Official Arsenal line up to face Vitoria and live stream update

Official team news โ€“ Tierney, Holding, Bellerin, Lacazette all start against Vitoria

Arsenal welcomes Portuguese side Vitoria to the Emirates this evening looking to bounce back from Mondayโ€™s humbling at Sheff Utd.

A win this evening will put Arsenal on nine points and a huge step closer to qualifying for the knock-out stages.

Unai Emery got his team selection very wrong against the Blades and cannot afford to make the same mistakes again.

As expected there are a lot of changes and so the chances of a win have been improved further. Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding, Hector Bellerin and Alexandre Lacazette have all been given starts by Emery.

The game kicks off at 20.00 UK time. Match Preview here and for comparison, our predicted lineup.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.


      1. Innit Ozil is at home enjoying is 350 week. It is a much better situation than what we saw on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. Ozilโ€™s life is much beautiful and he will enjoy that till he is 33!!! I will rather stay home than work under a deluded coach.

        1. @pat
          Why are you even mentioning the ยฃ350k a week?
          I thought you guys said you are tired of hearing people that keep going about his ยฃ350k in their criticisms.

          1. Goonster, not me๐Ÿ˜‚. I am never tired of hearing about the salary
            . The only thing I say is that he did not put a knife to anyoneโ€™s neck before getting it. So the people that payed him must know he deserves it.

        1. I like the fact cup competitions mean all players get game time but atm it seems we need some solidity and stability Emery is always to the extreme messing about with team selection and formation. He watches hours or videos before each match and seems to think the players can regularly and consistently adapt, clearly they cant!!
          Let’s just find a winning formula and team and stick with it for a while.
          Remember the year I think it was chelsea who had massive success because the manager rarely changed the team sheet.
          And this ozil situation I started a massive fan then supported him being dropped and now because no open clear statement has been made I am leaving towards ozil again.
          It may the right thing to do but externally it just looks like enery is being bloody minded at the detriment of the team. Wknt be long before we have a PSG Neymar situation and all the players will shift allegiance.

          1. Kieren, good point about selection stability with minor adjustments only, to build teamwork both in attack and defense.
            Pick your best team and stay with it, barring injury or fatigue.

      2. Yeah, but Xhaka and Sokratis do, right?….. then how come it doesn’t reflect on their matchday performances. I thought you would have given up making excuses for him by now

  1. Now I understand the Ozil “you make me laugh” post

    Whatever result we get I don’t care. #EmeryOut

      1. The one that doesnโ€™t seem to care about results is Emery, because if he did he would stop making such awful team selections most weeks …. or is he just a poor coach at this level.

      2. Frankly, would you be impressed if we passed Vitoria with 5 goals.
        Any mid-table team in the PL is making it difficult for us, any big or in form team finds it easy to get at least a point. Any home team, has good chance to take some points against us.
        Put it together, that is the definition of mediocre mid-table team.

    1. The Shirt Selling Genius Cultists at their best.
      Absolute jokers. More interested in their personal favourite deadwood player than the whole club.
      Canโ€™t wait for them to vanish from our clun once their cult hero / leader leaves in the near future.

      Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

      1. At least he is selling the shirts? If mangers sell shirts how many do you think your coach Emery will sell, he lacks winning mentality, he lacks vision, he lacks creativity, he lacks defensive tactics ( did you see the opening goal). Ozil sells shirts Emery sells empty seats. Only few people in the stadium.

      2. You very childish mate. Hold some maturity. No disrespect but I’ve seen you post this” shirt seller” severally and it’s not funny. Get some contents Rather than personal baseless attacks

  2. Strong team but so hard to get excited when you know that 4 or 5 of these guys should be starting on Sunday but won’t…

      1. Chaka plays badly every time and still makes the team, but ozil can’t even make the Europa league substitute bench, and u say u believe he isn’t training well?
        I think emery doesn’t rate/like him so no matter how he performs in training he isn’t making the team. my only problem is that arsenal will be on the losing side when ozil finally leaves because he will live for free.

          1. Why, because Innit has a different opinion to you? So much for freedom of speech.
            A true supporter doesn’t want their team to lose, regardless of who the coach or players are.

      2. why do you even care how they play in practice. The only thing that counts is play in games. Granit must be the freaking greatest practice player in the history of Arsenal by that logic. Unfortunately he sucks in games.

        And the only people who have talked about Ozil’s practice time are Emery and those who owe him the loyalty. It is pretty quiet otherwise.

        Don’t get me wrong Innit, I am not a big fan of Ozil’s (but even less a fan of Emery now), but we are so incapable of breaking teams down in the league that something has to be tried.

        Just look at today’s line-up – more creative, more dynamic, granted they are playing weaker opposition but he is basically saying that the line-up vs. Sheffield United starts against Crystal Palace and that is really sad.

  3. Leaving ozil. Out is a crime in a game like this, I’ve had enough of emery. Worse manager we’ve ever had. He doesn’t care about the prem all he cares about is winning europa league for forth time and we could be nocked out at any time, it’s a dangerous game. We will play great attacking football tonight with many a cross from bellerin and kt. Then back to crap at weekend. Emery has to go.

  4. Like the look of the defence (for once). Still perplexed as to where the hell Mesut is… but at least there’s no Xhaka ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ๐Ÿฅณ (Don’t cry, Unai, you’ll see him tomorrow)

  5. While other teams are concerned about winning UCL and Leagues, Emery is concerned about number four,winning Europa cup and retaining it next season. Who Bewitched Emery?! Mark you, whatever the performance tonight, I still want him out

    1. What is this madness for crying out loud?
      I think by now we should be hearing that arsenal are linked with one coach or the other. so he still has the guts to leave Ozil out of the team, this guy is on mission

    2. We also want the likes of you Johnny come latelys oit of our club.
      I remember you and โ€œViju jacobโ€ threatening to stop supporting Arsenal if your favourite player is not a$$ kissed back into the team.

      You need to disappear and find another club to glory hunt.

    3. If Arsenal can go to the final Emery will change the Europa squad for the EPL Squad and we will lose.

  6. Europa league is emerys priority again this year,The EURO LGE players will humiliate our EPL 11.How is emery blind to see this

  7. Good to see Freddieโ€™s team tonight but disappointed Ozรฏl isnโ€™t playing,
    Hoping to see him play against Palace on Sunday.
    Emery Out.

  8. Proud of Takuna Asano tonight, he really terrorized man u defense tonight, his power,pace and direct style of football could have benefited us much,dude never stopped running all day, a shame he wasn’t given a work permit,could have bn a beast in england!

  9. Other than maitland niles who is a championship level player will be interesting to see how they do … Ceballos should start with torreira to get this combo working week in week out … Emery doesn’t understand that continuity is a key ingredient of building cohesion … To borrow from mr baguettes vocabulary

  10. doesn’t matter which lineup, if this fraud of a manager continues with his tactics Arsenal is lost, 1 nil down with his side to side tactics.Willock is way way ocerated

  11. Atimes it’s good we sacrifice one game for the future. I want us to lose this game if at all it will lead to the sacking of Emery

      1. Maybe! That’s me. You heard it. If at all it will guarantee that Emery get sacked for loosing this then I welcome a 10-0 lose and we will know we are safe. It’s not funny that we keep gambling for ever. Sacrifice one to save many. Simple and clear

        1. I understand your plight, but I’ve never been able to stomach an arsenal loss. And I think most fans now want Emery gone, regardless of our results….. and just so you know, Martinelli has scored again. COYG!. #kickouttheemery ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  12. oh yes also forgot Maitland Niles…hopeless again in his preferred position. Some here said oh he is being played out of position but last 2 Europa league he has been poor. It does appear Emery really has no clue

  13. First of all Willock is decent but how can emery play him as a holding centre mid
    Why do we play side ways football
    Pass purposely and with an aim

    I said emery would be gone by the end of the year

    1. no Willock is out of his league, needs more time on loan but tgere again this manager is clueless. Looks like he has another poor player as a favourite…Xhaka, Maitland Niles till he got his red now Willock as well

  14. Kenyanfan…no don’t agree I never want Arsenal to lose. remember Wenger when we wanted him out? No matter how bad or lost, he wasn’t sacked

  15. this is TOO funny. Yes it’s true that we all wanted Wenger out because he got too old for the job. But can you trust ANYBODY to do a good job here? Some managers need time, others want money (to buy players)… maybe blame the owner for sabotaging the club!

    1. s, I did agree you need time to sort out the team but after 1 season, no more excuses, Emery is still clueless about his team’s lineup and tactics.

  16. 25′ first half I am seeing a beautiful Arsenal full of ideas and determination passion and heart sideways and backwards for God’s sake

  17. I don’t believe what I’m seeing. Btw, who is supposed to be a leader in this team? Still, let’s trash them

      1. Makes recollect the last year’s of Wenger when
        1) we would lose to teams that hadn’t won in a while
        2) allow out of form players to score against us
        3) let teams make their own history when playing us
        maybe these two managers feel pity?

  18. Just ffing sell Maitland Niles to Lincoln or whoever will take him … this performance exposes him as another overhyped youth product and the idiot manager who played him at RB endlessly

  19. A few jokes by Emery to have AMN & Willok in 2 of the midfield 3, Ozil not In the squad again and we cant create chances versus a team we barly know at home nor defend at all.

    What the hell is going on???

  20. Dont feel good about the defending at all!! Could be 1 – 4 by now. Midfield look slack!

    No supprise here though..

  21. The good thing is that I nolonger feel emotionally affected. I’ve learnt to live with it by now through Experience. I love the team to bones but it’s nothing unexpected.Till Emery is sacked, a ein or a lose will carry no weight on me

  22. I feel like AMN needs to go on a soul-searching vacation or something right now. I really don’t know what his role in this squad is not that Chambers has overtaken him and Bellerin is back. You cannot be playing so casually and AMN has always been guilty of moments like this.

  23. I know the completion was fierce but all we all need to remember is ‘La Remuntada’! Or in English the comeback, barca v PSG.
    How did we take a manager with that on his cv?

    1. Kieren, did you actually see that game against Barcelona away? Two of the dodgiest penalties ever awarded in the Champions League were given against PSG that day.

  24. AMN has been really sloppy… Willock hasn’t been great either. I can’t believe we’re losing to this lot & it could have been by a bigger margin.
    They hadn’t scored in their first 2 games – no surprise there then!
    What a cross from Tierney & what a header by Martinelli – what a player!
    Now come on Arsenal, wakey wakey..

  25. AMN has had a mare!! Most of the teM are just not competitive ready and the defence are shakey as usual..

    Wouldn’t be surprised if this is our second bad result this week. Uninspiring performance from a team that Emery just can’t get motivated enough..

  26. I have got up at 5:00 am to watch this rubbish. AMN and Wilock need to be replaced. I have been waiting for our fullbacks to terrorise there defence, as yet our passing has been slow and painful. Better second half required.

  27. Thereโ€™s people on here who call Ozรฏl lazy. For fรผck sake what is AMN then? Useless lazy twat.
    Tierney looks good going forward but heโ€™s not been impressive defensively tonight.

    1. what???? are you serious? They were crap so they needed to go off.
      They should both be sold or out on a loan.
      Both players substituted were always poor….don’t start with potential, they havant produced

      1. Not denying that but being subbed like that is a confidence killer!!

        Emery should have at least give them 10 mins to turn things round..

  28. only thing I give credit for is that he is not scared to make substitutions…not always right but at least he does unlike a previous manager

  29. Iโ€™m not watching the match so do know how we conceded the goals but by the comments here it seems hardwork is failing already. If we let in two goals in 36 mins against a team who has zero goals and point what does that say about the coach. It took us over 30 mins to get a shot on target. People that called Emery a fraud are spot on. He has done anything he mentioned in his presentation. I thought he said he had a dossier on every of our players and know how to improve them. The guy should just be shown the door after the next 45mins because Iโ€™m no time this guy will make us dislike all our players

  30. All the so called English youngsters that were fastracked into the first team are gradually being sent to were they belong. None of them is going to ever cut it at arsenal. They’ll all end up like wilshere and Walcott

  31. Where are the fans that were defending Niles and claimed he was better than Iwobi, he just hadn’t been given the chance in his preferred position. Bloody idiot. Well, I’m sorry for Emery, his sins have finally found him out. No more lucky results. We are getting deserved results finally.

  32. Iโ€™m not watching the match so do know how we conceded the goals but by the comments here it seems hardwork is failing already. If we let in two goals in 36 mins against a team who has zero goals and point what does that say about the coach. It took us over 30 mins to get a shot on target. People that called Emery a fraud are spot on. He has done anything he mentioned in his presentation. I thought he said he had a dossier on every of our players and know how to improve them. The guy should just be shown the door after the next 45mins because Iโ€™m no time this guy will make us dislike all our players

  33. @gunaboy
    Did you see Walcott last weekend his overall game was good. I’d take him at the moment that’s for sure.
    You look at the players weve lost or sold and this lot.
    Walcott giroud, gnabry iwobi etc etc
    There not all bad players just seem to be bad with the red and white on.
    Something inherently wrong with the head situation within arsenal.
    We need to get some head shrinks in.

    1. Noooooo….he was always poor and only problem was kept too long. Walcott has only scored 3 in hos time there

  34. Matteo MUST be made captain. Young but full of fire, I can see a Viera here…he is nearly always the first to get into an argh baggy and support his team mates

    1. Guendouzi needs to be more self disciplined, but he is still young and learning. His temper is not helping his concentration at the moment.

  35. Why we are playing like this? the first thing is lack of passion. Arsenal is more like a mutual fund nowadays. Its main task is to make money without much of a risk. That’s it, that’s all. Which brings me to โ€ฆ.
    Lack of ambition. When your target is to yarn capital gains from your investment rather than trophies, ambition becomes unnecessary.

  36. From how Tierney or for that matter Kola keeps going back…..has to be the clueless managers tactics
    Playing from the back then side to side slows the game down and allows the opp to reset their mid and defence
    ok with Seville who have average players but when you have good players and flyers like keep and PEA you can’t play like this.
    Emery needs to go…ah well only another 8 months when hopefully we don’t extend his contract

  37. Emery
    see that last play from mustafi and bellerin? that’s how we should play with these players NOT frigging walk the ball upfield

  38. Bad performance but to look at the glass half full pepe should never let xhaka take another free kick.

  39. alee
    wtf?? get out of here you spud troll.
    The EPL isnt fifa 2018 takes time to adjust. You could see Pepe had the skills like Mattel but all you trolls keep bagging them.
    It’s the poor tactics from the manager

  40. Dear Avenger

    You hit the nail on the head. The owners see our wonderful club as a ‘franchise’, a means for them to prop up their US franchises. We should not have been in the position to have got a last minute goal to get past a determined team, but a poor team without the so called top players that make up the Arsenal squad.

  41. OMG Pepe..2 goals…. I’m stunned ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

    GunneRay.. were you saying the other day about Ceballos’s big feet? I couldn’t stop looking at them, while he was running, almost looked like Ronald McDonald.. a size or 2 too big… ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Big feet! Haha.
      Maybe he likes oversize boots just like Zidane during his playing days, used for lobs,cut ins and feigns

    2. Not me Sue. That must have been the chat with the lasses at the local!? But damn Pepe has finally arrived!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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