Official Arsenal team and EPL preview of Man United away

Arsenal fans will be hoping that Arsene Wenger and the players can carry on from where we left off in the last two games against Manchester United, rather than the general trend against our old rivals in the last decade. Because apart from our win at OLd Trafford last season on the way to the FA cup trophy and our 3-0 demolition of them at the Emirates earlier in the season, it has not been much fun playing them in recent years.

But the Gunners are favourites to win this big match for a reason and even though United have the Spanish keeper David De Gea back in the starting XI, they have a massive injury list including their top two strikers Rooney and Martial and their best defender Chris Smalling.

Arsene Wenger has a few injury problems of his own to cope with but our situation is much better which you can see from the respective teams. Gabriel is fit again and replaces Mertesacker, while Giroud is dropped to the bench with Welbeck coming in and Walcott starts on the right.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Ramsey
Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi, Giroud.

The Arsenal bench looks pretty strong as well but hopefully Wenger will not need it and the players that start can inflict more misery on this second rate United team and their under pressure boss Louis van Gaal.

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    1. Can you imagine if this was a Leicester site. VARDY HASN?T SCORED FOR A FEW GAMES: Drop Him! WE ONLY JUST BEAT NORWICH IN LAST MINUTE. Sack Ranieri!!!!!

        1. @G-Rude Don’t you feel a little sad that you are using Leicester City as an example of why we shouldn’t complain about Arsenal. Two or Three seasons ago they were not even in the EPL, now theyare above us. You need to be very careful how you defend performances because if Leicester do win, it will relect very badly on us.

  1. Damn where is Flamini? Anyways this is a much weaker United side and a must win game. We have a better team on paper and it is just up to our players to step up. Looking forward to a good game and a win hopefully!

  2. starting to get worried about spurs, if dont watch out could be 6 pts off spurs by next week, must win today on the road, we then face spuds at whl, not feeling confident w a squad that cant score

  3. For once wenger learns his lesson. Drops mertasacker, starts welbeck instead of giroud and flamini not in the squad. Apart from walcott starting instead of campbell, very good line up. I just don’t know why it takes him so long to make changes. We must win, hoping for 3-1 win.

    1. I was thinking either 1-0 to Arsenal or a 1-1 draw. I think this because Arsenal have scored more than once against Utd at Old Trafford in the prem only once and that was in the the 8-2 loss.
      Though I am hoping for a 2 or 3 goal win.

  4. I must confess I don’t have an idea what d outcome will be knowing we mess up at times we are suppose to run teams over.but of course i expect my team to win..c.o.y.g

  5. Looks as if Wenger has been reading some of the comments on here lol ?

    It’s good to see Gabriel and Welbeck starting,
    Not sure about Walcott, maybe Campbell should have started instead…. Time will tell… I would have also liked to have seen Elneny start instead of Ramsey, who could of done with a rest on the bench.

    We have a Strong team against a reserve patched up Utd,
    So there’s no excuses if we don’t win this one!

    Come on you Gunners! … Make Us Proud!

  6. Giroud hasn’t been scoring but he has been involved in most of our goals. We should have started with both welbz and oli. Anyways it’s always great to have giroud come from the bench and bang one in…

  7. Good overall selection from Wenger. Ramsey just has to always be in the damn line up. Would have preferred to see el neny today. Guess he can get his chance late on…

  8. barca loss was inevitable, pressures on arsenal and utd are not expected to win, will we bottle it? form and recent years says yes. Lets see if they can take that bottler tag off for once and actually win and send a real statement out.

  9. Looks like a good lineup to me
    I’m pleasantly surprised
    The way Wenger was talking yesterday about Welbeck’s injury, I thought he would just be used as a sub.

    I’m very happy
    I really see Danny scoring today

    Must win

  10. if we are truely good enough to be champions, we must win today, we need confidence going into white hart lane, please swansea, give spuds hell,

  11. We should all have freedom to raise our opinions, mine is we look rubbish, Ramsey is rubbish and an unknown united are look better than us.

    1. Sorry mate ,he is making runs , creating spaces and preventing their full backs from pressing and overlapping.
      We simply need the midfield to provide quality but Ramsey is doing a piss poor job of that.

  12. We are utter rubbish, cant beat school kids and a make shift / reserve team.

    Our injuries are nothing compared to Uniteds so no more excuses.

    Why are we not motivated?

    Spurs and Leicester deserve to beat us this season, we are pathetic.

  13. Gabriel is looking too shaky right now. Horrible.. Walcott out for Campbell asap please. This is the weakest man u team ive seen in years. If we lose it would be an absolute disgrace

  14. It’s not the wages that Walcott receives weekly that is annoying, it is the fact that Wenger CANNOT tell him the bitter truth that he is not a STRIKER.

  15. The most depressing thing is that we are arguing who is the best out of mert and gabriel when its clear they are both terrible.

    1. Yeah but….who bought the players? Who decided the ones to play today? Who gives them the speech before the game?

  16. When Zidane was red carded and missed two games in the 98 WC the team fought harder and got the results.
    We can’t go missing players ….that’s up to he coach.
    Sorry but we are out of ucl. Got an embarrassing replay in FA cup and now down by 2 in 2 mins by a guy that wenger might have signed for nothing.
    Something isn’t clicking and the only way I see it’s a change of coach.
    Wenger needs to move to advisor on scouts or something like that but he clearly can’t inspire the team anymore.

    1. I’m not sure if anyone here wanted Gabriel to start since he’s been out injured the last 2 weeks. So starting right away seems like it was the wrong choice, but Wenger MUST see this at the training when no one else can’t.

  17. i am just wondering, dont take it the wrong way, but do you think if you say the same thing 1000 times per match that will change things? whats your strategy? i am not pleased w wengers inability to sign a real striker for 9 yrs, but its not consuming me to the. point that i feel compelled to write it every 6 seconds

  18. i hate to say it, but bring on giroud at 55″ to replace theo, usually giroud gets motivated after a bench, i see us as having a chance to oull this out.. cmon swa!

  19. After a terrible first half, the good news is we’re still in it.

    Gotta say, our worst player by far has been Theo. If I was Wenger I’d be subbing him and putting Giroud up top, at least we’ll have an outlet then, and someone to put crosses in to, plus can throw 2 up with him & Welbz if we’re chasing the game late.

    1. ummm, theo is not playing good, but gabriel almost fouled in the box when beat awefully, then beat on two goals by a teenager…

      1. Theo has not done anything, not created any chances, not held on to the ball, not dribbled, not really touched it except when he gave it away for their first goal.

        He’s been no threat whatsoever, at least Gabriel has done his job half the time.

  20. How are we losing to the worst man utd side I’ve seen in a long time ?… 9 man team that’s how …if Walcott and Ramsey come out after half time then wenger is not even delusional just brainless

  21. Come on guys. Bad start. Gabriels still trying to build a partnership with Koz, but it’s not over yet. We can still get a result. Walcott really is not taking his chances in any of these games, Sanchez is still not finding his shooting boots, Ramsay isn’t having any impact, but the game can change in an instant. I’m not giving up on this match yet. COYG’s.

    1. Who would you put on instead? Ox? Hes injured. Campbell? Still only scored once. Giroud? Hasnt scored in 8 games. Walcott is a winger he’s not striker today.
      whoever Wenger plays you will say he is wrong…..

  22. Spuds losing …let’s c how much wenger really wants this title … Possibly the biggest 45 mins of his last 12 years of failure

  23. To all you metesnailer loverrs, if he had been p[laying we ould have been down 4. Blame Wenger as you want a back line that’s cohesive, playing Gab every few games doesnt help. And to all you walcott lovers, he is soooo good thats he’s doing what he does in every game ….ZILCH

  24. That was a shocking first half and Since we normally only play one good half!
    I’m Hoping that we will come out playing better in the second half!

    And the spuds are losing as well….
    Come On Arsenal… ffs …. We need to win this game.

    This Rashford is making me ich … wtf! ?

    1. Nope.
      Has nothing to do with Gabriel.llThey are walking all over us in the middle . Nothing there at all.

  25. The only change needed is Theo Walcott.
    He is either
    1). taken off & replaced with Campbell. Or
    2). shifted to his traditional right wing and allow Welbz to top strike now.

    Persobally, I prefer the option 2.

    Welbz will not only add threat to our attack, but also put Carrick and Varella on jitters having been both booked.

  26. We really need Santi back NOW… Le Coq is trying his best to hold it down, while Ramsey is still trying to play “Ozil”…

    1. Giroud on for Walcott…welbeck to da left and Sanchez on da right. Varela and Carrick are carded. Put some pressure on them will ya

  27. You called to bench Giroud and Mert and this is what you get.
    Giroud has been playing up to his standard this season, we all know he’s not Aguero that can score 30+ goals per season, but the hold up plays and the extra stability at the back when defending corners are what he can provide. Same as Mert, yea he’s slow but it doesnt mean he’s a terrible defender ffs, his interceptions, heading and passing are magnificent. Ok he might sometimes get get beaten by a messi or a really quick striker, but TELL ME WHICH DEFENDER DOESNT SOMETIMES GET BEATEN?! IT’S FOOTBALL. Even terry kos made mistakes.
    I’m totally disgusted to see comments like ‘oh if we lose this this im gonna support Leicester/Spurs till the end of the season. WTF? you won’t say that if you are a REAL GUNNER.
    Last but not least, how is this wenger’s fault. yea thumbs me down if you like but how is his fault? his fault for always believing his players but being let down in multiple times? Or is he playing FM that can buy whoever he wants and always have a sugar daddy to back him up. Or is he playing FIFA that can control every player himself so he won’t get disappointed.
    Gunners from the away stand. NOISES!! Let the boys know we’re there for them.

  28. Our understanding of pressing borders on the comical …. And that my friends is all down to manager .. I hope that is the last time I ever see Walcott in an arsenal shirt

  29. We look shocking, I can’t remember the time when we looked this bad, against so shocking side. Pathetic.

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