Official Arsenal starting eleven to face Oxford United

Arsenal begins their 2023 FA Cup campaign with a visit to Oxford United this evening and this is the starting eleven that Mikel Arteta has gone with.

The Gunners are looking to claim their 15th success in the famous competition and will be expecting to progress over the league one side, however, you can never ever take anything for granted in the FA Cup, just ask Aston Villa.

While the Premier League remains Arsenal’s primary objective this season, they will still want to go far in a competition that basically belongs to the Gunners, we are after all the most successful side in its history.

Oxford have the home advantage and their ground is rather compact which means their fans will be noisy and passionate from word go and Arsenal will need to quieten them down as quickly as possible, the last thing Arteta and the boys will want is the crowd having an impact.

Anyway, let us know in the comments below what you think to the starting eleven that Arteta has gone with and what your predicted score is.

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  1. Strong front line. Good to see a mixture of regular and back up players but thought at least Saka, if not Martinelli, would be rested.

  2. Think it’s a bit harsh having Marquinios on the bench, whenever he’s played he’s looked decent. I think he’s def earned it. Plus Saka could use a rest.

  3. A sensibly strong line up which respects the FA CUP, in stark contrast to the naive and foolish Eddie Howe at Newcastle, who massively underestimated a league one side. No upsets at Oxford for sure!

    1. I wouldn’t call him naive.i listened to him before the game,he talked about having a thin squad.he may not have said it but his priority is to finish in the top 4 /CL football.

      1. Exactly Siamois ,he prioritised what his club are looking for ,which is CL football .
        I would have thought from an Arsenal fan like jon who moaned at Wenger for doing the same thing while still getting us top 4 he would understand howes reasoning.
        Strange how now he’s changed his opinion.

  4. Look forward to seeing Vieira in the Odegaard role.With the Spurs game in mind, I am surprised to see Martinelli and Saka in the starting eleven.

    1. Hopefully it’s a case of getting the job done early rather than doing an Eddie Howe as JF said previously

    2. Unfortunately Vieira,Lokonga and Elneny have looked mediocre at best in their midfield roles.Vieira off the pace,Elneny passing backwards and sideways at every opportunity and Lokonga might as well not be on the pitch at all.

  5. Saka & Martinelli need a rest. Front 3
    Zinchenko…..elneny….lokonga. Arsenal will lose an important player to injury today. Arteta is learning on the job. What a shame.

  6. I’m suprised you guys are always talking about rest. Not that I’m against it but top players usually play week in week out and it shouldn’t be a problem if they play cup games too

    1. So when are the fringe players supposed to get game time? MA already barely uses them from the bench in games that are already won so when will they play?

  7. As has been said, get the game won and then make the subs. Plenty of time for the players to rest, as we don’t play again till Sunday.

  8. Absolute crap I would have said, far to slow and really too much passing the ball around at the back for no reason. Things can only get better I hope

  9. Unfortunately because Lokonga, Elneny and Vieira are up to much in regards to creation of opportunities, I can Arteta bringing on Odegard, Xhaka and Partey putting more first teamers at risk ahead of Spurs at the weekend.

  10. I think Arsenal didn’t make an intensive preparation for the game. I believe they want to focus on more important competitions

    1. Ha ha excuses galore! Truth is we’ve been lethargic. Veira needs to either bulk up or he’s never having a career in the EPL, getting bullied by Oxford united is not something youd expect from such an experienced player.

  11. There was a comment earlier about being 5 nil up at half time and bringing off Saka and others………😂

  12. Not a bad first half ,it was always going to be a hard game against a team who are probably playing for the return leg to earn a good payday at our ground .
    Again Not impressed with Vieria ,these are the games he should be shining .

    1. Odegaard seem to be on a good form presently but viera has not even shown any promise to be as good as the normal/average Odegaard without form.

      People are rating him cos of the shots he scored, isn’t that cos someone else/some other people created the chance for him

      so we should bench our creator for him – what has he shown to prove he can create and not just thrive on the better players giving him room to shoot and score

  13. these fringe players dont give MIKEL any reason to start them. it seems they are contempt sitting on the bench and collecting thier pay cheque. look how poor the midfield is because of Lokonga, Elneny and Viera. no energy, no effort, they just run around like headless chickens. God save us if any of the first team players gets injured. I will rather pick from this Oxford team to replace them.

    1. TBH Elneny has done his job very well. It’s the other two midfielders that are a complete disapointment. Their showing in the first half suggests they’re just not ready for fisrt team football.

  14. So guys, u can see that our fringe players could likely be losing this match already

    the changed midfield shows gigantically

  15. Nketiah doesn’t seem to be very aware of whose around him. Vieira wide open on his right, didn’t even look to see him. Would Jesus in the same situation?

  16. Sleep-inducing at best! That must be the most uninspiring first half I’ve watched in months. No hunger, no bite no nothing! just coasting.

  17. We have a 1st team of highly talented players that are naturally gifted.

    When you look at our fringe players, players that need coaching and guidance, you have to ask what is actually being done at training?

    As much at the 1st team is MA’s team, this is MA’s team as well. I really hope we get a big budget again because we certainly can’t rely on these players being coached up.

    You can see how lost we are on the pitch without a proper DM. For everyone hoping we sign another attacking player, this is why we need cover for Partey as a priority.

    1. when you see Brighton fringe player play, they are as dangerous as the first team, same composure and movement. the drop-off between our first and reserve team is alarming. we could easily relegate with this team. Lokonga cant even get into this oxford team

  18. Sambi off. If he cant perfom against oxford then thats 25 mil down the drain unfortunately.

  19. Statistically, it’s difficult to pinpoint Elneny for having a bad game because this is a guy who usually completes around 90% of his passes, however it’s what he doesn’t do which is important. Few of his passes ever lead to much. He doesn’t create, doesn’t drive the team forward, doesn’t rattle the opposing defenders with unpredictable moves. It’s always flat and steady stuff.

      1. Hmm. Good luck to him. Happened while I was typing this. Still stand by what I said though. Others take more risks and are put under the microscope for their errors. Elneny gets away with a lot.

  20. Thank goodness, a set piece saving our blushes of an utterly pathetic performance.

    Now to remain calm and see the game out.

  21. Saka off and Marquinios on, rest Saka and give Marquinios a go.

    Would be nice to see ESR, if he can’t manage 20 mins he likely shouldn’t be on the bench.

  22. Smith Rowe and Marquinhos needs a fifteen minutes.
    Surely now the gaffer will not sign a striker in this window.

    Eddie 4 in 4

  23. Much better second half
    Vieria and a few others picked up their performances, which they needed to against a team from league one .
    Still not convinced from a few of these second string players but overall cannot complain.

  24. Glad we are through but for me this year Arsenal need to prioritise the title chase and European competition. Never thought I would say this because since the Liverpool double winning decider way back when the FA Cup success and failure has epitomised Arsenal and also different stages of my life. Still can’t forget losing to West Ham, Michael Owen and surprisingly one of me biggest disappointments was the 2005 game we “won” against Man U. after they had totally outplayed us. Weird sensation, glad to see Fergusson and co. in so much pain but dumbfounded as to how bad we were on the day. Also probably a sign that the golden era was over.

  25. Job done.
    I thought Vieira was very poor first half, good that he got two assists in the 2nd.
    Glad to see ESR back on the pitch, he’s understandably a bit rusty but the flow will come back. Fingers crossed he’ll be injury free for the remaining of the season.
    Eddie scored of course, would have been disappointing if he didn’t.
    Would have liked Marquinhos to play longer today.
    Next is NLD!

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