Official Arsenal team has Giroud starting v Everton

We do not know if there is a problem with the Arsenal centre back Per Mertesacker as yet, but the German has not made it into the starting line up or even the subs bench for the visit of Everton today. And that is not the only change to the Gunners.

We knew that Aaron Ramsey was out and suspected that it would be young Oxlade-Chamberlain that would replace him on the right of the Arsenal attack, but we did not expect Arsene Wenger to switch his centre forward options as well. Perhaps it is the added pace of the Ox and with Alexis Sanchez on the other side that has convinced the boss to start with Giroud in the centre, or perhaps it is a reward for the way he has come back from that dip in form and scored vital goals from the bench.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Cazorla
Chamberlain, Ozil, Alexis

subs: Macey, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Flamini, Campbell, Walcott

I would expect the Gunners to put a lot of pressure on EvertonĀ“s young left back Galloway and with the brilliant Bellerin backing up the dynamic Chamberlain it should be a tough game for the lad, but with Deulofeu, Lukaku and Barkley, the visitors carry plenty of threat themselves and this could be another game which calls for patience and full focus all the way through.

I still think Arsenal should win the game and an early goal could well see us win it by a decent margin.

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  1. Dont mind him starting at all, hoping that his good form continues and he bangs in a goal or two or three! Coyg!

    1. I’m not complaining but why change a winning formula our attack has been scoring goals for fun and walcott has been terrorizing defenses.

      BUT it looks like everton will play on the counter with both Lennon and duelefeu playing on the flanks so wenger probably thinks the game is more suited to giroud

  2. Giroud deserves the start but I would have preferred Walcott on the right wing.
    The Ox has looked losted so far this season,
    I hope he has a good game today, otherwise he can go xxxx himself ???

    1. You can’t miss an open goal and start laughing, although it was given as a goal for Ozil’s shot. He has to perform bigger than anyone else today to show he is good enough. If you can’t do much offensivley help the full back out atleast. Hope he doesn’t run out of energy in 50 minutes.

  3. Come on let’s get the win and go top. Players have to put a performance in.

    Then we can see the Manchester derby tomorrow with ease and the lunchtime kickoff next week when Chelsea take on Liverpool. Maybe even another loss for Mourinho next week.

    1. Sanchez will get the rest he needs against Sheffield Wednesday. Everton will be a hard game, especially after they got beaten 3-0 at home vs Manu.

  4. Leicester keep scoring, West Ham keep beating big teams. Is that enough to get either one a top 4 spot this season? Unless ofcourse BPL loses a spot in UCL.

  5. Chelsea lost against west ham and Mourinho got sent off . lets beat everton and make this weekend a perfect one.. COYG!!!!

  6. Some pundits said at the start of the season even in preseason that whoever finished above Chelsea will win the title. S0 does that mean 10+ teams will win the league?

  7. Listen Baby Please

    I would have preferred both Walcott and Giroud starting but this lineup should be good enough to take apart Everton (hopefully)

    Haha We can increase our lead over Chelsea. It’s funny seeing Mourinho go mental

    1. the whole motor slows down when your central attack is slower, thats not saying it doesnt work, its just not playing into the strength of this squad,

  8. LOL 2-0 from Koscielny. I take back my words, they have increased their confidence and by a huge margin.

      1. I don’t care about his potential. He can’t do nothing else than drop his shoulder and run. He can’t dribble, jump, head, shoot, pass, he has no vision, no defensive contribution at all, he misses open goals and keeps on smiling like he’s playing Sunday league with his mates. Look at his “try” at challenging Barkley in the goal, GUTLESS.

        Oh and he has been with us for 4 years. It took less than a month for Bellerin to impress. 4 years and countless chances for Oxlade.

        1. I would comment but this is spot on!!

          Well said, might as well play Campbell if were placing the same tired emphasis on “potential”

          1. Just wait till he starts scoring…then you’ll be creaming yourself. He came to us as EIGHTEEN year old FFS.
            He’s out of form, needs confidence. Have you never seen a player coming through a period like this in football? (sorry SOCCER to you geniuses)

            1. I have seen players going through a period like this, when forwards just can’t find a way to score. I have never seen an attitude like OX has had since that Monaco defeat. He lets his head drop the second we concede. If you’re having tough time finding the net, contribute in defence which in my opinion is more important right now since we have players in form, scoring.

              I don’t know what’s soccer, care to explain because you seem to know the definition.

              1. He chased the length of the pitch after he lost the ball, and has been our best man in the second half. Who has decided that his attitude is bad?
                You just love to slag someone, since Aaron injured, it’s Ox

                1. Well I would love to see a message where I have slated Ramsey. Clutching straws are we?

                  But I guess it’s forbidden to criticize since the lad is English and I assume you are as well.

        2. give it a rest man we all know he is badly off form but seriously he can’t dribble he can’t pass remember 1st goal in fa cup quarter final against manu he will come to form in next few matches

    1. @Lethal Prince 9,

      come on man, let’s be gentle. After all he has mastered the Barcelona way of playing: dribble, dribble, dive!

      1. Was he also unlucky when he scored the winning goal against Chelsea? Can’t we just relax and watch a game without laying blames? Even if he plays a bad game today, is he the only to have done that within the team? I am very sure we will get the 3 points and that is the most important thing to do today. He will get better and he is a good player. Just not enough game time in my opinion.

    1. On the score card Ramsey is better for me. Ramsay can be frustrating at times, but no one can question his defensive abilities and hard work. Ox has potential, but he is taking too long to unleash it. He needs to work hard and move to the next level of his performance. These possession losses of his leading to goals against us is getting too much!

  9. 2:1 after first half….2nd half is gonna be interesting. Wish it was 2:0 though…

    Don’t wanna pour my frustrations on OX’… He needs a lot to learn but He’ll come good. Hoping to win this game and go top until tomorrow….

  10. See that empty look in Fabregas eyes,
    I bet he’d pay himself to play for Arsenal now!
    Viva la Wenger-Renaissance

  11. ox has been disappointing I don’t like his atitude in d last 3 games he’s featured. I expect much more commitment from him and he also should improve on his passing the first pass he intended for bellerin was poor and a few more and then he should have passed the ball to bellerin rather than force an uncreative attempt at goal which was blocked and converted by barkley.but I still say hell come good.5 -1 to d arsenal.ya gunners ya!

  12. I can’t remember the last time Ox doesn’t do some foolish thing that will result to a goal against arsenal, dude is just terrible! Doesn’t track back, leaves Hecto exposed and most times get in his way to cause confusion! Why can’t arsene give campbel a chance and yank this Ox dude outa that place before he causes more damage!

  13. Monreal the best defender …. Cech the best goalkeeper

    No disrespect but Walcott for Sanchez please

  14. That’ll do…hard fought win …top of the league (for now at least)…Oh, and Chelski lose again, the moaning one in meltdown, haha

  15. Everyone has a go at Ox, but he does amazing and awful things in equal doses, that’s the measure of a genius.

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