Official Arsenal team and preview for Burnley visit – NO injury returns

I have to admit that I am very surprised to see that the Arsenal team to face Burnley in the Premier League today will not include any of the three Gunners who Arsene Wenger revealed earlier in the week were available again after their respective injury problems.

Whether the boss is worried about their fitness is unsure, bu8t the fact that Hector Bellerin, Kieran Gibbs and Francis Coquelin are all on the subs bench and have not been out for long suggests to me that they could play if the boss thought it necessary.

I am especially surprised about Bellerin because in his place we have Gabriel and although the Brazilian is a good defender he does not have anything like the pace and attacking threat of the young Spaniard. Perhaps that is mitigated a little by Wenger going with Ramsey and Xhaka in central midfield instead of bringing back the more combative and defensive Coquelin.

Another player who may be disappointed to not be in the starting XI for Arsebnal today is Danny Welbeck, with our manager sticking with Giroud, Alexis and Iwobi, but with all three in great form you cannot really blame him.

Gabriel, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal
Ramsey, Xhaka
Iwobi, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Gibbs, Lucas Perez, Ospina, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Welbeck, Bellerin, Coquelin.

Arsenal must take this game seriously and start well but as long as we do, will this side be way too strong for Burnley?



  1. Twig says:

    Lucas can’t get a start to save his life

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I know. Poor guy! If you can’t get a start at home against Burnley, then you know you’re in trouble. To be fair, he would probably only come in for Iwobi, but Iwobi was excellent last week. Although both his strikes were own goals.

      1. Admin says:

        And how much chance will Lucas have once Welbeck is fully fit as well?

        1. ThirdManJW says:

          Good point, and Walcott’s return as well.

          1. JAmerican says:

            I almost forgot we even bought Lucas. Alarming at his age halfway in the season and still can’t stamp a place.

  2. chinaka1 says:

    The Line-Up is normal but not our best lineup.
    We need to win this game by all means

  3. zion says:

    COYG!!! come on Ramsey prove us wrong!

  4. ras911 says:

    Arsenal 7-0 Burnley with a Ramsey hattrick, if you’re gonna dream, dream big LOL

  5. Twig says:

    I think our players should learn to trust their weaker feet more. Ramsey should have taken it first time there….

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I would have chosen Coquelin over Ramsey personally but hopefully Ramsey can prove us wrong and have a fabulous game

  7. BUR says:

    22 mins in no real threat. Ramsey non existent we need a break through.

  8. ras911 says:

    If Giroud bicycle kick had managed to connect with Ramsey’s rabona cross and score, my pants would be a mess

  9. Krish says:

    ramsey is playing great you haters.. dont fit your agenda with dishonesty and lies

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      I’ve seen him lose the ball quite a few times because of poor touches, although he’s played well in patches for sure. Still not good enough for this level though.

      1. RSH says:

        he’s done nothing majorly wrong in the first half to warrant criticism. Should’ve shot earlier on one or two occasions, but then you also had Ozil missing shots, and Sanchez missing a shot we all know he can make.

      2. Krish says:

        but of course with the first part you are absolutely right but i can assure you there are almost no offensive CM in the game where you cant see him losing the ball a few times because of poor touches.. its inevitable with how many touches he has per game and how much he moves around ^^
        oh okay whats the level you demand for this level? do you want cazorla as the starter and kroos as his replacement if he is injured? is that what you want? or modric? i dont even get the problem with ramsey as a cm he isnt a starter caz coq was the partnership and ramsey the replacement and ramsey is probably one of the best cm replacement there is at any club out there

  10. Bigvalbowski says:


    1. Krish says:

      well it isnt arsenal-liverpool is it? imho that is the best fixture there is in the league with the most entertainment.. you know that you are watching ars-bur? we all could have expected that we need patience..

  11. RSH says:

    everything there but the finishing today. C’mon Aresnal

  12. Juhi McLovin says:

    Stinky first half

  13. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Ughhh. Hopefully the second half will be better. If we don’t win this match then it will be devastating result loss or draw. We must win. But I believe we will pull through in the second half.

    1. JAmerican says:

      I was more worried about the incentive than Burnley going into this game. We have a way of messing up when it’s been placed on a platter for us.

  14. ReiGN says:

    Omg. It’s been so long since I was on this site. Go gunners!!!

  15. JAmerican says:

    I’m liking Ramsey and Xhaka so far. Very disciplined and hope they bond well.

  16. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Even if we eventually dismantled Clarets 4-0 in 2nd half, @Samuel Akinsola would have learnt a lesson here.
    A match victory in EPL is not a bed of roses!
    However, I believe we should put them (Burnley) to the sword in the 2nd half

  17. Alexis the Great says:

    Burnley’s defenders must be knackered from chasing our forwards around!

  18. Alexis the Great says:

    That Heaton in their goal is pretty tasty so far.
    We need something special to beat him i feel.

  19. ras911 says:

    Did Ramsey and Giroud make it their mission to score an amazing goal today?

    1. Krish says:

      lol seems like it hope they succeed

  20. Krish says:

    haha giroud and ramsey aiming for the third scorpion goal in the league xD

  21. RSH says:

    guahh. it’s just not going in the net today :/ :/ :/

  22. BUR says:

    Do they not realise if we win we go 2nd.

  23. G-Rude says:

    Stop showboating and put it n the net!

  24. highbury44 says:

    0-0 that’s what I see or worse

  25. G-Rude says:

    Just like the away game FFS

  26. Krish says:

    sanchez should play the ball faster if we are countering.. he could have played giroud in

  27. ras911 says:

    WTF clear penaltty!!!

  28. ras911 says:


  29. Olivier's Unstoppable toe says:

    Our fitness starting to tell now. Lets be patient

  30. sanmi.marvellous says:

    What a way to score one’s maiden goal for your club.

  31. Krish says:

    most of the times patience pays off if its reasonable 😉

  32. Olivier's Unstoppable toe says:

    LOL i told you!!

  33. RSH says:

    strikers couldn’t do it today, so Mustafi stepped up, yes!!

  34. ras911 says:

    Cant take the foot off the gas now we need more goals!!

  35. Twig says:

    Mustafi > Ramos 😉

  36. ras911 says:


  37. Krish says:

    oh damn…

  38. Juhi McLovin says:

    Jesus f’n Christ Xhaka is done for the next few months. Goddamn knobhead

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      senseless stupidity, yet again.

      Wenger needs to fine his petulant $%$

  39. Tidan2 says:

    Yep. The second I saw it, I knew it was red.

    1. Tidan2 says:

      The guy has no common sense at all.

  40. Twig says:

    Deserved red card sad to say.

  41. RSH says:

    we knew he’d get sent off multiple times when we bought him… :/ Out on absolutely nowhere he makes absurd tackles….

  42. gunnerman8701 says:

    Unnecessary tackle Xhaka!

  43. Olivier's Unstoppable toe says:


    1. Olivier's Unstoppable toe says:

      If he’s not giving away stupid fouls hes giving away stupid penalties!
      How many times has Wenger told him to calm down FFS

  44. gunnerman8701 says:

    Well done Alex!! Good game.

  45. Twig says:

    Ozil and not Iwobi should have gone off.

  46. BUR says:

    Now that is twice, leave him on the line for the rest of the season.

  47. JAmerican says:

    Wenger needs to have a word with Xhaka about his dumb lunges. He’s been doing that all season and now sent off twice by the same ref that sent him off last time. Come on man!

  48. ras911 says:

    lol and that’s not a red? That was worse than Xhak’s

    1. Tidan2 says:

      not even close.

      1. ras911 says:

        Contact wise absolutely worse. Xhaka’s tackle looked way worse than it was

        1. Tidan2 says:

          Red cards aren’t about contact, they’re about harm or potential to harm. Xhaka’s tackle was two footed straight at him; Ozil was tackled on the side and was a clash of legs.

          1. ras911 says:

            Err so if he had leaped over Xhaka and there was no contact then it would still be a red card?

    2. RSH says:

      not really

    3. JAmerican says:

      No point defending Xhaka on his stupidity to put his team under pressure now at home.

  49. RSH says:

    goodness, how i’ve missed Coquelin

  50. gmv8 says:

    Thought Xhaka might happen with all the forehead knocking earlier on. At that point I though he should’ve had a firm word or taken off. Moss never does us any favours, we should be well aware of that.

    1. RSH says:

      nobody to blame but Xhaka honestly.

      1. gmv8 says:

        Yeah but to be fair, they’ve had a lot of digs at us,which have been more damaging, but kept the right side of being sent off – Alexis has come in for special attention. I think Xhaka was getting annoyed at that, but you have to keep your head.

    2. ras911 says:

      Still one of the softest red cards, it was a yellow not red

  51. ras911 says:

    Can we bring in Welz now for Giroud?

  52. Twig says:

    Great defensive work by Giroud.

  53. gmv8 says:

    HOW the hell is that 7 minutes added time? Well done MOSS

  54. gmv8 says:

    This is a joke

  55. ras911 says:

    im done

  56. Juhi McLovin says:

    Thanks Granit, well done

  57. gmv8 says:

    Game has been manipulated by Moss – out of order

  58. gmv8 says:

    If that was a penalty – mustafi should’ve had a penalty

    1. RSH says:

      of course, but Moss stinks. 99% of the refs in this league stink

  59. RSH says:

    Arsenal always find a way to blow it. Can’t say this is unexpected. All rivals dropped day before so naturally we must mess up too

  60. ras911 says:


  61. gmv8 says:

    I can’t take any more……

  62. ras911 says:


  63. Tidan2 says:

    Can’t breathe

  64. Adienl says:

    Die Burnley. Dieeeeeeeee

  65. JAmerican says:


  66. Twig says:

    Stone wall penalty

  67. Tidan2 says:

    THOSE, LADIES AND GENTLEMENT, ARE BIG BALLS. (Especially since he has missed 3/5 before)

  68. RSH says:


  69. Krish says:

    my heart has never beaten soooooo fast

  70. Quophi says:

    @Ras911 u killed me ???? ….. I had a stroke a seizure …. I can’t f0-0k YEAH!!!!!

  71. BUR says:

    Great penalty. Great 3 points.

  72. gmv8 says:

    I can’t see how Graeme Souness can say Burnley had a clear penalty, yes there was contact, but the Burnley guy ran on afterwards – it was a delayed reaction that he realised there was contact and dived.

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