Official Arsenal team and preview of Southampton EFL cup clash

As expected by most Arsenal fans and watchers, the manager has rung the changes for the EFL cup match at home to Southampton because of our numerous injury problems and also to allow a few of the key players to get some well earned rest after a hectic fixture schedule.

The visitors have also made some changes but nothing like the wholesale rotation we see from Arsene Wenger, with the Sainys side including Forster in goal, Van Dijk, Bertrand, Long, Clasi and Yoshida, while the only Gunner to keep his place from the Premier League win against Bournemouth is Mohamed Elneny.

The Gunners line up is not all kids though, with regular first teamers like Ramsey, Iwobi and Coquelin all starting and others like Gabriel and Gibbs having plenty of experience if not much recent game time. The fit again Lucas Perez is back to lead the attack and young Reine-Adelaide starts in the EFL cup once more, as does the newly contracted keeper Emiliano Martinez.

Jenkinson, Holding, Gabriel, Gibbs
Coquelin, Elneny
Reine-Adelaide, Ramsey, Iwobi

subs: Macey, Bola, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Xhaka, Bielik, Maitland-Niles, Mavididi.

Let’s hope that these young and lightly used Arsenal players are determined to show the boss what they can do and put in the sort of performance we want to make sure that Arsenal and not Southampton will be two games away from Wembley after tonight.


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  1. Love the line up can’t wait to see perez in action hope he’s not too rusty. 3-1 to the gunners! Come on you gunners!

  2. Would have liked to have seen Xhaka rather than Eneny but other than that I love it. Maybe this means Xhaka did enough on Sunday to be in the starting XI when Carloza is out. No experience on the bench so Wenger is backing the young guns.

    For Southampton I was hoping van Dijk would get a night off. He is taking his game to another level and Perez has his work cut out to get the better of him

  3. Glad that Perez is back. Anyone know if Giroud is fit ? He is not even on the bench. Hope we win this today and advance further in the competition. This competition is important to give rest to the first team and also to give some gametime to the reserves.

  4. Sometimes I wonder what Wenger is thinking,bringing players that haven’t played 5mins together to a cup game,no creativity in that midfield,it is better arsenal sign off from the EPL cup than insulting ourselves.

                    1. Hmmm don’t remember sequences and sets in R what are you taking it for computer science or software engineering?

    1. Lucky you. Yet again, another shocker from Arsenal! Southampton don’t even need a keeper for this game. Because of Wenger’s love of tiki-taka, all we’ve done so far, is backwards and sideways passes, no shots or crosses, and now we’re 0-2 down.

          1. We’ve been playing bad ever since Ramsey came back. I suspect it’s not just a case of correlation now.

            1. I agree. Ramsey has been shocking as well. Given he’s the only experienced one out there, apart from Coquelin, he’s been a huge let down, and isn’t helping our inexperienced players at all. I’ve only seen him give the ball away, which is classic Ramsey.

  5. Better we go out tonight. Cant watch this lot play. No creativity. Iwobi and Adelaide holding on to the ball too long. Perez having to drop back as he is getting no service. Ramsey invisible. Jenko nervous playing out the ball from our half. Elneny just passing back and sideways. Disgraceful.

  6. Feel sorry for the fans that have to pay, to sit in the freezing cold, and watch this! Southampton are cruising in about second gear.

  7. ~in depth squad my bottom
    ~quality my bottom

    Several years ago, our youth rape Liverpool in league cup. Now, our youth and new signings are piss poor.

  8. Surprise surprise 0 shots on target at half time. When the first team is making it difficult to create chances what did we expect from a second team against decent League opposition?
    By the way they too are resting players and playing away.

    I’ll be shocked if Arsenal come back to win this game.

  9. Folks are finally seeing that even with our new squad depth everyone is bragging about, we still only have a handful of quality players and 1 of them is in his 30’s out injured with no replacement on his level.

    Quality not quantity!!!

  10. This is why fellas some of our fringe players have to go on loan and have competition to be able to play for the first team even in this Cups. None of them are up to it and waste their chance but I do blame the COACH. while Puel mix it with at least 4 regulars , we do the opposite and THESE POOR FANS PAYING A TICKET TO WATCH THIS CALAMITY? Cold night the less we expect is a DECENT SHOW UP. NOT FAIR , REALLY NOT FAIR. Loan them all, Ramsey thee no signs of leadership or able to carry the team up.HOPE IS NOT A BATTERING because 2 goals is lot against a wall OF FIVE IN DEFENCE THEY HAVE. Always more dynamic and straight forward football and US SIDE WAYS , SLOW PASSING AND PREDICTABLE but mostly expose on the COUNTER. let’s pray no a humiliation in our ground.

  11. Jenkinson=Horrific! I hope he doesn’t play for us again this season… I would much rather play Mustafi (plays RB for GER), Coq (began his career as RB), or Gabriel at RB over this guy any day..
    Hopefuly Westham will still take him off of our hands

    Jeff is starting to look very overrated… move the ball son! Hopefully Ox to sub him off and save the game with Lucas

    Xhaka immediate impact

  12. Don’t be surprised about this result. Firstly wenger does this every season plays a poorer team in this comp. It would be nice to win it. Secondly Southampton should have got something out of the league game. A comfortable win for the visitors.

  13. I know we dont give a S##t about the league cup but as fans we demand that whoever puts on the shirt has the respect to put in a performance. sadly we are getting F###ing humiliated once again.
    The most predictable team in world football and the easiest to play against.
    What will it take to get rid of this pathetic excuse for a manager

  14. Why are people shocked. Just like UCL we lose this tournament every year. Same with epl. Wait… why is Wenger still around again?

  15. Wish Maitland Niles started instead of Jenko, Chambo instead of Rambo, Jeff in the middle and Xhakha for El nino.. Anyways it’s not like Wenger ever tried to win this cup, i hope a good win against West Ham makes up for this

  16. During the press conference wenger said “its going to be a mixture of both experienced and non-experienced,but 90% experienced” seeing this lads out here making a mess of the club,I wonder what he then meant by 90% experienced players.

  17. It is not a surprise many are called bias when proving RAMSEY IS OVERRATED. for god sake, this are the games where you can show really you deserve a place ahead of anyone in midfield. Ozil? no, Santi? No, even Xhaka? No. playing on the wings? No. so If you can not show your real potential when named in the first team for this EFL cup then it is curtains my friends. If those players do not go and give 1000% no matter the competition they play in then LOANED THEM OUT. fans should not pay for this poor spectacle.

  18. Wait the after game interview. We lack of intensity, we conceded 2 goals and after it was difficult for us to break through. YES cos we do not into games like this from start with it.. THE ONLY GAME i have seen us playing form the whistle with pace and intensity was AGAINST UTD and we trashed them ever since? side way passes and backwards. no tempo and predictable nothing changes, no plan B either. Bye bye to another competition not taken serious. NONE OF THESE ON TONIGHT APART FROM XHAKA CAN MAKE THE FIRST ELEVEN. I’m off to bed

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. We pressed really well at times in the second half, when we were 2-0 down! I’ve lost count of times down the years of how bad we start games, and we only ever wake up once we’re a goal down or more behind.

  19. They are playing virtually their first team against our (mostly) third team – no way we were ever going to win this. Wenger just using it as a training exercise , to see who can progress to the further up the ladder.

  20. now we can see the importance of Oliver!! I seriously hate Ramsey with passion now, only iwobi and Xhaka played very well today same old story

  21. Sure wenger was at the game with the wrong team sheet we had no width with no one running into space very static with not much creativity and then when they did they all were well off target

  22. This is another repetitive year for wenger, as last year and the year before and on and on and on……… wenger the looser! Lol. If I didn’t laugh I’d be crying my eyes out.

  23. I have said it time without number that Ramsey is not an Arsenal quality even the year we see him performing, he lack idea and he is not Arsenal standard. He is not good it was the lack of good players at that time that people feel he is good but he’s not. He should not make our bench, Adeliade perform better than him who claim to be a senior player. Another player that exit us from the turnament was Jenkinson. Ramsey and Jenkinson should be offloaded from Arsenal, they are a time bomb waiting to explode.

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