Official Arsenal team news v MK Dons with official live stream

This game against MK Dons may only be friendly but it will still be important to Mikel Arteta, we know he will take it seriously and expect his players to do so as well. We all remember his reaction in the games before the restart.

It should also be noted that the community Shield is just a few days away and no doubt Arteta will use this game to judge as best as he can the match fitness of certain players.

Personally I am looking forward to the game and seeing the players back in action.

Starting XI: Leno; Cedric, Saliba, Holding, Tierney, Elneny, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Saka, Nketiah, Aubameyang

Bench: Macey, Ballard, McGuinness, Bola, Azeez, Cottrell, Olayinka, Oyegoke, Willock, Lewis, Nelson, Smith Rowe, John Jules

What do you think of the starting XI to face the MK Dons? Let us know in the comments below.

The game can be watched live on youtube here

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to watch it live.

JustArsenal match preview here

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  1. I hope this is a sign of Maitland-Niles’s decision to stay. He’s so good in one-on-one situations and Arsenal need more duel winners like Maitland-Niles

    ……………………… Leno
    Soares . Saliba . Holding . Tierney
    …………………….. Elneny
    ………… Niles …………. Xhaka
    Saka ………………………………….. Aubameyang
    ……………………… Nketiah

    I also wish Nketiah could improve his game as a false nine, to replace Lacazette if he leaves. Looking forward to see Smith-Rowe and Nelson as well

      1. Yup, I hope he changes his mind after starting for this match. I think he wants a pay raise and more games

        1. Gotanidea, we have a chance next season. Looking forward to Seeing Saliba play.
          I like Arteta for a reason. He gives everyone an opportunity. I have forgotten we have Elneny in the squad. Maybe he can take his chances

    1. With friendly yes..but they are players who have bern given 100% chances and failed to impress…they should be sold or keep them on loan …Arteta shoukd get his First Eleven like those days of Patrick Viera …Henery..Seaman etc Picking here and thier disorganises Players hence loose confidence within themselves

  2. Well, if AMN is playing it looks unlikely he is about to be sold. Why would he or Arsenal risk an injury just before a sale?

    Lets hope AMN stays and has a great game in central midfield.

      1. Am also cofused? I wonder why OZIL is not appearing !!!!!!! Ozil is a key player..if he was fielded last season..AUBEMYOUNG would have taken a golden boot. THERE IS NO CONNECTOR IN THIS TEAM .

  3. Any link for watching Martin, the official site is misbehaving as u know alot of traffic might be there

  4. @Sue Well, it would be a surprise. Quite serious charges though. Have not clue about the Greek legal system though.

    1. @TheDeludeOne,
      Since Papastapoulous is still with us (Arsenal), I guess he can help you about Greek laws.

  5. yep nice goal for elneny.
    I’m as shocked as most to see AMN in the line up
    but i must say watching Saliba with his new trim looks like Kompany 10 years ago XD

    1. I hope so. Rate AMN more than Bellerin and at 22, still has time to improve. Also think we can get more money from Bellerin’s sale than AMN’s

  6. Tierney is playing well as left CB. I like his attacking movements and I hope Gabriel Magalhaes has that attacking mind as well

          1. Sue Saliba looks comfortably on the ball the same can’t be said about the other 200 CBs we have apart from Luiz πŸ˜‚

  7. Don’t think Aubi won Kenobi is coming out for the second half. He just gave the armband to xhaka lake.

    Why do I have this feeling that we will be playing three at the back next season.

    Saliba Luiz Gabi/Mari

    1. Must be his first game since February πŸ˜„ haha I doubt we’ll be looking at anymore CBs this window Sue 😜 announcement tomorrow ? πŸ˜‚

          1. Haha you may be right Sue πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Hazza dropped from the squad, I’m surprised he was chosen he’s useless πŸ˜‚ to who Sue ? I didn’t know that was back on πŸ€”

          2. And so he should be dropped, Kev!! You’re right – he is crap!!
            He lost to Aspinall 😩😩😩

          3. Haha 80 million Leicester got the deal of a lifetime Sue πŸ˜‚ I bet utd won’t drop him though they have justify paying an insane amount of money on him πŸ˜‚ he bottled it tonight then Sue ? 😧. I just bit my tongue left it bleeding I’m in pain lol

          4. Sue I’ll give you 10 points for spelling his name 🀣 I’ll learn not to chomp my tongue next time πŸ€ͺ so when do you think Arsenal will announce Messi ? πŸ˜†

          5. Haha no we just announce old deals that are already done Sue πŸ˜‚ what does your daughter think of man city’s transfer business ? Kouilbaly next maybe ?

  8. Whats going on with Nelsons and ESR socks? And has Nelsons shorts shrank in the wash 🀣

        1. I can’t remember the last time our player hit a headed goal so hard. That was top class definitely.

      1. Nope, we have Pepe. And Reiss as backup. Pepe can lead us to UCL in the next few years if we are patient. Why get Messi? You guys gotta think long-term.

        1. Know one said anything about him coming to us lol, it’s just news worthy, and on what planet would messi ever come to arsenal anyway lol

          1. Rory Johnson, It’s been reported that he could leave for free, there’s a clause in his contract that allows him to leave for free at the end of every season.

          2. theyre saying that clause has expired so doubt he’ll leave on the free. Also, you forget we are in Europa league and Stan is our owner. And Messi is moving to win UCL again and not go to a mismanaged club. So we are ruled out in almost every aspect.

  9. I had really high hopes for Nelson (still do) but he needs to step his game up. He’s been playing awful today and looks so uninterested. Maybe he needs a loan away to be able to get a full season of regular first team football.

    Cottrell on the other hand looks promising in possession. Can’t wait to see him play in midfield

        1. The 2 headed goals were top class really – stupid Holding in a reverse post thoughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. Smith Rowe looking brilliant. I’d love to see him in a midfield three carrying the ball through. Kierney’s a worldie. Liked the look of John-Jules, Azeez and McGuinness.

    Nelson could probably do with a loan to a prem team and Holding…dear oh dear.

    Hard to judge individuals cos of all the changes but I’d love to see a few of these playing with the first team.

    Hope AMN stays!

  11. what a unit that Mcguiness is right? i must admit, when i see him come on i was like is BFG coming on? but what a header by the big guy!
    one to keep an eye on for the future will be Cottrell, at 16 he looked pretty decent today

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