Official Arsenal team and preview of Aston Villa clash

Arsene Wenger clearly wants his Arsenal team to finish the season with a flourish, and a fluent and stylish one at that, because in this final match of the Premier League season the boss has packed his starting line-up with our most creative and entertaining players.

And despite all the talking up of our flying England international forward in the build up to the game, that does not include Theo Walcott. The exciting young Alex Iwobi is not in either, and neither is Joel Campbell. Instead the boss has gone for the passing and technical ability of Jack Wilshere on the other side of the attacking line to Alexis Sanchez, with Olivier Giroud keeping his place at the point of the Arsenal attack.

The fit again Mesyt Ozil is back and he will have the considerable talents of our little Spaniard Santi Cazorla to unlock the leaky Aston Villa defence. To balance all this attacking intent Wenger has brought back Francis Coquelin to break up play and protect the back four.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Wilshere, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Elneny, Campbell, Iwobi.

So it looks like it could be a tough 90 minutes for the already relegated bottom side, while hopefully for Arsenal fans it will be a big finish and maybe even a happy ending if Newcastle can do us a favour against Tottenham. COYG.


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      1. Where was this atmosphere all season. Terrific stuff, absolutely fantastic. Fans are the biggest motivational tool a club has at it’s disposal. Fans mood went right up, players effort right along with it. Glad to see Wenger so animated over the last number of games, himself and Wilshere let their feelings be known. Arsenals drastic PL season beats totts best ever one. Mind the huge gap there Poch, how people jumped on his bandwagon Ill never know, like I said, he doesn’t come close. Arsenals fans today make certain people in here look and sound ridiculous.

        1. Fans are most important motivational tool.
          Arsenal need support not anti BS.
          Neutrals love Arsenal and I couldn’t blame them.
          Supporters really were terrific today.

          ps, that wasn’t a reply above Muff. Just came in to leave a quick comment. COYG, gotta love the Arsenal. What do ya know, we are capable of filling the stadium with real fans. Loved every minute of it.

  1. cazorla and le coq! nice!

    jack ozil and alexis boom!

    lets supprt them as one lads last game of the season πŸ™‚

  2. Ramsey on the bench, Walcott not in the team replaced by Campbell on the bench! Happy gooner.

  3. Fckn love it. Newcastle winning & across the country Sp*rs fans arses are twitching like fck. LOL!

    1. Whoever gave this post a thumbs down is not a true Gooner. Do one yer plastic!

  4. commentators absolutely right.. cazorla showing in brilliant way what exactly we missed πŸ™
    and sanchez playing superb and… that lob from ΓΆzil to sanchez.. brilliant

    1. Agree 100%. The season might have played out much differently if he had been fit.

    1. Love it. Can’t wait for the banter to start with the melts from down the Lane.

        1. True JP.
          We’re still 1 up after the first half.
          I hope we don’t mess up. Newcastle is doing us a favour here.

  5. Will somebody for the love of Christ shoot the freaking ball

    Typical Arsenal ticky tack BS.

  6. Can we just end all the games now? Lol I’m loving these scorelines across the board.

  7. WTF!!! Bomb threat at Old Trafford, suspected package explosives set for a controlled detonation in Sir Alex Ferguson’s stand.

  8. It’s the only thing that can put a smile on our faces.
    Arsenal please do not **** this up. St totteringhams day could well happen lol ?

  9. The utd game was abandoned due to a suspicious package,
    It turned out to Van Gals suitcase and belongings!

    Come on Arsenal don’t you dare mess this up now!
    While the Spuds are losing 2nil. ?

    We should raid Newcastle for those two Goal scorers!
    We were linked to that young striker of there’s, before they signed him…. another one for Wenger’s nearly signed list.


  10. Now arsenal found an easy team to beat and they wasting chances like they are wining 6-0,can wenger please tell them its just 1-0? They should get their acts together.

  11. our inability to press remains a basic weakness and a mystery as its a characteristic of all the top teams …

  12. Can’t believe we’re playing like this when there’s so much at stake – backsides need to kicked – this is embarrassing to watch.

  13. Lamela has just scored πŸ™ wtf wtf is wtf is going on with us today? Holiday mode?

    1. all season we been holiday mode mate

      thats kinda the reason we threw the title

      but whatevs πŸ™‚

  14. Don’t we have a better goal difference compared to spuds?a draw would be enough right?

    1. loooool

      no mate theres is miles bigger

      they need to lose
      and mitrovic just got a red


        1. And my hero just bagged his hat trick… Well done giroud… Great way to answer to all the criticism.

  15. 3rd place for Arsenal. Tot need a draw to finish second and it seems they will make it

  16. OH NO!!




  17. what a day!! oh to be a spud must be miserable… never seen such bad karma on one squad… year after year, coyg!

  18. so thats 10 more years of Wenger and Giroud cause we finished above spuds for billionth time. Seriously, we’re acting like we won the league. We blew it and settling for a consolation prize once more. There’s nothing to celebrate.

    1. thinking same, really need a consistent center forward, hat trick against a relegated team when it does not count for much is sterile…

  19. Not over yet..fingers crossed. It would be awsome to finish above the so called this season mighty spuds…f them.. Common oli…

  20. ROFL Newcastle put 3 past these muppets & with 10 men. fckn comedy gold this. Happy St Totteringham day to everyone.

  21. Hoooora.. Congrats to everyone.. Great end to a disappointing season. But seriously Newcastle don’t deserve to go down…well done giroud today…he’s back…

  22. 5 1 with 10 men lmao. Can’t wait for moto tonight, I’ve not looked forward to it too much this season I must say.

  23. But look at leicester, go one goal down away to chelsea, and then get one back.
    We go a goal down to chelsea and game is lost

  24. couldnt make it up … thats the premier league for you … congratulations to the frenchman … until the summer that is and we see what he chnages

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