Official Arsenal team to face Bournemouth

Team news – No Premier League start for Kieran Tierney against Bournemouth

Arsenal has officially named the team to face Bournemouth at the Emirates this afternoon and there is no place for Kieran Tierney.

Generally speaking, Arsenal has had the Cherries in their back pocket. But Eddie Howe’s men have had a good start to this campaign and will be looking to take away at least a point today.

Arsenal is on a seven-match unbeaten run in all competitions and is gaining momentum at just the right time. Confidence is high among the fans that the current unbeaten run will be extended to eight games.

Anyway, this is the team Unai Emery has gone with against Bournemouth

The game kicks off at 14.00 UK time. Match Preview here

Links will be put in the comments where to watch the game live and free so keep checking in.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website you will be able to get live commentary text and Arsenal radio.



    Pretty fair line up. This game obviously relies on Xhaka to do a good job…

    Sub – Tierney, Martinelli, Willock

  2. A very strong bench.Pity about the selected centre backs who will be tested by Bournemouth’s speedy forwards.

    1. Godswill i second
      Stronger bench
      And predicting emerys first elev3n might be tough, but i nailed it………xhaka,sokratis,luiz and kolasinac……
      Its like (emery), i dont like that toy….. To the bin…….
      Mustafi is firing on all cylinders, yet, wrestler and samba clown combo…
      I agree with bellerin, holding or tierney , but mustafi (i dont rate mustafi, but on performanc3) , maybe emery hates sauerkrauts

  3. I’m okay with it. Wish Xhaka wasn’t there and wish Holding and Tierney were playing but at least Ceballos is playing

    I think it’s a better side than the one we put out against United

    3Rd place please

  4. Xhaka, Luiz, Sokratis. 3 donkeys who will even the odds for Bmouth.

    We will have a struggling afternoon.

  5. Well, I’m just waiting for when Unai will start Bellerin, Holding and KT in PL because I am not convinced with this back four. Anyways, I hope we get the three points.

    1. Emery must be allergic to exciting football.

      Play good football in Europa then bore the hell out of English fans in PL.

      At least after international break we SHOULD see new back 4.

    1. Dont give up, Sue, I dont want to have to talk to you by Ouija Board……………..I have the french version, it has french letters instead of english ones !

  6. Everything Fine

    Just, We Are Bad Defensively Without Torreira

    It Will Be Another 20-Something Shots Against Us.

    But Bournemouth Don’t Know How To Beat Us.

  7. Sokratis, Kolasinac and Xhaka.

    Three names to cheer up the Buournemouth manager and his players.

    Three names who wouldn’t be anywhere near the team sheet of any decent manager.

    Am also a bit worried about Chambers being taken to the cleaners in the RB position.

  8. Bellerin, Tierney and Holding will be introduced after the international break. The premier league is a like rugby league compared to the Europa amd the guys are all young and it’s pointless rushing them back against Bournemouth. We should win-1 today we might concede so 3-1 score prediction with Abameyang any time.

  9. why he always play luis and secretin in almost every PL games this season even though this two just seems doesn’t work out? why not change one of them with Rob or Callum.

  10. The team that Senor Pragmatic has picked is exactly as I expected.There is no doubt that Holding should have been selected instead of Sokratis…but the Manager doesnt have the balls to drop Sokratis despite his fairly inept start to the Season..and conveniently hides behind need to ease him back from injury.Compare the selection of our returning injury absentees to those of other teams…(notice Hudson-Odoi is playing for Chelsea today)The same rationale keeps Kolasinac in the side..(as opposed to Tierney).. despite a complete inability to defend…leaving Arsenal open to Bournemouth counter attacking down our left flank.Xhaka obviously keeps his place principally because he’s captain (in name only) and Emery’s favourite.Obviously either Willock or on particular Torreira playing as a proper defensive central midfielder would be a better pick.The good news is that an inevitable booking today will lead to a ban and he can be switched to the Europa side for which he’s better suited given his complete lack of pace or understanding of defensive duties required when playing in the Premier League.
    This is all soo frustrating as the correct team.selection and tactical approach would make this Arsenal side a far better team to watch and more importantly one which would certainly establish itself as a “top four team” once again…

  11. Willock should have started ahead of Xhaka and Nelson over Pepe

    But a professional football manager like Emery surely knows what’s best for his team

    1. @Gotanidea

      It’s not only because he’s the captain and is a starter under Emery, it is also because Willock played in midweek and he does a lot of running, he plays in the engine room.

      If Willock starts you’d see a certain time in the game when his opposite number starts gaining an upper hand – through having extra reserves in the tank. Not always, but often enough we do see players tire more after a midweek game.

      Ceballos, he paces himself in games you won’t see him chasing shadows you’ll see him going up and down the gears more often, a little like Ozil (pacing himself) but he comes back to receive ball from deep more than Ozil does, I think.

      Saka is only playing because Laca is out, he’d have been a super sub otherwise, or Pepe would.

  12. Emery is a negative coach, the defence line up is a shambles with Luis,Kolasinac,Sokratis, and Xhaka in midfield we will struggle, the sooner Emery goes the better, the man has no clue about man management. Xhaka has to be the worst Arsenal captain and player we have had the misfortune to have had in years

  13. Although we have the 3 stooges at the back and El Capitano Granny Xhagger ………………I still expect us to edge this tight game 7-0 !

  14. I think Tierney could’ve played like Keown said, he was right about Bellerin too he is not ready for a prem game ..injury would be a disaster at this stage.

    Holding is close but best to bring him from bench as he’s only back after a long time out and two starts in one/first week is asking for trouble.

    Bourn can be a difficult team I hope we don’t underestimate them because they could easily pull ahead in game, they’re a good honest team.

    I think it’s best we keep some of those young guns on bench because you need impact players on the bench, we’ve not had that since Ramsey and Auba but they’re too good to do that regularly, or Auba is anyhow. Martinelli, Willock, Torriera, these can swing a game and add thrust to a side esp versus a slowing side trying to hold on. Tierney will get minutes but am not sure about Holding as it might depend more on scoreline. ..Come on you Gunners ..Ya Gunners Ya!

  15. Us supporters, the fans are far from experts , but its a general cons3ncus that luiz and sokratis are a disaster waiting to happen, a time bomb ( above was my thoughts on gameweek 2). The bomb kinda went off but emery simply refuses to acknowledge. Ego at work? Or is it the right thing to do? Honestly….results speak for themselves, and it doesnt bode well for emery.

    And his team selection today screams of “SACK ME ASAP”

  16. AdminMartin, any good free links? The only one that is licenced to show it here in Norway are showing the Chelsea match… The hesgoal . Com links have been very good when needed, keep up the good work, COYG!!

    1. He is the worst regular player in an arsenal I can recall going back 30 years … the idea he is a strong presence in middle is comical … slow weak and clueless .. sad after the fluidity of the Thursday combo … xhaka and guendhuzi doesn’t work

  17. We not doing much, could be 0-0. Pepe is simply ghost and useless… Luiz scored as Holding would, should not be on pitch nor Xhaka, nor sokratis. Same Emery BS pick, different EPL game! Cant get it right always shaky and scary, no pleasure and dominate, slow and boring!

  18. And who thinks the europa team that played on Thursday won’t have put at least 3 goals past this boumuth team

  19. Okay first half. Bournemouth are pretty much there for the taking and would like to see us move the ball faster. We’ve really cooled down since scoring our first. And Xhaka, barely anything to do this first half yet still close to picking up yellow and a ton of fouling. Ceballos has done a good job of spreading the ball around though, Pepe almost had a goal, Kolasinac has been having a good game, so decent amount of positives so far.

    1. Xhaka doing nothing? Which game are you watching, d guy has broken a lot of opposition attack dat could have materialise

        1. He’s been nothing special today for sure. Adajim giving him too much credit. We had 70% possession first half, Xhaka didn’t have many scenarios to deal with and still gave away easy cheap fouls.

    1. I’m so sick of seeing Xhaka in the lineup
      Torreira, Guendouzi, Wilock, Ceballos should all come before Xhaka

  20. People are moaning and attacking Emery even when we are winning

    Liverpool scraped by the last 3 matches
    Liverpool 2-1 Leicester
    Liverpool 4-3 Red Bull
    Sheffield United 0-1 Liverpool


    Liverpool last 6 matches LWWWWW
    Arsenal last 6 matches DWWWDW
    We aren’t that bad. It’s not a disaster as so-called fans think it is

    During a match support your team

  21. Emery does things in his interest not in the interest of the club or fans.He plays who he likes.However poor u are,solong as u don’t question his abilities as a coach, u will be guaranteed a place.

  22. Saka is good with close control, he’s much better than Iwobi in those tight spaces and even looks to have better control than Pepe.

    Pepe is tricky but he doesn’t look to always stay on his feet and control the ball after tipping it past a player, Saka always wants to get the ball back and keep going.

    Iwobi was 50/50 whether it would come off the way he intended and the ball often looked loose from heavy touch. I can see why Pepe is one of most fouled players. Saka will be a heavily brought down player too but he doesn’t look for them.

    That will come in handy at times, Pepe waltzing around trying to attract an outstretched leg, it’s all part and parcel.

  23. I hope the guys know that a loss will drop us to 3rd. No slaking from the defence now please.

    1. Emery does not know what he is doing. He should be sacked. If he cannot integrate Ozil into the team, then he does not know what he is doing. We need a manager with personality. Someone who has won things. Allegri, and Luis Enrique. We should be beating Bournemouth at home by 4 goals

  24. That Joker almost made another assist again – to Bournemouth! He should be subbed not Ceballos ! This Joker made absolutely no contribution at all other than jogging around , making fouls , so sick of Emery with his bias favoritism !

      1. It is unbelievable Pat with all our attacking talents we registered our second attempt on 94th minute. And constantly getting articles on how and why Ozil should leave the team instead of the clueless Emery

  25. Shame on Emery to sub Ceballos instead of Xhaka who is a ghost!

    I guess Xhaka moves up and Willock at his position.

    Instead to keep Ceballos and sub Xhaka out, that retarded coach has to keep us stressed out til last second!

    Torreira comes in for saka no for xhaka!!! All defensive midfield !

    Let’s hope we don’t conceid and Auba or Martinelli release us from this awful pressure with a goal!

      1. Take heart, they can still recover.
        Besides football is just a distraction which shouldn’t be taken serious

  26. All the entertaining flicks and tricks associated with Arsenal are totally gone. The exciting defence splitting passes! Those “wow” moments are no more. The quick one-two passes are dead. There used to be more to watching Arsenal than just celebrating goals, we also had magicians on the field. Now we are just as boring as Watford.

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