Official Arsenal squad for the 2019/20 season announced

The European transfer window has closed and that means that the Premier League clubs can finally announce their official squads for the 2019/20 season.

The criteria governing the squads stipulate that a maximum of 17 players that do not come under the Home Grown Player rule can be named.

A lot will no doubt be made of Shkodran Mustafi being named in the squad but that is no surprise at all, it was always unlikely that he would be omitted when Arsenal are playing in four competitions and he has done nothing wrong in terms of his behaviour that would warrant his exclusion.

Official squad

Aubameyang, Pierre-Emerick
Bellerin, Hector
Ceballos, Daniel Fernandez
Chambers, Calum
Holding, Robert Samuel
Kolasinac, Sead
Lacazette, Alexandre
Leno, Bernd
Macey, Matthew Ryan
Maitland-Niles, Ainsley
Martinez, Damian Emiliano
Mavropanos, Konstantinos
Moreira Marinho, David Luiz
Mustafi, Shkodran
Ozil, Mesut
Papastathopoulos, Sokratis
Pepe, Nicolas
Tierney, Kieran
Torreira, Lucas
Xhaka, Granit

U21 players (Contract and Scholars)

Alebiosu, Ryan
Azeez, Miguel
Ballard, Daniel George
Balogun, Folarin Jerry
Bola, Tolaji
Burton, Robert
Butler-Oyedeji, Nathan Jerome Chatoyer
Cirjan, Catalin-Ionut
Clarke, Harrison Thomas
Cottrell, Ben
Coyle, Trae
Dennis, Matthew
Ejeheri, Ovie Prince
Flaherty, Stanley James
Graczyk, Hubert
Greenwood, Sam
Guendouzi, Matteo
Hein, Karl Jakob
Hillson, James Andrew
John-Jules, Tyreece Romayo
Kirk, Alexander Michael
Laing, Levi Alexander
Lopez Salguero, Joel
Matthews, Alfie
McEneff, Jordan John
McGuinness, Mark James
Medley, Zechariah Joshua Henry
Nelson, Reiss
Nketiah, Edward Keddar
Ogungbo, Mazeed
Okonkwo, Arthur
Olayinka, Olujimi James Ayodele
Olowu, Joseph Olugbenga
Omole, Tobi
Osei-Tutu, Jordi
Oyegoke, Daniel Oladele Akinbiyi
Plange, Luke Elliot
Saka, Bukayo
Saliba, William
Sheaf, Ben
Smith, Matthew Gerrard
Smith, Tom
Smith Rowe, Emile
Sraha, Jason Robert Osei
Swanson, Zak
Taylor-Hart, Kido
Teodoro Martinelli Silva, Gabriel
Tormey, Nathan Alexander
Willock, Joseph George


  1. If Leno makes an error again, probably it’d good to start Martinez ahead of him

    I heard Leno has made more errors that led to goals since he joined, more than any Gunner

    Maybe Martinez wouldn’t do better, but the internal competition will force them to train harder

    I think Leno has lost the stern competition he once had with Cech

    1. I’d start Martinez instead of Leno against Watford… just to keep Leno on his toes. Martinez needs to clock some minutes too to be fair…

    2. @gotanidea

      That’s extremely harsh. He was arguably our best player last season, and has zero protection in front of him. He may not have had the best start to the season, but there is so many others ahead of him that need to be dropped first or never used again:


      1. With those guys in front of you even Oliver Kahn or Jens Lehmen would shiver and tremble every time the ball crossed the half way line. Good that Jens Lehmen played in a different era with the Invincibles. IMO Leno is rock solid. After Wenger dismantled the Invincibles defense, we have struggled with all our keepers – Almunia, Manone, Fabianski, Schezny, Chek, Ospina and now Leno is being questioned.The fact that Wenger never paid attention to defense and Unai prefers winning 4-3 or 5-4, there was/will always be stress on the forwards to score and the goalkeeper every time the ball moves in between the post. The CDM and defense is seldom questioned. A team of 11 have to defend and 10 have to attack, no one left out to do what he may wish to. Wenger was stubborn to change and so is Unai. Imagine we do not have a decent RB for this year, AMN is made to fill up time and again.Things will change next season as I guess Unai will not be around, we will invest in RB and Left wing, Saliba will playing and hopefully Xhaka, Mustafi, Kolasinac and Ozil will be transferred. I expect Unai to be gone as I feel the board has a vision, Unai hasn’t got one.Remember Unai wanted Banega and NZonzi – 30+ years players with no further value, the board went with Torrera and Callebos loan.This season I plan to take it easy, knowing that sacking Unai will have financial implications which is not warranted. If Unai can land the Carabo cup minimum requirement -gracias e Adios Senor Unai (pardon my Spanish)

        1. Loose Cannon, You and I often see eye to eye, I have noticed. But we do not agree on Emery. Yes, I have some reservations on his evidential lack of any real improvement from WENGERS DEFENSIVE SHAMBLES. BUT HONESTLY, WHO HAVE WE SIGNED IN DEFENCE TO IMPROVE US? Leno, I think HAS much improved us from Cech, who was past his best. Lichsteiner, mercifully now gone and Luiz are no good. Sokratis is another Mustafi but shorter and more wrestly. Tierney is not yet fit but we are hopeful, it seems, but as yet HOPE is all it can be. Likewise with Saliba; not yet available, so one for the future only. We badly needed Kroenke to step in and properly fund the club he owns but truth is he cares nothing for us, only for his investments value, which will always hold good, with our worldwide support and being in the centre of London, unless we’re relegated. And we won’t be, as even he knows. So, I think Emery will be here next season and most likely well beyond then too! I do not think the more realistic new regime think Emery can be EXPECTED to coach duffer defenders into new VVD’s. It cannot be done by ANYONE!

          1. Interesting analysis on the defence that actually bears no truth to the REAL situation and here is why:

            let’s look at the players kronkie’s money bought to the club under the new regime.

            Leno – Lichstenier – Sokratis – Luiz – Salibas – Mavropanos – Tierney

            Now the Wenger players offered new contracts under the new regime.

            Bellerin – Mustafi – Kos (sold) – Holding – Chambers –

            Defenders from the Wenger era not included above:

            Kolasinac* – Jenkinson (sold) – Monreal (sold) – AMN*…Don’t think I’ve missed anyone.

            That means that the new regime have signed/offered new contracts to 12 DEFENDERS and kept TWO AW players on existing contracts, totalling FOURTEEN defenders.

            This has happened SINCE taking over the reigns of buying/selling/contract negotiations over TWO YEARS AGO, when gazidis introduced the three musketeers.

            The current defence is, at the very least, no better than when the new regime took over – so all this BS about “WENGER’S DEFENSIVE SHAMBLES”, can be truly examined versus the “EMERY’S DUFFER DEFENSIVE SHAMBLES” and can be properly seen in the real light.
            Three (four if one includes mustafi) have been seen as surplus to UE’s plans regarding Wenger’s defenders, while no less than SIX are seen as part of his future defence.

            Isn’t it about time we started looking at what the new “realistic regime” is spending the money that the kronkie’s have actually given, instead of trying to blame the previous regime for the current situation and accusing the kronkies for not supporting UE?

    3. I think same too. For example xhaka too has cost us a lot I think they should be given a place on the bench sometimes. Thanks

  2. Emery needs to play chambers in dm with toreira. Our midfield will be solid. Chambers is a strong lad who is fast and has decent ball control. Definitely won’t be a push over. Emery bloody play chambers!!

    1. In my opinion… Chambers should partner Holding at the back… I believe the both of them are better pairs instead of Luiz & Sokratis

  3. Seriously! Chambers was Fulhams player of the year playing DM and put on some good showings.


    Chambers. Torreria

    1. Our area of issue/concern is at the back… In the middle we are good with Torreira/Guendozi/Cebellos. Noted that Chambers was Player of the Year with Fulham playing as DM. With his defensive qualities proven in midfield…the same commitment from him is possible at the back for us… your thoughts please…

    2. Guendouzi for Torriera

      Chambers would offer strength, protection and he can pass… I hope we start playing him as a DM till January when we can obtain a valuable option in mould of Sangare or Ndidi

      The back line is being exposed by Xhaka and what he offers luiz does better.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with that last line mate, Luiz is better than Xhaka in his position. If we had better options at the back, Luiz would definitely thrive as part of a three/four man midfield.

  4. Fielding Xhaka is not productive for the team. Chambers can become an excellent replacement for error-prone Xhaka. Sokratis-David Luiz combination seems out-dated. The first goal conceded on Sunday against Spurs was due to Papa’s idiotic and unnecessary approach to unwisely head an ariel ball. Can’t wait to see Holdings in action.

  5. I think for defence stability, play AMN as left back and chamber as right back. They do need going forward oftenly, unless necessary.

    1. The center back or DM then covered the space they left behind, SO we will always defence with 3 at the back when attacking

    2. I think Chambers was deployed at RB previously but he wasn’t effective… I still say he’s needed at CB with Holding as his partner. Both will compliment each other. UE has to give this combination a go. We have nothing to lose with this partnership I’d say…

  6. When Bellerin, Tierney and Holding come back

    1. Gk = Leno

    Defensive Line:
    2. Bellerin RB
    3. Tierney LB
    4. Luiz CB
    5. Holding CB

    Central midfielders =
    6. Torreira
    7. Guendouzi/Wilock
    8. Ceballos

    9. Pepe
    10. Aubameyang
    11. Lacazette

  7. My biggest problem with Emery is his indecisiveness in removing error-prone players such as Sokratis, Xhaka and Luiz from his lineups. We have only played 4 matches & those 3 players have already cost us 5 goals.
    Our main problem is errors from erratic players, get rid of that/them & maybe we can begin improving. That is Emery’s job to do, if he can’t see it & correct it, that’s what will bring him down. I understand we can’t drop all the three aforementioned players at the moment, but we can drop Xhaka & Luiz.
    I’m not Emery’s biggest fan so far, but I’ll not bash him when some of these players are playing like clowns.

  8. I think Mustafi is much better than the so called David Luiz and sokoratis look at the statistics he have won more tackles and interceptions then both and we still call him useless I wish to see the combination of him and Holding plus Hector and kolasinac I also wonder why the manager can’t see the creativity of Özil, who can supply those front men.
    When you have one world class player in your scout and you don’t get him in the field there may always be bad result for you

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