Official Arsenal team to face Brighton – Aubameyang starts

This game today against Brighton is just as important, if not more so than the recent game against Chelsea simply because anything less than a win this evening will not only be a huge step backwards but also totally undermine the great win over Frank Lampard’s men.

Brighton have won just a single game at home this year and under normal circumstances, you would think that gives Arsenal a great advantage, the problem is, that win was against Arsenal.

Brighton is in trouble and will be just as determined to pick up three points today as what Arsenal are and that makes for a really intriguing match up.

That said, the lads really should be leaving the AMEX with all three points.

Has Mikel Arteta got his team selection right for the game against the Seagulls this evening?

Leave us your comments below and maybe predict the score at the same time.

Also, if you go to the official Arsenal website here you will be able to get live commentary text and radio.

JustArsenal predicted Arsenal team (for comparison) here
JustArsenal match preview here

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    1. This line up excites me too Sue. Hoping Auba gets back to form tonight too and works his socks off. Good one Signor Arteta.

    1. Guess the coach learnt nothing from lampard’s mistake of dropping giroud against us. Oh well, good for us, at least there’s no worry of old players coming back to haunt us.

  1. Why does Auba walk back into the team? Laca played decent the other day.

    Brighton are resting all their main forwards.

    1. HASS maybe because he’s our best player and also our highest goalscorer in the past 2 seasons. Let me ask you a question, do you think if Harry Kane failed to score in 6 games that Jose will drop him to the bench.

      1. Laca played +90mins 3 days ago. He presses hard so he runs quite a lot.

        ESR only played 60 mins, Martinelli 70 mins.

        Thats why Laca got subbed.

    2. You used the wrong example in Jose, lol. If kane was putting in the Auba kind of performance for 6 games straight(he wasn’t just not scoring, he was not even putting in enough effort, those are 2 different things) I can guarantee with all certainty that mourinho will drop him. Dele Alli was his priced possession when he got to spuds, where is dele Ali now? Seems you don’t know mourinho, lol.

  2. Good line up… Hopefully the job gets done early and the kids go off by the 60th minutes to go rest again.
    Auba to score

    1. Tricky game.

      I guess they plan to pack the bus in the first half and then unleash welbeck and maupay in the second half when our boys would have been tired.

      A win for arsenal team will ease the pressure and make the next game much easier.

      1. Exactly their plan, scoring early will help us in today’s match so as to disrupt their welbeck and mauphy plans

      2. One thing I can assure is that Brighton will not pack the bus, they will attack is from the first minute.

  3. This is good, we will have opportunity to really analyze the boys, and then how AUBA fit in with these agile youngstars

    1. I thought u were giving Arteta the excuse to rest them in an earlier article as they were too young? Like Ozzie says or is it GAI, if you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

      1. Yes. If he decides to rest ESR and Martinelli I’ll support him. I feel they need rest due to their recent injuries. It’s unfortunate the senior players are presently not reliable, why do we need to play this kids in 3days. I hope they both do a Saka and continue the good form

  4. Good to see the 3 AMs starting again. I think Laca needed a rest and Auba needs to regain his form, so it makes sense to swap them.
    Expecting this to be a tough game, everyone needs to keep calm throughout.

  5. With Aubameyang I guess we are going for lots of speed and in behind runs. With Gabi and Saka as wide forwards pressing the defence, Auba can have a go a little easier. Just needs to time the runs and the mids need to find the forwards with good balls. Xhaka seemed to have a good game because of the system, let’s hope he has a good game today, minus the losing possession part please, lol. Same for Mo. The defence is good, hopefully. And hopefully, AMN gets some game time.

    1. Yes….
      Xhaka’s forward passes were instrumental against Chelsea because he had movement in front of him in form of ESR, Saka and Martinelli…
      Willian, Pepe all used to be static all the time..
      Because that movement and Space created by ESR, Xhaka was able control the midfield as deep lying midfielder…

  6. I’m happy that there’s no chopping and changing apart from Auba for Laca. Fingers crossed that the tempo and goals continue

  7. They are resting their attacking options I guess hoping to hold out to halftime and then see what they can do against a tiring team … not stupid … means we need a couple in first 45m

  8. good lineup. thought the team picked itself from the chelsea game. with AubA coming in,hopefully it gives us a little more fire power up front. hoping forthe win today.

  9. Cmon Arsenal a big 3 points and fingers crossed a few other fixtures with teams around us go and drop points.

    Auba your time to show if your up for this or not, Laca showed he is… the field is yours Captain!

    Young guns blow Brighton away and make a statement that the Chelsea game was no fluke!!

  10. I like this lineup
    It’s almost the same as last match.
    Also, Aubameyang is up front. It’s a good opportunity to start firing goals again
    Feel really good about tonight

  11. Slow and slow witted midfielders produce slow and slow witted football … we have 3 on the pitch right now … as far as I can tell arteta has not learnt this simple principle in a year on the job

    1. Yes… There is telecast problem..
      You can’t see This Match but only able to Goal Rush
      And other 3 matches are working fine..
      Only Brighton vs Arsenal having telecast issue..

          1. Yes I used to watch before, this is frustrating. Since it is midnight can’t even watch on TV. Small kid at home.

    2. And they haven’t fixed the problem yet..
      I am glad that I have Videocon d2h so I can able to see the match

        1. Why can’t we play some good football back to back? SMH . . .
          Most of the time its Leeds game being shown so its good.

    3. Try hesgoal and a vpn. I can recommend touchvpn. Its a good free vpn. Go to hesgoal and there i think you can get Brighton vs Arsenal.

    1. I think he has just robbed us again with that contract. You could tell doesn’t care. I wish we could have someone like Martinelli in the middle. Smith Rowe does nt offer anything creatively. We still need that Brandt/Aouar type of player.

      Another very bad thing about this team is that they are too static. Nobody is making runs cos of fear. Ah I miss Arsenal.

  12. We definitely need more quality in middle. Elneny and Xhaka are too static…not good enough technical. They require two or three touches to do something with ball and both can not run with a ball or bypass a player. Both are just stand a kick the ball here n there type player. We definitely need another tactically gifted midfielder who can beat a player, drop shoulder to create space and go pass a player to create space….Modric type player.

  13. This is absolutely boring to watch….back to where we are again. Looks like everytime we play well is if other side is third tier team or one of the team have a dip in the form. So hurtful to watch. What have we come to….this is what happens when you prefer work rate over talent.

  14. Not working …Arteta need to make a change. Too much defensive play from us. Elneny or Xhaka needs to be sacrificed, bring one more attack minded midfielder….AMN or Cebollos. Looking at this I realise why Auba is not scoring …it’s not his fault at all.

    1. Stop calling Xhaka pls, he’s one of our best players on the pitch. We are just too timid, no grit, no heart, no energy. I don’t see a way out with this bunch including the manager.

      1. I am not saying Xhaka is playing bad but his game is not suited for such games. Him and Eleney are pretty similar in their mobility and Xhaka a bit better in his passing. But truth is both make us very static. We need mobile midfielder. With Partey playing anyone of them works but playing both together just does not work. Now that it’s clear then why not make a technical change.

      2. I agree Stop calling him a footballer … worst I can recall in an arsenal shirt in decades … that arteta can’t see it is one big reason I don’t think he is up to the job …

  15. Slow and tired to it. Can see what Brighton will do, wait until we tire and bring in the subs gross, maupay etc to nick the game.
    Also sloppy and co*ky from leno and elneny.

  16. Arteta hasn’t got a clue. We have problems to create every game and he plays two defensive midfielders Xhaka and Elneny

  17. If this isn’t enough to convince people of the limits of arteta I don’t know what is … possibly the worst 45m in a long long long time

        1. This is terrible Sue, we play like a team that doesn’t train together. The reason I want Arteta moved on is that when I watch Brighton for instance I can see what they are trying to do but with us I don’t see a plan. Just kick and follow, pass to anyone you see… How did we get here?

  18. Brighton must be congratulating themselves for not conceding so far too bad we are going to rain on them in the second half.

    1. Auba is not Messi type player. His strength is making runs and slotting homes. If our midfield can not play ball forward what do you expect him to do??

      1. What game are you watching Mohsan? Because he’s been getting enough passes but doing absolutely nothing with it. He’s become super lazy. He shouldn’t be captain. We saw lacazette and he’s no more Messi either but he works way harder

        1. Auba and Laca are different type players, we are not playing to his strengths. Tell me single goal scoring opportunity we have created for him in this match or half a decent chance. He is a goal scorer, I do not want him to run himself in the ground but not score. We need him to score not run around without scoring. I will take a lazy scoring striker over a hard working non scoring striker.

          1. He recently missed two clear chances. The vintage Auba would have buried that. I think Auba is also short on confidence and motivation.

  19. We are too slow to get off the blocks. And again I see the problems of previous matches creeping up. Bad touches, no support runs, no vision from the middle. The forward line has made good runs but our midfielders are busy passing backwards SMH. Also Brighton is very well organised. I can see why we are linked with Bissouma. Nice player, with good ball progressing ability.

    1. Add rubbish setpieces. Are we cursed at corners without Willian? Even Saka cant kick a ball past the first man…

  20. Aubameyang being his usual poor self. Elneny and inconsistency are like 5 and 6. Lacazette offers alot more than Aubameyang at the moment even if he doesn’t score.

  21. I don’t care even if we win this game. Arteta needs to go. Sick of this boring football. At this rate soon we will start hearing same chants if boring boring football. If us fans can’t bear this how would we attract a neutral. No points/results and no football, what does Arteta bring to table. I hate Morinihio for his football but atleast he brings the other advantage to table that is points. Come on Arteta, give us something….points or football.

    1. I have been saying this for a while, we have no identify at all….the back passes are really ticking me off. we don’t have a midfielder who can make smart turns or run with the ball? All i see is sideways and backwards

  22. Same as before. We look like man city (including their problems) until we get close to Brighton’s box where we look to disperse and can’t make the final pass or shot. ESR makes a difference but the only one looking to get into things is Martinelli. Auba looks like he doesn’t know what to do. I think even Nketiah would be more useful in this game

    1. “looking to get *onto things is Martinelli” – basically I mean he’s the only one getting into goalscoring positions, but we can’t get the ball to him

  23. first few minutes they were moving the ball quickly and then the air came out and it is back to awful, slow backwards football. Hopefully some dynamite at half-time.

  24. Jeees that was 45 minutes I’ll never get back in my life. Back to …….acrossright, across left back th the keeper, back to the ball boy, left right……….shite.

  25. Midfield is too slow and Auba looks disinterested. Get Eleny off and put someone a bit more creative on there. Auba needs to come off- he is not doing it and they are trying to get all the balls through him. Take him off…his head isn’t right.

  26. Awful watch.

    PEA does not look right. Elneny leggy. Xhaka OK.
    BS average today and so has GM and ESR. You are bound to get this with kids and that is why I wanted changes with Nelson and Ainsley Maitland Niles.

    Let us hope there are no injuries to key players and I am wrong.

  27. Aren’t we being spooled?A feast of sideways and backwards passing. Now this is football. Will Arteta take off either Xhaka or Eleny,or will he pick on ESR as the scapegoat. And will the sleeping Gabbonian wake up?

  28. Our tactic didn’t work against a parking bus like Brighton. Smith-Rowe retrieved the ball on some occasions, but it’d be better if a high-risk taker like Ceballos replaces him in the second half

    Bernardo won most aerial duels against Bellerin, so Holding and Elneny have to protect him. This is when we need Giroud 2.0 in the second half, because we can’t score from open play

  29. ceballos wont change jack in this game,maby amn running in behind,pepe o my lord,guy called bielik playing 4 derby looks a baller

  30. The whole situation with Auba is typical Arsenal….we always desperately hold onto star players far too long and we’ve done it again instead of cashing in

    Other teams are willing to sell top players as long as they get a decent price…..we ALWAYS hold on too long until the contract is run down and can get little to nothing for the player.

    When will we learn we are bigger than a star player???

    We are likely a clingy 14 year old in our 1st ever relationship! Pathetic….

    1. How is Auba at fault??? You want him to do Messi and go past 2-3 players to score a goal. If you stop feeding the ball, how is he suppose to score?. As usual it’s the player mistake but not a technically short coming of manager.

      1. Read again and work on your comprehension please….it’s a general statement about a player. Where do i mention anything about only the last 45 mins?

        Fact is he’s been completely disengaged since signing the new contract and it’s another distraction the squad really doesn’t need.

        1. That is what I am objecting to its not the contract, it since start of the season the style and type of football we are playing. It’s too defensive and slow. It takes ages for us to get the ball to our forward line. No wonder why all our front line is struggling.

  31. balogun would b perfect off the bench in this kinda game,lets hope pepe finally comes up with the goods.,LOL

  32. We need a player who can break through the lines from middle. Staying behind and passing the ball is not working specially when both Xhaka n Eleney are poor when playing through passes in this match. Get AMN on in place of anyone of them. Give the midfield a new dimension which is required for this match. Hope Partey comes back soon.

  33. @reddb10

    Hes playing 2 defensive mfs I’m assuming so they are protected when both bellerin and tierney push forward on overlaps. Problem is there is no one to supply and offer the overlaps with the wing backs.
    What we need is to have 11 outfield players for a while.
    Elneny started so well when he came back but he looks lost below par and always has an error in.him.
    AMN in for elneny and cebalos for ESR.

  34. A problem lies with our defensive mids. There is no one that can carry the ball forward to create space on the wings.

  35. Bring in bielsa ASAP … now there’s a quality coach … I would stake my last dollar we won’t put 4 past big Sam on Saturday

    1. Hahaha…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…no we won’t. We will at best draw n you will hear the drums beating and celebrations here by some fans that is how far we have fallen my friend.

  36. Ceballos for Elneny maybe for his passing but I think ESR has done well in general. We need more movement up top.

  37. Lackluster 1st half.

    Without the ball, our pressing was too non-committal and lacks physicality. There’s too much space between us and them when we pressed and it’s giving them time to play out.

    With the ball, we were too static. Few runs attempted. Passing was mostly to feet instead of space for runners. Tempo of passing was also too slow.

    Smith-Rowe has to drop deeper when there’s difficulty linking midfield to attack. He’s staying forward too much and drifting to the left

    1. I’m really starting appreciate Holding. Good all-round defender, calm and good on the ball. Obviously lacks a bit of pace but that aside he’s a perfectly good CB. Actually was a smart signing, but probably suffered a bit with the changing managers (and injuries I think).

  38. Auba.. what the hell is that..
    maybe this display should prove to everybody that arteta isnt so good and tuchel should be hired

  39. I hope this inspires Aubameyang to score. His buddy came on and took the one chance. Now you score please, captain!

    1. Auba juat played for new contract and is now just wanting to warm bench like ozil.

      He has one job much like ozil and is not interested at all.

  40. Hopefully hold on for the win to stave off the incessant moaning on here till saturday at least!

  41. The only absentees that should come back straight into this team are Gabriel and Partey. Others should earn it

    1. Mari doing good for now, Gabriel will find it difficult to get back. Partey will fight out with Elneny because Xhaka is now playing better

    1. Though I must add that not all of us will go into the new year in high spirits since it seems some have suddenly disappeared from commenting after we scored. I won’t be surprised if them coming back if God forbid Brighton equalize.

      1. Because they only want to comment when they have right to complain or show how “deluded some fans are”, they just like to argue / put the team and manager down HH, been progressively worse these last couple of years.

        1. Absolutely DFM. It was at least understandable when we were losing but two wins back to back and one against Chelsea it would’ve been nice if the negativity was paused for a bit.

      2. Hahaha…a scrap through win against Brighton and you think we have turned into a major force. I dont care we loose or win but this football is awful. We are not going anywhere if we keep playing this sh*t and that’s pretty evident with our position in table.

        1. Hahahaha you have such a weak character, I’m guessing you havent been a fan for very many years? If you cant support through the lows, you dont deserve the highs.

    1. In a way it was, but as our lack of form/ confidence,call it what you will, was so bad, then I am happy to take an away win anywhere.

  42. Our celebration says it all. Look at it, it feels like they have won champions league. We hardly won 1-0 against a Brighton side. Which we did not dominate at all.

      1. Yes he really is HH, blatantly obvious, even when we win.

        “feels like they have won champions league.”

        Wtf is he talking about about lol?his embellishment is off the charts, no one is celebrating like that.

        1. @Defund, so with two wins we are back are we…lol! Wait for old service to resume and you will again start being the piece keeper.

      2. ,πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…yes very disappointed with the football I saw. If you like what we are playing and want us to continue this way then what can I say…

        1. Lol no one is saying we like what we saw jesus christ lol, but unlike you we support the team through thick and thin, and we generally like getting 3 points, honestly go support liverpool lol

          1. Yes he does sueP, it’s a superiority thing over fellow fans, seems to be where he gets his self esteem from.

  43. Well Aubameyang seems short of fitness and confidence. Otherwise nice win with good performance in the second half. The first half was mediocre.

    1. dont find excuse for him, he is the new ozil, we just wasted our money on him and Willian, we should have sell him off.

    2. Aubameyang seems to have lost a yard of pace. Great second half and a well needed win…onwards and upwards πŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ

  44. today game confirm my suspicion about Auba. the guy isnt interested in playing again , or maybe i should say he is finished. contributed nothing. great game ESR, Saka(was sloppy in the first half), Xhaka and the defense

  45. Much better 2nd half. Overall we had the better chances and deserved the win.

    Our linkup play was much better after Laca came on. He also uses his body well when closing down.

    Ending the year on a right note

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