Official Arsenal team and preview for Watford away clash

Even this early in the new Premier League season a lot of people are looking at this Arsenal match away to Watford as a must win game. THere is still plenty of time for the Gunners to mount a proper challenge for the Premier League title, but after we gained just a single point from the first two games we really need all three today to give the whole club a lift heading into the international break.

Our hopes of getting this vital win are boosted by the inclusion of the assist king Mesut Ozil after some doubts about him being fit enough to start the game after a brief appearance from the bench last week, but Arsene Wenger has not received the same boost from our first choice centre forward, with Olivier Giroud starting the game from the bench.

Bellerin, Holding, Koscielny, Monreal
Cazorla, Xhaka
Oxlade-Chamberlin, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Chambers, Wilshere, Coquelin, Elneny, Giroud.

We will have to wait and see whether the boss persists with the so far unproductive experiment of playing Alexis Sanchez through the middle in the bif Frenchmanโ€™s absence but I presonally hope he does not and it is Theo Walcott starting as our central striker, with the Chilean on one side and the Ox on the other.

THis is the first time we will see Xhaka and Cazorla starting in midfield and the way they play could decide the outcome of the match, as could the new defensive pairing of Holding and Koscielny.

With the transfer situation finally looking sorted, can the Gunners get the win we need to make the next two weeks a lot happier for us Gooners?


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  1. Nice line up.. Glad Sanchez is starting from the flank. Hopefully Walcott will bury his chances when they come. Giroud will be called upon if needed..

    Xhaka -Santi. Looking forward to this. Coq or Elneny will be called upon where necessary.

    Perez….Will add competition to the front line.

    My prediction 2:0 Arsenal win..

    1. Think we are all looking forward to Xhaka-Carloza. If it clicks then Arsenal’s fortunes this year are looking very rosy

  2. I like this line up, prefer Ox to Theo even if only for his effort. Xhaka Cazorla should be interesting, also looking forward to seeing Kos and Rob again. Cech needs to bring his A game. Glad Ozil is back of course, and we have missed Giroud.

    1. FlashScore shows Sanchez starting up front.. Guess we will have to see what actually happens..

  3. Today we’ll either see the best or the worst of Xhaka. With Coquelin out, all the midfield defensive responsibility will be on him. I expect a yellow card in the minimum ๐Ÿ˜›

    Good luck Xhaka, good luck Arsenal!

          1. What? Do you use AdBlock? Pop ups will be gone after you wait 30 seconds and when you’re on full screen they won’t even show.

        1. @Twig
          Yes. I use them all the time. and are the most hassle free as well as reliable…

  4. Interesting line up, looking forward for the game… I tot for a minute, I could see Perez in there… we can apologize to FA later for for not completing transfer first, we were desperate, WE ARE ARSENAL!!!!!!????

  5. I hope we won’t bomb forward and get caught on the counter. We don’t look very strong defensively and with Ighalo’s pace we may hear another case of being weak and naive.

    1. Strange whistle although I think it was a penalty.

      However, how can ref give it afterwards?

    2. It was definitely a penalty though… he elbowed Sanchez in the head without touch the ball at all; admittedly, that wouldn’t normally be a penalty but they are more stringent this season.

      1. We have now been awarded two penalties in three matches, that is the same number as we were awarded on PL all last season.

    1. To everyone but Le Dunce,

      Would personally sell both Theo and Ox to whatever club needs English representation in their squad. Maybe the Chinese Super League will come calling.

      Always rated Gnarby higher than both, but Wenger hitched his wagon to the English core many, many moons ago.

  6. That’s brilliant from Sanchez and clinical from Ozil. Shows how much we need them to function.

    1. If Ozil and Sanchez can be on form all season, we’ll have a good chance. Problem is they’re far too inconsistent ๐Ÿ™

      1. If Ozil and Alexis are too inconsistent well then there is not one consistent no10 nor 1 consistent winger in the whole of the league. Alexis is arguably the best winger in England and Ozil is the best no10.

  7. As soon as ozil Sanchez and carzola are on form we know we have possibilities … But xhaka impressive that half

  8. That 3rd goal though… EFFORTLESS!

    Sanchez 1 goal, 2 assists..

    I thought Theo has done really well this half. Watford will come at us hard, so we need to sit deep and wait for the counter. Maybe add some muscle onto midfield?

    1. Did you see Holding? The lad is 183 cm and has won EVERY single header against taller Watford players, such as Treeney and Capoo.


      1. Holding will have his learning curve moments and probably be displaced from the first 11 if Mustafi ever arrives but the lad has been incredibly impressive thus far. Shades of a young John Terry back there.

        Wenger should be commended for this addition.

      1. But for now, Im glad so many are behind the team today. A really good showing + 2 new signings will go a long way towards restoring confidence.

    1. Dream on mate …. Most of our threat down the left side ….. 4days left to flog the whippet to the Chinese and claw back some of the 100m … no european team will waste money on him

  9. I love watching Arsenal when we play like this, say what you like but Arsene’s brand of football is breathtaking at times. Xhaka, reminds me of the all American quarterback that has the golden arm and the beautiful cheerleader rapped under it. Alexis Ozil Cazorla and now Xhaka.

  10. I predicted 3 – 0 for Arsenal. It’s already that.
    I will be extremely happy for me to be proved wrong positively.
    Fancy 5 – 0 or 6 -0, or even 7 -0 for Arsenal? That would be nice.

  11. Xhaka looks like the cdm we’ve missed. He sits back and provides strength and cover for the defense, and has composure and vision to pick out tremendous long balls. Any defense that wants to play a high line against us this year better have some very fast CBs.

    And Ozil makes Alexis so much better. They are connecting right now in a very exciting way.

    1. Spot on with ox and Walcott as attacking options we will not challenge with best ..hoping Lucas will bring something extra

  12. Time for substitutions to inject some energy into the game. Ox should go rest. What a save by Cech!

      1. huge loss gibbs is trash.
        has all the tools but no football brain like walcott
        hope its nothing! nacho is vital

    1. i get it, xhaka can pass but he’s lacking substantially in the tackling department compared to coquelin…also it seems the hate for walcot has blinded you all, if anything he was the most hardworking player on that pitch after sanchez.

      you guys also seem to skipping over the fact that ozil was COMPLETELY invisible in the 2nd half and even missed one or two chances to score earlier in the first half

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