… Must feel awful for players who performs best lately on the bench
      as much as some on team. They know it is unfair and there, all friends years before Emery Comes in. Board found perfect Desperate sucker in Emery! Game on i Guess!

      1. Our hard no nonsense bossing captain for our wonderfull club.ducks out of messing up his hair. Emery what do you see that the the rest of us dont! Another goal given by our so called Vieira.. soft vignette scoop.

    1. Just ask yourself for a minute Dan, do you really think Emery will be doing this to Ozil without the board support, I mean Ozil is Arsenal highest paid player maybe the club is in support of Emery treatment of Ozil, an sure it can’t be just Emery decision.

        1. Exactly my point Simon, I really don’t believe this is really Emery decision, maybe the board are trying to force Ozil out not because of performance but because of his salary.

          1. then they have failed!!.. ozil ain’t moving,retired from national team,so he isnt impressing anybody,they better find a compromise with him

      1. Thoughts very much on tonight’s game, but just to say very much agree with Lenohappy.

        There is clearly much more to the “Ozil situation” than us supporters are privy to.

        My view, we are looking at various options to offload.

        Now for tonight !

      2. There’s no “maybe” here. Emery is just playing the script written by the board to try and force Ozil out and discourage any player trying to have a bumper paycheck from the club. On the other hand Ozil doesn’t care enough to push whenever he is given the opportunity. To me Ozil has decided to put his career on the line running his current contract down and continue living the luxurious 350k life. Arsenal have lost big time on this deal. We better learn from this one. I see Auba and Laca Stalling on their contracts too so we better decide fast…

      3. Lenohappy, so the board will continue to pay Ozil 350 every week and keep him at home and hope he chooses to leave and if he doesn’t leave, the board will continue to pay anyway. While the team’s performances are like headless chicken. Very nice analogy.

    2. I know madness! That coupled with pogba and rashford getting back into the team has severely dented my confidence, and james is way to fast fr chambers I’m extremely worried now 🙄😪

    3. Come on now its our defence that needs help so lets hope it works out cause im sick of us making teams look like brazil.

    4. Dan,
      In an earlier post I had said Emery will select the following team:

      AMN. Luiz. Sokratis. Kolasinac
      Xhaka. Guendozi. Torreira
      Pepe. Auba. Willock

      I was wrong about just AMN & Willock, so thank God for small mercies. I’m aghast that amongst those who travelled, why isn’t Ceballos playing #10? Why is Emery’s team selection so bad? Why are Luiz & Sokratis playing together, especially with Holding back to playing?

      Just questions and more questions, without touching the Ozil drop. van Persie and Wright covered that in the prematch analysis.

      One positive is I’m happy Chambers is playing.

  2. Emery has set this team up to defend against a mediocre Man Utd side…

    what is wrong with this Useless Emery
    I see us losing this game before the end of 45mins

    Am so disgusted

    1. Emery was categorical in stating he didn’t want Ozil in the team today, so it’s time for the club to come clean on this one.

  3. Let’s go, guys. We are winning this. Won’t be surprised to see a different Xhaka tonight. Hard-working midfield trio. Glad to see Torreira starting; should cover the defence well. Up Arsenal.

  4. play 3dms really emery?
    continue to persist with xhaka lol?
    sokratis and luiz
    we could be embarassed really badly by united even if they are not in good shape

  5. Another negative midfield, which both doesn’t have the invention, but won’t protect the defence. Also can’t believe he hasn’t changed the central pairing – hope I’m proved wrong but can’t see any likelihood of a clean sheet as always.

  6. Emery is a clone. Someone tell me why Holding is not in the squad. Xhaka too needed not to start this game. Regardless the results, Emery out. Headache already. I will give myself a break from this sh*t now. Am getting tired.

  7. Believe me,with this attitude of Emery he’s going to leave more damages than he met the club. just that Ozil is meek and gentle and also the board as well,why didn’t Emery try this trash with Neymar at PSG……..the board showed him the way. with this character,majority of the fans will turn their back against him even if he continue winning matches. Seriously he’s maltreating Ozil and I think there is something hidden behind what we are seeing or know but at that Ozil needs to be shown respect.

  8. Lacks creativity in the midfield. I hope Saka and Pepe can spark some magic. Emery will never learn it seems. Sokratis and Luiz again. At least Torreira is there alongside Xhaka. But no Holding, that’s a shame. I don’t know why Luiz and Xhaka together. Just senseless. I predicted this team a week ago, only change being I think Torreira. And I nailed it with Ozil, he”s not even on the bench. Let’s hope for 3 points. And let’s hope Xhaka, Luiz and Sokratis don’t gift United with free penalties.

  9. Saw this on twitter – we’ve not won away at one of the big 6 since Jan 2015. Since then won 0.. drawn 8, lost 15..scoring 25, conceding 53, 1 clean sheet 😱

    1. Dear Sue, dont worry we are winning this match am sure of it. My only disappointment is Holding not starting, in my own opinion I think Emery has made the right selection except from Xhaka who we all know will always start.

    2. Exactly so why are people expecting to win?
      Makes no sense.
      Wenger failed to win 12 years in a row at OT still did not get the sack.

      1. because we have invested over 200 million in the last 1 year with merry Emery as our head coach so we deserve to win Agu

  10. If arsenal should lose dis game emery should be fired wit immediate effect becos d guy can’t take arsenal far wit his tactics

  11. I don’t really care about Ozil.. but why ceballos at least.. why benched??

    Reminds me of our match against spuds!!

  12. Sokratis has been absolutely useless in every game he has played this season yet Holding remains on the bench. In front of “The Chuckle Brothers ” we see our “Captain Undropable” so United will be allowed to just stroll through the centre of the pitch and into the Arsenal penalty area without difficulty.
    Both Managers really need three points from this game but the difference in attitude is obvious..Solskjaer plays both Pogba and Rashford as soon as they appear to near match fitness after injury whilst Tierney and Bellerin don’t even make our subs bench.
    Whilst pragmatism is all well and good…fear and continuous selection mistakes will undoubtedly lead to Emery’s demise.Unfortunately this will also mean missing out on a top 3 ir for place when this squad is more than capable..but onlybonce the Board find a manager capable of the right tactical approach and making the most of the resources that he has at hand.

  13. I don’t know y Emery seem to stick with some players to the detriment of his own career and d club…y can’t u bench Luis and papadop’. We have seen Holding and Chambers,Torriera keep clean sheets, y can’t he give them a chance when d older experienced guys are fumbling week in and week out !!l hope they don’t nail his coffin. With Xhaka,Luis,Papadopoulos d comedy of error looks unstoppable!!

  14. Come on Emery! Why Luiz since Holding is back and gained match fitness.
    Again playing from back will kill arsenal games with speedy MUtd forwards.
    Getting tired with UE now.

  15. This line up is beyond frustrating yet completely expected. I have lost all confidence in Emery.

    Should really help us to convince Ceballos to stay when he sits so Xhaka can keep playing.

    If we don’t at least get a point tonight, I’d cut my loss and bring in Arteta immediately.

  16. Regardless of this game’s result….. Emery has got to go, I mean, what kind of “coach” handicaps himself with his team selection and line up every bleedn’ time…. for how much longer do we have to put up with this crap…. We keep ending up resting all our hopes on Auba to bail us out every time, after the midfield and defence has bottled the game for us….. Why isn’t Özil on the team?, Why’s Ceballos benched?…. Zero creativity in the team and we will expect our forwards to become magicians… I’m already sick of this man. and like I said…. even if we win this game 10 – 0…. Emery has got to go.

  17. Just want Emery out … Not a winner not an entertainer just a mediocre tinkerer who should be managing in championship ….sick of the site of him and his baffonic captain … Laurel and hardy combo .. Both will be gone in summer after another wasted season

  18. So you lot want to argue about ozil

    Let’s put that debate to bed whether he’s class or average he doesn’t deserve being dropped and treated like sh!? This manager lacks class

    Let’s talk about WHY Luiz sok and Xhaka are first choices again
    So we have a team that has NO midfield playmaker
    A defence that cannot defend

    What ever the result emery out I cannot take this full site football anymore

  19. Moan, moan , moan, this is a balanced team, and a good line up.
    Xhaka is experienced in this fixture, so we need him, i only hope he is given a more advanced role while Toreira does defensive jobs.
    Hopefully our boys come to party. Holdind, Bellerin, KT cant staet today, its too early

    1. Xhaka, Luiz and Sokratis create a Bermuda triangle in the field, where if the ball goes, it teleports into Arsenal net.

  20. EPL site is a good stream if anyone needs
    Come on you gunners lets rock guys.
    We are 1 for the next 2hrs then we can go back over to how we think the team can be better.

  21. No Ceballos. Xhaka? Should Saka be starting? Not happy with that midfield. United could get more possession than they should.

  22. Poor back 4, no creativity in midfield, I hope I’m wrong but I think the selection is way off the mark, not confident.

  23. Chambers as a right back – terrible. He will be picked on.

    Even worse the unholy trinity of Sokratis, Kolasinac, Xhaka.

    A team chosen to inspire a Man Utd revival.

    Please prove me wrong.

  24. Let there be calmness among us Gooners. In the time being, let us give our support and encouragement to the Gunners and Emery to beat Man U tonight instead of to be condemning them.

  25. Lol… Can you imagine the huge amount of space we give United in the middle of the park?
    Pepe is one lazy player.
    He’s not supportive defensively and now Chambers is on a yellow.
    Let’s see how this ends, but so far it’s a boring game

  26. Hysterical, chambers – Holding should be as CBs, Niles as RB be secured, fine then. His speed is needed, Chambers can’t run with these guys but defend.

    Niles Mustafi Holding Kolas
    Chambers Gendouzi Willock
    Auba Saka/Martinelli

    Pepe benched as he has not shown anything nor defends!

  27. Again, awful, just as most of us expected. Pepe has been horrendous, midfield has three CDM’s??? Emery has got to go. Losing to the worst United team in EPL history.

  28. Xhaka over Ceballos was a ridiculous decision

    Once again poor lineup choice

    Ceballos is arguably our best central midfielder

  29. Getting tired of Pepe style of play. Get Ceballos on second half. We have just played into United’s game plan now. They will sit and wait to hit us on a counter.

    Our captain was ducking when that shot went in, how nice.

  30. Also, the players should be ashamed. They have no confidence and walk around with loser attitudes. The freekicks and corners we’ve seen are a disgrace and entirely down to the players.

  31. Lovely goal. Half time, no creative, Pepe keeps overshooting the ball far away from the place of its usefulness. No creativity. Well done Emery. Looking forward to the 2nd half

  32. No creativity. Very expected. And that bow by Xhaka, his captain coronation ceremony is now complete I guess. Emery is one clueless coach. It’s so bad it”s not even funny now.

  33. Surprise surprise we’re losing… and McTominay.. bloody hell when was the last time he scored?? 2 years ago? Oh I’m pi**ed off already…

    1. Lol.. Sorry babes.
      You both need to take a one month break from this thing we play every week shamelessly😂😂.
      Man, I need to join Ozil’s gaming team,
      I’m better off at home in front of the TV playing FIFA.
      Sue, Pat, take a breather😆

      1. Eddie this is terrible, I cannot recognise Arsenal any more, we are ridiculous. Pepe looked out of his depth today but I don’t think he is a bad player but Emery is a bad manger. Love you guys. Sue try and get some good sleep.

  34. Lmao😂😂😂
    Go away to one of the worst United team in a decade, and plays 3 DMs with the horrible defenders alongside our Coward of a captain.
    The game got me dozing off.
    Pepe should sit the next game out If he doesn’t turn this around.
    We scream and used to call Ozil different names saying he earns this and that, well we broke the record for Pepe and I know it needs time but he hasn’t been convincing in any way.
    Again Emery for the job.
    Loves to win 5-3 but will always field out defensive players.
    Saka and Guendouzi are the only duo trying to push this team.
    I can’t even see one contribution from our captain.
    Well that’s none of my business.
    It’s Ozil’s fault we’re playing this horrendous.
    I mean, why is he not tracking back?Why did he moved his head away from the goal😒😒

    1. Eddie, you think you are making a joke about Ozil, but wait until the match finishes and the likes of TMJW, Lenohappy and RSH spin it, just mark my words.

      Wonderful creativity in our midfield, I’m out of my seat in excitement – mind you, if Ozil was creating the chances, it would only be against a rubbish team wouldn’t it?

          1. You’re telling me everyone is entitled to their opinions? Yet Ken brings up peoples name out of nowhere just because we don’t rate ozil. I’m tired of it. I literally dont have him on my mind 24/7 like this guy. He goes all over this website defending ozil’s honor and attacking other posters who don’t agree with him, and I’ve had enough of the clown. I’ve had fine discussions with other ppl who disagree with me, but I’m over being harassed by this clown.

          2. RSH, of course I will defend him from the likes of you, who think they can say anything about a player, call him all the names under the sun, say he’s bleeding the club dry, mentally frail, lazy, ill and yet react like a hurt little boy when I call you out for your comments.

            Get out of the kitchen if you can’t stand the heat – the same happens to me, but I just laugh it off.
            I wonder if you ever think how Ozil (or any other player) feels about the comments made?

          3. Ken, I consistently blow up every point you make about Ozil and you never have an adequate rebuttal. All you can do is call out peoples names because you are void of any actual points. Until you actually construct a compelling argument about Ozil, maybe you should stop running back to DAY OLD POSTS to suck up to a player who doesn’t care about your existence.

  35. It was meant to be a calculated assured defensive first half display as the stride we need to start to attack, but it was a last minute goal from Man U that Mark’s the difference in what was a null performance from both teams.
    Pepe has been wasteful and clearly looks like he needs more time with his peers to understand their game.
    Auba hasn’t been brought into the game enough. No bite and pounce from our midfield 2 of Torriera and Gendouzi though they have done ok.

    Nothing to separate the teams other then the goal. United like a 1-0 atm so we really need to come out and believe we are better then them and dominate.

    Disappointed so far. We cant live with leaving old Trafford with regrets. Its time to dominate the game. Helter skelter

    1. “It was meant to be a calculated assured defensive first half display as the stride we need to start to attack, but it was a last minute goal from Man U that Mark’s the difference in what was a null performance from both teams.”

      What a load of crap😂😂
      Calculated plan to be defensive against the worst top 6 team

    2. Will take that, am very hopeful TOM like e villa game, am only waiting for the final whistle atm. Man U 1:3 arsenal

  36. it was pretty clear at end of last season that emery was taking us nowhere but fans clung to hope that he was still dealing with toxic legacy of the end of wenger era… thats no longer an excuse … wake up and smell a third rate manager with no clue about building a quality footballing outfit … sooner hes off the betterin my books … this has to be the worst man utd side in a long while and we still cant swing it … very sad

  37. Wow way to set an example captain. I am not close enough footballer to play at Arsenal but I love the club enough that I could have taken that ball on my face

  38. 2nd half is here for us to once again see the De Gea show. Mark my words. Arsenal will go at them at will.

    Uhm, how Emery can put Guendouzi as the last man is beyond me. The guy is as slow as a snail. Id like to see Kolasinac as the last defender from corners or freekicks.

    1. you really live up to your name….you having a go at Guendouzi? our best player on the last 3 games? wake up

  39. When Pepe puts that ball through for saka then more or less stops if he’d actually continued he could’ve got the ball off Gwen. Bring martinelli on for Xhaka coz he’s terrible and more or less ducks at that Utd goal pathetic

  40. Two mid-table teams scrapping it out is how it started and it only got marginally better, with the play going up & down.
    Our team is playing Emery’s game, with Torreira & Guendozi running around retrieving balls after giving them away on occasions, and Xhaka being the worst of the three. Guendozi & Torreira didn’t lack in effort while Xhaka is really going down and he needs time away from the pitch.

    Allowing ManU to play in our own half resulted in a bit of pressure and Chambers got a yellow but his later runs down the flank started pushing ManU on the back foot but Pepe has been poor. Auba isn’t getting the service he needs but Saka has been doing all he can.

    The goal against the run of play was the only way the ball is going into the net, so being 0-1 down to this poor ManU team is a shame.
    We aren’t getting out of this game easily.
    Emery did it again and we don’t have a creative midfield controlling the game…the experts also said the same. Hugely disappointed.

  41. At least Man U don’t look much better than us. If we ever thought 15 years ago that we would see our clubs play like this in 2020 I would have laughed my socks off! This game looks like a championship match at best!!

    Emery has brought a brand of football that fails in every department..

  42. My bad, said 2-0 at half time, it could but 1-0 is still right…

    are currently pointing at 9th place, another goal will have us at 10th place!

    Ozil must be watching home, sorry & pissed as we are!

  43. I said it, y’all would be begging for a draw by the end of this. Can’t just ignore 10 year statistics and the home factor. Anyway, we will bounce back vs Bournemouth next week..will be back in the top soon.

  44. This should be the last match Emery manages, not an Arsenal quality to coach. Must get a top tier coach not a mediocre coach, team is not improving since wenger left. With the money he spent this summer window and the forward lineup he has got he should be tearing those teams apart with as poor defence as Man Utd. He is a cluleless coach with three DMs, there is no creativity no ozil and ceballos, Aubameyang is not getting the service from midfield. The form he is in he deserves a creative midfield hw will finish off those chances with ease which pepe and co missed.

  45. Just popped in to rant!
    Seriously is Emery stupid, blind, forgetful?
    Where is our creative midfield players ie 10?
    Ine if the 3 has to drop out for Cevalos or ozil.
    After seeing xhaka the captain duck for the goal he ought to be off, says it all weak player and manager!

  46. For people kicking pepe I dint blame him I blame enery and arsenal as a club.
    For anyone who watched League 1 last year the guy was unplayable.
    The fact that hes come over here at looks poor is part to do with his character but a lot to do with our staff for making sure he is happy integrated well and coached well.
    I feel that the players are sending out a subtle message that times running out slowly for enery, get the translator back!!

  47. Emery and his 3 DM shit against a limp utd team. Fire Emery already, bush league manager who lacks tactics. More interested in his ego than fielding best 11.

    £200 million in players and this is the football he plays?

    Spanish Pulis is overachieving for Emery. Wow so done with Emery’s no style let down performances.


    1. You can’t fire him if we get back to 4th place

      I hate some of his decisions too but if he gets us into Champions League position, it doesn’t make sense or isn’t right to fire him when he is meeting expectations

      1. Innit, who’s expectations are you referring to?
        Wasn’t the reason given for our previous manager having to resign – top four wasn’t good enough, because it wasn’t a trophy, he was making awful decisions, buying dross players, having favourite players and making substitutions in the 70th minute?

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