Official Arsenal line up to face Wolves – Ozil starts


Official team news – Ozil earns himself a Premier League recall for the game against Wolves

As was expected, Mesut Ozil has been recalled to the Arsenal side to face Wolves at the Emirates this afternoon.
Manager Unai Emery had hinted that he would be recalling the German playmaker after his display against Liverpool midweek.

This decision will naturally get a response from the fans on a day where the manager’s job could be on the line.

A win will lift the atmosphere of gloom surrounding the club at the moment. A loss will just add to the toxicity that is starting to creep in.

Anyway, this is the official team news, let us know in the comments section below what you think to the line-up. Has Emery got it wrong once again or is this the team that will beat Wolves?

The game kicks off at 15.00 UK time. Match Preview here and for comparison, our predicted lineup.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.

Updated: November 2, 2019 — 4:57 pm


  1. Is that 4-3-1-2 formation?

    1. 350oz, if Torerria plays his natural role, I would suggest it’s more of a 4-1-3-2 attacking formation at long last!!!

      Why Bellerin-chambers-holding-tierney isn’t the back four I don’t know, but this does look as if UE is going for the three points at last!

      1. Absolutely

        Sokratis and Luis are a liability..

        Emery is losing the fans already so why doesnt he play the best team?

      2. Yes Ken, Torreira should have been the midfield anchor since the very beginning. He is quick, gritty, and determined to win back possession. I hope we get a clean sheet this time.

      3. Ken I’ll believe Torreria is the DM when I see it. I still believe Emery will push him forward rather than shield our woeful CB’s.

        Sorry to be negative, but I have no faith in Emery or his “tactics.”

        1. I fear he’ll play a 4-4-2 diamond midfield again.

          1. I fear the same.

      4. I think he is going with a midfield diamond again.

        1. Diamond, our fears are realized. Even the commentator seems puzzled by the diamond midfield.

          Emery again not playing to win, but misguided attempt to counter wolves midfield.

    2. 4-2-3-1 is my guess.

  2. Torreira, Ozil starts. That explains emery substituting them against Liverpool.

    We might see pepe later as the game progress. We desperately need the win… Emery knows this!

  3. If Laca is central and Auba on the left it’ll be interesting who he plays on the right wing, unless he’s changed formation again..

    1. Guess it would be Ceballos on the left like he does for spain and Auba on the right.

      1. Ceballos is LW on paper only, because he usually plays in the middle for Spain

        He is not fast enough nor is he tricky enough to be an inverted LW

        1. Besides that he is a dribble maniac. He won’t make a quick simple pass unless he first dribbles someone. That’s what I hate about his game.

  4. Another morning of confusion. No wingers so why play a natural #10.

    1. We wanted all those in and they in yet we are still complaining. Xhaka isn’t there T is there. What do you expect if Ozil and Spaniard are fielded? Wingers have to give way.

      1. Finally someone makes sense. Its hard to please these so called fans. No matter which team or formation is fielded, they will always moan and berated the coach and players chosen. Its getting boring and toxic now.

  5. Ars 5- wolv1

    1. I want your dealers number. 😀😀😀 we all know it ain’t happening.

  6. So no more bashing emery right!!..cause i think he made a right choice today

  7. Oh Martin.. Unai screwed you over with his line up! Just goes to show, you never know what he has planned!


    1. Got eight from eleven this time, been averaging ten recently. They should make it a University course that teaches methods of deciphering Emery’s team selections.

      1. WHERE IS THE TEAM????

      2. 😆 I agree! Averaging 10 is good going, though 👍

  8. This is looking good we loose this and I’ll be buffled .ozil starts xhaka out interesting 4_1 Gunners

  9. Why do we keep shuffling through formations every week FFS!! Are we playing without wingers now or Ozil/Ceballos will be the wingers?
    Another week another debacle, come next week it’ll be another crazy formation all totally

    1. At Eddie
      Can’t actually see why people are excited for us playing four midfielders and not even one natural winger so whose the ball carrier.

      1. Aubameyang is suppressed on the wing. So if Lacazette is to be included in the line up, wingers must be sacrificed. It’s the only way to see Lacazette in the team unless we play 4-4-2.

        1. Crap!
          Auba Ozil Pepe
          Ceballos Tor
          Back four
          What the heck your talking.

          1. Your line up still has Aubameyang on the wing. That is the problem. Try to fit both Aubameyang and Lacazette in your line up as strikers and see what formation you will come up with.

        2. I agree Auba is a bit wasted on the wing. 4-4-2 is better to keep both Auba and Laca in the front. But pepe needed to be in there instead of Ceballos. Pepe can carry a ball on his own without support.

    2. Thank you, I thought I am crazy. Pepe seems clicking, why you removed him, the guy is insane. Ceballos and Ozil are almost similar, why can’t we have a natural formation and lineup is beyond me.

  10. If Ceballos plays as an LW again, it would be a big mistake. He doesn’t have pace to play as a winger

    And if Emery uses the diamond formation again, it’s gonna be to narrow to face Wolves’ wingbacks

    The only player in the line-up that I’m confident with is Tierney, because he can penetrate the opposition’s defense very well

    1. You are actually right this time mate no one can mock you sensible post.

    2. @gotanidea
      He’s gonna have his hands full with Traore. Hope whoevers playing left wing helps him out…

  11. Our coach is a tinker man

  12. Thank you, Josh King 👍

    1. Even if Arsenal lose today, I can still sleep well because Man United are having bigger problem

      1. But they are only 3 points behind us. 1 good game for them and one bad ebening for Emery and they will catch us.

  13. Emery is a coward. Now he needs to explain why he did not play Ozil. Was it Ozil’s back problem, his attack ptsp or he was not good in training?
    I hope we win today not just cos we are Arsenal, but to proove Emery wrong.

    1. Maks and if we lose, will that prove you wrong? Its not about proving right or wrong, its about getting Ozil back in the right frame of mind. You haven’t really got a clue why Ozil has been out of the team and in truth it aint our business.

      1. How it aint our business?! Our best player, at least on paper was out of the team for too long when we were lacking creativity.
        I was so happy when Emerz came to Arsenal, and introducing pressing all over the pitch. But Wenger’s team fell in the 2nd half of the season and most of the team looked like totally drained.
        This season he had to change something, make defence better, but nothing good happened in PL where we all have all our eyes on.
        Emery was benching Di Maria at PSG, and now Di Maria is their most important player except Mbappe. I am afraid he done the same with Ozil, and we will see today and next game who really wins this “battle”.

    1. Thank you so much

  14. Pepe should be allowed to start with the best arsenal got he’s our best winger what’s up with this Emery guy. Give Pepe the confidence

    1. Pepe didn’t play well in the last EPL match

      I wished Emery field Martinelli instead, but I believe Emery wants to do tiki-taka against Wolves

  15. Thats the most decent lineup I’ve seen for an Arsenal team in a long long time.

  16. As a typical Arsenal fan I will complain.
    What is Pepe doing on the bench? Who’s going to take corners?
    I like Arsenal fans.

  17. Guendouzi and Torreira should just sit deep, it would be a good balance.

  18. Pepe seems clicking, why you removed him, the guy is insane. Ceballos and Ozil are almost similar, no wingers. Why can’t we have a natural formation and lineup is beyond me.

  19. I think Emery decidedly didn’t start Pepe because he knows Auba, laca, pepe and Ozil can wreck havok and it will become hard for Emery to drop Ozil again. So he picks a weaker team and the formation that doesn’t suit Ozil, just to keep his performance not so overpowering. And he’ll sub Ozil with pepe at 60 minutes sharp any way.

    1. Emery’s is suicidal.

      1. He’s using Ozil in a formation that will require more from Ozil defensively as there aren’t any winger today to pressure wolves and keep them defensive. Emery wants to make a point today why he doesn’t play Ozil lol by exaggerating Ozil’s defensive problems in a formation that doesn’t support Ozil’s offensive capabilities.

  20. It’s a good line up. COYG!!!

  21. Even if we win 10-0 today I still want Emery out. He can’t manage this team it seems to me somebody is telling him who to pick or not. Though am happy Xhaka is gone because I can’t see him coming back to this team then following by his coach Emery. I don’t care what anybody says we must clear all the dead woods and garbage coach till we have our arsenal back

  22. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    I am of the thinking that is thinking that Arsenal will this afternoon today playing at home to Wolves in the PL will erase all what Wolves have on offer to offer in the match and beat them soundly by at least 4 goals to nil at the end of the match. This is so because Arsenal have the team capacity to deliver the 4 goals to nil win result to the club.

    But having said this, the Gunners must take into cognizance there could be the eleventh player on the Wolves side playing for them in the match in the match centre referee Michael Oliver who undoubtedly is the stunchest elite anti-Arsenal match referee at PIGMOB who is widely known to be always refereeing against Arsenal in the PL. And apart of him, Arsenal will have to deal with the Video Assistant Riggers personnel manning the Video machine device who could in conjunction with referee Michael Oliver collude with him to manipulate the VAR device to deny the victory Arsenal will surely work to earn over wolves this afternoon. But the Gunners must find a way in the match to overcome the 3 resistant both Wolves, Michael Oliver and the Video Assistant Riggers will pose to them in the game and win the match.

  23. The best lineup so far this season except for Sokratis I like it
    Also wish Pepe started

    Main thing: NO Mustafi, Xhaka 😀

    Torreira, Guendouzi, Ceballlos should start every match

    If Ozil can’t have a good match today, there’s no hope for him. He’s got quality behind him and in front of him.


  24. I am sure it could be 4-1-2-1-2
    Diamond 4-4-2

  25. Whoa, this is simply a mad coach with no sense.

    He can’t put right team on pitch no matter if all players available.

    Why is Chambers now played as a right back? Bellerin can play as Tierny does.

    It is all crazy looking with Ceballos there with Ozil, no winger, and mainly no DM to secure CBs.

    Team should be

    Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierny
    Torreira xhaka
    Laca Auba

    After that drama, a communion between fans and Xhaka was key, with players all by his side, fans cheering for him and his family.

    This would have produced a brand new start we need and gave the world image they have of us and was hurt by.

    As long as Chambers is played as DM and secure our CBs, many options are the available to combine in midfield and attack.

    Emery pick makes no sense nor any balance once again, it is a guessing game, we can lose or draw and win if lucky. Makes no sense!

    I guess Man U lost and we still above Spurs, if e draw and Chelsea & Leicester lose, we will still be in top4 reach. Mediocrity, this club is a mess, no sense!

    1. I’m also all for 4-4-2 diamond, but if Chambers is going to play DM, Torreira has to be dropped. Unless Torreira will play DM, and Chambers will feature as a defensive minded CM, while Ceballos plays the offensive counterpart, and Özil, the 10. Aubameyang and one of Lacazette or Pepe as strikers.
      I totally agree with your backline. And Luiz could also be a DM option if need be.

  26. Yeah looks like a diamond…it will be interesting

  27. The stadium sure has a lot of empty seats…

  28. The Problem is Unai Emery is, His team can’t defend and can’t score

  29. We are the mighty Arsenal –
    we are a world-class team,
    We play our game so
    majestically, we really are

  30. Far too slowwwwwwww

  31. Torreira is playing too high up for my liking. He is a DM for Godsake.

    1. He’s refusal to rotate back is clearly his choice. How’s everyone else doing it and he isn’t?

      1. Guendouzi is clearly the dm in this game, it is emery’s decision.

  32. Torreira playing right wing is an absolute joke

  33. Wenger’s time wasting and ball hogging tiki-taka still works against mid-table club

    Traore has lost his motivation after stranded in mediocre clubs for many years. He used to be more adventurous and more courageous

    1. Really? He lost his motivation in a week? Coz I seem to remember him running city rugged

      1. He used to be braver and more of a risk taker. His manager seems to ask him to play much safer

        Whatever Wolves manager instructed him, it is good for us. Because Traore doesn’t use his pace

  34. We play in the English Premier
    League – and we fear no
    other team,
    Not even Manchester United –
    do you know what I mean?


  35. Emery easy to read, I said diamond midfield and pushing Torreria up high before match even started.

    If a fan sees it imagine what an experienced manager knows.

    Emery doesn’t play to win, he ALWAYS sets up to counter opponents setup. That’s why when opponents adapt Emery is lost, his subs are usually all defensive, and he crawls into his shell like a turtle.

    1. Torreira is playing as a second CM in a midfield diamond. Everyone else, including the AM are rotating to defend and attack. How do you blame that on Emery? Ozil is falling deep enough to pick the ball from the defense, Guendouzi moving high enough to support the attack. Which of the two is torreira doing?

      1. I blame Emery for taking a solid DM and unnecessarily pushing him higher up when we have several players that can do a better job.

        Playing Xhaka as a DM has been woeful, Torreria as a CM unnecessary shift, all for what?

        I blame Emery for much Joe. No style or philosophy, some of the most lifeless, soul-draining football ever witnessed, making defense worse, to name a few.

        Why do you defend him? What do you see that fans, pundits, our legends, and other PL players don’t?

        Please don’t say “needs more time.” Flowers and fruit bearing tees need more time. Emery needs a rocket and wake up call.

  36. mickmematethemasterfarter

    chambers dm will b monster monster,bellerin on torreria off guendouzi sold out lol

  37. I’d take off Torreira and bring on Pepe, play him with bias to the right flank. Sit deep and hit on the break

    1. It’s too dangerous to bring Pepe in, because he lost the ball a lot and he couldn’t get past the opposition’s LW either

      Better replace Ozil with Martinelli and switch to 4-1-4-1 like what Rodgers likes to do

  38. AFC Bournemouth 1 – 0 Manchester United
    Arsenal 1 – 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers
    Aston Villa 1 – 0 Liverpool
    Brighton & Hove Albion 0 – 0 Norwich City

    Manchester City 0 – 1 Southampton

  39. Sokratis is really bad
    Cry Baby

    1. What did he do wrong?

      1. Little hand on face… Stayed down till Wolves Attack come to and end and Suddenly got up when we were on attack…

        1. A hand to the face is very painfulto be fair but I get your point.

  40. This team needs a proper coach and to be honest, without the creativity of Ozil, they won’t survive.

  41. Feels like I’ve been transported back to 1983!
    Emery out

  42. Ceballos really is shit

    1. I don’t like his style. I hate players that don’t release the ball quick enough.

  43. We need 2nd Seal this game…

  44. Gwendouzi will be the next player arsenal fans turn on because of the manager kid needs a break.

  45. They just got switched off

    1. Always going to happen we cant keep a clean sheet

  46. Can someone tell me why we took Torreira off?

  47. And just like that it is 1 -1

  48. Emery got what he deserved..1-1
    Sack Emery…

    1. Such a poor decision.

      Take off your CDM when you’re a goal ahead for a young attacking winger who’s matched against Traore and offers nothing going forward coz he’s out muscled on every challenge.

  49. Villa still hold on to Liverpool…We couldn’t defend lead against Wolves…Really embarrassing situation..

  50. Pls just have a lottery for fan to take charge … literally anyone could do better than this idiot

    1. Just sack him hes lost the squad of he ever had them!
      And damn Liverpool have equalised.

  51. I think it’s time for Emery to pack his bags tonight.

  52. He is looking for a goal and he brings on kolasinac.smh

  53. Only Emery would make subs to make us worse.

  54. Poor very poor
    Emery out now!

  55. Arghh 2 points from a possible 9 is shocking. Stop the rot enery out.
    Hes had some drama mind to deal with….
    Kos going on strike, ozil and Kola attack and now xhaka drama.

  56. Liverpool won.. Let Emery watch how to win a game..Sack him soon…

    1. Soon? Now you mean.

  57. Mane just won it for liverpool…😭😭😭

  58. There is no passion or desire when we have a lead. We get lazy, switch off. When we are behind or our opponents equalize we go again. Our formation and organisation doesn’t help, but where is the grit the hunger. It’s embarrassing.

  59. Arsenal play is very upsetting these days.
    What kind of slow motion game is this?
    No urgency whatsoever and another two points thrown away just like that

  60. mickmematethemasterfarter

    wolves better team by far proper manager my god sokratis is no leonidas 300 utter crap rudderless shit bring in don howe soorry eddie howe RIP DON

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