Official Arsenal lineup to face Standard Liege, no real surprises

Official Arsenal lineup โ€“ Freddie has gone with a mixed lineup as expected

Freddie Ljungberg was always going to pick a team for tonightโ€™s game against Standard Liege with the game against Man City on Sunday in mind.

Some positions he had no choice but to select players that will feature against City because of injury. But there still is a good sprinkling of youth and fringe players.

For the record, Arsenal would have to lose by five goals and Eintracht Frankfurt to win to be knocked out.

Additionally, if they finish second in the group that means they will not be seeded for the next stage of the competition. That is something to avoid otherwise they run the risk of playing the likes of Ajax or Inter Milan.

This is a competition they need to be serious about as it may be the only route to Champions League football next season.

You can view our match preview and score prediction here


        1. I only got 9 right.
          Thought they would go with at least one DM …Torreira and
          did not think Mavro would play.

    1. Predicted no showers did you mean..if you think we deserved ANYTHING then I suggest you watch magic roundabout. Only fun can see it in the way their school football. Enjoy wasting 2hrs of your life AGAIN

    1. This should be a lesson for him and other senior players

      If they don’t perform well, they will not be starters

      1. this is a good sign that no one should take their places for granted, something that Wenger and Emery failed to do and Freddie started it right.No doubt, the German magician will start on Sunday, someone help Freddie!Hope Mavs has a good game after a lengthy spell out.

    2. That guy will be Arsenal Ronaldo if we have good coach to tutor him. Let him start all our important games from now

    1. Shame? I want Martinelli in the team, so that leaves auba and Laca fighting for the no9 position and am sure if we put it into voting most of us will want auba starting ahead of Laca. Laca might be a hardworking player but we all know auba is the best in that position.

      1. Agree. I don’t feel bad for any of the non-performers. They haven’t been near good enough. Emery should’ve put Martinelli in the side ages ago yet kept with others. I hope more of the young players can start to step up and sit a lot of these senior players that get into the team on default reasons, not for necessarily being great.

  1. Is it gonna be 3-4-2-1?

    ……………. Martinez
    … Luiz . Mavropanos . Sokratis
    Niles . Guendouzi . Willock . Saka
    …. Smith-Rowe ……… Nelson
    …………… Lacazette


  3. Very interesting 4.4.3 lineup. My biggest worry is Luiz in the middle. He is a ball watcher and has cost us several goals this season. So glad to see Mavro, hope he has a good one.

  4. In the absence of Tierney and Kolasinac,FL has been obliged to revert to a back three in order to use Saka as left wingback.It will be interesting to see if he goes back to a back four against Man City.In any event Chambers will play on Sunday.

  5. Far better performance so far than against West Ham, quicker and more dynamic. Their left winger is a bit tasty though.

  6. A much better first half performance than in recent weeks, played with vigour and pace. Yes, some mistakes but so much more watchable than before.

  7. Ljungberg has completely changed the way the team plays. Now you can see the plan in attack and the way he wants the team to press. He has really impressed and it’s not as easy as peope think because he took over a really struggling side. If he does well this season I would give him the job because Arteta is as much of a risk and I still believe Ljungberg is something special. I might be the only one who think so too

    1. No I have rated him regularly on here.
      But because of the next 12 game horror run Freddie may not survive
      long enough for us to see what his talent as a Manager at Arsenal could be.

  8. Had Standard Liege players pressed up high and if they didn’t respect Arsenal so much, we would have been overwhelmed. Because the Gunners made plenty of errors

    Some Gunners didn’t seem to focus on the match. I bet some of them are thinking why Ljungberg didn’t keep them for the Man City game

    Had Smith-Rowe crossed to Nelson instead of shooting, we would have been ahead. Martinez made two errors, Luiz also made two and Willock was out of his depth

    1. Man, will you ever give credit where credit is due? Now youโ€™re counting errors ffs.
      Your glass really is half empty rather than half full…….

  9. Good game but Arsenal far too wasteful. Laca backing the opposition’s goal post chose trying to nutmeg an opponent instead of turning around and scoring.smh

  10. Meanwhile at City’s training ground
    Pep: (to players) possible outcome of our next game?
    Players: (start to chant) goal fest! goal fest!! goal fest!!!

    1. Aye! The honeymoon is over! West Ham were poor. This team are poor. City will make us look like a Sunday league team..

  11. In last ten years How many first team players that we have got through our academy other than jack wilshere,

        1. Top of the group, Europa league thats says it all, how our fans lowered their expectation of our beloved great club

  12. Wicked deflections.
    Poor old Mavro and Socritis.
    That’s why I thought going in with out a DM was a little bit risky.
    One goal for us tho would kill off the tie.

  13. Laca and now Saka ๐Ÿ™‚
    And these guys will be on the bench v City.
    Pep will be worried
    Now we are favourite to beat City but is that good?

    1. ๐Ÿ˜‚ what are you smoking man?…. favourites?!!… even if we won this game by 10 goals we’re still underdogs against City…. favourites! pff! ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

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