Official Arsenal team and EPL preview of Man United away

Arsenal fans will be hoping that Arsene Wenger and the players can carry on from where we left off in the last two games against Manchester United, rather than the general trend against our old rivals in the last decade. Because apart from our win at OLd Trafford last season on the way to the FA cup trophy and our 3-0 demolition of them at the Emirates earlier in the season, it has not been much fun playing them in recent years.

But the Gunners are favourites to win this big match for a reason and even though United have the Spanish keeper David De Gea back in the starting XI, they have a massive injury list including their top two strikers Rooney and Martial and their best defender Chris Smalling.

Arsene Wenger has a few injury problems of his own to cope with but our situation is much better which you can see from the respective teams. Gabriel is fit again and replaces Mertesacker, while Giroud is dropped to the bench with Welbeck coming in and Walcott starts on the right.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Ramsey
Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Ospina, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi, Giroud.

The Arsenal bench looks pretty strong as well but hopefully Wenger will not need it and the players that start can inflict more misery on this second rate United team and their under pressure boss Louis van Gaal.

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    1. Little facts before the match ends no matter the results…

      Sanchez is not worldclass
      Ozil is below average
      Arsene Wenger is the worst coach in the world ryt naw
      Gabriel gabriel gabriel , well thats what u get …..
      Walcott – the purposeless flash

      Giroud/Cech/Coquelin/Monreal is what holds Arsenal

  1. Theo walcott has spent ten years at arsenal, the only difference is that he now has a beard and he’s married

      1. He and OX can be both sold to City who will most definitely buy them to fill in the home-grown quota.

  2. Game over. Goodbye title.

    Goodbye Özil, thank you for sticking this long with this incompetent manager and team.

    1. Ozil is uselsss u fool , stop justifying is below average performances wid he got assists , u clown .. Damn u think ozil is the best we can do for a No. 10 ???? Get real Ozil, Sanchez are not worth more than welbeck or walcott

  3. Walcott out …
    Ramsey out …
    Giroud out …
    Mert out …
    Flamini out …
    Ox out …
    Even Campbell out ..
    Wenger out …
    Wenger has to be out first …
    These are the dead wood …
    All out of the Club …

    1. why Giroud out ??? When walcott is still here
      Why Mert out??? Whn Gabriel is still here
      why ramsey out ??? When ozil is still here

      1. Why Campbell, the poor lad has to sit and watch his spot being taken by those who just turn up rather than play.

  4. Arsenal board should really take a look and fix.
    I myself don’t even see games anymore. It just hurts too much. Some may say I’m not a true fan or whatever. …I know what I feel for this team so well that it hurts me seeing thatbtheres Def something wrong and every year neither the coach or board seem to smell the coffee

    Really hurts

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO LEICESTER!!!!! You just got confirmation you are the epl champions 2015-2016!!!

    Np regrets as an Arsenal fan!!! they are the ones that deserve the title the most!! SINCERELY!!!

  6. Arsenal are so fragile mentally. It’s so frustrating as a supporter to watch us constantly wet the bed every time we have a chance to make a statement or take advantage when someone else drops points.


  8. We’re not fast, aggressive and clinical. That’s our problem with our attack. I don’t blame our defense. Our attack is just sh*t.

    1. I hope u remember to include ozil in the shit attack , cos defensiveless he is useless so he must be prolific in attack. which he is not.. What a wasted 42mil by a wasteful coach

      1. He has created over 100 chances this season. More than anyone else ever in the premiership and you want to get rid of him coz he doesn’t score goals????
        That’s really sensible…..

  9. no hunger, build up too slow, defence gone missing, midfield missing, being beaten by a reserve side. Aresnel got no bottle. I can’t take no more even at 3 2

  10. Never gonna win the league with a profit seeking owner and a penny pinching manager. I hope something bad happens to both of them. Thumb me down all you want, I don’t care, I’m sick of seeing the same crap year in and year out.

  11. United simply ripped Southampton’s playbook and overloaded the midfield against the poor Ramsey . Wenger should have addressed that

  12. Why Monreal gave up running for the ball & let the MU player have it ! I noticed it a number of times , this is like Arteta kind of play ! The lost ball led to the 3rd goal ! Unacceptable !!

    1. Because if not the midfield job , alexis would hve done absolutely nothing.. What a waste of the wing . Tooo one dimensional.. Not worldclass ..

  13. Even Van Legohead is showing more passion than Wenger.

    By the way, Spurs are 3 points clear us. Leicester 5.

  14. Spuds now winning, thats the mark of champions. looks like there won’t be st. Totteringham this year

  15. walcott should be ashamed of getting 140k week and teen like ashford scores 2 goals and stamina for the game..more dynamic since el neny is on but RAMSEY …..

  16. Herrra goal shows Ramsey wall watching and lacking of total defensive awarness..el neney looks good..LeCoq should have stayed and push forward.


  18. There is no way we are winning this league with TOTTENHAM AND LEICESTER playing with more hunger and desire than us.. I am embarrased

  19. Well .. At least the book on wenger as a 4th place failure can be closed … He is that and until he leaves arsenal will never win top trophies … Only the sad people on this site fail to realize this … Even a draws is irrelevant now

  20. Premier league, champions league, forget it. We’re owned by people who don’t care about arsenal don’t like arsenal, and don’t give a monkeys about the people who do. Money is what drives them, and as long as they get top four, get champions league football then they have fulfilled their yearly business remit. Face it, we’re just a business now, not a football club.


  22. A disgrace of a team. We keep making excuses of how we had budget constraints. Leicester is about to win it with less than the money we got from Van Persie

  23. We lost the league in January when the useless manager did not spend to address the problems in the team

  24. still cant believe we gifted this teenager 2 goals. need to stay off neutral forums for at least a week. will want to kill everyone

    1. You wana call his 2 goals gift as well as Messi’s .. Well den we either Santa Arsenal or Wack Arsenal.. Definitely one of dem and either of the two means we have to sack/sell a few players and definitely get a new coach..

    2. Problem was the midfield . 90% Ramsey , 100% wenger.
      Sniederlin , Herrera, mata and Carrick were the to capitalise on our mistake

  25. That’s it wake me up when wenger’s gone … No more from krish n’chips and clever Trevor and the gooner something guy and all those whose basic knowledge of football is so limited it makes me sad that they call themselves arsenal supporters …

  26. we drew with Hull seconds and now lost to a manure thirds???? WTF wenger, please leave, its official, you have lost it

    1. Remove , Ozil,Sanchez, Kolcieny and monreal. The rest of our squad would not be able to gain promotion out of the championship

  27. Every time Gabriel comes in for Per he has shocking moments. Jesus Walcott is crap in the middle and crap on the wings. Get rid of him and his wages this summer, it’s been 10 years of chances in conjunction with our title drought. It will take a huge convincing to keep our top players this summer…

  28. Can’t imagine seeing Spirs lift the trophy. I can say though that they will not lose to us at WHL.

  29. Does anybody know what went on there? We looked like the team selection against Monaco at the Emirates. Looks like we couldn’t be bothered – now we’re behind the spuds and out of the EPL reckoning. That should’ve been an easy win. Are we going to wake ourselves up for the spuds now, or are we going to go in looking just as dozy, passing the ball backwards, and giving away the ball and a goal every time they attack.

  30. Sanchez doesn’t seem to be interested in the game ! Most of the time he ‘s just walking around !

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