Official Arsenal team to face Bayern Munich and live stream update

Following the 3-0 friendly win over the Colorado Rapids Arsenal have named a far stronger side to take on the German Champions in the second game of their USA mini-tour.

Unai Emery went with a very young side in the opening game and goals from Gabriel Martinelli, Bukayo Saka and James Olayinka got the tour off to a fantastic start.

Quite a few of the senior players got a run out in the Rapids game including Shkodran Mustafi, Sead Kolasinac, Mesut Ozil, Alexandre Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, though the latter three were more cameo roles.

This is going to be a far tougher test and will give a good indication of where the team is at right now.

It should also be noted that we will see the brand new away kit on display.

Anyway, here is the official team to face Bayern Munich

The game is live on pay tv channel Premier Sports TV and kicks off at 04.00 AM UK time.

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text


    1. Thanks for the links Admin

      Aubameyang was our best winger, but he missed a perfect cross from Kolasinac. Maitland-Niles could not handle fast tricky winger like Coman

      Emery had to play with a no 10 and that reduced the number of CMs as usual. Nelson still looked awkward on the left side and we still have the same old problems

  1. Aside from Torreira the strongest side we have.
    In the future though we will be strengthened by the return of
    Bellerin RB Torreira DM.
    From the bench can come Iwobi Guendouzie and Martinelli.
    It’s a promising group.
    So Tierney in 25m. Saliba 5m installment = 30m.
    Add 5m Jenkinson 5m Koz = 25m.
    If we sell Mkhitarian for say 20m we would have 45m for a third player the marque buy.
    It looks promising.

  2. Just watched the first half, the positives are: Ozil & Auba seem sharp, Willock & Maitland Niles good performance, Leno brilliant reflexes.
    On the contrary, the left hand side has been quiet and Mustafi has done it again, 7 minutes into the game and he’s already registered 1 stupid pass from his own half. This kind of undoing is exactly why we missed CL spot.

    1. Not really new but Mustafi missed his marking and it lead to a goal by Lewandowski:(
      E.Martinez solid performance
      Maitland Niles needs a lot of catch up defensively as Koman wreaked havoc
      Young Gunners seem promising, they are fast
      No Martinelli today

      Anyway, not really much can be learned because it’s Bayern first match and they essentially play with two teams.

  3. Wow what an awesome performance. It breaks my heart 2 c Serge Gnarbry. Nhketiah, Nelson, John jules, Willock were super today. Hopefully this will b the last time we c Niles at rightback he was ripped apart by Coman. Guys I dont know if I’m exaggerating but BURTON looks like the real deal?

  4. Xhaka controlled tempo perfectly
    Niles a clear talent but some signs of inexperience (vs Coman)
    Martinez and Leno saved our ass
    Auba and Ozil showing ambition
    Kolasinac underrated LB super talented offensively

    MOM for the first half: NIiles second half: Kolasinac

  5. Nketiah having the better of Sule in the 87th minute is a big positive for me. The combination before his goal got me really optimistic about our academy players. Then his goal at 90th minute makes me believe he’s gonna grow to become good front nine in the mould of Aguero.
    Good outing guys…

  6. Very well done boys!! How lush to beat Bayern ?
    Nice one, Eddie!!
    Looked a sell out.. and was a great game, from what I read on Twitter!
    Love that feeling after an Arsenal win ?

  7. Enjoyable game.. Joe Wilock played well and Ozil was very good, he put a good shift in! Some lovely football from the youngsters at the end and John Jules should have stuck that one in at the end ? onto Fiorentina next ? and hopefully a signing or two ?

      1. Well just woke up with 20 minutes to go.. and still feel like a zombie, so couldn’t be arsed to go downstairs and put sky on… so just watched a couple of clips on YouTube

        1. You feel like a zombie? ? I haven’t slept yet ? yeah it looks half dyed unless I’m seeing things ? haha yeah Sue he was very hardworking and played well ? AMN was destroyed down the right hand side by conman in the 2nd half that’s the only criticism ?

          1. Ha notice I said feel & not look ? need caffeine haha!!
            Oh no, really? Gonna have to look on Google!!
            Well I’m very pleased to hear that, Kev!
            Jesus it’s gonna hit in a minute & you’ll be out for the count!! ???

          2. I’m getting too old to sit up all night could have done that 10 years ago easily and did ? don’t quote me on it but it kinda looked greyish blonde ? a cold pepsi or nice coffee ? ?

          3. Yeah I just saw, he’s defo done something to it!
            A nice cold Pepsi max!! ?
            Well at least you have no work, so you can sleep for as long as you want! I’d quite happily trade with you, as I’m in for the day from hell ?

          4. Why Sue ? haha yes I’m not seeing things ? so you pleased with the result ? I was kind of annoyed when lewa scored that header had that Europa League final anger in me ?

          5. Short staffed (big time) reckon I’ll end up staying on ?
            Yes very happy with that, Kev. The youngsters are looking very good.. I liked the kit.. haven’t read anything positive about Shkodran though!
            We play again on Saturday at 11pm?
            Yes I must admit when I saw he’d scored, I thought argh ? but it was fine in the end ☺️

          6. 11 will you be watching the whole game Sue ?? the kit is nice I’m still not sure if it’s black or dark blue trim ? he was ok for his standards which is pretty low ? god, a long old day then ? right uncle Sue I’m gonna switch off TV and call it a morning lol I’ll speak to you later and don’t work too hard ?

          7. So you’ve caught up on your zzzzzz’s!! You’ll be up again all night tonight!
            I slogged my guts out ? but it wasn’t the day from hell I was expecting!
            Zaha is back on the transfer centre, Kev… things will be heating up now ?

          8. No I only slept 5 hours Sue ? thankfully next round of games are at a reasonable hour ? just a long old day then ? haha yeah it’s kinda getting on my nerves Sue, it goes Tierney then goes quiet then linked with 4 or 5 new players then Everton and back to Zaha then back to Tierney it’s like a bloody merry-go-round ?

          9. 5 hours! Yikes!!
            It’s doing my head in too! Just bloody sign the player! ?
            Steve Bruce at Newcastle then.. poor sods, hey?!!

          10. I know had to collect my sister from work well didn’t have to ? just sign A player any player ? didn’t you want Bruce to replace Wenger ? ?

  8. Tierney, Saliba one more and we are done.
    This side will be tough to roll this season.
    We will better than last term but so will every one else.
    Any where between 1st and 6th me thinks 🙂

    1. You do realise that Saliba is staying at St Ettiene for the season don’t you?So that means Tierney and one more and we are ready to roll?Really?So all that was so obviously and fundamentally wrong with us last season is corrected by a LB plus one other player?Seriously?
      I believe you are mis-judging the quality of the Squad PAL

      1. Phil, hopefully Everton Soares, Ryan Tierney, Ceballos on loan, Martinello and Saliba for the future and with a bit of luck, an experienced CB.

  9. Does anybody ever sleep ???


    Hmmmm me neither, I was excited to see if we would defeat Bayern and we did so that makes a nice change for once!

  10. We can’t keep playing Mustafi! I would much rather give games to Chambers, Bielik, Mav over him. We would get the same level of defending but atleast they may progress

  11. Does anyone like our away kit? I think it looks great, those subtle stripes are really good

      1. I really like the away kit too Sue but just wish it was a bit more “bruised banana” like the original.

        1. Sue, Declan and 350oz, hopefully the turquoise kit has been confined to “the dustbin of history.”

  12. Koman is a class act but the ease with which he skinned AMN was a worry,Ainsley is not any kind of defender its not in his remit and we desperately need cover for Bellerin, play Niles where he will have more impact.I have only heard of Alves being mentioned as a right back which is also a worry I hope there are plans afoot for this position.
    It’s not the end of the world if Alves comes but a younger player would appeal more.

  13. Aww you’re a saint! ? Haha no I bloody didn’t, I bet all their fans are gutted! I think he looks like Katie Price’s daughter ?.. not that that has anything to do with him being manager ? he’s got a big job on his hands! Even more so than Unai

    1. Haha yeah I am I want father brother, uncle, son and chauffeur on my grave ? haha is that the little blonde girl ? ? Unai is a fine manager although a lot of Arsenal fans don’t like him but make no mistake he’s a very intelligent man and top coach ?

      1. ? chauffeur or boy racer?!!
        Yes the blonde girl…
        Yeah I know he is.. huge job though, ain’t it? God I wouldn’t want it!!

        1. Haha boy racer ??? Princess ??? only because the board doesn’t back him but I look at that Arsenal team and it’s better than results suggest it just needs tweaking in the right places once the Wenger mentality leaves the club we’ll come again Sue ??

          1. Haha yeah Sue ? you must be getting excited for your holiday? You won’t be on here for 2 weeks ?

  14. ? trying not to think about it ✈ ? Haha!
    The game against Bayern is on Free Sports later at 3 – that’ll do, get in from work just in time ? darts starts tomorrow on Sky, for 8 days! Sorted!
    Well, have a nice day (sound like a yankee!) A nice chilled one.. and will talk soon ?? laterz!

    1. Haha it’ll be fine ? oh must watch that oh wait I’ve seen it ?? are you off all week then Sue? I quarterback that ? haha ok Sue enjoy your day ??

          1. Well I’m not going to disagree ? bloody hell Price just lost ? my nerves are in tatters & I had to watch through my fingers… gutted!! Arsenal hadn’t better lose or I won’t be happy!!
            You alright then Kev? ?

          2. Haha you couldn’t if you wanted to ?? isn’t he always losing though ? ? Oh your Watching it then ? ? I’m good Sue can’t get that bloody your my buddy song out of my head ???

          3. ??….if I can find a live stream, yes.. Wentworth Prison first though ?
            Omg dare I ask what that is from & who sings it?! ?
            No!! He’s played really well lately (cheeky!) Just not tonight haha!!

          4. You should look up Zgemma cable boxes that’s all I’m gonna say on here ?? Mark Hamill the new child’s play movie YouTube the song child’s play I’m your buddi song ? haha well I’ll look out for his next tournament ? the pool beaten by Dortmund it was a good game ?

          5. Mayne I should ? oh I just googled that song ? can just imagine you singing away to it!! I didn’t know that was coming out
            Yeah I loved it.. LA Galaxy v LAFC looked a great game too! What’s the team news then chucky? I mean buddy.. oops Kev ?

          6. Imagine it cos I was singing it all day ??? oh do it then you won’t miss any games ? didn’t know what was coming out ? The arsenal game ? ? Haha Chucky ?

          7. It’s ok Sue they changed up the story to a new modern day movie Chucky is a smart toy and not possessed but programmed wrong ? oh god I wish arsenal would sell him Sue he’s a bloody liability

          8. Poor Arsenal having that clown in they’re team ? so did you find a stream Sue ? My man Manny Pacquiao is fighting tonight the fighting pride of the Philippines another late one for me ?

          9. I don’t know Sue Keith Thurman is unbeaten and a top competitor and pacman is 40 now ? I think he’ll do enough to win ? so yellow strip again and no Martinelli ?

      1. Been watching it on Hes goal… yeah good goal.. deflected assist from the tank. Not a bad first half.. Monreal needs to wake up though!!

          1. Yes I’m pleased with that Sue Xhaka is useless though ? Hazard playing for Madrid tonight look away Chav fans ?

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