Official Arsenal team and preview of Sunderland clash

The options available to Arsene Wenger when selecting his Arsenal line up for today’s game against Sunderland at the Emirates stadium are smaller than they have been all season and with three key players in Alexis Sanchez, Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin being on the injury list and after the Gunners’ recent struggles in the league, what should have been an easy three points is now looking like a tough and pressure filled match.

At least the prof was able to call on Laurent Koscielny who also limped off at Norwich last week and so we have our strongest back four starting and with Petr Cech behind them Arsenal should have a strong platform to build on.

Wenger has gone for Mathieu Flamini instead of Calum Chambers but the Frenchman needs to keep playing at his highest level to keep his place. Aaron Ramsey is back in his favoured central role but he has a lot to do to replace the skilful Spaniard in the middle.

As expected, Wenger has not risked Theo Walcott from the start but he is on the bench and could play a key part in the game. Hopefully, though, the forward three of Giroud, Campbell and the Ox can make use of the brilliance of our assist king Mesut Ozil and get the game won before we need to call on the subs.

Bellerin, Monreal, Mertesacker, Koscielny
Flamini, Ramsey
Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ozil, Campbell

Subs: Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Gabriel, Walcott, Chambers, Iwobi.

How we could do with an early goal to0 settle us down and a heavy scoreline. COYG

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  1. 5 nil to the Arsenal. ..
    No worries ?

    Giroud double.
    and 1 for Walcott from the bench ??

      1. You are not serious are you? We scored which own goal in a row is that? I mean this is ridiculous. Sunderland are so poor that we make sure they score by putting the ball in our own net.. Arsenes gotta go sooner rather than late…

      1. In future. .. I will stick to being realistic ?
        I thought I would give it ago, in being deluded like most on here!
        But, it’s not for me, I’m afraid ???

        Another game, where we take the lead and la coq it up!

  2. As usual, Wenger has to wait for injuries before
    he ever does something right, I hope Campbell
    and Co.. Take their chances today and Ramsey
    should remember he is in the middle now and
    not on the wings, he should just pass the ball
    and deviate from trying any silly slicks.
    Cech, Bellerin, Mertesacker, Koscielny,
    Monreal, Flamini, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain,
    Ozil, Campbell, Giroud. Subs: Ospina, Gabriel,
    Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Iwobi, Walcott.

    1. Jeez….city lose again, got some injuries, but hey hasn’t everyone. Hopeless substitutions, wrong tactics, out muscled in mf and no cutting edge without Aguero. Can’t believe the old man Pellegrini didn’t buy cover in the summer. #Pellegrini out….

  3. man city played off the park

    mark my words…this season is one for anyone to win
    which is why its frustrating when we drop winnable games.

    we could have a 10 point lead already.
    lets see

    1. while we are already debating on how to beat the black cats and go up Top


      The Foxes are steadily eating up the swans!


      And it looks like we already knw who’s coming out up top at the end of matchday


      I have to find out what claudio ranieri’s been feeding his foxes with!

  4. already reading that were bottling it f****** typical bottlers. mertasacker wat will it take for wenger to realise some games its better to drop him due to pace!!!!!

  5. This team is a disaster, good luck to Cech keeping a clean sheet, he has to worry more of his defense scoring against him that from any Sunderland player, this being said glad we have him this could have been 2 – 0 by now

  6. “Sunderland are giving as good as they are getting at the Emirates Stadium today.

    It takes a hurried tackle from Per Mertesacker to block Stephen Fletcher’s route to goal. Not the paciest foot race the Premier League will see this season that one.

    The Arsenal fans are in library mode”

    bbc sport commentary lol

    libary just as i stated in the previous article lol

    deary me

    1. You have to wonder about the guy who thumb downs an Arsenal goal on this website. Which one of you supports Spurs?

  7. 33’Goal-Joel Nathaniel Campbell Samuels
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!! It’s 1-0 to Arsenal! It’s poor defending from Yedlin as he gets square on against Campbell and that allows Ozil to slip a ball past him towards the Costa Rican, who finds the back of the net with a good finish.

    1. YOUA SILLY FAN. Fools up top running their gobs off before having to eat their words come final whistle. Soopa and Fatboy never seem to learn so I think Ill call them two ‘THE MAD COWS’ due to their foot and mouth disease.

  8. Classic Arsenal. Score the first goal, concede just before half time from a set piece, preferably an own goal. I’m done

  9. If the lads don’t win today then they are simply just pathetic weak minded trolls like their manager and do not deserve to win the title. At this point, Leicester City is more deserving of the title.

  10. there is no other team as inconsistent as Arsenal every year its the same story.
    No backbone, no leader on the pitch, no leader on the bench.

  11. 45’Own Goal-Olivier Giroud
    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!! It’s 1-1 and Sunderland are level! Giroud stretches out a leg at the near post to deal with M’Vila’s lovely low cross, but the Arsenal man ends up sticking the ball into his own net.

  12. We couldn’t play as bad in the second half. But Gerioud has to come off. If he is not on the ground he is giving away the ball.

  13. I don’t understand this team. Man City LOST and we are playing the second WORST team in the league. How much more motivation can these weak bunch need FGS?

  14. hahahahahaha……….. Fatboy…….. I just have to be optimistic cuz i’m under pressure to do so!


    U knw what happens if i don’t



  15. Ramsey has been an average player at best for some time now and I wonder what it will take Arsene to bench him.

  16. Why can’t we strike the ball the way other teams do against us? Why do we feel the need to always pass the ball into the net? That was almost a second goal.

  17. Good driving in by Moreal. Cech, Ozil and Monreal have been solid. Others are average. Hope we get another goal to seal the game.

  18. So please enlighten me if Ive missed anything

    Wenger refuses to address necessary depth additions in the summer window, most notably DM and striker….Walcott and Coquelin hurt…✔

    Wilshere, Walcott, Rosicky, Ramsey and Ox missing significant time yet again (Broken record here)…✔

    Wenger playing Sanchez and Carzola literally into the ground until at long last there tired legs give way to a lengthy spell on the DL…..✔

    Per has gotten slower…..✔

    The Gunners shit the bed @ home against inferior Champions League competition seriously jeopardizing there chance to advance the knockout stages of the competition….✔

    Arsenal predictably pummels Bayern and then predictably gets hammered by Bayern….✔

    Ozil leads the football world in assists and is arguably the best #10 in the world yet sadly plays for an ambitionless club beholden to its over the hill delusional manager…..✔

    Calum Chambers and Debuchy cost $30M….✔

    Arteta hairs is still perfect and Flamini is still crunch…✔

    Arsene vows to spend BIG if the right player is available in the window he so vehemently despises….✔

    Arsenal remains the most disappointing club in ALL of world football….✔

    1. Err yes. All those problems and we are still second in the League.
      And Arsenal fans remain the most disappointing of all fans in the world. Effing TICK!

  19. How about we buy Mahrez from Leicester? More technically gifted and a few years younger than Vardy and a goalscoring winger like Alexis and a step up in quality to the likes of Oxlade and Joel campbell.
    Stomp up 25 million pounds, 30 if they want. I have watched him a lot, he will be a starter in our team for sure.

    1. What about Lacazette. My opinion we should not bring in someone of little height unless he is replacing an outgoing short arse or if he is subbing for one of our smaller players. He would be useful for alternating with Alexis.

      Nobody is calling for Lacazette any longer, Mahrez could go that way too. I think we should be looking at players who have been performing at the top within a top club for longer than a season. It’s one thing performing when being an underdog but another altogether when everybody relies and expects more of you.

  20. Can’t believe…making hard work out of Sunderland…smh.
    Let me just be the first to say here like, without quality signings (NOT Kallstroms or the likes) in January we will not win the EPL.

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