Official Arsenal lineup to face West Ham, very exciting

Official Arsenal lineup – Freddie Ljungberg has gone with a very attacking team.

It looks like Freddie Ljungberg is throwing caution to the wind a little tonight and about time.

The Swede has dropped Alexandre Lacazette and brought in young Gabriel Martinelli. He is starting Nicholas Pepe and Kieran Tierney and best of all, he has dropped David Luiz.

Sokratis is still in defence but maybe he can work better with Calum Chambers than David Luiz, hopefully so.

The midfield is still suspect but if Lucas Torreira plays as a defensive midfielder and Granit Xhaka is given some freedom then we could get a pleasant surprise.

This is a lineup that does excite me I will admit.

Anyway, here is the team that Ljungberg has gone with

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.


  1. Exiting indeed! Thank goodness no Luiz, seems like Freddie is seeing the light. This team will run them ragged…

    1. You are a lost Gunner and can’t blame you in this chaos. But come on now;

      What has changed in this team formation? Chambers as CB instead of Luiz? Sokratis as still there as CB, it should be Holding or Mustafi before Sokratastrphy!

      Then it is still not enough, we miss a top CB and only way to make up is to play another one infront of that pair! As Emery finally got on his last game, Luiz infront of CBs, allowing midfield to run forward and team to attack!

      To try to fill that huge hole and weakness in center defense with midfield as Xhaka to defend kills us, have us focus defending, running lost! Xhaka is no DM but a step up where he can make transitions to Ozil or attackers, or shoot! That’s his game not to defend as he is set to with Torreira who can’t hold that CB role to shit that hole!

      How do Ozil get balls to play to attackers ? Then Xhaka Ozil and every players will be blamed with a 5 or 3!

      Useless to even watch, same non sense formation, for same result; just a different opponent!

      Eddie is a total failure because out of his role, not a manager! Just as players!

    2. Message was aim to SA Gunner and everyone loving this crazy Eddie’s formation!

      We defending and lost! Losing Tierny who was in center defense zone to fill that hole Luiz should have by playing him infront of CBs.

      If not, xhaka , torreira are trying to do so but then no transition, bunch of lost players out of position!

      Freddie did not notice how good we were on Emery last game with Luiz in that position until he gets injured! Allowed team to focus playing forward!

      Can’t win a game playing defense running all lost!

      This is really tuff for players, team! Totally lost as Arsenal without Wenger! This is our reality check!

      To not realize how much we lost and falling off in such a speed after since Wenger left is simply make this all deserved, Wenger out! Right, Idiots!

      1. If this Freddisatster do not bring in Luiz for Torreira to lock this defense;we will conceid at least 2 more.

        Unfortunately he playedpepe & Martinelli and not Laca, so we cant bring in Willock for xhaka!

        What a crazy scary formation!

        1. Haha, mertazaker advising Freddisatster! What a mess, he probably runs defense!

          Better laugh, hurts so much! Wenger must be so sadden, Kroenke kills 20 years legacy in 16 months time! Unreal!

  2. what i like about the lineup is Tierney and Gabriel link up well
    Aubameyang starts upfront and Pepe reinstated.
    looks good just hope they did enough in training to win this

  3. A better line up especially with Martinelli starting on the wings, also Pepe on the other side with Auba in His preferred center position, good attacking lineup. but I wonder what’s happening with Holding, would have preferred Him to Socratis… I hope He comes back from His injury sooner

  4. I like the cast, except the inclusion of Ozil and Sokratis. But I can understand Ljungberg’s decision, because Ceballos is still injured and we leaked a lot of goals with Luiz as the CB

    Regarding Torreira, he will not sit in front of the CBs as a CDM in 4-2-3-1 formation. Xhaka and him are both DMs who will take care of right and left sides

    Nonetheless, I’m excited to see Martinelli on the left wing. I hope he could work as hard as the prime Sanchez and cut inside like the Chilean

  5. I have wanted to see Chambers in the middle and we get to see both of our good fullbacks starting together. I think that Pepe deserves a start, I know a lot of people aren’t keen on him but I think that he adds to the mix with speed and he does run at people with the ball.

    I might have gone with Laca over Auba because Auba’s attitude has been really bugging me but at least this is different (and Auba scores – we need the goals) and I would like to see if Martinelli can function at EPL level for a game.

    Maybe the change will shake some people up and get everybody working together.

    Come on Arsenal – make me smile!

  6. Xhaka the new Ramsey … What’s happened to him by the way didn’t play in their big game this weekend so suspect sari has worked out his limited qualities though still better than the hapless kosovan … Other than that it’s a positive line up …

  7. If arsenal dont win this one, y’all should nt come and be blabin… Just know that arsenal problems is not normal, other clubs village pipo yaff succeeded #COYG

  8. Dat was a good one from the coach…laca will be a good one from the bench n I hope the boys get the confidence to play at the London stadium

  9. Sorry to tell you nothing to do with the line up is something to do with motivation pride with the Arsenal shirt and willing to win fighting for every ball … I will let you know after 20 minutes

    1. Arsenal had better find a better RB ASAP

      I think Bellerin would be plagued by injuries like Diaby and Wilshere

    2. don’t like that and he has been really shaky of late…

      Maybe he will have a great game and rebuild his confidence.

      I agree with gotanidea on the Bellerin front – don’t think (but hope that I am wrong) we will be getting many good games from Bellerin – those cruciate injuries can be a career killer.

  10. Looks like the most exciting team for a while…………..on paper, but we play on a pitch !…………..two fiver letter words that start with “p”………..there the similarity ends !.
    This our 16th game in the league, they owe us a performance as the last 15 games have been unconvincing,dull and lifeless including the wins !

  11. Freddie spoke a lot about confidence being the key.
    So I expect the team to play with swagger.
    Reckon it will be high scoring, dramatic rumbustious affair.
    Going 7-3 to the Arse.
    Freddie is da man

  12. How can a professional footballer at EPL level gets injured during warm-up?

    Debuchy is old, but Bellerin is still young

    1. Injury in warm up happens even to the best team though very rare. Maybe he felt something and it was a precaution, better he replaced before going in the match and makes it worse.

      Acl injuries return is usually followed by months of niggling injuries before the body is strong enough.

  13. You can’t control midfield with torreira and xhaka combo … no connection between defense and attack … how many ffing times do you have to say this

  14. I’m bored already and it’s only 20 mins.. Lots of possession and lots of backward passing.. They look scared to commit in attack!

  15. Arsenal front 4 should go grab a bite, have something to drink maybe cause it doesnt look like their CBs or CMs intend to make a foward pass today

  16. Take ffing Xhaka off put him in the reserves and sell in January the worst footballer I can recall in an arsenal shirt

  17. Seriously some of you…the best lineup? Shows what you knoe about football.Xhaka in the team, Niles in the team?
    Xhaka the coward again. Freddie has to leave now, shite tactics and team. It’s like Emery never left. What’s this sideways to move 1 yard forward?

  18. Pretty cowardly from Maitland-Niles. Not as if it was a rocket header. Should be getting in the way of those, not turning away and falling over to get out of the wy.

  19. Can you all see how Ozil has been so useless so far. No fight, no grit, no urgency, nothing of note from him this 1st half.

    1. Cant even brag about a chances created stat anymore. He does nothing. Useless along with our other midfielders.

  20. Did Freddie say now we will be playing with confidence and determination? no ideas no planning scare whats is going on!!!every man for himself

  21. The only risk taker in this game, always trying to go forward is Pepe. The rest still on with their backwards sideways passing game.
    The more the games come, the more Ozil keeps pissing me off I swear. I haven’t seen a single forward pass into the box from him, though he’s not the only one with the backwards passing, but he’s just too soft on the ball for this game, any little thing and he’ll let go of the ball

    1. Pepe at £70 mill looks damn average! Try as he might he runs into occupied spaces and loses the ball!

      1. The whole team is in bad form. He’s bound to look average. He keeps trying alone, without help, always trying to go forward while the rest just keep being annoying. Sorry but the only two guys trying in this game are Torreira and Pepe.
        We keep mentioning his transfer fee, He didn’t ask to be sold at 72 million did he?

    2. Ozil when he 1st came was less than half the man he is physically today but he didn’t dally on the ball, he would have already analyzed and release the ball quickly. I can understand physical decline but his brain is gone. Only reason I can see is that he doesn’t give a shit about football anymore.

      Pepe on the other hand is trying and trying though still failing like most of his teammates. His attitude has improved after some tough love by ljungberg.

    1. Christ, Sue, even I would rather watch East Enders and hate East Enders more than Any thing! 🤨😥

  22. Crisis, we are now at a crisis point. Some of the best attacking talent on the planet and we serve up this drivel. We are most certainly in the relegation discussion. Think of it, Arsenal relegated!!!! Players, coaches, management what the hell are you doing with my club.

  23. side passing galore. Now Pepe looks like the best of the lot after having a slow start to EPL. Ozil, Xhaka does absolutely nothing. ZERO risk in their passing and I couldn’t tell you waht they do on the pitch. Most these players just dont look bothered. No speed to our play. Martinelli and Pepe really the only exceptions. Embarrassing. Just atrocious.

    1. Ozil and Xhaka seemed to have given up, but they both still want the money

      Doing almost nothing while sucking their employer’s money is equivalent to stealing

      Told you Arsenal would most likely lose if Ozil and Sokratis play, especially at away games

  24. Told you we have to reduce our reliance on no 10 gradually, especially when the no 10 easily gives up on chasing the ball and likes to let his teammates to get it for him

    Arsenal have deprived themselves of midfielders by using a no 10 in 4-2-3-1, instead of playing with 4-3-3

    Arsenal should use Chambers as a CDM in 4-3-3 formation, before it’s too late

    1. Ljungberg gave a clean slate to the players when he took over so had to give ozil a chance just like he gave the others. 18 players just in the 1st 11

    2. we know your feelings toward #10 and Ozil, but this is not about the set up or the position. who are you going to have in 433? Xhaka, Torreira and Gonduizi? The performance is still the same with or without Ozil. The team is just full of below average players and no amount of change in the formations is going to inspire or improve their performance. We have been fooling ourselves thinking that we have better players to compete with the likes of Liverpool and ManC. This club is in shambles and not evolving with time.

    1. Dude, seriously, he cares more than that whole squad combined!

      This team is unmanageable!!!

      Don’t blame Freddie. He’s at a loss no matter who he picks.

      1. I know,i didn’t see any passion from our know now 2.30am in our country, I’m just frustrated

  25. Just watched the worst two teams in the league and wasted 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.
    Any other team in the league would be tearing West Ham apart and we’re losing to them.
    Freddie passive on the bench. What is going on?

  26. Get Rafa ancelotti whoever just get a manager with experience and quick cause this is Clueless relegation football

    1. Told you Dalian Yifang have put 23 million release clause on Benitez’s contract

      Our only hope is not the next manager, but Ozil’s departure in January

      We should not let any senior player gives bad example to the youngsters. Loser mentality, complacency, laziness and the lack of fighting spirit spread very fast in a team

  27. The display so far tonite is absolutely disgusting, they are frightened of their own shadows, my God we are hurtling towards bottom 3

  28. What a load of usless shit in the yellow shirts. You had our smallest man marking the biggest man on the pitch for that corner, wtf? 72 mil? What’s going on. Freddie you are playing the same way as the did before you.

    1. Fulham spent more than 150 M, then relegated

      Arsenal spent more than 120 M, then relegated as well?

      Come on you bloodsucking players, fight if you care for the team

    2. Yea Sean your 100% right. They have no balls, none of them, Adams, Bold, Vieira, Petite and the lads must be pulling their hair out if they are watching this crap.

      1. Unreal how far we have fallen. Stan needs to go along with whatever shambles is being run at the club.

  29. Whatever nonsense stuffed in their brains to make them keep taking the ball to their own goal mouth…
    By the way that foul on Pepe is a straight red if committed by an Arsenal player, no needing help from var, yet not even a yellow with var?SMH

  30. Beyond analysis !

    But one thing I do know, I wouldn’t have someone in my YOUTH team turning their back on a DIVING HEADER FROM 9 Yards out !!!!!!!!!!

  31. These boys are plain weak! Giving the ball back to Westham all the time. Possession only within ur own half. No service to the forwards, just sideways and backwards passing.
    Westham clearly have a game plan, what’s ours?
    I can’t understand how the board fired Emery, without any replacement in mind.
    This club is in shambles from top to bottom. It’s such a shame!!

  32. Well guys and gals, this next 45 minutes will tell us everything we need to know about this group of individuals.. men or mice!?

    1. Even if we win this game we already know what this Arsenal about. West ham look really bad themselves. If they star pressing they can easily score more goals.

  33. Most of you guys were happy to see the back of Emery, you can clearly see it was the players that are the problem. They don’t even play for a club legend. Aubameyang is a disgrace of a Captain. No work ethic. At least players like Lacazette and Guendouzi try to get the ball rolling. Heck I’d play Lacazette over Aubameyang every game. Martinellu has potential to be a great player too bad others are really bad.

  34. I need to stop watching Arsenal fc games on telly up until the end on the January transfer window. Hopefully by then we’ll have new quality defensive players in the mould of central defenders and defensive midfield players… What I’m watching of late is just horrible to my eyes.

    I really don’t fault Ljungberg in all this because its hard to motivate players that are dejected and lacking confidence. Whatashame!!

  35. Watching the reply of that goal sums up who we are at the moment. Zhaka doesn’t attack the ball, chambers turns his back, AMN turns his back. Not one showing commitment, not one putting his body on the line.. Shame, shame, shame.

  36. Thanks millions to admin for the stream.
    I actually have enjoyed our endeavor and can see Freddies attacking intent.
    The goal was freakish and lucky.
    Our plan is to go down the flanks and use our pace.
    But our two fullbacks have been injured.
    Westham have also read the game plan well and have sat deep to nullify our flanking plan.
    We need to run at their central defense.
    Just draw fouls and get Pepe and others hitting free kicks

  37. I believe investing soo much has costed us, wtf is Ozil and Xhaka doing on the pitch. I am seeing only Martinelli playing his heart out he even covers for kolasinac

  38. This is beyond managers, players and tactics now. This teams needs a psychiatrist now.

    This team is broken, completely broken. Our only hope is to avoid relegation and restart next season.

  39. Creswell completely deserves to get a long term injury. He had 2 disgusting tackles to try to injure pepe. Come on Karma do your job.

  40. Now tonight I just felt it would click and wed get our first win but I’m gobsmacked this football is garbage and without a bad line up!
    I get the fact we struggle at home as the pressure of home fans must be like a ball a chain but away we should relax and try and just play.
    The rot is into every player now and I feel sorry for Freddie hea doing his best I’d think.
    I want s character to come snd rally wholl grab the players by the nuts and scream at them….Martin Keown would do.
    Look at what Ferguson achieved at Everton the other day. Well auba and laca are gone now for sure.

  41. One can only hope the feckless board will have the ability to bring someone within days to stop the bleeding. Otherwise we are surely going down.

  42. Pepe steps up!

    Funnily, my father in law who knows very little about football keeps asking me, “why does that number 34 keep giving the ball away”? LOL 😀😄

  43. With the quality has upfront, this is how goals should be flowing into the opposition’s post but insted they choose kicking the ball around own post

  44. Has there ever been an Arsenal player who miss places more passes or gives the ball away more than Xhaka. I can’t think of anyone.

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