Official Arsenal team and preview of Southampton – NO change

I assume that Arsene Wenger has been thinking about making a change or two to the Arsenal team that has been starting and winning their matches recently, as this is the middle of a three matches in seven days run of fixtures. But a trip to St. Mary’s is a lot tougher on paper than our next game at home to Bournemouth.

So the Arsenal boss has decided to stick with the same line up that started against Man City five days ago, and I would not be surprised to see a few changes on Monday. Hopefully none of those changes will be forced on Wenger due to any more Gunners picking up an injury this evening.

And hopefully we will go into that game on top of the league table. Arsenal need all three points tonight to overtake the current leaders Leicester City who currently have two more than our 36. Southampton are not on a great run of form themselves but I do not think it will be easy for us tonight as I am sure that Ronald Koeman will have them fired up and will expect 100 percent effort in front of the home crowd.

Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal
Flamini, Ramsey
Walcott, Ozil, Campbell

Subs: Ospina, Reine-Adelaide, Chambers, Gibbs, Gabriel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi

Will we be top tonight Gooners? I think we will.

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  1. goonthinker says:

    is walcott on the rw

  2. Okayblack says:

    If only Arsenal will do me a little favour tonight by winning dis game…
    I will not accept a draw or loss dis Christmas.
    Come on boys, Go on and win!!!!!

  3. NY_Gunner says:


  4. Koss the Boss says:

    Right gooners make this win extra special for me please. Go top of the table and thanks to evertons last minute goal (my bet – 8team Acc) waiting on an Arsenal win for £580.

    1. Koss the Boss says:

      See if Arsenal bottle this il be raging, even though il lose money, but ffs do we want to win this league. Another oppurtunity missed against our bogey team of last few seasons. We always have this stupid mentality we will walk games, doesnt happen in the prem need to switch on right now! What a goal though

  5. Banga11 says:

    Arsenal should look to buy Deuloufea. Upgrade on Ox.

    1. gunnerman8701 says:

      If we are looking to get a forward player currently playing in the PL, my wish would be Mahrez. He’s a joy to watch.

  6. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    We will win tonight.

  7. Greg says:

    Come on gunners! Lets do this an opportunity for us to go top of the pile!

  8. SoOpa AeoN says:

    and its usually the unknwn guys to score against arsenal………… Now who is “martina”?”

  9. gunnerman8701 says:

    What a strike and what a goal. Cech had no chance

  10. Bigvalbowski says:

    The St Marys curse!!

    1. JAmerican says:

      It’s no curse we’re giving them too much damn space to play.

      1. Bigvalbowski says:

        We havent won @ St. Marys in forever

  11. JAmerican says:

    Where’s our attack?

  12. luvdaguns says:

    its feeling like one of those days….

    1. JAmerican says:

      When we defeat ourselves

  13. JAmerican says:

    Let’s get 1 before halftime

  14. Ronny331 says:

    Mane + long = big threat and pace. If we get more than a pointtoday now iI’d be delighted. Shoot from range guys it’s windy!

  15. Twig says:

    Mertesacker is having a mare 🙁

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      An overconfident, underwhelming performance against a team that has been in horrendous form…….

      Sound about right

    2. JAmerican says:

      Give him a break, everyone in front of him besides Flamini is invisible. I can’t how many times he had the ball with his hands open looking for a pass and no one to be found

      1. luvdaguns says:

        he had a spectacular match v man city, think he looks fine today, had a shaky moment, kos not looking better, my concern is not the defense, we just do not pose a threat up top, and this is consistent,

  16. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Wtf! Is going on here? ?
    Another blessing handed on a plate with a chance to go top and our response is “stick it up your Ass! ” ?

    Looks as if, the whole team had too much Christmas pudding, washed down with mistletoe and wine! ? wtf!

    Wake up you b’stards!! ???

  17. Koss the Boss says:

    Wenger show abif of balls and take Per off ffs he is a bloody liability

  18. gunnerman8701 says:

    Why are we struggling so much this first half? Hope this don’t turn out to a loss or 1 point.

  19. Bobshinery1 says:

    If (God forbid) we lose these match, it means we can’t win the league this season… Cuz we continue bottling our chance to go top.

  20. luvdaguns says:

    campbell just does not seem to pose a threat, just not feeling it yet w him,

  21. Tidan2 says:

    We have been so poor, can’t string two passes together the whole half.

    1. JAmerican says:

      We’re losing the midfield battle, Flamini is the only 2 there. Stop blaming Per for everyone else’s lack of motivation.
      Monreal the best player on the pitch.

  22. rkw says:

    Comical football … Where’s the premiership contenders on this pitch?… Walcott utterly useless Ramsey flamini just can’t dominate and control a midfield… Mert ah yes no comment …monreal our best player along with Campbell who at least works hard .. Even Los a bit shaky

    1. luvdaguns says:

      so working hard means best player? he is playing up top, how about posing a threat, i dont care if he is lazy, if he freaking scores at some point in time, if you are going to play up top for this club, you better be able to put the ball on the pipes, i hope to see it….

  23. BUR says:

    Another poor game from Ramsey. Get Mertisaker a wheel chair, he is doing his usual out paced and out muscled poor poor. The whole team are subdued. Do they not realise they can go top of the league. It’s hard to watch.

  24. antonioro says:

    Take BFG off-he is lost,total liability.Outmuscled and outpaced by smaller players.Just risky passing,full backs or Ramsey cannot go forward coz they need to cover for him.

  25. Abu says:

    It will a disaster if we lose against southampton having won against Man city

  26. Ronny331 says:

    Bbc site: ‘longs in behind as merteaacker turns like a tanker’ hes okay when we are ahead when chasing a game and against opponents with pace hes useless, gabriel please before it’s too late. Did wenger nit see the team sheet before the game? Mert v mane and long really!!??

    1. BUR says:

      Webber is blinded by his own delousions . Going by his statements today he won’t be purchasing in the next window.

  27. Ronny331 says:

    When will people realise every single pl game home or awaywill be uunpredictable and could be a win or a loss. It’s the performance thats dissapoinibg so far. Too much xmas pudding yesterday?

  28. sam-afc says:

    I knew this game was going to be a tricky one.
    Come on Arsenal. Let’s wake up for the second half.

  29. Uzi Ozil says:

    I hope we don’t bottle another chance to go top….

    Come on Boys, Lets get the win in the 2nd half…..Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  30. antonioro says:

    As always , unable to capitalise on other top teams losses.Same movie all over again.

  31. luvdaguns says:

    how many goals is mert responsible for? just wondering?

  32. gooner100 says:

    Hmm dismal first half. Passing not quite clicking and we are losing the ball too often. Need to get a grip and start to play with a bit. Ore intensity. Confident if we start the 2nd half more positively we’ll still get the three points. COYG’s.

  33. antonioro says:

    Ca u imagine Messi,neymar and Suarez against Mertesacker?It is sooooo scary,can be even comical or…. embarrasing to watch.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      who don’t those 3 shred?

  34. Ronny331 says:

    Southampton are always up for it when we play them. Maybe the fact we keep taking their players! Bit like stoke abd bolton used to be bogey teams.

  35. luvdaguns says:

    bench is thin, maybe bring in Ox

  36. Ronny331 says:

    Will we ever win the pl with mertesaxker? Not versatile enough. No pace or mobility, I’m bored of saying it still.

  37. Sack-Wenger says:

    Wenger out, bunch of bottlers

    1. gooner100 says:

      Stfu plastic.

  38. Sack-Wenger says:

    Lol almost 2-0 useless

  39. Sack-Wenger says:

    Chech pulling a Schezza

  40. JAmerican says:

    No composure!
    I miss Cazorla!

  41. Sack-Wenger says:

    Biggest signing Arsenal could make is a new manager in January

  42. Sack-Wenger says:

    Lol useless ref, kos was tripped

  43. JAmerican says:

    Joke!!! Big joke

  44. NIKK says:

    Get rid of that lampost…only scores if its on the plate…get pace and movement upfront u wenger

  45. Sack-Wenger says:

    Lol we really showing what we made of, true championship mentality.

    No wonder Pundits don’t take us seriously.

  46. Sack-Wenger says:

    Nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey good bye championship

  47. BUR says:

    No balls wenger needs to change things. Why is long dictating what is happening?

  48. rkw says:

    Jesus when will we learn… Wenger bring on some threat U utter idiot of a manager

  49. Ronny331 says:

    Thats that then time to see what boxing day movies are on. Rubbish!

    1. luvdaguns says:

      up in smoke is playing

  50. BUR says:

    Is ox going to play in the mid of defence?

  51. luvdaguns says:

    bye joel,

  52. sam-afc says:

    We look like a bunch of strangers playing together. Exactly the same as last season.
    Come on Arsenal. If we are to try and win the league. Stop bottling it

  53. luvdaguns says:

    SOU to waste 30″

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      Title pretenders, well done lads.

      JHC, least put in a shift

  54. Gigi2 says:

    If the same team that beat city is losing to s Hampton. …is it Xmas hungover?

  55. rkw says:

    60 m might do it … Otherwise it will b another disappointing season with the specialist in failure ….

  56. vinie2000 says:

    Here we go again,this come form the manager..I will be in the touchline BARKING at the players not sitting pasovly looking how we lose all battles and how lethargic the passing ABYSMAL performance.There is no pace, no hunger..and we WANT TO WIN THE EPL with this COHESION? You have to look at the mirror Mr have the chance today to show CREDENTIALS..not talking GARBAGE after game finish..What will be the excuse? Lose focus? They won all battles? Bla, Bla, Bla..WE WILL NEVER WIN IT with you in Charge..PLAYERS did not show up too..RAMSEY? BACK FOUR? WHAT A CRAP..we need players in January OTHERWISE YOU MUST GO..SHAMBLES.

  57. NIKK says:

    Ruining my Boxing day..bollox get Guardiola in next season!

  58. rkw says:

    Shocking utterly shocking … Serious manager would have changed at half time only wenger refuses to do so as he is a tired and failed arrogant tw@@

    1. gooner100 says:

      Rkw…stop talking out of your arse. Every game you come of here and trash the team till we’re winning then you fcuk off. You know fa. Your comments are usually proven wrong. You are an anti Arsenal twat that just looks for the worse possible scenario in every game

      1. rkw says:

        Yawn another Spurs fan happy with us being second best … 12 fing years of this bs … every year people like u waffle on about how great walcott and Ramsey and Mert and ox and giroud are going to be this year … Wake up and watch some quality fball coz wenger ain’t deluvering it…Always come up short … And people like us keepi pointing out how fing average too many of our players are .., I want a top quality team winning sh#t that’s what all fans should want not your idiotic Panglossian drivel ..f off and support millwall


  60. BUR says:

    My good golly this is embarrassing. They haven’t won any in 7 but we bow to them wenger on your bike …..please.

  61. gooner100 says:

    Jeez some of you fecking lighweights. So we’re gonna lose a game. Some of you just wanna see failure…do you deny it??? Not fans in my view.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      no kidding, would they rather be chelsea? united?

    2. sam-afc says:

      I wouldn’t spend my money going to watch Arsenal if I wasn’t a true fan. The team haven’t turned up to the races. A big opportunity missed to go top today.
      Let’s hope we turn up against Bournemouth

      1. gooner100 says:

        S**t happens. Hopefully back on form next game. May provoke wenger to go get someone, cos we were so light in mf.

        1. sam-afc says:

          Very true.

  62. NIKK says:

    Get rid of that lampost now

  63. Ronny331 says:

    Ass whooping! There is ine thing losing but not safe guarding a good gd is riduculous 17 down to 14 now. We never ever learn!!

  64. luvdaguns says:

    somedays just suck, terrible defense, no offense, mid field being dominated, wanyama is a beast, what a january buy that would be…

  65. JAmerican says:

    Game was over in the first half. Cech oh Cech

  66. john0711 says:

    Don’t worry Wenger has agreed 5m fee for Elneney lmfffffffffao

    1. JAmerican says:


  67. Death merchant says:

    What Arsenal need is not new players but a new coach, believe it or not wenger might be a good manager but he is nothing close to good coach. This season alone arsenal ve had three opportunity to overtake and give the rest of the teams a wide gap but what did wenger do, bottle it. The old fool dosnt know anything about motivating his players. I rest my case and this is really the last time I watch arsenal till this old clueless idiot is gone. And for you arsene ass kissing odiots, don’t bother thumbing me down cause I won’t be reading it, go ahead and wallow in your blindness. Cao!

    1. gooner100 says:

      Really. Very balanced view. And I guess Mouhinhi and Pellegrini have excellent reasons for either being behind us or simply being so crap they got iced by the club? You’ve no idea, so no great loss if you’re not gonna waste anyone’s time again with your ill informed viewpoint.

      1. rkw says:

        My god I thought wenger was an arrogant p@@@@ but u lot are like followers of L Ron Hubbard …

  68. NIKK says:

    3 nil fcuk…sack wengker and get Guardiola

  69. Ronny331 says:

    Where are the characters in thia team? Flare and individual skill does not win titles alone, grit and determination does 🙁

  70. jackieboy says:

    Typical, get a big win one week, have a chance to get into the drivers seat and we get our backsides handed to us. Typical Arsenal. Shows you why we haven’t won the league title in 12 years. Games like this are supposed to be 3 points in the bag.

    1. JAmerican says:

      So was West Ham at home on opening day… Lol

      1. jackieboy says:

        Exactly, title winning sides don’t lose games like that, which is why we haven’t won a title for so long. Wenger seems to think that he can play the possession game at all times and expect there to be success. Away from home it’s about 3 points, doesn’t matter how you get them, just get them.

  71. Goonsquad8 says:

    You fcuking plastics piss me off so bad none of you are on the site when we win but you lot crawl out from under your rocks when we lose seriously just piss off no one cares what a fickle fan thinks

    1. JAmerican says:

      Hahahaha just stop it. Are you really happy with today’s performance? Disappointment knowing you’re team is supposed to be ready for the fight is not being plastic. Enjoy your day, the game was lost in the first half.

  72. Koss the Boss says:

    Blessing in disguise!! We are bottling so many chances to go top… as per.

    100m needs spent…. next week.

    Wanyama/Carvalho… pay the money
    Mahrez… pay the money
    Cb…. not sure but pay the money pr start gab from now on

    1. JAmerican says:

      Lol, Wanyama is a beast though.

      1. Koss the Boss says:

        Isnt he just a beast!! look flamini did good wont last proved that tonight and Coquelin out til prob March so he is a must a not UCL tied, will come in handy v Barca. Gab/Koss partnership starts now or go a buy a cb wenger will play and trust and get per on the bench… liability on so many occasions! Sanchez a big miss and so is Welbz and he will be out all season so an attacter that can do the business is need and move walcott in the middle for Bournmouth with Giroud impact sub for a few games with Sanchez back soon too and a new winger (Mahrez). Campbell played alotta games in 2/3weeks the whole 1st team has that why tomight was wengers fault for not starting Gab and per is defo looking tired

    2. jackieboy says:

      We can dream but if he didn’t spend big money in the summer, he won’t spend anything in January. This is Arsene Wenger remember.

  73. BUR says:

    Just wish was over.

  74. Arsenalover says:

    ASAP strong strong DM needed

  75. luvdaguns says:

    wenger should have played giroud today…

    1. JAmerican says:


  76. NIKK says:

    Wengker the Christmas scrooge…why waste paying him £8m

  77. NIKK says:

    Wengker deserves a sack…bloody embarrassing

  78. TioMoses says:

    Should’ve subbed Mertesacker at half time, you could tell he was a step too slow for this game.

    Absolute dicking, pure embarassment. Forget the fact that 3 of those goals shouldn’t have stood, we were still dominated in every phase of the game.

  79. jackieboy says:

    What’s the excuse today Wenger? We’re tired, jaded, unlucky. Heard them all before, they don’t wash anymore.

    1. jp says:

      the funny thing is the performance did look tired, jaded and unlucky (well the first half anyways) lol

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