Official Arsenal team and preview for Everton away

Arsene Wenger was clearly pleased with the way his Arsenal team performed against Barcelona at the Nou Camp on Wednesday, even though it was not good enough to keep arsenal in the Champions League competition. So despite the lack of much time for the Arsenal players from that game to rest and recover for today’s trip to Everton, the boss has stuck with the same starting line up.

The only change is that Francis Coquelin takes the place of Mathieu Flamini alongside Mohamed Elneny in the middle and the elder Frenchman picked up an injury that rules him out anyway. So the pace of Danny Welbeck, Alex Iwobi and Alexis Sanchez will be on show at Goodison Park today, with the creative skills of Mesut Ozil providing them with the bullets to fire.

I am a little surprised to see Per Mertesacker on the bench as his height could have been a big help at set pieces against the power and stature of Lukaku, but hopefully the new pairing of Gabriel and Koscielny can keep the big Belgian under wraps. I am a little worried about our legs tiring as the game wears on so we could really do w with a fast and effective start from the lads today.

Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscielny, Monreal
Coquelin, Elneny
Iwobi, Ozil, Sanchez

Subs: Gibbs, Mertesacker, Giroud, Walcott, Chambers, Campbell, Macey.

Is this the start of our title comeback or the beginning of the end for our chances of a trophy?

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  1. At this point I just like the fact that Iwobi and Elneny will start the game. Not sure about Gabriel but though but hey! Will give him credit until the end. COYG! Let’s bring this home, boys!

    1. Two goals already and not an assist from ozil , hoping to hear what his people say he does next ??? Iwobi i believe should share the no. 10 wid Cazorla..
      Maybe just maybe Wenger really has to go no matter what , cos we might be in for a nastier season next season cos Chelshit, Loserpool, Manshity & Manure r all definitely going to really get strong and rottenham would want to establish demselves as a permanent Top 4 club..

  2. At least wenger can stick to his excuses of being tired if we lose today… Why else would he start with the same team?

    Surely starting with Campbell, Walcott and Giroud would have given the team fresher legs to begin with?

    1. Shut it! Just shut it. All you do is whine and whine and whine and telling us how bad Walcott and Giroud is and now you want them in the team. You have plenty of time to pick on Wenger after the game. Just let us enjoy the build up, will you?

      1. I’m sorry Budd, ?
        I didn’t realise that I was blocking your view! ?

        Oh and your random rant at me, was way off target!
        You should have went to spec -savers mate! ?


  3. i love ds line up.
    Cambell nd Walcot can b useful.sub same wt Giroud.

    pls Arsenal its now or never for our faint hope….
    lets support ds team still for now nd at d end of d season we can all go Wenger out.
    3-1 to us COYG

  4. I am still wondering why Campbell doesn’t play. I can’t remember him having a bad game whenever he’s actually given a chance, I’m glad Walcott and Giroud are not playing.

          1. he is 12 goals this season in elp in 29 matches, that would average about 16 goals per match in epl, he has averaged 13.3 so this is slightly better, but very dry for 10 matches, need over 20 consistent to win the league, otherwise need another player at 12-14.

    1. yeah but i also have to say that he doesnt sparkle either :/ he did score some goals but whenever i see him in the game i cant really say that he is the one i want to have permanently on the right because he slows the attacks down very often and often passes turn on the wing and passes back, right now he is only better than the ox because he scored 3 goals more i think maybe a bit more, but neither of them do enough, ramsey on the other side when he started on the wing at the start of the season did a lot of things for the build-up i prefer ramsey to campbell… well of course an in form walcott of the season 12/13 would be the dream because in that season he was in my opinion equal if not better than sanchez of the season 14/15 but thats a dream xD

    1. I think we can do it. I truly believe it. It is now or never. Hope the boys will rise to the moment. If not then there is nothing to be said. Literally!

  5. look i have to call out soopa… this is getting ridiculous, i think goonsquad8 did say something similar to soopa some weeks ago, but soopa is really making me angry, yeah the results of this arsenal team is really worse than bad right now… so every fan can be angry i dont mind that but what kind of a SHI*T*Y FAN LAUGHS ABOUT HIS TEAM???? arsenal fans laugh about chelsea/manu/mancity/liverpool/spurs when they have a bad run of results and vice versa, when their fans laugh about us i dont mind it, but what kind of a shit fan is soopa? and dont try to argue with me, that he wouldnt mean it so etc… i know a lot of always predict that we will lose, but let them be, but this soopa guy laugh when we lose, laughs when we talk about winning the next games, laughs during the match preview, such a guy is just no fan of arsenal!

    1. Krish…look it up in the dictionary, it’s called irony. I don’t know the guy but he loves this club alright. Like a lot of us we feel frustrated and helpless.

      1. Irony? If slagging off your club and manager every single day is irony then I’m a goldfish. He didn’t even watch the Barcelona game but was still on here slagging the players and the manager

      2. no no absolutely not, you should stop thinking that all arsenal fans would be great guys and would love the club very much, every team has bad/very bad fans and nope i have had arguements with him a lot of times and you are wrong you should look up in the dictionary that isnt even close to irony thats simple cynism he ridicules the team and mocks it at every chance he gets… and for my feeling even if he is frustrated and feeling helpless, people who react like that because of frustration and helplessness are just weak-minded and lack conviction

  6. Would have started Campbell before Iwobi bcos he is young and the games might be too much for him, apart from that, am so happy with the line up!

  7. admin i have a question i used a swear word on a comment of mine, so its awaiting moderation now so because of that, i changed the comment a bit and took the s… word out, but its still awaiting moderation, is the system made so that a comment cant be commented in a similar type without swearing words if it was already written with a swear word?
    it just drew my interest ^^

    1. beautiful movement from danny, excellent ball from alexis. Happy birthday Hector B -21 today and about to be a superstar

  8. this squad works best with raw speed up top, its like night and day depending on which carburator is on top that engine, wenger must be trying to find outbif iwobi has a bigger role in the future. thus not happy w what he has in the original first team.

  9. sanchez is working hard but losing the ball often, but well his playing style requires that i reckon

    1. thats why barca let him go… he is an 80% heart/20% skill player… i like those best, but raw skill set can lack…

    1. true, we started like we ended against watford, tails up, when we settle in the problems start, need to keep pressure up until put them away,

  10. am i the only one who thinks that ospina doesnt really catch the ball often? he is a great gk but sometimes i just think that he is superb in clearing the ball but could catch it a lil bit more often

  11. this announcer understands whats in alexis head somehow and contact, well, that does not matter

  12. loooool its ridiculous how many penalty appeals we have and how few actual penalties we get… wished we were more like real madrid/barca… they get every penalty they appeal for 😛

  13. Beating Everton away would do wonders for the players confidence and belief. Everton are a good side.

  14. Please more of Welbeck-Iwobi! I just hope Apkom and Jeff shine as well! Please more goals Arsenal!!!

  15. I know we musn’t jump to conclusions too fast, but TW must be worried – unless he pulls his finger out, he doesn’t look like having a first team future.

  16. You can always trust wenger to try and destroy the burgeoning partnership between iwobi and welbeck ,by doing all it takes to force his love children ( giroud , theo ,flamini and ramsey) back into the team

  17. I can’t hide how frustrated I’ve been for the past 7 weeks but am glad that they’re keeping the dream alive with this game. I don’t understand why we make it difficult on us. always a ‘season of two halves.’ But this is confidence booster game. So COYG!!!!

  18. looks like Iwobi is going to be another Wenger gem 🙂 … don’t want to hype him up too much so soon but if he keeps improving he is going to be an amazing player. Elneny keeps getting better too, a great buy there.
    Welbeck and Bellerin have been great so far, and Ozil and Sanchez look hungry.
    Hope we continue scoring in the second half. 🙂

  19. The team that only comes alive when it’s too late. No title this season. Hope we end it well and not have to play qualifiers for CL next season.

  20. Ponts taken from the game so far:

    1. Iwobi is a huge prospect. He is something fresh. I hope his career development doesn’t go the way of Gnabry of OX.

    2. Now that we can focus on fighting for a place in top 4, the motivation, hunger and tactics are back (predictably). Playing a speedy & fluid front 3, dropping Giroud and Theo, moving Alexis to the right… now there is the ruthless Arsene Wenger for you at his tactical best. Nothing lifts this team better than a good ol’ fight for top 4.

    3. Great game by Arsenal so far. Loving the crisp passing going on in the attack!

    4. Iwobi’s celebration is just class. A real Gunner -that kid!

  21. Elneny is a good player. Love his movement and hunger to get the ball forward. Very mobile player.

  22. comon lukaku, show us your skills, coz i dont see no other potential striker arriving at arsenal then him.

    show us your moves, haha

  23. This game will suit Theo Walcott. Welbeck and Iwobi look fatigued. Wenger need to make a substitution soon.

  24. All the decisions seem to be going against us. We seem to get no free kicks / penalties, when we should, yet we just need to breathe on them to give away one.

  25. This is a joke Clattenburg needs to be investigated … That was a goal by Giroud… it’s gone beyond the joke

  26. Excellent result … Lost way a bit in second half but Found our starting eleven for rest of season …

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