OFFICIAL Arsenal team and preview for Red Star Belgrade

There is no doubt whatsoever that Arsene Wenger will have had one eye on the next Arsenal match as he prepared the Gunners for the Europa League game tonight, because we can afford to draw or even lose against Red Star Belgrade tonight and still be confident of progressing to the knockout phase of the Europa League, while losing away to Man City at the weekend will all nut end our hopes of winning the Premier League title.

Having said that, Arsenal want to beat the Serbian side tonight as it will guarantee us going through and will set us up nicely for Sunday, so it is a good job that Wenger has a deep and strong squad to choose from and he has used it well tonight in my opinion.

In come Jack Wilshere, Walcott and Giroud and we also have the combative Coquelin in the holding midfield position so the young Gunners in the team can express themselves without worrying too much about leaving the defence exposed.

Debuchy, Elneny, Holding
Nelson, Maitland-Niles, Coquelin, Willock
Walcott, Wilshere, Giroud.

Subs: Cech, Osei-Tutu, Akpom, Dasilva, McGuane, Nketiah, Sheaf.

David Ospina has not made it in time so with that back three there is a weakness at one end of the pitch but we should have more than enough attacking threat at the other end to make sure that Arsenal win this game. COYG!



  1. SuperClaes says:

    As expected with predictable Wenger!

    Coquelin protecting back so young ones can express themselves-really? Did anyone see his disciplined performance vs Norwich? Don’t know who he protected but certainly not our defenders?

    1. DarkPope says:

      You can trust the front three to be a formidable force as they have been doing in the carabao fa cups and europa keague

      1. Arsene can't run out of bars says:


  2. Squizy says:

    What happened to Jeff Reine-Adelaide? These are his kind of matches

    1. DarkPope says:

      Still injured. Not looking forward to the man city match with mertesacker and xhaka starting

  3. Ackshay says:

    lol the amount of english players in the matchday squad. 7 in lineup 6 on bench
    Take that Homegrown rule.

    1. Ackshay says:

      Must be a record for arsenal or any teams from england in european competition.

    2. Gunners says:

      No wonder why we are playing badly. That Nelson guy is operated! Or Wenger is slowly destroying him!

  4. Godswill says:

    Our back line is to know how good Macey is.

  5. arsenal DNA says:

    where’s Iwobi?

  6. Arsene can't run out of bars says:

    Giroud fell over ???

  7. Why is Theo Walcott playing

  8. Mitch Connor says:

    I don’t think Wenger is taking this competition seriously or not. I hope he is.
    Cologne is winning which helps us if we win tonight

  9. Hilary says:

    Is Coquelin banned from taking shots at goal in Arsenal?

  10. sss says:

    macey vs red star

  11. Ronny says:

    Bate winning now not cologne.
    As Wenger always says lacking cutting edge and quality, we could be Everton though! Ashley Williams had a shocker.

  12. Ronny says:

    Bate winning now not cologne.
    As Wenger always says lacking cutting edge and quality, we could be Everton though! Ashley Williams had a shocker….

  13. Ronny says:

    Back 3 all over the sh*t.

  14. Mobella says:

    Are we lossing.?!

  15. Arsene can't run out of bars says:

    Does Walcott actually pass to his own team?

  16. Hilary says:

    Not yet??

  17. Rkw says:

    Anyone wanting to know why giroud elneny and Walcott should be gift wrapped and handed out to any taker at Xmas just needs to watch this game … Debuchey coquelin and holding look at least professional … Rest all over the place … What is wilshires role … I don’t understand … Route to next years CL ain’t going to come from here …

  18. Salmonella says:

    Walcott the only brainless footballer I’ve seen in my life

  19. Avenger says:

    Wenger one day is going to get what he deserve
    Initiating a game with a lack of vision and motivation …. this
    team tonight against Red Star is not going no where

  20. Rob Krieger says:

    Macey stealing the show

  21. Mitch Connor says:

    I think Wenger showed disrespect to Belgrade with the players not just in starting lineup but on the bench. Wish Wenger had put one or two more first team players on the bench like iwobi, Alexis, Ramsey or lacazette so that they could come on in the last 10 minutes if we need them.
    Wenger is delusional about the quality of his players. Wenger has no clue what so ever

    1. Gunners says:

      It shows he dosent care about supporters. We always want watch a goof game!

  22. Mitch Connor says:

    Yes. Cologne scored. Leading 3-2
    Come on Arsenal. Score and let’s qualify for next round

  23. Mitch Connor says:

    Difference between Red Star Belgrade and Arsenal. Red Star have won 1 more Champions League trophy than us
    Red Star Belgrade won Champions League in 1991.
    I don’t see Wenger ever winning with us

  24. Ronny says:

    Theo sucks

  25. Ronny says:

    The final delivery in and around the box is dreadful. Yes just to have Ramsey and Alexis come on and score in the last 10 would have been perfect. Oh well akpom is on the bench.

  26. Ronny says:

    Elneny headless chicken.

  27. 11Guns says:

    I just caught myself saying “I’ve thrown away two hours of my life on this.”

  28. Bur says:

    Pure rubbish. It’s getting worse.

  29. Gunners says:

    I am really disappointed by the senior players , they are really poor especially Treo and Giroud!

  30. Bur says:

    Well that us an hour and a half of my live I’ll never get back.

  31. Lexynal says:

    All i see here is negativity all the way. A second-string team (none of them is in the first 11 of today) has pulled another good game. If it was Mourinho fielding a completely different team and pulling result it would be “genius”. Guys…relax…safe your energy. For the first time in years, we can afford to play a game (evem at Europe level) without any member of the first 11 anywhere near the bench. Celebrate your team….and let’s continue to move on.

  32. Turbo says:

    Bloody hell, Elneny at center back again. WTF?! Seriously Arsene, stop the madness, it’s eventually going to bite you in the ass.

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