Official Arsenal team and preview of FA cup final

Arsene Wenger has responded to the brilliant performance and hat-trick of the Arsenal and England international speedster Theo Walcott against West Brom last week by giving him a place in the starting line up as the Gunners prepae for a second FA cup final at Wembley in the space of a year.

Not only has Theo got the nod but he keeps his position as centre forward with Olivier Giroud having to make do with a place on the subs bench. With the Big Frenchman are Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and David Ospina who also miss out, as does the Ox who is at least fit enough to make the squad.

Wenger has kept with his recent formation of Ramsey, Cazorla and Ozil and I assume that the Welshman will be playing on the right again although there is usually plenty of interchange between the creative players. Coquelin keeps his place which is a good idea as our opponents have plenty of danger in their own team, although their pacy front man Gabriel Agbonlahor only makes the bench.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Cazorla, Coquelin
Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis

subs: Ospina, Gabriel, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Giroud

What we do not want is a repeat of the shaky start against Hull City in last season´s final but I think Arsenal should be more composed this time and we should be set to round the season off in style. COYG!

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      1. Disclaimer: Whatever I do or say after the game, after we must have won, I’m not to be held responsible.

      1. schezney and per starting is a big mistake. We needed Gabriel and ospina, plus I think giroud would have given us a different option up front. I’m scared as fuuuk

                1. Yeah but Ramsey has been very poor,very poor…Theo has been OK after the goal,he missed an open goal but made up for it with the goal.

        1. F***k it, Ramsey is handsome. He could be mistaken for me, just that I’m much taller. #winks

  1. Good lineup, although would’ve wanted Ramsey to be our CM or super sub rather than on the right wing..


  2. Came 1.5 hours early to an Arsenal bar in Chicago and it was already packed with Gooners. COYG lets defend our title let’s bring this trophy home!

  3. gotta play aggressively and score couple goals early.
    Would be nice to have someone instead of Mert,and maybe make sense to have Giroud instead of Ozil.

  4. People may not like this, but Ospina may not have went to that ball or flap at it and let Benteke score. Szczesny is far more convincing collecting balls with his 6 foot 6 height.

    1. Composure is one of the best parts of Ramsey’s game! Imo to be WC he just needs to stay fit.

    1. Ozil is a world class player what he does with the ball is magical. I just wish more fans could since it

        1. He missed an open goal, how did he missed that???we could have been three or four goals up if it wasn’t for Theo and ramsey

    1. Theo just shut you the f*ck up. You’ve been shooting your mouth off since kickoff, I doubt we’ll be hearing from you for the rest of the match. A fan should support his team. But plastic is as plastic does.

  5. I kind of wish we had Giroud in there as an experienced striker but nevertheless we are still looking good.

    I’m impressed by Szczesny. He looks confident
    Obviously Alexis, Cazorla, Ozil look awesome

    Awesome save by Hart and Villa defense look strong.

    Anyway it’s just a matter of time for a breakthrough

  6. F*cling mert, giving pressure to the goali by passing back when there is a opponent near him.

  7. People are you guys this center referee come with his cards .. GIVE VILLA THE DAM F*K**G CARD REF.

    1. I’m sure his is view this match at the back side of his television set…

  8. Whatever the outcome of the match result, I am proud of the team, they really show it on the pitch.

  9. Danny Murphy: “I don’t think Theo is very comfortable on his left foot”
    (15 seconds later)
    Danny Murphy: “Its a great finish!…..on his weaker foot”

    What great banter!!!


  10. I had a feeling that shot would go in because Walcott was well open and he is a good finisher especially when he is open

    I hope this starts a goal rush for us. A good lead will ease our nerves 🙂

    1. Tends to happen when teams play against us. Need at least 2 more goals in the second

  11. All our players have been impressive, even Sczcesny! Come on boys, keep it up, little tighter on the finish and bury this game already! I’m ready to party let’s do it!!!

  12. next goal koscielny surely? he’s scored very decisive goals in every last game of the season.

  13. Need a goal early in 2nd half and Villa will have to come out and try to score. Gonna be so open to counter attack after that. I’m predicting 4-0

  14. Villa have to press us for an equaliser now. Look who they’re facing when we break – Özil, who is on it today. Walcott, the pace is frightening. Alexis, no comment.

  15. We look composed so far, as well as being patient for the right opening. We have been rewarded, I hope we are able to keep our calm until the end.

  16. The play against Arsenal mode:
    Hold on till halftime.
    Try to get one counter for a score.
    We have seen that too often.

  17. Alexis STUNNER!!!!!!!!

    I think I just crapped in My underwear but I Don’t care


  18. Seriously, that was a beauty by Alexis
    Walcott’s was good too but Alexis’s goal is goal of the match so far.

    More Goals please 🙂

  19. BFG!!!!!!!!

    I still want more goals
    This is soooooo enjoyable right now

  20. didn’t know if it was a shirt pull on koscielny or he started celebrating after per scored

  21. How I wish sanchez got a small injury after this game that rule him out of the Copa America.

  22. I don’t know why ozil was sub, I think he was disappointed, he want to score today.

  23. Hes scored some great goals this year but GIROUD should NEVER EVER be 1st choice striker for Arsenal next season.

  24. Giroud scored a world class goal,great job Olivier…. Well done. We are the champs…Chelsea here we come for the community shield

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