Official Arsenal team to face Bournemouth – Arteta selects his first Arsenal team

The waiting is over as Mikel Arteta names his first Arsenal team.

A brand new era begins for Arsenal today under the stewardship of new manager Mikel Arteta. Excitement is growing among the Arsenal faithful that there will be a turnaround in fortunes.

There are suspensions and injuries for the Spaniard to contend with and that has obviously affected what sort of team he was able to put out today.

But it is more about the tactics and formation to be fair, Arsenal has players that are good enough to be beating teams like Bournemouth but it is how those players are being utilised that has been a big part of the recent problems.

Anyway, this is the team that Arteta has gone for. Are you surprised? Has he selected the team you expected? Let us know in the comments.

Links to streams will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.

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      1. Yep, we did! What had you make such a statement, you forgot to put score, we won 5-0!

        Writer said it perfectly right ending article. Formation, how players are utilized!Over and over and again and again ! Same mess, different games.

  1. Let those who know better than MA start moaning and telling us what the correct team selection should be.

    1. Groundhog day. Nelson and Saka not strong enough. Torreira playing well…we need Guendouzi on the pitch.

  2. Let’s all get behind Arteta. United we stand divided we fall. No more hates just positive vibes only

  3. No surprise, because Arteta has to select the senior players first

    Except for Nelson. But I’m glad Nelson gets his second chance, because I’m sure he would try his best to impress Arteta today

    1. Unfortunately for Arteta the end result will probably be the sanexewfaedless of his system. Some things are beyond him. Ljungberg was deemed to be not good enough by the Arsenal board after the draw to Norwich and the loss at home to Brighton. I’d like to see how Arteta does against Bournemouth and Chelsea. He’s lucky that Ljungberg has improved the mentality and how we attack

      1. Yes. Arteta is lucky, because Ljungberg have eased the transition

        I hope the attackers can drop back to the midfielders today

        1. Sadly most wouldn’t admit it. Arteta would’ve had a bigger task if Ljungberg didn’t improve our in game play and how we attack

  4. Just wonder why AMN has still not been given a chance in midfield. I still remember his game at Old Trafford. Its been long since I watched a midfielder of ours completely take control of the opposition midfield since that game. Hopefully Arteta sees that his future is at CM. If he had been given chances there he would be playing week in week out instead of Xhaka or even Guendouzi. Looks like time has run out for him. Its a real shame

    1. He was given the chance in midfield earlier in the Europa league…
      Gave away possession that led to a goal and another costly error.
      I think he’s blown dat chance

      1. Not really. He was played at RW. Players like Guendouzi and Xhaka keep getting chance after chance but Niles just gets some minutes and yet you think he isn’t good enough?? As I said none of our CM’s till today have produced that kind of dominant performance at Old Trafford. We need a player in midfield who can dominate the other team’s midfield defensively and help in transitions.

          1. With time he’ll probably learn that Xhaka isn’t good enough. I will only start to criticize him if he continually picks Xhaka after average performances

    2. The only reason AMN is even in the team is because of bellerin injuries. Until he fixes his shitty mentality and lazy attitude there is no way he is getting a place in the midfield. all the physical qualities but acts like a world class diva when he has done nothing.

      1. What do you mean by world class diva?? It’s his calmness on the ball that is being mistaken for poor attitude and diva like style. If I remember correctly when AMN had several chances especially in the 17/18 season where he played a lot at fullback he was lauded a lot for how calm he was under pressure. That calmness of his is characteristic of a CM. That quality is needed at CM and not RB yet he can’t get a chance there even ahead of Xhaka

  5. So once again Pepe doesn’t start. Stats dont tell the whole story I guess. Next time Arsenal should be careful before they go big but I highly doubt that. There are many under the impression that he’ll come good but at least I rather prefer to be honest with what I’ve seen before he even came to Arsenal. Many think he’s out of form and that he’ll come good but that’s sad because this is how good he is. Its just that the EPL oozes out every bit of your quality so your flaws whivh you could get away with in another league will be exposed

      1. He didn’t start some matches under Ljungberg and isn’t starting Arteta’s first match. There must surely be an issue in training.

    1. this is the 1st time pepe has to play without a winter break. He is surely feeling it physically difficult. I remember torreira also experiencing the same thing when his form dropped off during the December fixtures.

      1. Feeling it physically?? That’s part of the process of toughening up in the EPL. You do realize he’s our record signing?? It’s not like he’s even started many matches. I just don’t get why many still refuse to admit that he’s not worth his price tag. You don’t need to wait for the final game of the season to determine. All you have to do is look at the player’s actual overall game. It’s not about form or class just look at his game

        1. But he did show that he’s worth the price just within the few chances he was given (e.g. west ham , Liverpool, Victoria)

          1. Not really. In that Liverpool match when he had the ball he had tons of space to work with since he usually received the ball on the counter. Pepe is good in one v ones and he showed lots of it in that match. Many thought it was a sign of things to come but when you analyse the other parts of his game you can see he’s really lacking. He wasn’t great against West Ham. His goal reduced him from an average performance. The best of a bad bunch in that game. He did great against Victoria by scoring two worldlies and that’s it.

    2. Pepe is much more talented than AMN who you wish would be our starting CM.
      After Reiss Nelson is once again found out, Pepe will be in the lineup soon enough.

      1. Pepe and Niles play different positions and are absolutely different kind of players so I don’t get why you compare their talents. Nelson’s problem is mentality not talent. He should probably have gone on loan again this season. When he finds his feet he’s going to be a great player like I believe Nketiah will be. Pepe should be starting but it’s a shame he hasn’t justified his price tag

        1. Nelson is bellow average at best, so is willock. Saka, Smith Rowe, Niles are average. nothing special about these academy graduates. I dont know why we over hype these kids. The only special youngster we have is Martinelli. Even Guendouzi is average.

  6. Don’t know what Pepe doesn’t do in training that keeps him on the bench every match, it certainly has nothing to do with his performances on match days.
    Thought every player has been given a clean slate.

    1. I totally agree with you

      I’m sure he trains the same way at Lille and he’s smoking ligue 1

      I think the coaches just couldn’t control him but in my opinion players are bigger than coaches

      1. How was Nelson’s performance today? He’s been given chances to stick a claim in the starting lineup but he keeps disappointing. One magical moment from Pepe could have been the difference today had he started.

    1. Where’s the width? Who’s gonna help AMN and Saka?
      I don’t like the line up, hoping they prove me wrong.

  7. The only surprise is Nelson instead of Pepe.
    The rest of the team pretty much picked itself based on injuries.

  8. My only worry is Ozil, l hope he turn up for the game, if not we will be playing with a man less. If he can hold his own for a hour, then pepe can come in to consolidate the game.

  9. There must be something about Xhaka every manager loves him in their team. Not all the managers can be wrong. I guess time for revaluation of Xhaka. Wonder why three managers benched Pepe though ? Ability wise he is better then what we have…may be it’s the attitude in training n lack of desire in chasing players on the field….I am behind MA to restore our beautiful football.

  10. After 5 min we have already seen the supreme talent of Özil.. the hating and targeting of him was getting boring

  11. Are players the problem? Let’s see if replacing half the team in January pays off. It doesn’t for those teams that get relegated btw.

  12. So far the team is playing well, very well, working hard for each other. I’ve seen Torreira win tackles up to thrice already.
    Ozil seems like Ozil
    The only disappointment so far is Lacazette.
    Man the number of chances he’s wasted already.
    Let him king rp playing this way, Martinelli is already ahead..
    We’re playing do much better than we’ve played for the past two months.
    Our strikers should stop wasting the ball

    1. Well said.. so many chances already wasted :/ but the team is playing superb, always on the frontfoot, i like it

    1. Defence is not problem right now…
      Playing from back… Nonsense…
      Time and Time we loose sloppy goals because playing from back..

    2. This isn’t the defense’s fault tho, attack’s been too poor. Wasted too many chances, we can’t keep blaming the defense and giving the attack free pass for failing to do their jobs.
      So far Lacazette makes us look as if we’re playing without a striker. Nelson well is Nelson, nothing special

      1. Gotanidea and Kev will come for your head.
        Especially Gotanidea who keeps singing Nelson over Pepe.
        Since last season I’ve been questioning the boy’s growth while he was on loan. Questioned if he’s ready to step up, as usual excuses were made for him.
        The boy is pissful poor so far, someone will tell you be needs to play the number 10 role.

        1. Pepe has gotten plenty of chances to start

          This is Nelson’s second start after a long time. Give him three more matches and sell him if he doesn’t show any improvement after that

          1. How is Nelson/Saka/AMN even in this squad? Below average players who wouldnt get into most EPL teams. Stop sugar coating and papering over cracks!
            I would rather we get rid and move on with 2 x new wingers and a new CM!
            I am not interested in listening to drivel about below par youth players that cant play simple football!

    1. 1/10 today. Probably the worst performance of any Arsenal player this season.
      Feel for him. He tries his best and he’s probably more talented than he looks at the moment, but he’s miles below EPL level. A loan to the Championship next season for sure – we’re too big a club to experiment with players on that level.

  13. Attack has been a huge letdown. Some pretty good chances that our forwards have not been converting. Lacazette looks like a straight up bum today. Slow and lethargic. Nelson is just not good enough for this level. I don’t even see the potential. He’s done nothing right in ANY game for us. Xhaka and Torreira have actually been a brighter part of this game. It’s really just our attackers letting us down. You can’t keep wasting opportunities.

  14. Ozil n torreria are playing well….Xhaka n Nelson are having a stinker as usual no surprise there. Laca can’t hit an empty net at the moment, funny what confidence can do to a player. Time for subs next half, Nelson out bring in Pepe. Our Academy players are so over rated…..such a useless piece of crop of players coming out if Academy. They can’t hold the ball, can’t even hit the target and useless playing forward passes. When will we realise this n get rid of them. This stubborn attitude of thinking our Academy is working n producing world class talent puts our future at risk as well.

  15. Nelson should not even start the second half, what a useless player!
    If Pepe can’t at least perform better than Nrlson, then he is a flop already, I say bring him on!

    1. Atleast Pepe goes past his players , Nelson can’t even go past my 90 year old grand mother. I have notice one thing though all our Academy players are technically weak, there ball control n coming out of close position is very poor be it be Nelson or wilock or AMN or smith or Saka. Why do we play out from the back with this defence n specially the amount of goals we are conceding is beyond me.

  16. It’s definitely a culture problem that arsenal have right now, unless that’s sorted we are stuck where we are

  17. Best first half performance I’ve seen for ages but we are losing. If only Saka and Nelson could cross a ball and our strikers could shoot lower, we might be leading!

    1. We are loosing because we are playing from back….
      We lost the possession in dangerous area which lead to Bournemouth goal

  18. Who destroyed arsenal?
    No real wingers
    No real wing back
    No real DM. If u are white u have to be 6 feet 2 or u have to be black to be DM.
    No real gameplay.
    Passing from back.
    No real CB. Luiz is a loser who destroyed Brazil.
    This team cant be fixed. Admit it.

      1. Yeah? Tell me a successful DM who is 5 feet 2 like toreira in prem? If u are a DM but blown away 2 mile by a fart of opponent, how are u gonna protect back 4? Telling others racist because simply stating the truth is mental.

      2. Whats racist about saying some of the players are crap! No one is being racist when we say AMN/Willock/Saka/Nelson are awful coz they are awful! They should be sold and an example of them should be made so other youngsters coming through realise that only hard work and graft will make it!

  19. Bloody typical that we concede first, after all the possession/chances we had!
    Nelson needs to come off…. what a massive second half this will be. Bournemouth haven’t lost yet, this season, after scoring first! COYG

    1. I saw spme good signs in the first half Sue, better passing, good movement off the ball and some pace.
      Crossing and shooting was poor though.
      I’m actually looking forward to the second half.

    2. Haha, in Wenger era I would agree but now a days we hardly are more dominant possession wise. I hope out strikers find right shooting boots next half n we can for once today cross the ball in right areas. But after a long time I am actually enjoying watching Arsenal.

  20. I’ve never seen crosses like those in my life. Playing out from the back……..we can’t fn do it. We have the ball and they score. For goodness sake.

  21. Before selling senior players sell all youngsters.. Buy 1 or 2 quality defenders…these youngsters are not Arsenal quality except Martinelli ..They are too frail… cannot even give a correct cross…The players we cleared off last summer would have done much better than these youngsters…I think Wellbeck and Miki were much better than these kids..Why did we let them go relying these kids…Is this a school match to play these kids?

    1. Exactly. We are eleventh because emery / Freddie gave too much game time to these kids , willock, saka , Nelson

      Pepe just didn’t play enuf

      1. The kids are definitely not the reason we are shambles. Have Laca,Xhaka,Ozil,Pepe been that much better than them? One would argue no. Our senior players have been bigger letdowns considering they have the experience.

        1. The moment these kids got into first team our performance graph fell exponentially… Last season we didnt struggle this much..The players we got rid off last season were much better than these kids..We lost 4th place by a single point mainly due to Emery tactics of playing out from back… Laca and Auba need support and service from wings. Cannot consider as let down..Didnt you watch the crosses from both wings by Saka and Nelson? How can we blame Auba and Laca?

          1. i simply disagree. Pepe is hardly a great crosser either. You cant look at one game and call that evidence. You are acting as if we have been playing majoirty kids all season. Our senior players have been awful for months.

  22. Nelson Laca and Sakha ….very poor. I think Ozil having a great game. Set u 2 maybe 3 clear opportunities already. Bring Pepe sad that our Brazilian youngster not playing he would be great on the left.

  23. A clean slate and a fresh tactic have made everybody start the game positively. Arsenal created more chances and win the ball possession by a large margin, thanks to the players’ eagerness to impress their new managers and Maitland-Niles’ involvement in midfield

    Asking the fullback(s) to play narrow is often employed by Enrique and Guardiola. Luis Enrique even took it to the next level of madness by using 3-2-3-2 formation

    I liked how they always tried to flick the ball forward. Even if Arsenal lose today, we must applaud their courage in the way they play today

    1. “we must applaud their courage in the way they play today”

      Did you watch crosses from Saka and Nelson?

      And still you applaud?

  24. So far not even one player is there for arsenal to guide the players in difficult situations.Arsenal is playing like 11 individuals not as a team .No one is there to guide their mind to proper direction, and a luck of determination is a liability right now

    1. Nelson and AMN just not good enough. AMNs brain is too slow. Saka not a wing back ever. Sokratis and Luiz so slow they’ll end up going backwards. 10 players needed. Leno is quality.

  25. Arteta can’t be best than Emery because he has no experience at all.

    The formation says it all!

    As long as we do not play in 4-1 back formation with Luiz or Chambers infront of CBs, it will be same issue and result.

    Without a top CB, we need 3 to lock this area.

    It secures back and allows rest of the team to focus in attack.

    Or we have Xhaka and Torreira defending

    How do Ozil gets the ball to pass it to Auba or Laca if he doesn’t get it from and combine with midfield as supposed to?

    Then we all blame it on Ozil or attacking players, getting poor rating.

    How we score focused on defending, all scared each time opponent approaches?

    There is no way to play our passing & attacking football.

    Do anyone that Emery request were Paatey, Zaha and Maguire?

    He got Pepe, Ceballos and Luiz instead! Not making excuses but we would have been an improved team exactly where needed.

    They got Pepe in payement plan, Zaha was cheaper but 60M upfront!

    It is simply no more Captain on Arsenal ship since Wenger left. He was running this club beyond coaching..

    Kroenke is now the one cruising Arsenal ship, and why we are completly lost in ocean.

    A cheap low life is killing this club and all Wenger had put as foindation will and falling apart.

    To be a coach and club manager is not same thing…

    How is it possible to ot see him I’m stadium as Sir Alex for what he represent in Arsenal story?

    Who had this stadium paid for, then chase out from it?

    Krownke gave him hell for years, he ruined Suarez or Kante transfers, both wanted to join; 5M short!

    What a blow that was! We would be champion til this day and won CL. Wenger had it perfectly timed, a new stadium paid for July 2013, kroenke promised to put money then; ruins Suarez that summer!

    Anyway, waist of time to even watch, waiting for Man U Pogbq come back effect before Leicester Liverpool; fooball we love to watch!

  26. A cheap owner is killing the club!

    Mourhino and Ancelotti were both available but cost 3 times more and ask to atrenghwn team, money Kroenke keepa all for him!

    1. Im no Kroenke apologist and wish he
      would sell the club but last I
      checked the Greedy yank didnt..

      Buy Xhaka instead of Kante
      Buy Mustafi instead of VVD
      Buy Socratis instead of Soyuncu or
      Pay Ozil £350K a week
      Buy Auba for £60M when a TC CB was
      desperately needed.

      Imagine the current squad with Kante,
      VVD and Soyuncu in the starting 11.

      Think AFC would be fighting a
      relegation battle?

      1. there’s no guarantee they’d do well under us, there’s a reason why they’re doing well at the clubs they joined. and usually a familiar reason: the coaches know how to play them to their strengths.

  27. if we can see it arteta must see it in training amn is no defender,he just fouled himself and got booked LOL

  28. as longer as the Kronkes are in charge things will only get worse.Arteta was a cheaper option for them as oppose to Poch or Brendan Rodgers.
    No funds will be availed for reinforcement of defence in January.
    some crazy funs will blame aftv for the declining fortunes of the club instead of going for the real problem (the owner)

  29. Same player, same line up but different game style after UE. This is what I like win or lose – possess & attack.

  30. Bournemouth are dropping off physically, time to bring pepe on to these tired legs. With ozil having a good game pepe would be an outlet.

  31. If Arsenal don’t win this game it’s down to a failure from the attack
    Lacazette passing when he should have taken the chance himself and there are other examples of not finishing
    However, I have enjoyed watching Arsenal despite this. There is plenty that has been bucket loads better than the dross that preceded it

    1. Good performance all round unfortunate result. Lepe should have been on sooner though, swapped for lacazette with auba going CF and Nelson LW.

  32. Just release the so called dumb academy whats the use of u23 squad while we need a proper rb and lb ,we are using ass h-les in that position .

  33. We need to sell or loan these below average youth players like willock, niles( he doesn’t know to cross the ball), nelson,saka, smith rowe),

  34. Arsenal played so much better now. If some of the underperforming players are replaced. The end results would be much better.

  35. Same players, same tactics, caught out trying to play from the back, same poor quality crossing, same result. Still no spark in this team despite the chance of two new recent manager syndromes, that haven’t applied to this lot. I fear for this team. Im sorry but i do.

    1. Hello Reggie,
      I felt that it was a better Arsenal that played today. Not a win, but a definite improvement. It wasn’t the usual sideways passing etc. which drove me nuts. I know that the goal came from the playing out of from the back and yes, the finishing was awful but I am definitely more hopeful than you for the future

  36. Much better display from the TEAM, looked as if they had been playing for each other today.

    Can’t blame anyone but the attack for not winning this game, remember how many players we had out injured both and I think MA will be pleasantly pleased.

    Great game for Ozil and some his passes were top quality, just a shame Lacs, in particulsr, couldn’t finish it off…now for chelsea and welcoming Mikel Arteta back to the Emirates!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree Ken we played like a new team n things look bright down the line. My only concern are our Acdamey players who are so poor technically n our all our managers who keep insisting on playing them in first team. I think currently MA decision to play these youngsters might be heavily influenced by Freddie. One thing I pray everyday for is Arsenal to sell Xhaka.

    2. Agree ken, Ozil had a very good game with no laziness visible 😜. Xhaka played well too. If the wingers had crossed better and the strikers ‘struck’ better we would have won.

  37. Relegation battle that’s for sure look at our upcoming fixtures and our point tally is very close to bottom three(only six points difference),with this players we can’t guarantee win at emirates stadium.

    1. With this obsession to play useless kids I am sure we will be fighting relegation battle. We had two good chances to get 6 points in these last two games but we blew it. I think in summer we need to get rid of alot of first team players n your Academy players as well.

    2. We play Chelsea next at home. I do believe that Chelsea lost to Southampton so I hope/expect Arsenal to win later in the week. I might ask who do you expect us to have a relegation battle with?

  38. I enjoyed the game. The tactics from arteta was spot on. Maitlandniles moving into the midfield when we have possession, xhaka moving to left back so as to have space release passes (which were quality by the way), the intensity and hunger, and the performance of ozil are just few reasons I think we made the right managerial appointment. The play was so much better. Saka, nelson and laca had a poor game. Torriera is looking like the player we knew he could be. I feel we defended better,Leno faced less shots and the defenders were putting their body in the line. One thing I have to say is in 3 days the confidence levels have been better than all season. I love the guy already. Let’s go ahead and bury chelsea

  39. Everyone against playing out from the back just bring up a better way. If it involves playing long balls then that would be stupid, seeing as we have no tall striker good in the air. The possession play to today was way better. There was one ball Luiz played to laca which was just beautiful to watch.

  40. Sue, i respect your thoughts but i honestly dont think this team with these players were good enough to get anything better than a draw. For me if it wasn’t for Leno again, we would have lost. Im seeing the same players giving the ball away, im of the opinion that the problems will not go away while we have the 4 players together in a team like today at the same time. I thought Nelson was on for 80 mins too long, i didn’t get the Willock sub for Ozil, xhaka lost possession countless times, Lacca is not the player he was for some reason. The plus for me today was Torreira, he held the midfield together and Leno looks better and better each game. This team though worries me greatly. We have to accept for whatever reasons we are poor, in comparison. I don’t think we can drop our expected standards and we are.

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