Official – Arsenal sack Unai Emery, the search is on for his replacement

Arsenal sack Unai Emery, the big question is, who will replace him?

It had to happen, there was no way he could remain in his post, everything that could go wrong did.

Arsenal have official confirmed he has left the club. here is their statement

We announce today that the decision has been taken to part company with our head coach Unai Emery and his coaching team.

Speaking on behalf of the Arsenal board and our owners Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, Josh Kroenke said: โ€œOur most sincere thanks go to Unai and his colleagues who were unrelenting in their efforts to get the club back to competing at the level we all expect and demand. We wish Unai and his team nothing but future success.โ€

The decision has been taken due to results and performances not being at the level required.

We have asked Freddie Ljungberg to take responsibility for the first team as interim head coach. We have full confidence in Freddie to take us forward.

The search for a new head coach is underway and we will make a further announcement when that process is complete.

Once the fans stop turning up at the stadium then you know the writing is on the wall. It was also clear that he had lost the dressing room.

There will be huge relief and hope for the fans. Relief that the Spaniard is gone and hope that a new manager can turn the fortunes of the club around.

In all truth the writing was on the wall last season, missing out on top-four and being humiliated in the Europa League final meant it was an uphill task from that point onwards.

There was a lack of direction under Emery, he had far too many formation changes and his team selection was inconsistent at best.

He could never really settle on a strategy and that fed through to the players. However, not everything was his fault. The players must shoulder part of the blame. Some clearly gave up and simply refused to fight for the shirt on their backs.

Now attention will turn to his replacement and you have to hope someone will be announced sooner rather than later.

This is still a squad that can finish top-six, a squad that can still make an impact in the Europa League and under the right manager they could still make the Champions League next season.

The pressure is now on the board to get a new man in quickly but more importantly, to get the right man in.


  1. Drinks on me!!!
    Who’s up for celebrating?
    I can actually resume watching an Arsenal game this weekend.

    Freddie’s taking over till the end of season, forget it, no replacement is coming now.
    Top options for the end of season are Arteta and Pochettino.
    Like I told Sue yesterday, it’s one of those two the club wants.

    1. Woohoo!!! Just seen the news, guys!! Oh I feel like dancing, singing, celebrating and even twerking ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      About bloody time!!!

      1. Sue, yours is completely on me, do you know Pat drinks Fosters??? Wow ๐Ÿคฉ. I think I will let him know so that he doesnโ€™t use spurs to fight with you anymore. The party venue is at Mr Mesutโ€™s house, Ozil will be in cloud nine.

        1. ๐Ÿ˜ Cheers, Pat ๐Ÿป
          Oooh I love an amber nectar ๐Ÿ˜‰
          Good old Pat!!
          He will indeed, and I think a fair few others will be too!!

          1. Don’t celebrate too early; there is an awful lot of work to be done to turn the Arsenal ship around.
            There is now nowhere for these overpaid, pampered prima donnas to hide. Many of them have now underperformed for both Arsene Wenger and Unai Emery.
            Hopefully the next head coach is a disciplinarian who can knock this lot into shape. However which well credentialled coach/manager will be prepared to take on this squad with its deficiencies (particularly the lack of physical and mental strength) without high personal terms and a large transfer budget.

          1. Bruno – It’s probably because he’s our best player, but only to people who understand football. If he does not run around like a headless chicken then unthinking people jump on the ‘He is lazy’ bandwagon. AW himself answered that question many moons before. Because he’s a thinker rather than a ‘run around a lotter’ some people, like Emery and yourself, prefer to join the above bandwagon tribe so you don’t have to think and evaluate.

      2. Definitely we are free again promised not to watch Arsenal play till Emery is sacked!! Am back guns blazing ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    2. Do you follow arsenal bit the EPL at all?I can tell you no, rejoicing because of Emery’s demise is sad!he wasn’t not perfect but if the players had taken their chances they would have won! ARSENAL club and his so called fans attacks atthe man has done more damages to Emery as a coach and the club!most people who used to mock his english can’t even speak another language and by reading your comments your can’t even right spell,write understand what you call your own language! how old are you?or what kind of education or IQ’s levels to do you have??what about kicking a man when he is down like thugz! you can describe his style of coaching and his failures in an articulated way that some of you are incapable to do and constantly bellitling the man who was not shy of working,had arsenal best interests at heart but despise that he was abuse and ridiculed online! trust me he will come back a better coach while in the meantime,after Wenger, now him,they will move on to someone else, communication,poch from the saints to spurs needed stranslator and another 2 years at spurs, after 2 years in England my English was already better than poch now!!Emery had 18 months imagine after 7 years! anyway what do you expect from the same people who abused Wenger who gave 22 years mostly good and during challenging conditions and the money was never of what it is today anyone with commonsense knows it!the #wenger out were so sure he was the problem!,was he?no.fools or ignorants?? lastly why don’t we get an inexperienced gaffer like Chelsea did numerous time on a contract untill the end of the season with clauses and goals,you don’t hit them no bonuses… the way it worked for them why not for us???

      1. ๐Ÿ‘ Well said. However Chelsea went for well credentialled managers prior to Lampard and despite having a transfer ban now, over the previous years have contracted many of the best up and coming talent in Europe.

        1. I like your comments the always have common sense and knowledge!but one question if it is one you seem to think that we cannot do the same!i.m pretty sure there is a number of experienced, good coaches with authority that Emery lacked in fairness who are available and willing to return to work,win win situation,I didn,t calculate but by missing the top 4,bad run in the europea,it will cost the club more than the compensations due to Emery and his staff!what do you think?

          1. Arsenal have to get it right now, The decision to sack Emery was the right one, given results and lack of progress, particularly in defending.
            The Board, scouting and recruitment and the under performing players are now in the spotlight and have step up.
            The next head coach has to address the glaring physical and mental fragility of this team. In 57 years of following the Arsenal, I can’t remember a greater collection of wimps.

      2. Oh sorry Einstein without no apologies get lost. This is my opinion and I haven’t abused him personally.
        Your free to voice your own opinion just keep your hypocritical statements away from me

    3. Can you afford the drinks?if you followed the sport,you,d know that these 2,s are a non starters and i won’t explain it to you why!!

    1. Pat a sad day for football, a sad moment when player power rises above the coach. Emery has nothing to be ashamed of, in fact Arsenal should have been ashamed in Baku when our players failed Emery, Seville players gave him joy for three consecutive years. Arsenal fans can rejoice for the moment,as some did when Wenger quit, the player power has taken deep roots in our beloved club, hope Josh has taken notes and plans to weed out the roots before the tree can start to yield bad fruit. If we do not hire a tough task master, history will keep repeating itself.
      Wish Emery and his team all the best for future, hope to see him soon in some dugout.

      1. Gunner22, I know but there were too many many things wrong with the team and Emeryโ€™s managerial approach and performances. Arsenal is not a small club, it has lots of history and there are ways thing are done. Emery isnโ€™t up to the task and responsibilities

          1. Emery was so far from being passionate as I’m from being the next Arsenal Head Coach. The only things he has shown any passion was in playing Xhaka and freezing Ozil regularly.

            Not saying he isn’t a good manager, but he lacked imagination and creativity, didn’t play to his squad’s strengths, didn’t focus on the required things like player’s field awareness, body positioning during organization and transitions, good first touch passing, etc.

          2. Well then, we deffo need a manager who can motivate the team then, because Unai couldn’t!!

            His tactics and skills were nonexistent although I will say, there are obvious weaknesses in the squad and we all know who they are, right!?

          3. Bruno, I hated everything Gary Neville said until he said maybe there was no natural connection between the players and coach. I could count many many things Emery did wrong as a coach, (1) he creates friction between players (2) he complicates our football (3) he is extremely inconsistent, Emery doesnโ€™t TRULY understand his own football philosophy, or maybe our football philosophy, (4) he doesnโ€™t understand what formation to use, football is about consistency, (5) he doesnโ€™t understand the strength and weakness of his players, (6) he plays wrong players in wrong formations. Theses are things I can tell you as a novices in football coaching, but these are very clear and visible mistakes. Ok that us assume Emery did everything right, the results are not good at all and maybe the main reason is because of Gary Neville said โ€˜ there is no chemistry between our football, our players, the fan and Emery. So we all must part ways. We will get a new coach and Emery will get a new job. Everybody is happy.

      2. Well said,the playerss power I don’t know what to say about it,I really like your parting words to Emery!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป,finally someone with principles,morals and compassion!you should be proud @ Gunner 22!!

    2. Let me think of a manager who can come on cheap n short contract …Arsenal board will find another way to screw us fans again lol!, I am afraid it’s too late now for this season…what’s the point of taking action when you are pretty sure of the near future out come. Good board n employers are always pro active. As I said before issue was not UE but the owner. We are sinking like Newcastle day by day but Arsenal fans don’t see it, it all started when Kronke took complete charge of club.

      1. @Mohsan
        How correct you are. The fans are too myopic to see the behind the scenes being played out in front of their eyes. The owners undermined AW because they felt he had too much control. But instead of working with him to impliment a better structure, he they pushed him out. They then brought in a bunch of yes men who are all devoid of feeling for the club and worst of all have zero clue as to move it forward. As much as I never felt Emery was the man for the jod, men the board and management never worked with him to get the players he felt would best suit his style of play. Sort of feel for the guy, but he didn’t stand a chance…

    1. Pat, Sue, Ken, Phil, Quantic Dream, oh even you Jon Fox, get in here for a big group hug!
      We did it๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. @Quantic Dream
      Its far from over. Its continuing to spiral. The spin has just been momentarily slowed down…

    1. Espirito is a media BS bro.
      Raul and Jorge Mendes been having lots of conversations lately and that’s why it’s being made up Espirito is being targeted.
      BTW Raul’s obsession with Spaniards needs to be reduce Asap, that shรฎt is affecting us.
      I can confidently tell you right now, the only two genuine contenders the club want for the permanent position are Arteta and Poch.
      Of cuz as the season goes, things might change

      1. Thanks Bro. we just need to make the right appointment. Arteta does not have the experience but i guess being a former captain he knows the team. i would like to know if it is possible for Arteta to join now or till season end? Also, Is pochetino been considered or just media hype?

        1. Arteta isn’t coming anywhere now. He has told City he wants to finish this season with em before leaving. So if we’re to get him it’ll be after the season, and no interest in Poch isn’t media hype

          1. Arteta would be chewed up and spat out by this lot. Once he thinks about it he knows he’s safer to stay where he is and then look for a lower profile job.

      2. Nope..looking at out past aspiration and effort I think Nuno Santo is the man …he is cheap, can be given short 2 years contract n best of all he is used to playing with small budget. We will never sign a well known and successful manager bec they require funds n want their own footprint on the team. If you have a back bone and stand up to the board mentality for what is right you won’t get the job.

      3. Espirito Santo would be poison long-term.

        Not because of him, but because it would make his ‘kingmaker’, the super-agent Jorge Mendes Arsenal’s virtual sporting director and scout combined. We would buy not the players we need, but players Mendes wanted offloaded.

        Big thumbs down to Santo because of that.

        Arteta, followed by Allegri — best options for me right now. Poch – sure, but he won’t come. Better to give this season to Freddy and find a long-term option in the summer if Arteta can’t come now. But if he can, give him an 18 months contract, not more for now.

      1. And how many languages do you two speak fluently?
        How about showing some class and not kicking a man when he’s down.

        1. That was just a benter, by de way I speak 3 languages. He is not down …he is out my friend. Where was your class when he was down n needed support ….do not lecture about morality when you stand with same crowd who made jokes on wenger n were saying things about UE urself.

          1. Mohsan, where is an example of me denigrating Wenger? I have consistently said that both Wenger and Emery have been let down by many of the same players. Also please refer me to any disparaging personal comments I have made on this site, regarding Wenger or Emery other than regarding football matters?
            The decision to sack Emery and to move on from Wenger was the correct one.
            Now it is up to the Owner, Board, management and particularly the players.

          2. By the way the correct English word is “banter” (not “benter”). My next question to you, Mohsan, is how would you appreciate such banter being directed at yourself?
            Also Emery was rightly sacked as Head Coach of Arsenal, as it’s a results business; however such “no nothings” as Guardiola and Mourinho still rate Emery as a coach and believe he will have no problem getting a new job.

      2. @ Ozzie Gunner:after reading few of your comments I am beginning to be a fan,I found myself agreeing with most of them!; keep it up the good work mate!

  2. Great news, but the wrong time. International break was the perfect time for this. Delaying the inevitable has cost us two more points, and leaves our European progress slightly more uncomfortable than it should be. I won’t quibble over a couple of games though, considering I had to wait more than four years for Wenger to leave.

    Will be very interesting to see if the board have anyone lined up, or if they’re only starting the process for a new head coach as of now. For me personally, Ljungberg in charge until the end of the season, then move heaven and earth for Simeone in the summer.

    My top five choices in order:

    1 – Simeone
    2 – Allegri
    3 – Rodgers
    4 – Espirito Santo
    5 – Pochettino

    1. Ljungberg only charge until the end of the season, unless one of the managers I have mentioned will join now. Which is actually a better option. Use the reminder of this season to adapt, then be ready go straight from the first game next season. Like what we’ve seen with Rodgers at Leicester.

    2. I thought so too at first that it’s wrong. Then I read where I get my leaks the board took so long in sacking him because they were worried about shaking things up just as about as we’ll be getting into the busy DEC schedules.
      It means Freddie will have a lot to do and deliver this DEC.
      The club wanted to give Emery the pass to get through with Dec fixtures that was why they came out to back him after the Int break, but fans and the players reactions all changed that

    3. I would like to know who makes your top 2 list as your list are very tough to determine. They are all top level coaches.

    4. First two are also my preferred choices. If simeone agrees to join us then appoint him without any hesitation otherwise allegri is an excellent choice also. What we need is a defensive type coach who can make our defence a formidible unit which will be difficult to score against. Otherwise our attack is one of the best in the league if not the best just needs simeone and allegri as one of the head coach that can change the shape of arsenal defensively because i beleive it will not make any impact if we still buy van dijk etc. Because this team a coach that can make it more stable defensively and change the shape and organization of how to defend

    5. Out of that list only Nuno Santo is possible n will come. For Simeone is like Wenger at ath Madrid not happening, Allegri needs funds n has a backbone not coming Man United bound, Rodgers not this season for sure and at the moment it’s a step down for him, Pocha will sit out this season n next season I see him in top job like Bayern, Madrid or PSG.

      1. Well said. We are doomed for failure. Had to appoint Mourinho, before Spurs snapped him up. Now see them rise from the dead and us sink in the bottom…

      2. Finally a smart and realistic comment.
        People thinking Simeone would leave Atletico where the entire club is set up for him and his style of management and come to Arsenal where he would struggle with the setup, the language, and other local issues are downright foolish.

        Out of those 5 Rodgers and Poch are the only good options and we can’t get them.

        I just hope we don’t get Santo or Allegri.
        Santo is only good for a counter-attacking small team. When he had to break down defensive team at Porto, he failed and was sacked. Also, the Mendes issue is huge with him…
        Allegri may be good, but again –like with Emery–there are communication issues and no clear playing style, depending instead on superior individual quality.

        1. You have the only logical thinking around here , only arteta & poch have the required communication skills, the rest cant communicate and not good enough

  3. Finally!!! Hope we get Poch. I couldnโ€™t think of a better manager available than him.
    Otherwise Naglesman or Ten Hag

  4. I been away for awhile due to my grandma dying and some new news I am going to be a dad!

    But isnt this a fitting time to come back and comment?!!

    I was one who said time is always needed, it was the same approach AFC took and well done for that but the writing was on the wall for the last 5 weeks. Southampton then yesterday was enough.

    Nothing against Unai. Some great managers are great but never made it at certain clubs.

    I been thinking even if Ljungberg is ready for the big time? How great would that be?

    But I cant see how arsenal cant give the role to Poch????!!!!

    I still believe our Squad is superb considering the Mix. Sure we need some additions but the squad is decent, first time in a long time. Credit the board for that.

    1. Sorry for your loss friend.

      Also congrats!

      Let’s hope for good times ahead, both for you as a father and the Arsenal club.

      1. Indeed. Also worth noting the season is not a right off. With the right man this squad could delivery a UEFA Cup. And 8 points is a gap we shouldn’t feel scared of. Especially when we have chelsea and leciester to still play, and them to play each other.
        Game on.

    2. Tom, my condolences on the loss of your grandmother and congratulations on your good news. The cycle of life!
      However, I can’t agree with your glowing assessment of the Arsenal playing squad! The players have nowhere to hide now; time will tell.

      1. Hey OG, I agree that they have not performed at all thus far this season.

        But I think as much as i wanted unai to be given a chance (and i feel he was beyond even my limits and so he will not be disappointed with the exit timing) he did not bring out the best in many players. So i feel our squad is decent but not performed at all this year. Let’s hope the new manager shows what this talented squad is capable of.

  5. We should stick with Freddie until we have a good manager lined up. No hurry here. Freddie can do a good work, as he has shown with the youth team.

  6. A man has lost his job today along with his staff. Iโ€™m pleased the board has been decisive but thank you emery for your efforts we all wanted it to work out but just wasnโ€™t the right fit. Good luck Freddie for the interim fingers crossed you become the right man or whoever is in line for a permanent role.

  7. Its about time.

    Now to to extensively work on hiring the right man. Lets not rush it and make the same mistake Man U has made.

    Unai was a good guy, but he was never suited for Arsenal or the English game. He could never truly understand or appreciate whats needed to be successful in this league.

    Now time for some players to follow him out of the club.

  8. I hope Freddie Ljungberg does not play 7 defensive players and 3 attacking players. He should go for goals by fielding 5 defensive players and 5 attacking players. The way we will not be seeing to many back passes. Secondly, he she cut out this holding on to the ball by the players and encourage a quick, one-touch football. That should be their focus in training so that they can build chemistry and a pattern of play.It should be drilled into them until they become masters of the style. 4-1-4-1 formation.






  9. Hallelujah! At long last! The long night is over and whoever comes in permanently, things can only get better! Dracula finally had that long and stupidly delayed stake driven through his heart. Who next then? The bookies clearly know something, so I am almost sure it WILL be Nuno Espirito Santos. In an ideal world I would love Rodgers but it looks almost impossible. Whoever it is, after a decade of dreadful defending and the last 18 months of NO DEFENCE WHATEVER, surely it cannot be too much to hope that we get in someone who at least realises that defence is a crucial part of any team. Our last manager who realised that was George Graham. Otherwise, you might just as well play 10 forwards, which would at least make a change from a team packed with theoretical defenders but none of which actually WERE DEFENDERS. But lets celebrate fellow Gooners, the long night is finally over! FAREWELL DRACULA!

      1. Well then OZZIE YOU HARDLY KNOW ME. Arsenal harmers get my scorn and venom. This silly and damaging man should have been sacked many weeks ago but was allowed to continue harming us daily. HOW DO YOU EXPOECT ANY REAL DYED IN THE WOOL GOONER TO REACT? I am rejoicing he is finally gone and he has become widely known as Dracula, for he has “something of the night about him”. His pathetic efforts to learn all but pidgeon English show him to have been an imposter of a so called top manager and so good riddance. It that offends you, then so be it! I will always attack those who harm Arsenal FC, no matter who they be!

  10. Good news-Emery has gone.Bad news , a host of poor players are still here.Challenge- Replace poor quality with top quality.Conclusion, regardless of who takes over we will not make real progress until our weak links are excluded from the team.Hopefully Ljungberg will be sufficiently strong to base his selections on ability, not on past reputations.As of now as fans we should be 100% behind Ljungberg.

    1. Yap! Poor players like Ozil and Xhaka and Aubameyang are not going to get you results we need to get rid of so called big names who produce nothing and bring in players who want to play for Arsenal and I really hope Ozil is gone coming this January

      1. So, you mean Aubameyang is a poor player? What a fan are you.. One of the fastest player to 50 goals.. Remember he came to this club last year..

  11. This team needs a good midfielder. The first mistake was to let Ramsey go. If you recall, the team started performing poorly when Carzola got injured.
    Ramsey was better than the options available in that position. As a fact, Pepe would play much better with a better midfield. If you look at his play, he moves, creates space for a midfielder to fill in. But positioning of the current midfielders does not always support him.

        1. I know, but not extending his contract was the mistake. We have missed his drive and will in the midfield ever since.

  12. Great news folks! Celebration time! Nothing against Emery but he was taking us backwards into a sinking sand. Now our players must start performing asap and bring back our Arsenal. Personally I like Freddy a lot even when he was our player. I liked his passion and commitment to the Arsenal shirt. Hope he carries on in the same way in the Manager job. Would love to see him to be our Full Time Manager. Best of luck Freddy!

  13. I am very sad the way you all pushed Wenger and Emery out. Nobody in this life loves getting fired from there all plus the stupid players are all horrible. May you all receive the same treatment at your various jobs.

    1. Bruno, I BET YOU LOVE DRACULA FILMS TOO! As for |”pushing out”, Emery pushed himself out by his own idiocy. Reality!

  14. Time for celebration!…Now we have seen the power of the fans.Automatically after coming back from celebration, we need to discuss not to fall in to a vicious circle of firing-and-hiring managers.I think the club owners and the board should have to critically evaluate the incoming manager.

  15. Emery came from 2 very weak leagues. La Liga only has 3 clubs that would challenge for top 4 spot in the premier league. Barcelona, Real Madrid and Ahtletico Madrid. Sevilla and Valencia would be mid table clubs while every other club are Championship level.
    In Ligue 1 PSG are the only club that would challenge in the Premier League. Marseille, Lyon and Lille would be fighting not to get relegated. All the other clubs are again Championship level.
    Emery was given the chance to see if he could step up his game but as we could all see it was too big of a step up for him.
    My choice of managers to take over would be in this order.
    From that list I think we only have a realistic chance of getting Allegri, Poch or Arteta.
    All the others are doing well in their leagues so why would they want to leave clubs they are flying high with to come to a club that’s been left in such a mess.
    That being said I hope Freddie can step up so we don’t need a new manager.

  16. Just for romantic reasons, I wouldn’t bring a new manager until the game vs Manu is done. A Ljundberg vs Solskjรฆr manager clash is basically a New Years present for all football fans.

  17. Freddie Ljungberg will choose young talented players instead of david luiz, sokratis, xhaka, etc… He will optimized Pepe at best.. and will make Auba and Laca become the best strikers

  18. Thanks to Emery for Torreira, Guendouzi, Martinelli and Pepe and taking us to the Europa League finals

    But he had to go. His tactics were abysmal. His lineups were terrible too. After last several bad results he had to go

    1. Aw, thanks for asking Sue. Obviously happy heโ€™s gone but keeping my euphoria in check a little until a successor is announced, though I really think Freddie could do a job. I just hope they do due diligence this time and Raul doesnโ€™t get away with appointing another one of his mates!

      1. I agree about Raul, Declan ๐Ÿ˜„

        And am looking forward to Freddie and his tactics ๐Ÿ˜ Finally, some decent football ๐Ÿ™

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, we survived watching the most drab football ever witnessed! Well done everyone. But being serious, Emery was just out of his depth all-around. Seems a decent guy but he was nowhere near good enough in the end and we only had one period during the 18 months where we looked like a good team. I have mixed feelings about what to expect next. A lot of the players we have seen threw in the towel months ago and are coasting along. If I were Freddie I’d tell those coasters that he is more than fully prepared to bench them for younger players. Nobody gets into a matchday squad that looks like they do not care about Arsenal.

  20. The king is dead, long live the king. It’s time to get back on board and support whoever is in charge to the hilt, time to lift the roof of the Emirates Stadium at the next home game when we welcome the team and new manager. Time to forget petty squabbles and why this one did that, or why that one did not play, or a certain player is not a CB’s backside.


  21. Results been bad for ages, Emery should be sacked 9 games ago!

    Kroenke reacted by seing of that empty stadium yesterday; not at all about Emery but TV rights, advertising, sponsors who are a huge stack of millions he takes home. Half people who didn’t show up have a season pass paid for, rest did not come; scared for all that money and that image which generates revenue!

    Don’t get fouled, I was writing it for a while now, the greedy cowboy bought Arsenal fans’s share last to make it 100% ownership, shut us down. He now realises that without us, he has no power, no money!

    I want to thank all Arsenal fans who did not make it to Kroenke stadium!

    Next time let’s have signs of We want Koulibaly & Wenger for Xmas; have Freddy under him, teach him as Prof coach til end of season and next season! He has no experience in professional football,

    Can’t be compared to Lampard who has experience Eddy does not nor officially a head coach yet, can help 10 weeks like! I’d rather see Wenger devellop Freddy than a new coach come in such a club in no man’s land like, adapt to Arsenal, we will not make top 4! Wenger by Freddy will be best for today and prepare tomorrow as supposed to. To sack our Prof from home he built was wrong from Kroenke as all he does! Look how Man U treat Alex who is sad for Wenger’s ending. He is the reason why Kroenke wanted to buy Arsenal!

    Wenger & Koulibaly for Xmas! Shame they gave Emery more ressources than to Wenger in 10 years! Napoli wants Torreira and okay to sell Koulibaly! Then we can beat any team, make top4. Start off next year strong for title race, win CL, we got the team & youth to do it! With a great ending Prof deserve as his seat in stadium that should be named Wenger stadium as he paid for it by maintaining our brand strong and CL in order to manage to pay for it all! Wenger Emirates for sure!

    1. There is no Arsenal brand with Le Professor.

      Bring back Wenger for the rest of the season, and then look for a long term replacement. If fans apologized to Wenger, I am sure he would come and Freddie would be happy.


  22. We have all called for Unai Emery to go and we were right in that. He was paid big money to move us up, but he just didn’t have the ability. It’s important to make it clear that there was no personal disdain, it was just reality. He could not do it. So compassion to Emery and we want him to have happiness in his life. But this is for the best. Arsenal are a big, big club, and we should be challenging on all fronts. Who knows the premiership best. I would say Rogers and Pochettino…..but whoever comes the will need a big pot of wonga. We need players. Our defence needs Saliba but our midfield is probably the worst in the Premier League. Remember Santi, Ozil, Ramsey and Jack. Remember their magic goals. Remember the cup finals. Now we have Xhaka, Torreira and Guendouzi. They are not the finished article whatsoever. Without a class, athletic, creative midfield who can dominate what chance have we got…..none. So we must get a class midfield and a defense.

  23. I hope Freddie can bring back some semblance of good to watch Arsenal again,He was part of some great Arsenal teams and knows the club well, Emery has now gone and I am sorry to say that it was a mistake to appoint him in the first place,a nice man but not up to the premiership I wish him luck for the future,now time to get things right.I think Youth will play a big part for Freddie and I hope he has seen what players he can rely on to fight for the shirt, the two best players last night were Martinelli and Saka,the rest especially Xhaka and that useless poser Luiz should hang their heads in shame.

  24. This it is the best news, for Arsenal fans who love this club, hopefully now we can have Pochetino or Diego Simone it will be a great opportunity for arsenal to reach the top level.

  25. Mocking Emery for his accent, whether by fans, commentators or players is disgusting. Anybody doing so should be ashamed. Let me ask – if somebody mocked somebody else’s Afro-Caribbean accent what would be the reaction? I believe there would be, quite rightly, an enormous outcry of condemnation and probably a demand for charges of racially aggravated behaviour to be levied. I invite others to condemn those who resorted to this despicable behaviour.

    1. I agree. Everyone who was involved in such despicable behavior should receive proper punishment. Playing at the level as they are, these players should have that professionalism and also harbor respect and care for the club’s image and the culture, if not for their coach.

      I felt really bad for Emery when I heard these reports coming out. He is a human being first, and then the coach, and no one should have to go through such aggravated mockery. This is out of scope of what being a head coach for a football club is all about. This is a personal attack on him as a person, not his profession.

      As you said, this behavior should be condemned and the guilty ones should be held responsible and accounted for.

  26. Agree 100%. I actually live in Spain and every single v in the language is pronounced like an English b.
    Imagine if the Spanish mocked me when I said any Spanish word wrong, which I do many times a day, how do you think I would feel.
    Of course I’m sure all these mockers speak perfect Spanish eh?

  27. Have anyone heard of Calum Chambers Curse? I saw an article mentioning that, wherever he goes, sack follows. Middlesbrough first, then back to Arsenal- Wenger out, then back to Fulham – Jocanovic and Ranieri Out, then Emery brought him back this season, and then lol.

    I think we should loan him to Spurs or Liverpool, what do guys say? XD

  28. “…anyway what do you expect from the same people who abused Wenger who gave 22 years mostly good and during challenging conditions and the money was never of what it is today anyone with commonsense knows it!the #wenger out were so sure he was the problem!,was he?no.fools or ignorants??”

    Coaching had to change, but let us not abuse Emery and forget how much Wenger did, now you can all see the value of Wenger, who kept the team competitive somehow.

    I doubt that a new coach can do much without a 100M investment in the back line so as not to waste Auba, Laca and Ozil. Get a coach with EPL experience or someone radical, like the young German coach in the Bundesliga, Julian Nagelsmann.

    As we can see we City are vulnerable, and so too are Liverpool. For us it starts with the back-line and the DMF who covers them. Clean sheets in the next game is a must!

    Bellerin–Mustafi–Holding–Tierny (Dribble up the wings, pass but be unpredicatble)
    ——–Chambers—-Torriera—— (Tackle hard, create hell for other teams.)
    –Pepe———Laca———Auba– (Attack and press, there are subs to be unleashed!)

    The older defenders will have to show mobility and coachability before starting on the back line. I would like to see Luiz in place of Chambers, and Guendozi in place of Torreira.

    The roles of Xhaka and Kolasanic are at HMF, like Luiz. They have to tackle hard and expect yellow cards, so having them all is useful. Tackling hard is a very crucial for the DMF/HMF roles. Being feisty and committed in that middle is a must, but it must be controlled, and premeditated aggression.

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